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[FanFic] Jimmy Neutron: Spring Break Over-Board
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:09 pm    Post subject: [FanFic] Jimmy Neutron: Spring Break Over-Board Reply with quote

This one is in response for an art request/trade I made for:

Seeing as I'm winding down on the Undivided fanfic, and I had promised 4Anime that I'll do a Jimmy Neutron only fanfic for him as a part trade.

I really got inspired for this one, seeing as I was on a Jimmy Neutron this is something new and easier to do

Yes, I'm more than familar with the Jimmy Neutron characters.

This one is in response for an art request/trade I made for:

Seeing as I'm winding down on the Undivided fanfic, and I had promised 4Anime that I'll do a Jimmy Neutron only fanfic for her as a part trade.

Go here to check out the Undivided fanfic:

I really got inspired for this one, seeing as I was on a Jimmy Neutron this is something new and easier to do

Yes, I'm more than familar with the Jimmy Neutron characters.

Although time is a major factor for me....

I'll still work on concluding the Undivided: Intiation story, and this new story, plus work on finding employment. So I can have some spare change in my pocket.

Why? Because being unemployed sucks. But the free time is awesome.

Anyways here's the story outline:
Title: Spring Break Over-Board


Main characters for this story:
Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, and Sheen

Professor Calamitous
Eustace Strych
Beautiful Gorgeous

Story: It’s Spring Break in Retrovile. During this time the kids spend their time relaxing, resting, having fun, and pulling pranks. But this year is different...

Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, and Libby have won a random school an all expense paid Spring Break Gulf Coast cruise. Instead of their participating in their annual Spring Break prank off, and due to the fact that all 4 (Cindy/Jimmy, Libby/Sheen) are now couples. They take this as an opportunity to get away from it all.

Unfortunately, Carl is left behind to watch over the Jimmy’s lab. Jimmy instructs him methodically not to do anything that will ruin or destroy the lab.

Yet as the 4 tweens arrive at the cruise ship, Jimmy discovers that 3 of his nemesis: Professor Calamitous, Eustace Strych, and Beautiful Gorgeous, have, coincidently, decided to go on vacation, at the same time, on the same cruise ship, that Jimmy and friends are on.

Coincidence, Jimmy doesn't think so but will his paranoia get in the way off his Spring Break vacation?
________________________________________ ____


{{Inside Ms. Foul’s class}}

[It’s late in the afternoon and all is quiet in the classroom. All of the children in the classroom, and even Ms. Fowl herself, are methodically watching the clock above the billboard. The eyes stay glued to it. The air is filled with anticipation and eagerness.
Sheen’s on edge…literally. He’s franticly shaking and biting his lip. Every tick of the clock sends him closer and closer to erupting in an uncontrollable frenzy. Finally, the clock hits 3:00 PM; and the room erupts.

The kids jump out of their seats in celebration. Ms. Fowl shows an amazingly feat of youth and jumps out of her desk chair. She hops out of her chair and begins to flip across the room. Ms. Fowl back flips by the door and kicks it open.]

Ms. Fowl: Alright children..(squawks) Enjoy your Spring Break. As far me…(grabs suitcases) I’M GOIN’ TO RENO!!! YAHOOOO!!!

[She rushes out the door and the students follow her lead soon after. Jimmy, Sheen, Libby, Cindy, and Carl are the last group to exit the room.]

Sheen: Spring Break, finally!! Oh man, I can’t wait. So much stuff to do, so little time.
Jimmy: Ah, the annual rest period in March known throughout pop culture as Spring Break. I could use the recharge. (says calmly)
Carl: Recharge, I don’t Jimmy. Static electricity dries out my skin.
Jimmy: No, Carl. I meant recharge as in resting and relaxing.
Cindy (snaps at him): Yeah right Neutron.
Jimmy: Huh?

[They stop walking and Cindy lets Jimmy know what’s on her mind. Libby steps next to her and folds her arm.]

Cindy: You know good and well what you and your merry band of doofuses do, during Spring Break.
Sheen: Oh you mean pull a series of embarrassing and awesome week long pranks on you and Libby. (says excited)
Cindy and Libby (furiously shouting): YEAH!!!
Sheen: Oh.
Libby (says to the boys): Do you all remember what happened last year?!

||Flashback to the week of Spring Break last year ||

[Cindy and Libby are walking down the sidewalk, when Jimmy and the gang, secretly sprays them with a perfume. Suddenly a swarm of bees begins to hover over them. Cindy and Libby make a break for it as the swarm chases after them.]

||The next day||

[Cindy and Libby are inside the Candy Bar. They have just purchased two milk shakes, when Jimmy secretly spikes them with his automatic instant “Squirt-milk out of nose” powder. The girls take several slips and fall victim to the powder. With every slip, the squirt out the shake content through their noses.]

||Several days later||
[Cindy and Libby leap up out of nowhere scratching their bottoms. Jimmy and the gang are high above in his hovercraft, laughing. Jimmy has a carton of his special “Ants in the Pants” powder.]

||End flashback||

[Jimmy, Sheen and Carl are laughing, but a quick scowl from the girls puts an end to that. Jimmy and Sheen quickly do some damage control and reassures their girlfriends.]

Jimmy: Okay, okay. I tell you what, I’ll admit for the past few Spring Breaks we’ve been acting like jerks.
Libby: Ya think!! (says sassily)
Jimmy: But I want to make it up to you Cindy.

[Jimmy elbows Sheen in the arm.]

Sheen: Yeah and me too Libby.
Cindy (thinking): Hmm…I don’t know.

[Sheen and Jimmy give them both, puppy doggy eyes. There attempt of forgiveness is cut short when their Principal enters the room.]

Principal William S. Willoughby: Aw Jim and friends, I’m so glad I caught you before you all went on your little Spring Break vacation. Speaking of…here ya go.

[He hands each of the tickets and pamphlets to a cruise ship.]

Carl: Principal Willoughby, what is this?
Sheen (loudly): A coupon to Ultra World!! The one and only Ultra Lord theme park!!!
Principal Willoughby: No silly. These tickets are for a free week long luxury cruise of the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise ship takes off tomorrow, so have you’re bags packed.

[All of the kids celebrate.]
Jimmy: Not to ruin the moment but how or what did we do to win cruise tickets.
Principal Willoughby: Oh well you see, the school board had secret surplus of money and decided…after installing a fabulous tennis court for the faculty and staff. I just love that little outfits.

[The gang looks at him oddly.]

Principal Willoughby: But anyhoo…the school board decides to run a special secret contest with help of a private group; you 5 were randomly selected out of the entire school
Jimmy: Great. We can all enjoy…
Carl (interrupting): Uh Jimmy, I just remembered I’m allergic to cruise ships…and the Gulf of Mexico.
Sheen: CARL!! How can you be allergic to the Gulf of Mexico!!
Principal Willoughby: Oh well then I’ll just take that ticket of yours Carl. And give this to the runner-up.
Cindy: Who is?
Principal Willoughby: Oh, I have no idea. Chao!!

[Principal Willoughby exit’s out the classroom. Jimmy makes an attempt to cheer up Carl.]

Jimmy: Don’t worry Carl, you can watch over the lab for me while I’m gone.
Carl: Okay.
Cindy: Wow, so it gonna be just the 4 us on a romantic cruise for Spring Break.
Libby: Yeah.
Jimmy and Sheen: Romantic?
Cindy (sternly shouting): Romantic, ya got a problem with that!! (shakes fist)
Libby: After all, you two did say you’re gonna make up for last year.
Jimmy: No…no, romantic it is.
Cindy: Good.

[The girls turn around and storm out the room.]

Sheen: Man, who knew that pleasing your girlfriend was hard work.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 10:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's brilliant! Keep it up!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

tommy_baby wrote:
That's brilliant! Keep it up!

Thanks. Bravo
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Joined: 28 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


{{Cut to Jimmy’s lab | The next morning}}

[Carl, Jimmy, Goddard and Sheen are inside the lab. Sheen’s packing up several suitcases, which he brought with him, into Jimmy’s hovercraft. While Sheen struggles with packing up, Jimmy is giving Carl a very long list of instructions. ]

Jimmy: Alright Carl, seeing as you’re not coming along with us and Goddard is not allowed due to ship’s “No Pets” rule; I’ve made a list of lab maintenance guidelines that I’ll need for you to care out while I’m gone.
Carl: *reads list* “Recalibrate Goddard on Wed & Fri.!” Uh Jimmy, what does “recalibrate” mean?
Sheen: OOH!! OOH!! I know…I know. (thinks for a second, before calmly saying) Actually, I have no clue.

[Goddard whimpers loudly, in a worried tone. Suddenly, both Cindy and Libby, abruptly enter Jimmy’s lab. They’re dressed in causal and light beach dresses. Cindy’s shouting catches the boys off guard.]

Cindy: Neutron!!
Carl, Jimmy, and Sheen: AHAHA!!
Jimmy: Cindy.
Cindy: No it’s the Easter bunny!! Who do you think?
Libby: What’s the holdup? I’m ready to get my tan on, here!!
Jimmy: We’re just heading.

[The four tweens hop into the hovercraft. Before Jimmy takes off, he tells Carl one more time about what to do and what not to do while he’s gone.]

Jimmy: Alright Carl, now remember to uphold the guidelines in the manual. And oh make sure you follow Goddard his regular 5-meal lug nut diet and feed him on time. Oh Carl, by all means do not, I repeat “do not” allow anyone into the lab no matter.
Carl: Not even your mom.
Jimmy: No…and why did chose my mom as an example.
Carl (slyly and bashfully): Because…

[There’s a short pause between Carl and Jimmy. Jimmy clearly somewhat disturbed for a moment. He shakes it off and then ignites the hovercrafts engine. Everyone says goodbye to Carl and Goddard, as the craft takes off the exit tunnel in the lab.]

{{Cut to Jimmy’s backyard}}

[A large chunk of the lawn rises up and slides to the side, as the hovercraft ascends upwards out of the tunnel.]

{{Cut to the costal beach area of Retrovile, two hours later}}

[Jimmy guides the hovercraft across the sky and spots the cruise ship. He lands the craft perfectly on the ship’s back cargo area. Libby, Sheen, and Cindy pick up all their belongings and hop out of the hovercraft. Jimmy’s the last one to hop out of the hovercraft. He uses his “Shrink ray” to turn the bulk craft from the size of a small car into a pocket sized miniature of itself.

Jimmy chunks it into his Hyper-cube and joins the others. He and Cindy romantically take each other by the arms and walk aboard the ship. Libby and Sheen follow right behind them.]

Libby: I cannot wait til tonight!! (says excitedly and holds up a cruise brochure) The brochure says they have world class late night hip-hop dance hall.
Sheen: Oh OOOOOH!!! They have a 24 hour buffet!! Ah man, look at how many entrees they have.
Cindy: Well I’m more interested in the planetary they have…right Jimmy. (she says fondly to Jimmy)

[Jimmy immediately, picks on her generous imply and quickly replies.]

Jimmy: Right planetarium!!(laughs nervously) A date to tonight to the planetarium it is.

[They gang all make their way around the ships top deck. Suddenly an oddly familiar voice calls out to Jimmy, its one that Jimmy causes him to pause.]

Eustace Strych’s voice: Ahoy James.
Jimmy Neutron: Wait a second I know that voice!! It’s…

[They all turn around and see Eustace Strytch.]

Eustace: Ah James, what a coincidence to see you aboard. I would think one of your….lowly statue would’ve made it on to a magnificent vessel like this.
Sheen: You talk funny. (says bluntly)
Jimmy: What are you doing here, Eustace Strytch?
Eustace: Why, I’m on vacation just like your self.
Jimmy: Oh yeah. How do I know this isn’t one of your plans for revenge!!(says furiously)
Eustace: Please James, even if I “wanted” to take my revenge on you at this moment. You of all people would’ve think I’d done by now. Now if you all would excuse me, I have date with a plate of caviar and crackers in my private suite. Blix!! Bring my bags.

[Eustace’s elderly butler walks up dragging a bulky suitcase.]

Eustace: Tahtahah, James. I wonder were your room is…Oh wait there isn’t a class lower enough for you on this ship. Hahaha!! (chuckles wildly)

[Jimmy gnashes his teeth in anger. Meanwhile the others look on, bewildered at what just happened.]

Sheen: Man, what a weirdo he even laughs weird.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 6:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


{Inside the lower decks of the ship || Minutes later ||}

[After shock and surprise from earlier, the gang has decided to re-group and check in at their cabin. However, Jimmy lags behind them.

He’s busy thinking to self, and out loud, about the odds of meeting up with arch-nemesis at this location. Jimmy’s not only thinking of that but he’s beginning to question the safety and legitimacy of this trip. Question if this is nothing but one big trap setup by Eustace.]

Cindy: Jimmy?
Jimmy: Huh? What?
Cindy: What’s wrong?
Jimmy: Oh I don’t know besides the fact that one of my arch-nemesis just up decided to take his vacation and go on the same cruise that I’m on. No, oh no I’m fine!!
Cindy: Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
Libby: Yeah, I mean what are the odds.
Jimmy: About 1 to 23 million!!
Libby (rolls eyes): I’m sorry I asked.

[They entire another hallway and find their cabins.]

Cindy: Here we go.

[Cindy opens the door to the cabin, and steps inside. She lets a gasp, as do the others. They all are in all of cabin suite’s lavishness and luxuriousness. Even Jimmy takes the time out of forming conspiracy theories in his mind to appreciate the elegant suite. ]

Jimmy: I’ll say this; if this is a trap it’s very nice looking one.
Sheen: You got that right!
Libby: You guys look. Check out the stereo system.
Sheen: OOH!! OOH!! They have a Purple Flurp fountain in here.

[Sheen dunks his head into the fountain and slurps up as much soda water as he can. In the meantime, Cindy opens up the patio bay doors and catches a breathtaking view of the open sea. Cindy becomes awestruck by the view. Jimmy joins her.]

Cindy: Wow, look at this view. Isn’t it amazing?
Jimmy: It is.

[Jimmy and Cindy eye one another and look away blushing. Libby watches them and sighs romantically. Sheen clumsily stumbles into the patio area. and slips.]

Sheen: (holds up arm) I’m okay.

[Libby, Cindy and Jimmy all roll their eyes in disgust.]

{Cut to Carl at the Candy Bar back at Retrovile, hours later}

[Carl is busy slurping up a vanilla shake. Unfortunately, he accidentally swallows a cherry. Carl starts gagging and gives his self the Heimlich maneuver. He splits out the cherry and clunks Butch in the head.]

Butch: Hey!!
Carl: Oh sorry, Butch.
Butch: Sorry. (snatches Carl & puts him in a headlock)
Carl: Ow, quit it!! (struggles to get free)
Butch: I was standing over talking with my friends about where to have my birthday party, and then all of a sudden you hit me with a cherry!! Oh it’s payback time!!

[Butch prepares to wail on Carl, but stops as Carl speaks out.]

Carl: Wait, you’re birthday’s coming up?

[Butch releases his grip and begins to speak normally with him.]

Butch: Yeah, it’s this weekend. But the thing is I don’t have a place to throw a party. It can’t do it here, Sam’s booked.
Carl : That’s too bad. A shame you can’t use Jimmy’s lab. (snorts and says naively) Since he’s gone anybody could throw a wild party in there. …wait!!(realizes his mistake)
Butch: Neutron’s lab, huh? Alright, I’ll have it there. Thanks.
Carl: Uh, Butch wait you can’t. Jimmy said nobody can go into his…

[Butch turns back around and furious taunts Carl with his fist. His act of intimidation works and Carl meekly gives in to him. Butch triumphantly exits the Candy Bar with his posse. Carl bumps his head against the wall.]

Carl: What am I going do? What am I going do? Ahhh…Jimmy’s gonna be mad when he gets back.

[Carl heads out of the Candy Bar and back to the lab. He ponders wildly, on how to explain all this to Jimmy when he calls to check in with him, tomorrow.]

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


{Back on the Cruise ship later on that night}

[Cindy, Libby, Jimmy, and Sheen are all inside the ship world class arcade on a double date. The boys are keeping their word and are spending their time with Cindy and Libby. Right now they’re both playing a virtual jet fighter game.

Minutes later they emerge, victorious and with a handful of tickets. Automatically Jimmy and Sheen, cash in their tickets for gifts for the girls. Jimmy hands Cindy an Albert Einstein teddy bear, and Sheen hands Libby an Ultra Lord teddy bear. Cindy and Libby reward them both with a kiss on the cheek.

Just as, Jimmy and Sheen blush and become flabbergasted with the girls, Eustace and his entourage pass by them. He and Jimmy have one momentary sneer-off before he moves on. Jimmy takes Cindy by the hand.]

Jimmy: Come on.
Cindy: What? Neutron….whoa!!(he drags her off)

[Sheen and Libby promptly rush off behind them as they exit the arcade. Once outside Cindy jerks her hand back from Jimmy, and verbal chews him out.]

Cindy: Neutron!! What’s your damage?
Jimmy: What’s my damage? It’s Eustace Strych you saw him!!!
Cindy: Yeah and so?
Jimmy: Don’t you get it Cindy? It’s trap. Eustace was setting us up or at least was getting ready too.

[Sheen, Cindy, and Libby all sulk and groan.]

Cindy: Neutron, will you get over it. You’re becoming more paranoid by the second.
Libby: Word.
Sheen: I mean don’t most of your villains usually just try and attack you right up front.
Libby: Yeah, I mean If Eustace wanted to he would’ve made his move now.
Jimmy: True, it is past the 24 hour mark. But still..
Cindy: But nothing, Mister!! You’re not ruining our date due to paranoia!!!
Libby: Or mines either!! (says sassily)
Sheen: Right!

[Sheen quick hops up the perch and points upwards, and shouts aloud excitedly! ]

Sheen: To the buffet!!!

{Cut to the Dance club/World class buffet area | an hour later}

[Jimmy and the others have settled down and are in the middle good and hearty meal. Jimmy and Sheen have the plates full of lobster claws, hamburgers, French fries, fried shrimp and other treats. Unlike the boys, Cindy and Libby are not “pigging out”. The girls comment on they boys eating habits.]

Cindy: They’re like trash compactors. (says in awe and disgust)
Libby: Yeah. But at least they’re our trash compactors. (sighs with compassion)
Cindy: Yeah… (sighs along with her)

[Eustace and his entourage once again enters the same area that Jimmy is in. Jimmy, in a fit of frustration and anger gets up and says aloud to the gang.]

Jimmy: Alright, that’s it I’m putting a stop to this!!!
Libby: Say what?

[Jimmy quickly gets up out of his seat. Cindy calls to him, in worried tone.]

Cindy: Neutron. What’s…what’s going on?!

[Eustace slowly approaches Cindy and the others from behind.]

Eustace: Ah, I see James has neglected you all again. A shame really!
Cindy: Look Beaver Boy!! (grabs him by the collar) You’ve better not have any ridiculous plan in the works to get Jimmy or so help me.
Eustace (fearfully says): Pre…(grunts as she chokes him) Preposterous!! I already told you all, I’m on vacation!!

[Cindy lets go of him, and puts her hands on her hips. She’s still furious and upset at him. Eustace regains his composure.]

Cindy: Look, I’m trying to enjoy my Spring Break vacation.
Libby: We all are trying to enjoy our Spring Break!!
Sheen: YEAH!!
Libby: We don’t need you coming around every 20 minutes messing it up, by making Jimmy all paranoid and stuff.
Cindy: So for the reminder of the week, I want you to stay as far as away from us as humanly possible.
Eustace (meekly utters out): But…but, I have the right to go were ever I please.
Cindy: And I have the right to kick your spoiled blue blooded butt, up and down this ship, for ruining my Spring Break.
Eustace: Point made.(says meekly) Very well I’ll stay away from Neutron for the reminder of this cruise.
Libby: Now, scram!!! (shouts and points away w/ authority)
Sheen (hops up and hugs her): Ahhh, you’re so adorable when you angry.

[Libby shoves him off, as Eustace exits out the café. He looks back at them briefly, and then heads out the exit, with a cunning smirk on his face.]

(Back to Jimmy)

[Jimmy, meanwhile, as still searching for the captain of the ship. He spots him by the punch bowl. Sadly for Jimmy, he didn’t take the time out to spot, a “Wet Floor” sign. As a result of mistake, he slips on puddle of mop water.
Jimmy somersaults in the air and lands on the back of his head. Cindy, Sheen and Libby quickly rush to his aid. Although, Sheen zips back to the table and snatches a dinner roll from Libby’s plate. Cindy and Libby sits Jimmy upright, just as the captain walks up.

The Captain is stout man, decorated in naval attire from his head to toes. The attitude and behavior that he displays falls in between somewhat jolly and outright odd.]

Captain: Quite a spill you had there young sailor. I’ll tell the busboy to clean this mess up. Busboy!! Oh Busboy.
Jimmy (grunting): It’s okay, sir. (rubs head) The throbbing should subside soon I hope. But that’s not the problem.

[The Captain continues to call for the janitor, while Jimmy tries to get his attention.]

Captain: Busboy!! (looks back at Jimmy) It’s not.
Jimmy: You see the problem is…
Busboy’s voice: You called for me, sir.

[Jimmy pauses and gawks in shock. Cindy and the others do the same as well, for the see that the janitor/bus boy is none other than Jimmy’s arch-nemesis and evil scientist….]

All (shouting aloud): Professor Calamitous!!

[They all pass out in shock and surprise. The Captain and Calamitous look at them and then one another blankly. They shrug their shoulders in a perplexed and confused manner, before taking Jimmy and the others out of the cafe.]

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 9:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brilliant! Très content Très content Très content Très content Très content Très content Très content

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Little Dreamer
Little Dreamer

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

excellent Bravo
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 4:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks tommy_baby and backdrop, I know I haven't posted in ages due to the fact I'm work this major DA excluxive crossover fanfic. Once I'm done with that one, I'm getting right back on this. Bravo
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 8:02 pm    Post subject: Spring Break Over-Board: Ch. 5 Reply with quote

...apology for the late update. Triste


{{Inside the ship’s infirmary}}

[Jimmy and the others slowly begin to regain their composure and wake up. Unfourantely, the first face Jimmy wakes and sees is that off Calamitous.

Quickly, Jimmy springs up and strikes Calamitous with a beam of energy from his wrist-watch. In matter of nano-seconds, Calamitous is trapped inside an energy bubble. ]

Calamitous (yelling & grunting): Arrrrgh. Let me go at once.
Jimmy: Ahha!! You won’t surprise me again, Calamitous!! Now tell me What’s your lame evil plan for revenge this time?
Calamitous: Gnuh…ack..What are you talking about? Let me go…
Jimmy: You’d escaped from prison so you can to seek you revenge, and now
Captain: Whoa...whoa, son. He didn’t escape from prison!!

All: WHAT?

[The Captain goes on to explain to unbelieveiable and stunning revelation to Jimmy & his friends. He reveals the truth about Calamitous, much to Jimmy’s disbelief.]

Captain: You see due to his good behavior in prison he was selected to join a very special work release program.
Jimmy: Yeah…but…but. (meekly stammers on)
Captain: He’s the best Bus Boy/Navigator I’ve seen in years. Which reminds me, could you let him out of the force field thingy.

[Jimmy reluctantly does so, and frees Calamitous. The former ex-con/evil genius immediately dusts his self off. Before returning to his bust boy/navigator duties, he makes a short apologetic statement.]

Calamitous: I just want you to know that, I forgive you James. (hugs him)
Libby (in the background): Say what?
Sheen (scolds Jimmy in disgust): Ah man, Jimmy’s hugging a dude. Gross.

[Jimmy pushes him off confused and angered. Jimmy still isn’t convinced by Calamitous’ recent display of remorsefulness.]

Calamitous: I hope that our…rough and rocky history doesn’t impede your Spring…
Jimmy (interrupting): Let’s get one thing straight Calamitous. I don’t know what you’re planning, but I’ll be watching you and Eustace Strytch from here on out!! Come on guys!!

[Jimmy and the others storm out of Infirmary and head back to their own cabins. Calamitous and the Captain look at one another again perplexed and dumbfounded!!]

((Cut to Carl inside Jimmy’s lab-The next day))

[Carl’s trembling and shaking with fear. It’s nearly time for Jimmy’s check in call, and he knows that he’ll have to tell him about Butch’s plans with his lab. He glances over at the clock, as beads of sweet drip down off his face like raindrops. Suddenly, a ringing sound occurs from the monitor…]

Carl: AAAH!! (yells startled)

[Jimmy’s calling 10 minutes earlier than expected. Carl meekly press a button and Jimmy pops up on the screen.]

Jimmy: Carl, Hello!! Carl!!
Carl: He—Hello!!
Jimmy: Carl, Look.

[Carl breaks down and begins bawling aloud. He sheds numerous amounts of tears that fall upon Goddard. He cries out on the phone.]

Carl: Aw Jimmy, it’s not my fault!! It’s
Jimmy: I know. (Carl pauses & stops crying) It was Professor Calamitous & Eustace Strytch.
Carl: Huh, but Jimmy, it wasn’t them…It was Butch.
Jimmy: Butch??? Look Carl, I’m not worried about that.
Carl: But..
Jimmy: Carl, I just need you to upload the surveillance plug-in on monitor to my wristwatch.

[Carl does as he told and uploads the enhancements to Jimmy’s watch. Once the downloaded is done, Carl attempts to let Jimmy in on the bad news.]

Carl: Uh Jimmy, there’s something you should really, really, know.
Jimmy (fixated on watch): Unhuh, yeah Carl. Tell me about when I get back. See ya.

[Jimmy ends the transmission with Carl, and goes about activating the watch’s new plug-ins. Carl, meanwhile looks back at Goddard and sinks back in his chair.]

(Back to Jimmy)

[Sheen enters the living room area of the lavish cabin, just as Jimmy completes the installation process of the plug ins. Both are in their swim trunks, and apparently ready to quality time with their female counterparts.]

Sheen: Aw man. I’d forgot to bring the sun tan lotion.
Jimmy: No worries. I’ve upgrade my watch and so that it can dispense sun tan lotion and perform variety of other tasks.
Sheen: Like what Jim.
Jimmy: Like this. (presses a sequence of button commands)

[Within seconds he’s accessed the ships security cameras and hacked into the mainframe. He adjust it to and soon the vid-screen of the watch displays Calamitous and Eustace on spilt screen.]

Sheen: Wow cool. Can you get the Ultra Lord channel on there.
Jimmy: No….well yes, but that’s not the point. By tapping into the surveillance system of the hotel I can track Eustace and Calamitous wherever they go, while spending quality time with Cindy.
Sheen: Huzzah!! …I still don’t get it.

[Jimmy rolls his eyes in annoyance, just as Cindy calls out for them.]

Cindy: Alright, we’re ready.
Sheen: About time, yeesh.

[The girls step out in the new two piece swimsuits. The boys are left stunned and astounded.]

Jimmy: C-c-Cindy!! WOW!! That outfit, it’s…(stammers) WOW!!
Cindy (proudly) Yeah, I know.
Libby: And what do you think about my new threads, Sheen. (laughs)
Sheen: What do I think?

[Sheen’s yells in excitement and literally bounces all over the cabin. Libby takes out a hand stops him in place.]

Libby: Alright, Sheen.
Cindy: Let’s go before all the benches are taken and on Neutron… Park your paranoia at the door!! You owe me some quality time, besides Calamitous and Eustace have good alibis and The Captain told to me that he keep them out of our way.
Jimmy: Sure Cindy. (opens the door) If its quality time you want, it’s quality time you’ll get.

[He makes his last statement in a sly tone, just as the others exit out of the room. Before leaving he activates the watch and sets it in recording mode.

Once the room is emptied, the smoke detector beeps and red flash occurs, yet there’s no smoke. The eerier red light engulfs the room for several minutes before flashing off, and reverting to normal.]

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brilliant 5 out of 5 stars. Bravo
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

gameboycjp10 wrote:
Brilliant 5 out of 5 stars. Bravo

Thank you. I'm almost done.Sourire
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote



{Cut to the loading docks of the ship}

[Jimmy makes a short dash toward the loading area for vehicles, while Sheen simply trudges along fantasizing about other matters. Suddenly, Jimmy grabs him and yanks out to the side for no apparently reason.]

Sheen (shouting furiously): HEY!!!

[Jimmy covers his mouth and shushes him. Once Sheen quiets down, Jimmy slowly peeks around the corner. He gasps as he sees two of the ship’s crew chain and bolt his Hover craft.]

Jimmy: What’s going on?
Sheen: Hey, you’re the one who dragged me to the side.
Jimmy: Quiet Sheen!! (looks back over corner again) They clearly must be…(gasps)

[To Jimmy’s surprise, there’s The Captain standing behind him. The boys instinctively yell in shock and step back. Jimmy is the first to notice that the Captain is not the same man, he saw last night.]

Sheen: Uh, Jimmy what’s wrong with the captain? The night before he was jollier than Santa Claus, now he’s
Jimmy: A vicious stalker bent on capturing us and inflicting bodily harm!!!
Sheen: ...something like that. Yeah.
Jimmy: I have no idea Sheen…

[Jimmy quickly looks to the side and sees the crew members approaching them. Jimmy and Sheen are quickly cornered but not far long. In a display of quick thinking, Jimmy presses a notch on his watch and successful ensnares the three with an energy net.

Without a moments hesitation he and Sheen make a mad dash for the hovercraft. Jimmy thinking up a plan on how to escape, but as soon as he makes contact with the chains, he’s zapped violent by a surge of electricity.

Sheen tries to knock him off but he’s snatched from behind by crowd of tourists and crew members. He’s holstered up in the air by the crowd, while Jimmy falls to the ground out cold. Two crew members pick him up off the ground and takes him away.]

Sheen: Let me go. This isn’t the time for the Congo line.
Calamitous voice: Quiet fool.
Sheen: *gasps* Clammy…Calmat..
Calamitous: It’s Professor Finbar Calamitous, you idiot. And now I have you and Neutron.
Sheen (blankly): Why do you need me?
Calamitous (deflated): Oh right. I supposed I will dispose off you before or after I destroy Neutron. Hmm… (naively thinks aloud) I’ll think about but for now take them away.

{Cut to Cindy and Libby in the cabin room}

[The girls are busy discussing and re-thinking their decision on kicking the boys out, when someone knocks on the door. Cindy, steps to open the door, while still discussing the matter of bringing the boys back.]

Libby: Whatcha ya thank, girl. Should we give them a second chance or kick ‘em to the curb.
Cindy: Hmm..I don’t know. (says in conflicted tone) Maybe and maybe…

[The knocking at the door continues and Cindy’s patience beginning to running out. She loudly voice her frustration over the knocking.]

Cindy: ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! I’m c’mon.
Libby: Sheesh, somebody’s got knocking issues!!

[Before Cindy can step forward any further, one the crew member kicks open the door. Cindy and Libby move swiftly to the side dodging the wooden projectile. The girls glance back at the crew members and tourists standing in front of the door way.

The rabid passengers and crew members take off towards the girls. Cindy hops on her feet and gets on guard. Within a few moments she methodically takes apart her attackers with a furry of martial arts strikes and throws. One attempts one last sneak attack, but Libby makes the save by lobbing a toaster at the last assailant.

The toaster clunks the crew member upside the head and does something unexpected. It sends out shocking stream of electricity threw the crew members body. At that moment, Cindy and Libby discover that this is no ordinary person but an advance robot. They examine it for clues, just shortly after it collapse to the ground.]

Libby: It’s…they crew members…everybody they’re…they’re robots!!! (says in distress)
Cindy: That means Jimmy was right!!! Come on, Libby we got find him. (runs out the cabin)

[Libby follows after her as she heads down the hall. She questions Cindy about where they’re headed as they slip by several more cyborgs. Cindy manages to guide her safely into an elevator. She puts pressure on right foot then hops forth in the air. Cindy pulls an astonishing mid-air twist double kick. She takes out the cyborgs and cartwheels into the elevator. Libby wisely presses the “Close Door” button, and Cindy selects the “DOCKS” button on the panel.]

Libby: The docks. You think Jimmy’s down there.
Cindy: Yeah. If not we can use the to phone in Hovercraft to phone for help. I just hope he’s okay.

To Be Concluded
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


{{Cut to the interior of Jimmy’s lab}}

[Butch’s birthday party is still going strong. The majority of kids are misusing most of Jimmy inventions. Unbelievably, Carl remains ignorant of this. He is still occupied with the llama party gifts.

Meanwhile, Butch zips above him in mid-air. He has on one of Jimmy’s personal jetpacks and hollers aloud wildly.]

Butch: Oh yeah!!! YEAH!!! (zips by again) THIS IS THE BEST BRITHDAY PARTY, EVER!!!

((Back to the loading docks of the ship))

[The ruckus from earlier has since passed, and this time there are four guards surrounding the hovercraft. Meanwhile, at the far end of the dock hall entrance, Cindy and Libby quietly sneak out of the elevator. The android guards are not aware of their presence, which allows Cindy to easily get the drop on them. She does so by repelling up the wall and then vaulting across the light fixtures hanging above.

Cindy picks her spot and silently launches herself downwards, straight towards the guards. She’s successful uses the momentum gained from the decent to deliver a missile dropkick to one the cyborgs chest. She floors that guard but manages to spring backwards off its chest. Cindy somersaults in the air towards the nearest guard and uncoils her legs at the last minute. With incredible force she strikes the guard right under the chin. The blow sends him reeling in the air and into a motor boat.

The lat two make a B-line for and try to use their numbers to overwhelm her, but Cindy uses her size, skill and agility to thwart them. Libby gives her an assist by knocking out one guard with the aid of a fire extinguisher.]

Libby: I think that’s all of ‘em, girl.

[She catches her breath, but then looks back & watches Cindy take an electronic key from one the cyborgs.]

Libby: What are you doing?
Cindy: These chains around Neutron’s hovercraft are giving off an electric charge. I need this to get rid of the charge.
Libby: Alright, girl. Do what you have to do. (holster fire extinguisher as a weapon) I get ya covered.
Cindy: Thanks Libs’.

[Cindy goes to work on deactivating the chains and removing them. It takes her several minutes but she gets the chains off. Plus, she manages to activate Jimmy’s hovercraft and access the mainframe.]

Cindy: Good!! The tracking device here still has a lock on Jimmy’s watch, now all I have to do now if find out where he is. Then try and get in contact with him.
Libby: You can do that.
Cindy: Of course, just watch.

[She keys in a sequence of override commands and accesses Jimmy’s watch. Cindy has no trouble accessing the vid screen on it, but the problem is the watch is not on Jimmy’s wrist.]

((Cut to Heli-pad landing zone))

[The watch is on top of a magnetic tray nearby Calamitous and his band of cyborgs. Cindy and Libby quietly watch on as Calamitous and Eustace gloats in front of Jimmy and Sheen. The boys are bound to a massive pole by rope consisting of pure energy.]

Calamitous: Now, Neutron I’d assured you earlier that I was a changed man. Well…I lied. Hahaha!!! (chuckles evilly)
Jimmy: Yuck it up all you want Calamitous!!! You’ll never get away this.
Calamitous: Who’s the one tied up in quantum energy rope and who has the only getaway vehicle on board. Anyone... No. Well then…ME!! Only I…

Beautiful Gorgeous: Ahhhem. (clears throat)
Calamitous: Sorry dear. What meant to say that only I and my colleagues have access to the one way of this ship.
Sheen: And why would you leave this cruise ship. The seafood in the buffet is not that bad.
Eustace: We’re not leave because of the quality of food, you ninny! We’re leaving due to the bomb we’d just activated. So in fact we will be get away with this.

Beautiful Gorgeous: And you two will be blown into sea within 25 minutes.
Sheen (yells loudly): Why must the good looking be so naughty!!
Eustace: Thanks. It all started…
Beautiful Gorgeous: (interrupting) Uh, excuse me but he was referring to me.
Eustace: Says you.
Beautiful Gorgeous: Alright that’s it. I had enough off working with this rich brat.
Eustace: Brat..
Calamitous: Enough. Come on, we have little time to waste. (walks off screen)

[Cindy turns off the vid screen, and gasps in shock.]

Libby: What are we gonna do?
Cindy: The same thing Neutron would do if we were captured….Kick some bad guy, butt!! (pounds fist)
Libby (scoffs confidently): Hmm, I with girl.

[They embrace with a handshake and begin search threw Jimmy’s hovercraft for gadgets to use for the upcoming battle. Libby checks her compartment and takes out a vile of powder. She tells Cindy that the powder contains her very own N-men powers. Cindy meanwhile, takes out a handful gadgets from a secret compartment. The compartment is jet black and rectangular shaped titanium box.

Libby reads the big and bold title on top of container, to herself aloud. ]

Libby: Do not open in case of an Emergency situation … or for extreme… “Butt-Kicking” situations!! (says sassily)
Cindy (tough voice): And extreme butt kicking is what I intend to do.

[Cindy makes her proud statement and then takes a jet black spy suit. Libby grunts in agreement and takes out her N-men suit. The two suit up methodically, then hop into the hovercraft. Cindy has the wheel and guides the craft up towards the ceiling. Cindy hits the thrusts and smashes straight threw the roof of the dock area.]

(Cut to Jimmy and Sheen | Several minutes later |)

[Jimmy’s trying to struggle free, while as Sheen rambles on and on about his life. Sheen evidently has lost all hope and reminiscing on all the good times he had with Libby, Jimmy, Carl, and most importantly...”to him…Ultra Lord!!

Jimmy silences him with a quick putdown and returns to planning out how to get of this situation. He spends several minutes frantically pondering and struggling, when Calamitous and the other villains return.]
Eustace: Still struggling I see James.

[A helicopter descends from the night sky above.]

Eustace: It seems that our ride has FINALLY ARRIVED!!! (yells directly at Calamitous)
Calamitous: What? So I forget to phone ahead, so sue me rich boy.
Eustace: Why I.
Beautiful Gorgeous, Will you two stooges knock it off!!!

[The helicopter finally lands on the helipad, but before the villains can board, Cindy and Libby swoop into the scene.]

Jimmy: Cindy…Libby!! (says surprised)

(Cut to Cindy in the hovercraft)

[She flicks a switch on the control panel and fires a wave of static electricity at the helicopter. The electricity cripples and disables the copter, inside of 5 seconds. Cindy barrels in and takes out most of the cyborgs in the area with another blast of electricity. Calamitous and the other villains take cover and hide near Jimmy & Sheen.]

Eustace: Who was that?
Sheen: I think it’s our girlfriends. (says bluntly)

(Back to Cindy and Libby in the **** pit of the craft)

[Cindy gives a sincere nod towards Libby, signaling her to be ready for something. She makes another pass, this time Libby hops out of the craft.

She creates a blue invisible board under feet and hovers downwards towards the remaining few cyborgs. The cyborgs transform their hands into small laser turrets and open fire at them.

Libby wisely ad quickly counters their attacks by manifesting an invisible shield herself. All of the laser projectiles collide her shield, and then bounce off like high speed ping-pong balls. She unleashes an projectile attack of her own, that wipes out a good number of the droids.

Cindy meanwhile swings in yet again. She jerks the wheel to the right, and slams into a small crowd of cyborgs. The force of the collision knocks the most of the robots overboard. She lands the craft and springs out from the driver’s seat and engages the rest of the cyborg crew that’s arriving to the scene.]

(back to Sheen & Jimmy)

Jimmy: Wow, look at ‘em go. (says astonished)
Sheen: I know. (says directly to Calamitous) I’d hate be you right now dude.
Calamitous: Ha! What threat can two little girls pose? (chuckles)

[Calamitous barely gets the chance to gloat, as Cindy sends one of his cyborgs flying across mid-air with hoping sidekick to the temple. The android zips straight over his head, and crashes through a crate of boxes. Calamitous has already begun to rethink has statement.]

(Back to Libby & Cindy)

[Another squad of cyborgs arrive on the scene. Cindy sees the newly batch of bots and calls out to Libby.]
Cindy: Libs, we’ve got incoming!!
Libby: I’m on it.

[Libby stretches out her left hand, just as the arrive. She creates a huge blue invisible force field around the final group of cyborgs, and then dumps them into the sea. As with the rest of the robots, which were dumped into sea earlier, the saline rich saltwater short-circuits their wiring. After the last robot splash into the sea, the girls turn the attention on Calamitous and company. Cindy quickly whips out a metal spike and hurls it at the rope binding Sheen & Jimmy. The spike acts as an energy disruptor and drains away the energy binding the boys. Jimmy and Sheen are free]

Cindy: Alright pee-wee, let Neutron and Sheen go or else.
Calamitous: Foolish, girl. We will have our revenge on Neutron and on any of his lackeys that gets in our way!!

[As soon Calamitous makes his proud statement, Eustace steps up and takes out a remote control device. The device has 4 multi-colored buttons: green, blue, white and red. He presses the red button which summons the Captain.]

Cindy (arrogantly): You’re gonna have chubby here fight us.

[Calamitous takes the remote out of Eustace hands and presses the yellow button. The cyborg Captain undergoes a unbelievable transformation right in front of everyone’s eyes. They cyborg turns into a mechanized behemoth.

Cindy, Jimmy, Libby, and Sheen all are in shock.]

Eustace (says to Cindy): You were saying.

[The mega-cyborg roars loudly and charges at the kids. Cindy cartwheels to the side and avoids the rampaging cyborg. However, it begins chasing the others away. She sees Calamitous and Eustace follow behind the android. Immediately, she gets to her feet but runs into Beautiful Gorgeous.]

Beautiful Gorgeous: Going somewhere kid.
Cindy: Out of the way old lady!
Beautiful Gorgeous: OLD LADY!!! That’s it. (flips and tumbles back gracefully)

[She gets in martial art stance and calls out Cindy. Cindy methodically does the same, then gets in her stance. She responds defiantly to Gorgeous causing her to make the first attack. Gorgeous throws the initial left hook cross, but Cindy counters with forearm block and promptly ducks under incoming right hook.
She goes for sweep kick but Gorgeous grabs her leg and flips up in mid air. Cindy rebounds, bounces off the wall, kicks Gorgeous in her mid-section hard. Both land on their feet and go right back it.]

(Cut to Jimmy and the others)
[After a thrilling chase, Jimmy finally takes control of the group and then tells Libby to turn them all invisible. She does so, and saves them from being trampled like ants.
Calamitous, his mammoth cyborg bot & Eustace look around and begin searching for Jimmy and his friends. Jimmy uses this time to plot out a way to take down the massive cyborg. Within, minutes he receives a Brain Blasts, and gives the group the details.]
Jimmy: Quick guys I have an idea. Libby can you form invisible shield inside the robot’s armor.
Libby: I can try but that armor looks pretty thick I gonna have to take some time to concentrate. I’m gonna need you guys to distract it.
Jimmy: Got it.
Sheen: Alright!! Quick, shout out Team Commando Squad Sheen on 5!! (extends hand)
[Libby and Jimmy glare at him strangely, for a brief moment. Sheen steps back awkwardly and shouts out.]
Sheen: What?
Jimmy: C’mon.(snatches him forth)
[They back visible again and start off running towards another section of the ship. Eustace spots and immediately calls the cyborg forth. Libby safely goes undetected as the villains pass by.]

(Back to Cindy & Beautiful Gorgeous)
[Cindy unleashes rapid chain kick combo just by snap her right leg. She balances herself by shifting her weight onto her pivot leg. Gorgeous wisely stays on the defensive and what’s for an opening. She gets one.
Gorgeous quick grabs onto Cindy’s leg, just as she tries to do an acrobatic hop kick. ]

Beautiful Gorgeous: You got the moves Kid, but I get better one…
[She twists around, and hurls her into pile of canisters. She arrogantly walks away from the scene, thinking Cindy is out for the count.]
(Back to Jimmy & Sheen)
[The boys are still running away from the Calamitous’ cyborg. Jimmy convinces Sheen to split up and further confuse the robot.. His plan works…momentarily!! The cyborg transforms both of its arms into an energy cannons.
Without hesitation it opens fire and nearly takes out that section of the ship. Calamitous orders it to continue firing at the boys. One blast collides into a propane tank and unleashes a shockwave that cause Jimmy and Sheen fly into the air. Eustace quickly reminds Calamitous about the ticking time bomb on the ship, by bumping him in the side.]

Eustace: You nimrod. Are you trying to blow us to piece.
Pro. Calamitous: Nimrod!! Why you..
Eustace: Yes, nimrod. What good will it do to exact revenge on Neutron, if were blown away to.
Calamitous: So be it. (orders cyborg) Deactivate cannons and squish them like the bugs they are!!!
[Sheen sees the android stomp towards, and quickly gets to his feet. Jimmy tries to do so but his leg is trapped under a pile of debris. Sheen rushes back to free him,.]
(Cut to Libby)
[She quickly gets on top of a platform and see the two in peril. She focuses all of her attention on the android’s armor. Libby strains harder and harder until finally, just as the droid prepares to squish Sheen & Jimmy, she pulls of the feat.

Like an chick breaking out of an eggshell, she creates a powerful invisible force field inside the droid. Yet, Libby’s not threw with it yet. She levitates the mechanized monstrosity overboard and then dumps it, Eustace, and Calamitous into the sea.

Once all is said and done she collapses, and falls to her knees from the stress. Sheen frees Jimmy and carries him over to her. She’s unharmed but exhausted.]

Libby: Remind me never to lift anything that heavy again. (grunts) Ow.
Beautiful Gorgeous: Don’t worry kid, that was the last thing you’ll ever lift.
Sheen: Ah, Beautiful Gorgeous!!! (looks over at Libby) I mean she’s not the beautiful and gorgeous. It’s just her name.

[Suddenly from behind a voice catches Gorgeous’ attention, and causes her to gasp in shock. It’s Cindy.]
Cindy: Hey, old lady. You forgot something!! (swings in from behind)
Beautiful Gorgeous: Oh terrific…(says meekly)

[Before Gorgeous can respond or react Cindy delivers the hardest barrel kick in her life to her chest. Gorgeous is launched into mid-air drops into the ocean right on top of Calamitous & Eustace. All three of Jimmy’s mega villains float up to the surface, and all 3 are dazed and defeated]

(Back to Jimmy & the others)
[They quickly have short reunion and embrace one another. Cindy breaks and gives Jimmy a well earned apology.]
Cindy: Neutron, I…I…Okay!!! You were right and I wrong. I should’ve believed you that you villains were 24/7 whackos always out to get even with you.
Jimmy: It’s okay, Cindy and…
Sheen: Uhmm…Jimmy, not to interrupt or anything but aren’t we forgetting something.

[At the moment, the gang finally turns their attention towards the time bomb display. The timer reads “0:07”. All shriek in horror and take off in a mad dash towards the hovercraft. Jimmy manages to get the craft away from the blast shockwave just in the nick off time.]

(Cut Calamitous & the others)
[The wily mini mad scientist screams to the top of his lungs at the speeder as it passes by. He makes vow of returning to reclaim his revenge on Jimmy, unfourantely for him, a squad of Coast Guard boats & helicopters arrive on the scene and takes all 3 into custody.]
(Back to Jimmy)
Jimmy: So much for our so-called free Spring Break cruise. C’mon lets go home.
Cindy: You know, a nice quiet evening at Retrovile in Neutron’s lab sounds like the perfect vacation right now.
All: Yeah..

{{Cut to Jimmy’s lab hours later}}
[Jimmy and the others have already landed in the lab, but stunned with shock to see a wild Spring Break party in his lab. Libby breaks the silence between.]
Libby: Okay, so much for nice & quiet!

[Suddenly, a huge party line of kids passes them by. They’re carrying Butch and Carl overhead.]

Butch: Best party, ever!!
Carl: You can say that again. Oh hey Jimmy…JIMMY!! (says fearfully)

(Cut to the outside view of the lab shed)
Jimmy: CAAAAARRRRRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!(yells loudly)

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This story was great. *Laughs.* That was a funny ending, I knew that Jimmy would do something like that. Bravo
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