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Lunar Dragon Song DS

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:03 am    Post subject: Lunar Dragon Song DS Reply with quote

I'm a big fan of the Lunar series (Lunar Silver Star Complete being my all time fav) so you can imagine my excitement about buying the new DS game Lunar Dragon Song. Boy was I in for a dissapointment.

The storyline so far is dull and certainly doesn't do much to hook you. Unless 2D characters are your cup of tea, never did much to get me off. Working Designs, where are you with your magically ghetto translations and rewrites?!

Aside from the crap storyline the gameplay is atrocious. When in battle you can't even select the monster you want to fight, not to mention the fact that you have to choose what you earn at the end of the battle. Either you get items at the end or you get exp points, you can't have both. You don't even earn money after the fights, you have to sell the items you win if you choose to earn items at the end of the battle.

Not only that but you lose HP's when you run so you have to slow walk it everywhere. That is some messed up sadistic *%. I'll bet you there's some sick Japanese bastard sitting in his office and jerking his gerkin thinking dreamily to himself: "Mwe heh heh, yeesss my poor mindless sheep! You will be forced into an extended period of misery while your favorite video game series is raped before your very eyes and you cannot even run from the terror! MWA HA HA!!!"

Disturbing scenario aside...
Normally I could put up with *% gameplay if the game at least had a decent storyline but Lunar Dragon Song doesn't even supply that *.*

Maybe if Working Designs had managed to give it one of their fab-00-lus makeovers it might've at least made the game somewhat interesting in a sadomasicistic "I like to be punished only to feel some slight joy later" sort of way. I could put up with the hours of having to walk every single step of the journey and fighting endless unenjoyable battles just to get to the next town where I could talk to the male village boozer and hear about how pretty Jian's mouth is. But no, Dragon Song doesn't even supply the daily supply of perversion I need. It makes me weep.

My assessment on this game, don't waste your flippin' money. Unless you like pain then by all means.
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