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[RP] Reviewing March 2004's new episodes

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:24 am    Post subject: [RP] Reviewing March 2004's new episodes Reply with quote

In March 2004, these eps of RP premiered on Nick US.

* Losers Weepers / Reggie the Movie (gang finds motorized skateboard / Reg and Sherry watch scary shark flick... produced to be aired in '01)
* Summer Breezy / Sammy's Fortune (Breezy tests equipment on lake... produced to advance the Ray/Breezy relationship / Sam goes to fortune teller... "Talk to the smudge, girlfriend!")
* Merv Links to Otto / Big Air (Merv drags Otto to the links / Hmm...)
* Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed (Reggie meets MISSY GIOVE!!!! / remember Hey Arnold!'s "False Alarm"? Replace Eugene with Lars)
* Twist of Fate (Grand Canyon vacation goes bad)

Warning... episodes contain:
* a rare loss for Reggie Rocket
* a relationship with no pay-off
* lots of trips to the hospital for Sam
* Missy Giove!
* the only half-hour ep not tied to a holiday
* golf
* Twister watching really lame cartoon
* Ocean Shores police being stupid (wonder if Otto, after calling the cops, thought that it was all over... until he found out that they were using his call as further evidence that Lars did it)

Let's see what everyone thought of them...


ottoman21: I can't wait to see the lost episode! Are you ready, Nick? I sure as heck am! I'm SO stoked on this! Can't wait to see em! Come on 6 PM, you haven't come already?

Mike2000: Couldn't resist posting my rates, lol. Those eps are really good, though of course I have my favorite two or three. Anyway, this is only my opinion, don't let it mislead you guys; and enjoy those eps, they are worth the wait!!

InvaderArnold3: I saw the lost episode a few years ago on Nick GAS, and it's a very good episode. Rocket Power fans will be very pleased.

ottoman21: Tonight's the night, guys! Let's party! Tire la langue

MASTERNC: "Loser's Weepers" was OK. That board was a little weird. I'd think it would be pretty hard to control a skateboard with a gas engine on it. If someone ever made one of those, they'd need to have a safety cutoff.

"Reggie the Movie" was pretty cool. Poor Reggie though. She was definitely affected by that movie. I was surprised she didn't have a nightmare in addition.

I have to say that the movie she saw was another lame production. The one surfer had no emotion when she spotted Sharkenstein. :ohwell:

The poodle thing was hilarious BTW. :rotflmao:

ottoman21: I couldn't see it, cause the lounge at my apartment closed at 6 PM, when I was going to see it, and I don't have cable at my dad's place, so that's why I tried to go the lounge. Mad :crying: Good thing my brother is recording through Thursday. :biggrin: Oh man. Thank goodness for small favors.
SSJ_Jup81: Okay, I liked both of those eps. It was really good. It's about time Nick actually showed them.

I liked Losers Weepers a lot for some reason. Maybe because those kids broke so many laws/rules for the ep? ^^

It was pretty funny how it fell out of the truck and yet, Sam was the one to get it open after Twist asked how they would open the box. Isn't that ironic? lol ><

Oh, I also loved it when Twister called up the store to find out where the delivery lady was going, so that htey could drop the board off, and then how he gave his name, and how he told the store that he had one that they stole. That was hilarious, especially since he sounded so modest when he did say it. I bet the people at the store were like, "Huh?" and couldn't respond because he hung up so fast.

For Reggie the Movie, YAY, WE FINALLY KNOW WHY RAY HAS SUCH A FEAR OF DOGS! And we also find out that Sherry has an older brother. So that's who that guy is beside Reggie in that sig. Poor Reg. So she takes after her old man in that sense. Doesn't like scary movies. I like the way Sam was for the ep too.

But still, my fav part of that ep was everything dealing with Ray, most definitely!

I don't know what I'd rate either yet. Maybe a 7 and an 8. 7 for Reggie the Movie, and 8 for Losers Weepers, or maybe the other way around since Reggie the Movie made me laugh more. ^^

I have to say that the movie she saw was another lame production. The one surfer had no emotion when she spotted Sharkenstein. :ohwell:

Now I thought that they were just spoofing when it came to that as to how bad and lame Horror Movies normally are.

The poodle thing was hilarious BTW. :rotflmao:

Yes it was! Man, I've never heard Ray scream that high and loud before!!:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

MASTERNC: Today's episodes were good as well.

I still can't believe that Ray won't be marrying Breezy. He seemed so infatuated with her. I loved his claim that he was "Ranger Ray" followed by improperly staking the tent. I also liked the scene where Reggie says "Stop" and the moment repeats like a broken record (kinda reminds me of a movie). Rire

"Sammy's Fortune" was hilarious. There were some excellent punchlines. The best part was when Sam randomly blurted "Talk to the smudge, girlfriend" to Reggie. :rotflmao:

One question though: who was their goalie when they were playing hockey? He couldn't have been on Lars' team because he was still there after they left. :star:

SpiderBraids:I still can't believe that Ray won't be marrying Breezy. He seemed so infatuated with her.

Probably because when KC made the ep, that was the plan (Ray marrying Breezy that is), but an abrupt change was needed upon, I guess, learning that RP was being put out of production. (This might also explain why Trent isn't in any other stories... what's the point of developing a crush if you won't even get the time to develop it properly?)
Now, I'm not saying that this is the fact, since I don't even remotely have any connection with them.

SSJ_Jup81: Time for me to comment on today's eps. Man they were good!!!

Summer Breezy was so cool. Gotta love Ray's acting so suave, and goofing up the next moment. lol Sure Ray was infatuated with Breezy, more than the last time, but was the feeling mutual for her?

OH, Twister!! lol See, it's cool that they show that Twister has an interest in girls. He was acting so goofy when they met up with Breezy. Just as goofy as Ray was. Otto, Reggie, and Sam, "Cool surf, Breezy." Twister all doofy looking, then asking, deep voice, "I'm Twister, remember me," all suave like. Cute how she called him Maurice and how he didn't care that she did. Tire la langue lol

Oh, and didn't he try to get Breezy's attention after she realized all that stuff of hers sucked, and he said that he had a couple of sore ribs?

I want more eps like that to show Twister's being attracted to girls.

Oh, this ep also showed that Reggie is very strong. Twister was aching for a while after she elbowed him. I like how he said later, "No, I don't want to get elbowed again."

Now, Sammy's Fortune that ep had me laughing so hard! Sam was awesome! The way he went off the half-pipe, and into the Blader Bowl (something I've done plenty of times is Rocker Power Beach Bandits lol) was really cool looking. But never mind that. Sam had so much confidence in himself. The way he talked down Lars was amazing.

I take back what I said about Lars being more bad than what he probably is. He /is/ bad. >< See what happens when we get deprived of eps. The fact that he got kicked out of that camp the Rodriguezes sent him to is terrible. >< He got kicked out for "bad behavior." *Bet he played pranks continuously*

Sammy in that Elvis-like outfit was really funny too, but not as funny as "Talk to the smudge, girlfriend," and Reggie's replying with, "Did he just call me girlfriend?"

I can't believe Sammy was going to jump the blader bowl from off of the half-pipe. He would've broken a lot of stuff. He would've broke in places he didn't know he had. >< So, we've had an ep where Sam's broken his leg, worn a neck, brace and broken his arm (I'm assuming he broke it since Twist did say "I didn't know arms could bend that way")

Okay, for these batch of eps...

Summer Breezy: I give this a 7
Sammys Fortune: I give this a 9 ^_^

Mike2000: Looking good, looking good!

It seems we'll all be able to discuss new ideas and situations dealing with these eps. Can't wait to see what new fanfics appear after this week!! :thumb:


ottoman21: I can't wait to review these episodes this weekend.

MASTERNC: I think Wednesday's episodes were fairly good as well.

Who knew Mrs. Stimpleton loved extreme sports? I bet nobody expected she could snowboard so well and then convince Merv to try scooters. Poor Ray though, he kept finding the exit. I'm surprised he didn't get the idea after a while and instead kept falling in to the same trap. Rire

I couldn't believe that Sam mooned Ray and Reggie. First he calls her girlfriend then accidentally exposes his rear end to her. :rotflmao:

Seriously, Sam's been in the hospital more than Otto. Today's asthma attack made it the 3rd trip for him (he went after flying down the California Incline and again when he fell off the motorized skateboard). :blob:

SSJ_Jup81: Whee, time to talk about today's eps! lol ^_^

Let's see, Merv Links to Otto was very good. You know, Mrs. Stimpleton liking extreme sports didn't surprise me too much. She's a "hipster" anyway. I like how she was snowboarding. *Nods* Oh, and Ray keep getting led to the exit was funny as well. Even with the map he ended up going through the exit. lol

I like how "Merv linked to Otto," and how they both taught each other a thing or two. How Otto Merv to lighten up, in a manner of speaking, and how Merv taught Otto that one must have patience.

Now, I was looking forward to Big Air more so than Merv Links to Otto. Man, there was so much miscommunication amongst the four. But their way of acting around Sam was very realistic in my opinion. They were worried and didn't want him to get sick again. I mean, man, Twister was walking around with every phone number of every emergency place in Ocean Shores just to be on the safe side.

It was funny when Sammy bent over to pick up his clothes and Ray and the others just walked in and saw his bottom. lol And I think Ray and Otto walked in first, then Twister and Reggie, so Otto and Ray saw Sam's bottom first. lol

Man, "Wockey" was the lamest game ever. Walking + Hockey. How dull was that.

Either way, I thought the ep was really good. Another good Sam episode.

Merv Links to Otto: I give this a 7. Seemed like something was missing from it, but I can't put my finger on it.

Big Air: I'll give this an 8.

CDB: I missed it yesterday..Ah man..Brother had the Mavs. game on!! So Sam accidently mooned everybody, what was Reggie's reaction. Rire Rire

SSJ_Jup81: Sorta like a, "Hi..." (sees him bent over)..."Sam?" while Otto and Twist were laughing if I'm remembering right.

CDB: :rotflmao:

If that was Trent:
Rire :rotflmao:

TxblueME: Oh My Gosh Today's Episodes Were So Great ~ After Watching Falsely Alarmed, I Like Twister Even More Lol Clin d'oeil I Cant Wait Till "Twist Of Fate" Tomorrow...

ottoman21: I can't believe my lameo brother didn't record em!

InvaderArnold3: "Missile Crisis" and "Falsely Alarmed" were really great episodes, I have to admit. And Ottoman21, all of the episode will be replayed this Saturday in a marathon from 2:00 PM- 4:30 PM. So you can catch all the episodes then!

ottoman21: Good Lord, YES!!!!

ottoman21: Invader Arnold, you're my hero! Clin d'oeil

ottoman21: Thank you again. I knew I shouldn't have snapped, lol. I just don't like getting lied to.

SSJ_Jup81: Time to comment, time to comment! ^_^

I didn't care for Missile Crisis all that much. It was okay, but nothing about it really made me get into it. I must admit, Reggie's way of acting was a bit interesting. Man, if I had acted like that at her age around my mom...*SMACK*. ><;;

Now Falsley Alarmed I really liked. I was really looking forward to the ep, and just like one of you said, it made me like Twister even more too. He's so sensitive. He felt bad for Lars way before Otto did (well, it was more obvious since he lives with him), even though Twister wasn't the one to physically pull the switch.

OH, something else I liked! Before Otto pulled the alarm, Twist told him not to since he said that even if you pull the fire alarm, the fire department would come regardless. It reminded me of that ep where Twist fell into the cement (Cement head ep) and they were telling him not to write out his initials. It was a nice twist.

Sam would've figured out it was those two sooner or later. I felt sorry for Lars. Other than Sam, no one believed him. I like the fact that Sam thought Lars was innocent the entire time too.

Oh, what else did I like...oh, when Otto and Twist tried to say Lars was innocent by calling the police station to say Lars didn't pull the alarm and how they figured Lars had made the call himself. Now that was pathetic. They need some better cops in Ocean Shores. At the time the call was made (I thought anyway), Lars was working for Ray at the Shack.

At least at the end, Otto confessed and then Twister spoke up saying he was with Otto when he did it. And then how they had to do all that community service. It was nice of Lars to thank them for confessing, even though he said he wouldn't have fessed up if he had been in their places. For some reason, I think Lars would have, eventually. The fact that there was so much Lars is another reason why I liked the ep since there aren't too many eps focused on him. ^_^

Missile Crisis: I give this a 5
Falseley Alarmed: I give this a 10!! Man I loved this ep!!

Man, I am really looking forward to Twist of Fate tomorrow. I want to give that ep a 10 right now...but I can't until I actually watch it. lol Oh, how about this, I give it a 9 already since it's a Twister-focused ep. Tire la langue lol

Knoodelhed: I also really liked how Sammy's investigation, with his talk about a "second puller" and a fearsome conspiracy that reached "to the very foundations of Ocean Shores" homaged Oliver Stone's "J.F.K." ... part of me would love to walk through a stargate, treat him to dinner, and ask him his thoughts about the Warren Commission's report. Clin d'oeil

SpiderBraids I can't believe my lameo brother didn't record em!

At least (as pointed out above) they'll be rerun on Saturday. Here are the details (times e/p):

Saturday, 3/27:

2:00PM Rocket Power - "Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed"
2:30PM Rocket Power - "Summer Breezy / Sammy's Fortune"
3:00PM Rocket Power - "Twist of Fate"
3:30PM Rocket Power - "Losers Weepers / Reggie the Movie"
4:00PM Rocket Power - "Merv Links to Otto / Big Air"
4:30PM All Grown Up - "Chuckie's In Love"
5:00PM All Grown Up - "Tweenage Tycoons"
5:30PM All Grown Up - "Susie Sings The Blues"
6:00PM All Grown Up - "Brother, Can You Spare The Time"
6:30PM All Grown Up - "Coup De Ville"
7:00PM All Grown Up - "River Rats"
7:30PM All Grown Up - "The Ileum and the Odyssey"

CDB: Thats cool a RP marathon followed by a AGU marathon, JOB WELL DONE NICK..JOB WELL DONE

ottoman21: Geeheee, excellent! Good job, Nickelodeon!

InvaderArnold3: Twist of Fate was alright. Sammy's voice change annoyed me tremendously, as well as Otto's poor attitude toward his best friend. The whole Gopher cartoon did seem a little childish though. I did like how this episode provided some closure to the series, as the episode begins with the children finishing sixth grade. I guess any unanswered questions will be answered in the final episode, airing this summer.

And while watching the episode, Nickelodeon aired a commercial saying that all the episodes would be repeated tomorrow in an all-marathon. Obviously Nickelodeon's daily schedule consists of two and a half hours.

SSJ_Jup81: I liked Twist of Fate a lot. Yeah, that cartoon show was a bit on the "lame" side, but it was still cool.

I figured that Sam and Twister's voice actors would've been different (misses Ulises, even though the new kid doing his voice is okay).

I liked the fact that this ep really taught you something. It was lame of Sam, Reggie, and Otto, though, to not listen to Twist, or even let him explain himself.

There was one thing Otto did that annoyed me. The part where Sam almost drowned. Before Otto put the stick out for Sam to grab onto, Twist was already tying a rope to the tree for Sam to grab hold to. He then noticed Otto and tackled him to stop him and then Reg tossed Sam the rope. I dunno, but seems someone shoulda gave the boy some kind of praise since he was the one to tie it up to begin with.

Either way, I did like this ep a lot. I'd give it a 9 1/2, but I rounded it up to a 10. Tire la langue lol

The thing I liked most about it, was the fact that it was another ep where Twister knew what he was doing and proved, once again, that he's not dumb...just a bit slow and naive at times. ^_^

MASTERNC: I did like how this episode provided some closure to the series, as the episode begins with the children finishing sixth grade. I guess any unanswered questions will be answered in the final episode, airing this summer.

I never thought of that. They had started 6th grade in "Mr. B is in the House" and now they have finished it. Even though the actual time lapse is much longer, I guess that would technically constitute a "season". Hopefully, it's not an attempt to tie up loose ends on the show. Remember that Nick does not like to do that just in case they extend its life. We don't know if there will be any more episodes. However, they still have yet to air episodes with the Make-a-Wish kid (his cameo wasn't in "Twist of Fate") and snowboarder Shaun White. :ohwell:

I thought the Gung-Ho Gopher stuff was hilarious--in a corny way. Also loved how Reggie was taking care of Sam, including hugging him to keep him warm. I still think that those two as a couple isn't out of the question (but let's not discuss that here--it's like beating a dead horse). Clin d'oeil

MASTERNC: In case you're interested, I just posted a quiz about last week's episodes. You can check it out at

Have fun! :thumb:

SSJ_Jup81: I got 15 out of 20 right. Some of those were trick questions for me. lol

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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