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[RP] A timeline

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:41 am    Post subject: [RP] A timeline Reply with quote

Posted on the old board, transferred to the new board, and now being re-transferred here: A timeline of RP.

Hello, all!

I was thinking of the show and had this idea I hope any of you could help me with: if the show (from "New Squid" to "The big day") portrayed a series of events in the life of Otto & co., how many time passed between the begining and the end of the show?

In other words, how many days, weeks or months passed between the day Sammy moved in Ocean Shores and the day Raymundo and Noelani got married?

If I understand it right, it was Summer Break when Sam moved in, and he was about to start... fourth? fifht grade??

And, for what I've heard, in the ep when they get lost and Twister rescues them, they were just finishing a school year... the last year of elementary school, perhaps??

So, if this is so, does it mean the eps we know depict the events that happened during one year of their lives??

I hope some of you can help me out with this. :thumb:



Prince Izzy:
IIRC, when Sam moved in, he was going to be in the sixth grade with Reggie. Also in "Twist of Fate" (the ep you've mentioned), Otto (and I would assume Twister as well) finished sixth grade while I guess Reggie and Sam finished seventh grade.

Anyway, I believe a good two years passed between Sam moving in to Ray getting married. It's kinda hard to say how events passed, but I think it might be safe to assume that a couple of episodes here or there might've taken place on the same day.

*Blinks and rereads what I typed*

O_O;;; But then how would that explain them only going up a grade while they aged two years??? Ummm... erm... @___@ I think made myself dizzy... *Faints*

I guess, technically, it was about two years. I think Reg did mention in ep 1 that Twister and Otto were fifth graders, which would make her a sixth grader. Sam is the same age as Otto and Twist, but was skipped up a grade (his mother's idea) to be in Reggie's year.

Also, in season 1, it is noted that Reggie is 10 (the ep where Reggie was mad at Gnarly Surf magazine) and Otto was 9 (ep where Otto broke his leg).

In the 2001 season (season 3), Otto turned 11, which would make Reggie 12, and Twist and Sam either 10 or 11 (not like we know their b-days and if it had come already ^^).

Hmm, as for the stuff with Noelani, that's a very good question as to when all of that takes place. It came out in 2004, that movie, and the Christmas ep was 2003 (iirc).

Maybe all those things were technically taking place in the same time-frame (show wise) as the 2001 season, only after it. *Shrugs* I hop that made sense. ^^;

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