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[RP] A short thread on Apr 2002's new eps

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 5:17 am    Post subject: [RP] A short thread on Apr 2002's new eps Reply with quote

A few of the episodes that aired in April 2002 would later be fodder for subjects I would repeatedly hammer over and over at the RP Nickdisk forum. Namely:

- "I can't believe that the RP gang didn't get to play the NHL pros",
- "I can't believe that they abandoned the Ray/Breezy romance after just two episodes", and
- "I can't believe that they did the same with the Reggie/Trent romance".

For completeness, here's a short thread that reviewed the episodes that aired that month.


MASTERNC: Here's your chance to sound off about "Rocket Power of 5". Which episodes were "epic" and which ones were "lame"? :wave:

My Favorites:
1. Shack Attack :smile2:
2. Reggie/Regina :smash:
3. There's Something About Breezy :angel:
4. The Lingos Rire
5. Reggie's Pen is Mightier :tongue:

The NHL one was kind of a bust because they didn't show an actual "game" between the Rockets and the NHL pros. Triste

(This guy was right on my frequency there. Honestly, half of you tuned in expecting to see an actual game between the two sides. Not a brief scrum in the cul-de-sac the Rockets live at. Back to the post...)

Finally, they added some romance. Maybe Ray will get married and the Mom mystery will be solved.

(He was right about the marriage and the mom mystery. But nobody could have guessed that Breezy would be uninvolved.)

Nickdisk: cant vote :crying:

that would be good though Sourire

MetalSmasher86: My favorites:

1. Power Play
2. Reggie's Pen is Mightier...
3. Shack Attack
4. Kayaks Amok
5. Twisting Places

Nickdisk: cool Sourire

(Nickdisk had a habit of posting just the words "cool Sourire" to most posts, even when the post was negative news.)

Anon:My only favorite one was power play thats all beacuase sam
they should do more about sam!:star:

Nickdisk: cool :thumb: yeah, i agree Sourire

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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