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[FANFIC][RP] In only seven days

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On Fire

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:55 am    Post subject: [FANFIC][RP] In only seven days Reply with quote

Hello, everyone!

This is a little story I wrote some time ago that I think you might like. In spite of dealing with Rocket Power, it could easily be about any other show; in fact, I'm sure that most of you, particularly the boys, will feel identified with the topic of this fic, as it deals with something most of us have come through at least once in our lives. Clin d'oeil

This one is my first attempt at a songfic, so please be kind. Although it happens around mid-April (more exactly, during Spring Break), this was meant to be a Valentine fic… that came up a bit late Fier

The song is called “In only seven days”, and was released by Queen in their 1979 album “Jazz”. I know, I know. Talking about antediluvian musical references. But just take a look at the lyrics and you’ll see why I chose the song as theme for this fic.

As always, I don’t own Rocket Power, I am not related to Nickelodeon or Klasky-Csupo in any way, and definitely have nothing to do with the band Queen, other than being a huge fan of them.


Monday, start of my holiday
Freedom for just one week
Feels good to get away, ooh…

“Yahoo!! At last, Spring Break is here! No more teachers, no more homework, no more math labs for a whole week!! I can’t wait to get to the beach! I really want to ride those beautiful spring waves!!! Que buena onda!!!” Très content

Otto and Reggie Rocket smiled at each other as they saw Twister running down the steps as he got out of his house. He was very excited: spring break was one of his favorite periods of the year. The 14-year-old redheaded boy was ready to go surfing: he was wearing the baggy green shorts he used as swimsuit and a pair of white Nike shoes. His trademark striped cap was covering his head, as usual, and his shark tooth amulet dangled on his bare chest.

He was carrying his surfboard under his left arm, and, draped around his right shoulder, a backpack with his inseparable Twist Cam, as well as a bunch of fresh videotapes, assorted video lenses and filters, a fully charged backup battery and a small tripod. He never left home without his portable video studio; one never knows what amazing footage could get while on the beach, particularly with the Rocket kids around. Clin d'oeil

“Hold your horses, Twist!” Rire – said Reggie, laughing. – “Spring Break lasts a whole week, and today is only Monday. Try to save some energy for the rest of the week!”

“I am saving energy, Rocket-girl!” – Said Twister, grinning Fier – “If not, I’m sure my folks would have to be put in an insane asylum!”

Otto and Reggie laughed heartedly at this. They knew very well that it was true: Mauricio Rodriguez was so hyper that his parents would definitely have him letting off steam at the beach or in Madtown instead of their house, particularly when he was on vacation. He wasn’t called “Twister” for nothing, after all. Bravo

“Wait, where’s the Squid?? Is he coming with us??” – asked Twister, noticing that the younger member of the group, Sammy Dullard, was not with them at the moment. Confused

“No, he is staying home, at least for today Twist.” – Said Reggie – “Sammy’s got a really bad case of hay fever, and is in his bed right now”.

“Yeah. That’s sick, huh? I thought the Squid was supposed to be free of pollen allergies here, hundreds of miles away from Kansas, but each spring is the same story with him! I can’t believe it! I had never met someone as allergic to everything as him!” – said an annoyed Otto, although some concern was also evident on his voice. Fou

“Well, I bet he’ll be feeling better by the afternoon. Meanwhile, let’s go to the beach. I’m really in the mood for some serious grindage there!!” – said Twister. Rire

“OK, let’s go then. Last one to the beach will have Raymundo’s pineapple soup for lunch!” – said Reggie.

“Gross!!” – Embarassé huh said Otto and Twister in unison, sticking out their tongues. Tire la langue

The three kids ran as fast as they could towards the beach, ready to start their vacation with a radical surfing session.


Tuesday, saw her down on the beach
I stood and watched a while
She looked and smiled at me…

“Party wave!!!!” Très content – shouted Otto as he led the gang on a nice 6-foot wave.

The kids had been surfing the whole morning, and Twister was ready to make some of his famous Flamenco dances on his board.

Twister raised his arms above his head as he slowly walked to the rear of his board, balancing graciously as the wave pushed him towards shore. He had practiced that move for years, and was one of his favorites. The balance and coordination it required was very challenging, and even Otto agreed that it was a very nice, yet difficult stunt.

Twister was about to complete the move when he noticed that a crowd of shoobies had gathered on the beach and were watching in awe as the kids performed their surfing tricks. This was not unusual; every year the kids drew such a big crowd with their stunts that once Lars began collecting money from the onlookers, presenting himself as “manager” of the “performing porpoises”, but this time something – or, better said, someone – caught the redhead’s attention among the crowd. Long, brown hair, a nice tan, deep brown eyes and a nice smile, pretty freckles around a nice little nose, a slim build, nice bikini, beautiful legs…


Twister cried as he slipped and fell from his board, his concentration broken by the sight of a very beautiful girl that was watching them surf. The girl seemed to be particularly attracted by Twister, and the boy had been staring at her when he noticed that the girl was smiling at him. He blushed when he saw this and made a rough move on his board. It moved under his feet and he lost balance.

To make his embarrassment bigger, the wave collapsed over him just as he was trying to get on his board again, making him sink for a second time in a row.

When he surfaced he looked very funny: water spilling from his hat, his long hair covering his face, wet to the bone and a bit stunned from the experience. A large crab was crawling on his hat, which hanged precariously from his ear; a starfish hanged from his left shoulder, and a piece of seaweed showed between his lips. For a moment he resembled one of those funny fountains as he spit a large amount of sea water.

It was a very hilarious sight. Some shoobies were laughing, as well as Otto and Reggie (Sam had been thrown to the beach by the wave and was now trying to get his face off the sand).

“Ha, ha, ha! Hey, Twist, that was the best imitation of the Squid I’ve seen in years!” – said Otto, holding his stomach and pointing mockingly to Twister, nearly falling overboard from laughter.

Twister coughed, the bitter taste of sea water still in his mouth, and removed the starfish from his shoulder. He merely smiled; he was a bit embarrassed because of Otto’s jokes, but he really didn’t listen too much to them. He blinked for a while and inclined his head to get the water out of his ears, and laughing timidly he scanned the beach. He just got a glimpse of the girl as she departed; a very beautiful girl, indeed; great thighs, beautifully shaped body, long, sleek arms…

“WHOA! OUCH!! OOOWWW!!!!! Take it off me!! TAKE IT OFF ME!!!”

Otto and Reggie looked at Twister and couldn’t help but laugh again at the top of their lungs (Otto even fell from his board this time); the crab had finally crawled down the redhead’s face and was now pinching his left ear with his claw.

“Really, Twister!” – said Reggie, rolling her eyes as she helped the boy get rid of the crab’s grip. – “Sometimes you seem an even bigger Squid than Sammy!”

Twister rubbed his sore ear and a pained expression showed on his face. He was very embarrassed, but was also very curious about that beautiful girl that had inadvertently caused all his mishaps. He scanned the beach, trying to see her again, but it was useless: the girl had left moments before.

Twister sighed. He couldn’t get her face and her pretty smile off his mind. He was so distracted that hardly noticed Reggie’s remarks.

‘Wow! What a babe! I wonder who she is’ – thought Twister as he clumsily got on his board again to resume surfing with the gang.


Wednesday, I didn’t see her
I hope that she’ll be back tomorrow…

Otto and Twister had gone skateboarding to Madtown, and were literally shredding the half pipe, making a crowd of shoobies gasp in awe at their stunts. That is, until Otto discovered that he was skateboarding alone, because Twister was standing on top of the platform, looking towards the beach.

“Hello!! Earth calling Twister, earth calling Twister, over!!” – said Otto, waving his hands in front of the redhead’s face.

Otto was a bit upset. He had been trying to get Twister’s attention for a long time now – that is, since they got to the park. Twister had climbed with him to the half pipe’s platform, but instead of taping Otto’s moves as usual, he had been looking distractedly towards the beach, as if he were looking for something or someone there. At first Otto didn’t notice this; he was merely doing his tricks on the skateboard and enjoying the amusement and awe he produced on the shoobies. But, when he finally managed to make a double Ollie – something he had been trying to do for a while now –, he felt angry to see that Twister hadn’t filmed it, but was scanning the beach instead.

Otto finished another lap on the half pipe and hopped on the platform where the redhead was supposed to be filming him. He called him twice, but Twister didn’t listen to him. Finally he stood in front of the boy and began waving his arms in front of the still-recording camera, until he finally succeeded on getting his friend’s attention.

“Huh?? Oh! Sorry, brother! What were you saying??” – said Twister, blushing as he turned off his Handicam.

“You didn’t hear a word I said, Twist! I told you I had just finished that double Ollie I was trying to nail, and you didn’t even see it! How will you tape my moves if you are constantly looking at the beach? What’s so interesting there, anyway?? The beach is clogged with shoobies!!”

“Hey, I said I’m sorry, Otto! I was just distracted; was… looking for someone…” – said Twister, a bit upset, while scanning the beach once again.

“Whatever, dude. Let’s go to the Shack before it gets packed with shoobies; I really need a drink after all this skating. Besides, Reggie and Sam must be already waiting for us there; we are going to the Ortega theatre tonight, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah. How could I forget about it? I’ve been waiting to see ‘the Ice Age’ for weeks now!” – answered Twister.

“Well, enough chattering here. Otto says ‘let’s rock’n’roll’!! Last one to the Shack will sit by the Squid at the theatre!!”

“Ok, Otto. Let’s go; I’ll be right behind you.”

Otto hopped on his board and skated down the ramp, while Twister slowly prepared his own board and made another quick search on the beach.

Twister sighed. It seemed that Otto was right: the beach was crowded, but he couldn’t get a sight of that beautiful girl anywhere. He made another quick scan of the beach with his camera’s telephoto lens to get a clearer picture of the shoobies. No; the girl was not sunbathing, nor swimming. She simply wasn’t on the beach today.

“I hope that she’ll be back tomorrow” – thought Twister as he hopped to his board.


And then on Thursday
My luck had changed
She stood there all alone
I went and asked her name.
I never thought that this could happen to me
In only seven days
It will take a hundred or more
For memories to fade…

The kids were walking down the pier, heading for the amusement park. They were planning to ride on the newest attraction, the “tornado coaster” (a new version of the old roller coaster that included some very extreme falls and turns).

As usual, Otto was leading the gang, and challenged them to a race to the park entrance.

“Last one to the park is a Squid!” – said Otto, as he dashed for the gate.

“Wait a second, brother! That’s not fair!!” – cried Reggie, following closely behind.

The kids ran as fast as they could, and soon arrived at the gate. Although Otto started with some advantage, he and Reggie arrived at the same time, while Sammy came in second, gasping. Only Twister was left behind; he started running with them but, just as he passed in front of the Shore Shack, something caught his eye and he stopped.

Otto was the first to notice that Twister was left behind. He turned to the pier, looking for him, and saw him heading for the Shore Shack.

“Hey, Twist!” – Cried Otto – “Whazzup, man??”

“Hum… Nothing, O-man” – replied Twister – “I just… have something to do. I’ll catch up with you later, guys.”

Otto, Reggie and Sam looked at each other. Twister had something to do? Embarassé Embarassé Embarassé What’s going on with him? More questions popped on their heads as they saw him going directly to the Shore Shack. He was acting weird, as if he were nervous. He even took off his old hat and combed his hair with his fingers, something he rarely do. But the strangest thing was that he didn’t put his hat on again, but stowed it away inside one of his short’s wide pockets.

“What’s going on with him? What’s he doing??” – asked Reggie, intrigued.

“I dunno, sis! He’s been acting weird all week long. Maybe he’s sick, or something!” – answered Otto.


Twister got in the Shack and went to the bar. He sat on a stool, with his back to the bar, and looked discreetly to one of the tables.

‘There she is’ – thought Twister – ‘the beautiful girl I saw on the beach two days ago. She is so beautiful!! For her looks, she is Latin, maybe even Mexican. God, she’s pretty! She seems to be alone; at least, nobody else is sitting with her. What’s she taking?? Ah, one of the Shack’s famous piña colada milkshakes. I bet Tito suggested it to her; he’s always promoting his tropical concoctions…. Hum… she’s browsing one of those tourist guides they give at the airport. Or they gave them at the bus station? Anyway; that confirms it: she is not a local, since I hadn’t seen her before. Jeez, what a beautiful body she has! Those blue jeans and t-shirt really enhance her silhouette. Surely she does a lot of exercise! I wonder if she…’

“Aloha, little cuz!” – Said a voice behind Twister.

“AAAHHH!” – Cried the boy, jumping on his seat, eyes wide open, suddenly startled – “A GIANT MONKEY!!!” Surpris

“Ha, ha, ha! Sorry, little cuz Twister! I didn’t mean to scare you!” – said the affable, chubby Tito in his markedly Hawaiian accent.

“It’s… OK, Tito… you… didn’t scare me…” – said Twister, a bit jittery, his hand over his pounding heart, and blushing in embarrassment when he noticed that the girl had seen him and heard him cry and was giggling discreetly.

“Why aren’t you hanging with the other cuzes, Twist?” – asked Tito, as he cleaned the bar.

“Well… hum… I… er… wanted to… meet someone here…”

Tito noticed how nervous the boy was and wondered what was going on with him. Then he realized the kid was looking to one of the tables, where that nice Mexican girl was sitting. It dawned on Tito very easily; he was quite experienced on these matters.

“Ah, I see, little cuz” – said, blinking an eye to Twister – “You want to meet that nice wahini, huh??”

“Yeah! Do you know her?”

“Sorry, cuz. The only thing I know about her is that she is here on vacation and that she comes from Mexico. Some city in the middle of the country; how did she say it was named?? Pueblo… Pobla…”


“Yeah! That one, cuz! Anyway; she said she was here on vacation with her folks, but they stayed in their hotel most of the time, and she wanted to go places and sightsee. She asked some directions and I gave her my official tourist guide of Ocean Shores. She said she was interested on visiting some places, like the theme park, or the pier, or the beach market.”

“I see. Hey, do you think she would like to have a tourist guide??”

“I dunno, Twist. Why don’t you ask her??”

“Well… huh… I…I’m not sure, Tito. What if she says no? What if she gets mad at me? What if…”

“Ha, ha, ha! Don’t be scared, little cuz! Like the Ancient Hawaiians used to say: the seagull that doesn’t risk crossing the sea, will never catch the fish.” Fier

“Huh? And what does that mean?” Embarassé – asked Twister, scratching his scalp.

“It means that the only way you’ll know if she wants to go out with you, is asking her. Don’t try to guess what she’ll say or do; just go there and ask her. The worst thing that could happen is if she turns you down; but if she doesn’t, you’ll have the chance to meet her, little cuz! So, don’t be afraid and ask her!”

“You’re right, Tito! I’ll… go there and… * gulp* …ask her.”

“That’s my little cuz Twister! Here. Take this guanabana milkshake. It will give you courage… and a topic for conversation. Now, go there!”

Twister gulped again and stood from the bar. He casually walked towards the table and, noticing that there was an empty chair in front of her, decided that it would be the pretext to start the conversation.

“Hi!” – said Twister to the girl.

“Hi!” – answered her, looking up to him.

“I… hum… wondered if… hum… is this seat taken?” ‘(What a stupid question, Twister!!)’

The girl looked at the empty chair and then back to Twister, smiling.

“No. I think it’s free.”

“Great! Hum… Do you… mind if I sit down here?”

“No. Not at all.”

“Thank you!”

Twister sat on the empty chair and began drinking his guanabana milkshake.

‘OK, Twister’ – thought the boy – ‘I’m here, sitting by her. Now what? What do I tell her? How do I ask her out? How do... YUCK!!! HOW DO YOU DRINK THIS THING!?!?!? ’

“You are one of the guys that were surfing last Tuesday, right? The one on the green surfboard. You were doing some very nice stunts there!”

“Huh??? Me??? Oh, yeah! I was!!” – Twister giggled while a cheesy smile appeared on his face.

“He, he, he! You are very groovy! And you are very talented too! I could see you were the only one doing flamenco dances on his board. I really liked that!”

“Really?? You did?? Well, thank you!”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Twist… er… Mauricio… yeah… Mauricio Rodriguez.”

“Well, pleased to meet you, Mauricio. My name is Selena. Selena Mondragón, at your service” – said the girl, extending her hand to Twister.

“Pleased to meet you too, Selena!” – Said Twister, shaking her hand.

“So, do you live around here? Or are visiting too??” – asked Selena.

“I live here, actually.”

“Really? And how long have you lived here?”

“All my life. I was born here. Been surfing and skating and swimming here since I can remember. It’s a really cool place to live, you know.”

“That’s great. I thought you came from Mexico too, since your family name is Mexican…”

“Well, I was born here, but my parents and my older brother did come from Mexico. But we visit there often. Still have relatives down there, and my folks use to go visit them from time to time. How about you? Where are you from??”

“I live in a city called Puebla, in the middle of Mexico.”

“Really? I know that city!! My grandparents live in Puebla too!! Well, in a nearby town called Valsequillo…”

“What a coincidence!! Maybe we’ve crossed paths before and hadn’t notice!”

“Yeah! That’s great!!”

“So, I assume you can speak Spanish, right, Mauricio?”

“Un poquito. Lo suficiente para conversar con mis primos cuando los visitamos.” (Just a little. Enough to sustain a conversation with my cousins when we visit them.) Clin d'oeil

“He, he, he! You have a nice accent!!” Rire

“Gracias!” Fier

“So, Mauricio, tell me; what would be the best places to visit in Ocean Shores?? I’d really like to go sightseeing…”

“Well, there are several places you should see. The pier, of course; the amusement park, but also the market, the theme park, some museums…”

“Wow. I wish I could visit them all. My parents don’t want to go places; they just want to stay in the hotel and sunbath by the swimming pool. That’s so boring; we could do that at home. So I just told them I would visit the city and take some photographs. So far I’ve seen the beach, and shot some pictures of you and your friends surfing! But I don’t know where to start. There seem to be so many places to go, and I have so little time to visit them…”

“Hey, Selena, I have an idea. Would you like me to show you around Ocean Shores? I mean, I could take you directly to the places you want to see; I know Ocean Shores like the palm of my hand, and know exactly how to get anywhere in a little time.”

“That would be very sweet from you, Mauricio! But I wouldn’t want to cause you any problems…”

“No problems at all, Selena. On the contrary. I’d be delighted. Besides, I could tell you the story of the city and the places we visit. Since you said you want to go places and sightsee, I thought we could… er… maybe… well…” embarassed

Twister blushed and looked down as he said this. He was expecting the girl to turn him down, but to his surprise her face brightened and she cheerfully accepted the invitation.

“OK, Mauricio! It’ll be great! Thanks a lot!!” – Said the girl.

“R… really? Embarassé Super! Très content Well, let’s go then!! First stop, the beach market. We’ll get some freeze-freezes on our way! I love freeze-freezes!!”

The two teens left the Shack and headed for the beach. Tito saw them, and a smile adorned his face. The little cuz Twister had made it. He felt proud of him.

“Teenagers. As clueless as always.” – Said Tito while going back to the kitchen.


I wish Friday could last forever
I hold her close to me
I couldn’t bear to leave her there…

“It’s only two minutes since the last time you asked, Otto!” – Said a slightly annoyed Sammy, answering the same question for the fifth time – “it’s half past five!”

“Crap! Where’s Twister?? We’ll never get to Madtown! I can’t believe he’s not here yet! This stinks on ice!!!” – said a very angry Otto, while he walked in circles around Sam and Reggie, who were standing on the boardwalk just outside Madtown. They had planned to go skateboarding together, but Twister hadn’t arrived yet.

“Don’t wig out, Otto! Look, there he is, by the parking lot.” – said Reggie, trying to calm down her brother.

“At last! What took him so long?? Where has he been the whole day??? I haven’t seen him since he abandoned us yesterday!!!”

“Well… maybe the girl walking hand in hand with him knows that, Otto” – added Sammy.

Otto and Reggie looked towards the parking lot, very surprised by Sam’s remark. They were very surprised by it; they were wondering what was going on with Twister, and here he was, accompanied by a very nice girl. It was evident that both enjoyed being together; the girl looked constantly at Twister and had a permanent smile on her face, while the boy was sporting the cheesiest, silliest grin the kids had seen in their lives.

But the strangest thing was that Twister was not wearing his trademark hat. He had even combed his hair, and was wearing a new pair of blue jeans, new t-shirt, clean shoes… in short; he had a completely different appearance!

“He is Twister?!?!?” – asked Otto and Reggie in unison, looking at each other in disbelief.

The kids were speechless, so it was Twister the one who started the conversation when he and Selena finally arrived by them.

“Hello, guys! Wow, it is hot! Hey, let me introduce you. This is Selena, a girl I met yesterday. She comes from Mexico. Selena, these are the guys I was talking to you about. This is Otto, his sister Reggie, and the smartest guy I know, Sam”

“Hi!” – said the kids as Twister introduced them.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, guys! Mauricio has told me a lot about all of you! I really want to see you shred that half pipe!!”

Otto, Reggie and Sammy blinked, their jaws dropping in disbelief. Did she just call Twister Mauricio”?? Since when the redhead likes to be addressed to with his given name?? And this girl had known him for, like, two days!! What’s going on with him? Embarassé Embarassé Embarassé

Reggie looked at Twister with suspicion. The boy seemed very happy with that girl, and it seemed that his hand was glued to hers, since he never let go of it. The boy had the goofiest, happiest smile Reggie had ever seen on his face.

“Are you staying long in Ocean Shores, Selena?” – asked Sammy as they walked to Madtown.

“I’m afraid not, Sam. My parents and I are here on vacation; we are leaving for Mexico next Sunday. I start school again on Monday.”

Reggie frowned slightly. It was evident that both Twister and Selena were attracted to each other and that they were not only good friends. Reggie felt somewhat uncomfortable with that, although she couldn’t explain why; but she didn’t really like to see Twister that happy with other girl. Reggie realized, for the first time, that she was actually jealous of Selena; but she couldn’t say if she was jealous because that girl was holding Twister’s hand or because he seemed so happy with her. Anyway, being the mature girl and good friend that she was, Reggie decided to not let her personal feelings spoil the moment and let her friend enjoy the company of that nice Mexican girl he had just met. After all, she would be leaving on Sunday.


Saturday, just twenty-four hours
Oh, no. I’m going back home on Sunday…

Twister took Selena’s hand and slowly walked with her down the pier. The sun was setting on the horizon, and the sky was a bright orange. Seagulls were flying above, and lights began to shine on the amusement park. It was a very beautiful setting, but Twister didn’t notice it. He was really bummed; he couldn’t believe, or better said, he didn’t want to believe that Selena would be boarding a plane to Mexico the following morning. He wasn’t sure if he loved the girl; but he really liked being with her, and the idea of losing her when they had just begun to know each other was something very hard for him.

He had spent the whole day with the girl, just like he had since he met her last Thursday. They had gone together to the movies, to the amusement park, to the beach, and to watch Otto and Reggie shred in Madtown. They had laughed a lot, and Twister was very happy to have someone with whom to have a whole conversation in Spanish. Yep, he felt he had a lot of things in common with that beautiful, tanned girl from Puebla, and he felt sad whenever he thought that she would be leaving him the following morning and that he might not see her again.

Twister put his arm around Selena’s neck and embraced her. The two kids watched as the sun hid. It was to be a very clear night, and lots of stars were already visible overhead. Twister and Selena looked up, and watched the nightly sky for a while. They didn’t really know when they joined their hands, but after a little while the two kids were kissing and embracing, without caring too much of the curious smiles of the passersby.

After a while they left. She still had to pack and prepare for her flight; she and her parents had to be at the airport very early the following morning. Selena embraced Twister’s waist and rested her head on his chest, as he put his arm protectively around her neck and slowly walked towards her hotel.


Oh, so sad alone…

“Mexicana de Aviación announces the departure of flight 344 to the city of Puebla, Mexico. All passengers please proceed to boarding through gate number 6. Mexicana de Aviación anuncia la salida de su vuelo número 344 con destino a la ciudad de Puebla, México. Pasajeros sírvanse abordar por la puerta número 6.”

“Well, Mauricio, I guess this is goodbye”.

“No, Selena. Please don’t say goodbye. I really want to see you again. This was the best Spring Break I’ve ever had in my life, and that’s because I met you. I don’t want to lose you now.”

“You are not losing me, Mauricio. I will write you every week, I promise. And I’ll try to convince my parents to come here next year for the holidays. I was very glad to meet you too, and I will always cherish this trip.”

Selena’s parents were already on the boarding line and were about to enter the tunnel. They called the girl; she had to hurry.

“Well, I gotta go, Mauricio. Please don’t be sad. I’ll keep in touch with you, I promise!”

Twister didn’t answer. He felt a knot in his throat. He took Selena’s hands and looked at her for a moment, then embraced her and kissed her on the cheek. Selena kissed him back and tried to get away.

“Wait, Selena. Please. I… want you to… keep this. As a souvenir. So… you’ll remember me…”

Twister took off his shark tooth amulet and put it around Selena’s neck.

“This is beautiful, Mauricio! I will always keep it with me!”

“I’m glad you like it. I’ve had it since I was very little. Now I’m happy because it belongs to you.”

Selena didn’t say anything else. She just kissed Twister again and took her handbag. After some minutes she was boarding the plane and Twister was watching as the big Boeing 747 was being prepared for takeoff. Minutes later the doors were closed and the ground personnel were guiding the plane to takeoff position.

Twister couldn’t help it. Two tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw the big plane running and taking off. He was really sad.

Twister stood there, by the window, until the plane disappeared from his sight. Selena was gone now; but he would always remember her. And, hopefully, she would come back someday.

Twister sniffed and wiped the tears from his face with his sleeve. A big smile appeared on his face as he remembered the beautiful moments he spent with Selena. After a last glance at the window, they boy took his hat from one of his pockets and put it on his head. Twister walked to the street and took a bus to the cul-de-sac.

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G-g-g-giant monkeys? Surpris

Great fic!
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