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[fanfic] The Nickhouse/Glinmacinton Idiocy Specials

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:26 am    Post subject: [fanfic] The Nickhouse/Glinmacinton Idiocy Specials Reply with quote

(NOTE: The Loch Glinmacinton Railway is my own fictional one in a Scottish Mountain Range. There's the kind County of Glinmacinton, pompous Stroudy, the kiddish and celbrety named Tootie Sourire , the kind Wilbert, the musical Jay, the vain Mary, the shy Penny, the strong Stanier and the hepful Willy. Just letting you know)

This is in three parts: Portal, The End of the World and Glinmacintons Fate.

(WARNING: Spoilers follow)

Portal (G)
When Spongebob encounters the Crystal Jellyfish, he also meets it's over protective mother, the Ruby Jellyfish. After he and Patrick endure a painful chase, the Ruby Jellyfish zaps them, and a huge portal opens from it's electricity. Spongebob, Patrick, Chester, AJ, Tootie (Human), Zim, GIR and Gerald are zapped into the portal before Jimmy manages to close it.

Trapped in the mountainous county of Glinmacinton, Scotland, Zim attempts to disintergrate the others, but finds Irken technoligy does not work here. They then see a train station (Bobsponge), and are picked up by Tootie (train) and her crew, Alex and Steve. Back at the Nickhouse, Jimmy and Timmy attempt to re-open the portal and get the lost Nicktoons back, Jimmy accidentally opens a HUGE portal over Planet Earth...

The End Of The World (PG)
Above Earth, the Nickentest and the other villians are cronies for a greater evil, Magicous Extremonous. As they orbit the Planet, they see the portal, and Magicous opens it's heart, which begins to suck Earth in. On Earth, Officer Henrry's notices the huge portal. A huge storm strikes. Magicous comes down and tells cartoon City's residents that the only way to stop it is to give him the Nicktoons. Led by Officer Henrry's, a mob of civilians march on the Nickhouse. A front line defence (The manager, Kimi Spector, Dag, Norb and Kimi Finster) attempts to stop them, but are beaten.

Timmy, Jimmy, Arnold, Sandy and Danny are working virtually round the clock to close the portal, but are captured and given with the rest to Magicous. Magicous, rotten lier that he is, does nothing. Watching from space, Tallest Red and Purple think Zim is destroying Earth. Finally, the Earth's core is ripped to pieces, and every mountain in the world erupts. The seas go wild. Lightning hurls down, untill Earth is sucked into the portal...

Glinmacinton Fate (G)

Jimmy demands to know why Magicous destroyed Earth, and Magicous bluntly replies (I'm evil, stupid). They set a course to Glinmacinton.

Meanwhile, it's a special day in Scotland. Guy Fawkes Night is here, and even the Nicktoons trapped there take part (except Zim). The manager makes utmost sure nothing can go wrong. Meanwhile, Stroudy, Willy, Tootie (train) and Penny are working at Inivorton, on the Ski Slopes line, when they see Magicous' ship arrive. Eventually, the trapped Nicktoons and 8 of the LGR engines (except Jay, who was singing) are beamed into it.

Re-united, Timmy and Spongebob hatch a plan to save both worlds. The plan works, and the Nicktoons try to finish the job, but all get captured. It all comes up to Alex, Steve, the Rugrats anfd the engines...

(End spoilers here)

Will start writing tonight.

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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