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[Fanfic] Nicktoon Vacation

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 9:15 am    Post subject: [Fanfic] Nicktoon Vacation Reply with quote

This story takes place in Northern Queensland, Australia (at a resort near Kuranda). The first chapter will involve the journey up (mostly by rail because I like trains).

1. A Land Down Under

Melbourne International Airport was as far south from Kuranda as you could get on mainland Australia. In the heart of Melbourne, it was a busy place.

The planes were first spotted over the mining town of Wonthaggi (Won-thag-ee). Some residents thought it was an air raid, and police were called, therefore stopping these planes from landing in Sydney, instead landing at Melbourne International.

The brightly orange planes landed, nad the passengers alighted. Only then did the Federal Police realise these were passenger jets.

Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Fenton, Otto Rocket, Jenny Wakeman, Arnold, Tommy Pickles and Eliza Thornberry were to meet up later in the story, but for now, we will allow them to alight thier planes.

"I can't believe it!" said Jimmy to his friends, Carl and Sheen, "Australia. The land of plenty! The land of freedom! The land of-"

"Woefully old trains to get us around," groaned Cindy Vortex, who was walking nearby.

As expected, elderly electric trains awaited these Nicktoons in the subway station outside the airport. It was rush hour, and the passengers were crammed inside. The Nicktoons groaned.

One cramped and squashy ride to Spencer Street Station later, combined with the 'XPT' to Sydney taking forever to reach the platform, the Nicktoons were rushing quickly through the moonlit night. Most slept through the long journey, except Jimmy, keeping record on what the Victorian and New South Wales Railways should improve on.

At Picton, the XPT duly failed, and a steam engine from a nearby museum took it to Sydney.

At Strathfield, Sydney, a specially chartered train, run by two large green steam engines awaited the arrival. The Nicktoons crossed over, and they departed.

Somewhere down Cowan Bank, Timmy started to talk to his friends, Chester and AJ.

"3801, 3830." said AJ, ticking in his Australian sights book.


"3801 is one of Australia's most famous steam locos..." AJ began.

"No, I meant the book," said Chester.

"Aw, shut up."

The train thundered over a causeway and through a tunnel...

There, on the Hawksbury River Steel Bridge, time seemed to slow down. Timmy saw a girl pass the compartment, wearing glasses. The girl passes in about a milisecond, but it felt like a minute.

"Timmy, don't tell me you have a crush on Eliza Thornberry," said AJ.

Time seemed to speed up again, and Timmy turned to his friends.

"You know, Nigel Thornberry's kid," said AJ.

Uh, way...Trixie all the way, hehe..." Timmy wasn't sure.

The train thundered through Gosford station, and over the Hawkmount gradient. It passed Broadmeadow, near Newcastle, the rich Hunter Valley coalfields, and ran along the coastline untill it reached Port Maquarie, where a navy blue loco and a green loco ("3526 and 3642," said AJ) were attached up to Casino. Then, a old yet proud green loco and and black tank engine ("1210 and 3112," said AJ) took them to Brisbane Roma Street.

At Brisbane, they were ordered off the train. Jimmy and AJ made it known that it was due to a change in track width, which, according to Cindy, was stupid and annoying. A green engine ("1089, last steam loco in Australia," said AJ) took the train on the narrower track up to Cairns, and night fell.

Sometimes, overnight trains are hyard to sleep on, not wanting to miss a minaute of it. Spongebob and his friend, Patrick, stayed up playing I-spy.


"YAY! You're turn, Spongebob!"

"Pat," said Spongebob, "Why do land critters use these metal things to get around?"

"'Cause they're fun," said Patrick.

Spongebob and Patrick looked at the stars.

"D'you think we'll always be best friends?" asked Spongebob.

"Sure, Spongebob!" said Patrick.

As the train steamed through the night, past gum trees, bush and outback, past kangaroos, emus and possums, past wombats, kookaburra's and other trains, Spongebob and Patrick though nothing could stand between eachother. They thought they'd always be friends.

But they were wrong.

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 10:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

PLEASE UPDATE MORE! I can't wait! Sourire Cool Bravo
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks. Glad you liked that.

2: Kuranda Line Troubles

Early next morning, the train pulled into Cairns, and the Nicktoons swapped to an diesel train. The tired engine was painted yellow and red, but seemed to be dying, if machines can die, of coarse.

The filthy diesel headed the train on it's way to the Gulf Country town of Foysarth, but the Nicktoons would be alighting at Kuranda.

Shortly after leaving Cairns, the old track climbs a mountain. It took years for this part alone to be constructed, and many railwaymen died in construction.

The weary old diesel passed the impressive landscape.


"Hey, I got an invite too!" Timmy snapped back.

"Guys, wh-" AJ began.

"Fine just stay out of my way," said Jimmy.

"Fine," said Timmy.

"What's that cracking?" AJ finally said.


The carrage shook violently, and Timmy, Jimmy, AJ, Chester, Carl and Sheen were sent flying into the wall. The engine had finally given way, and simply died on a bridge high above anything, next to a waterfall. (You do not know how hard that was to write). The train was stranded, away from a telephone, away from anywhere.

The driver and fireman sat in the cab and tried not to panic. There was no buffet car. There was no food. They were sitting in a locomotive with it's insides on fire. There was no walkway on the curved bridge.

Finally, the driver, shaking, called Control.

It was a scary night. The crew of the train did all they could to stop the wooden coaches from burning. AJ even wrote his will! No-one got any sleep.

Jimmy and Timmy sat in a compartment. The lighting had gone ages ago. No-one dared speak.

Finally, the worrying night ended. At 4:30 that morning, another locomotive towed them to Kuranda, and, apoligising to the Foysarth passengers, reterned the rest to Cairns.

Finally, after a few days train and plane travel, across the US, the pacific, and (most eventfully) East Australia, the resort was reached.


"Yeah AJ?"

"Remind me to make sure we don't take anymore diesels," said AJ, as they climbed upstairs to thier room, "The one in Melbourne was crammed, the XPT failed, and know..."

"Relax," said Chester, "We've finally got four weeks to relax!"

Overhearing, Zim was planning on putting a stop to this...

Sunset eventually came over Queensland, and Timmy, looking across at the Pacific Ocean, could hardly believe how far Dimmsdale was.

In his room, Jimmy did so too. However, he was not happy with room arrangments, as Cindy was in this room.

In Zim's room, the old diesel was being put back into use in Zim's evil plot.

"GIR, tools!"

"Stools? We don't have stools!"

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

3. A Day in the Great Southern Land

The next day came. Jimmy and Timmy made up thier yelling, and decided to hang out.

Jimmy took Timmy and thier friends down the mountain to something called a 'bushwalk'.

"And why did you drag us down here?" asked Timmy.

"We're studying native wildlife," explained AJ.

"Aw, come on, why do geniouses have to be boring!" graoned Chester.

The day wore slowly on, Jimmy and AJ stopping for a look at anything.

At last, Timmy, Carl, Sheen and Chester had had enough, and snuck away from the others. They walked of track down the mountain to the river under the curved bridge with the waterfall.

"Can we go swimming?" asked Sheen.

"I don't know, it doesn't look safe..." said Carl.

"Aw, don't be so fun-ruiny!" yelled Sheen, "GERONIMO!"

Sheen jumped into the rapids and got washed onto a rock island.

"OK, I think you were right," said Sheen, wet and defeated, "HELP!"

A bunch of platypus emerged from the water, looked at Sheen for five seconds, and swam away.


"I wish Sheen was-" Timmy started.

Then he remembered he'd given Cosmo and Wanda a day off.

At that moment, Spongebob and Patrick entered looking for jellyfish (no-one had told them there were none).

"Why is that guy over there?" asked Spongebob.

"Not looking at signs saying no swimming," said Chester pointing at a sign.

"Hold on," said Timmy, "I have an idea!"

It was difficult work. Carl, Patrick and Chester had to climb up the bridge with a rope to the top, and (while hopeing no trains came along) throw the rope to Sheen. Sheen then had to tie it to a rock.

One problem. Sheen didn't know how to tie a knot.

"Any ideas?" Timmy asked Spongebob.

"Maybe if a ghost flew across the river and tied the knot?"

"Ghost's don't marry Spongebob," said Timmy.

Then he realised what Spongebob meant.

"Oh, I get it! But where do we find a-"

They need not have said more, as high above them was Danny Phantom.

"Man, who knew there were so many ghosts here?"

"Wow, what luck!" said Spongebob.

"FREAKS OF NATURE! PLEASE!" Sheen STILL thought the platypus would rescue him.

"What the-" Danny noticed Sheen. "What a day."

Danny flew down and tied the rope. Sheen was able to grab onto it and shimmy up.

"Thanks, um..." Timmy began.

"Danny," said Danny, flying away.

As soon as he left, Jimmy and AJ found them.

"We knew it," AJ groaned.

"Relax," said Timmy, "It's been an uneventful day."

"Then why are Sheen, Carl, Chester and that starfish climbing down a bridge?"


And so, that is what it was left at. As the nicktoons made thier wau back up, Jimmy almost swore he could see the diesel from yesterday.

But how? It should have been cut up.

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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