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[RP] Power Play disappointment

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:10 am    Post subject: [RP] Power Play disappointment Reply with quote

As mentioned here, one of my obsessions at the old board was that the RP gang didn't play the NHL pros in an "actual" game in the RP ep "Power Play". I've made several posts on this. This post here (from Sept 03) comments on the disappointment I thought the fans had over the result.

SpiderBraids: Some guy put up a poll to predict who would win between the RP gang and some pros, since they were going to compete in Power Play.

Then... they didn't, as plot machinations prevented this from happening: They replaced their keeper Sammy with Lars b/c they thought their size would have been of advantage. Ironically, after putting Sammy in, Lars' younger brother could well have been the hero if his shot right at the end had counted (yes, it went in, no, it didn't count since it was in after the horn even if he attempted that shot before the horn). Instead, Ocean Bluffs got to play with them.

(Actually, it was Otto whose shot was waived.)

Here's the question: Was it disappointing to not get to see the RP gang play the pros (that is, in the official game)? (Esp. after the Tony Hawk ep.)

MASTERNC: Yes and No.

Yes because they made a huge mistake by putting Lars in instead of Sam. Sam may be shorter, but his knowledge of strategy is much better. They should have played the NHL guys in an official game.

(Still on the same wavelength, Carosella.)

No because they did play against the NHL pros (but not in an official game...just in the Rockets' cul-de-sac).

Knoodelhed: I wasn't disappointed by the episode, but I was surprised that Sam didn't do enough of a qualitative analysis of Lars' performance as a goalie before making the suggestion. Lars seems to do better on the attack, and me having played roller hockey IRL, a better decision mighta been to have Twister sit in reserve (perhaps covering this moment of supreme destiny with his camera) and have Lars take over his position. This coulda been made to work since by agreeing to play Lars consented to Otto's authority as team captain. Worst case scenario then: Lars deciding not to participate woulda left the Green and White in their original configuration, and in both instances ol' Stonewall would still be 'tween the pipes. But I didn't write the script. :ohwell: Ocean Bluffs was a tough team. Still, it was heartening to see that the pros were impressed enough with Sammy's performance :thumb: that they'd wanna meet the gang on the culdesac.

TxblueME: Friends + Team= Teamwork
I Was Definately Disappointed! Sam Is Their Friend And Their Teammate...They Should Have Kept Him..Lars Isnt Even Good At Street Hockey Anyway...He And His Team Always Lose To His Little brother And HIS Team..They Also Should Have Known That You Have To Be Intelligent In Games...I Bet Even If They Won The Game, They Would Still Have A Chance To Play With The Pros ::Sigh:: Im About To Explode Now So I Better Go! =)

SpiderBraids: No because they did play against the NHL pros (but not in an official game...just in the Rockets' cul-de-sac).

The point is: there's obviously a big difference between playing with the pros in the cul-de-sac and in an official game (obviously, they probably would have prefered to have played in the latter). For example, knowing you've got the whole home crowd on your side, knowing you've truly earned it after all that hard work, and knowing that unlike that other team, your team might actually shut out the pros because you got yourselves a stone wall for a goalie. Besides, it would have provided more viewer satisfaction for them to have played the pros there.

Lars deciding not to participate woulda left the Green and White in their original configuration.

Green and White? No one on the team wears those colors... :confused:

MASTERNC: Green and White? No one on the team wears those colors... :confused:

They've used a green and white uniform set in some episodes. I definitely know they used it in "Follow the Leader", but I don't remember what they wore in "Power Play" :ohwell:


For completeness, here's the poll I referenced in the original post. Eh, kind of moot since they never did compete, but how could we have figured out that it wasn't going to happen?
(For the record, no one pointed out one thing: it would have been four Rockets vs. three pros. Which in a regular hockey game would be a "Power Play" to the Rockets' favor.)


MetalSmasher86: In the upcoming Rocket Power episode "Power Play", the Rockets will take on pro hockey players Luc Robitaille, Jeremy Roenick, and Martin Brodeur. The question is, who do you think will win?

Nickdisk: the rockets Sourire

ThatDarnPunk225: Of course the Rockets will win. Maybe not in REAL life, but hey! On TV, anything can happen! :blob:

SSJPan: Pros!

Nickdisk: cool Sourire

Anon: go to HELL ssjpan i am trying to save rp and u think the pros r better Mad

ThatDarnPunk225: Whoa, no need for violence, buck-a-roo!

Nickdisk: personnel attacks are not tollerated here Mad

Jessangel: In real life the pros WOULD win Tire la langue

Nickdisk: thats true Sourire


Coming soon, a post on the surprise of that result. Hey, it's not like we're used to seeing the Rockets lose as a team. Individually, maybe(Super McVarial, Rainy Days, anyone?), but not as a team.

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