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FOP- Chip Skylark Meets Britney Britney (William's Version)

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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:11 pm    Post subject: FOP- Chip Skylark Meets Britney Britney (William's Version) Reply with quote

This is another one of my old fanfics from
Sadly nobody replied to it and I was highly surprised. I am going to try this again and I am going to move the fanfic to this board, but it will be upgraded a little. I hope you guys like it.


Chapter 1

Back in Dimsdale Timmy is eating a bowl of Crash Nebul'Os in his bedroom with his friends Chester, AJ, Elmer, and Sanjay. They have just finished watching Crash Nebula. Then Chet Ubetcha appears.
"Hi I'm Chet Ubetcha and I would like to show you two music videos," he says.
So then he shows Chip Skylark's video "My SHiny Teeth and Me."
Timmy goes, "Oh my gosh! Chip Skylark is coming! Go Chip, go Chip, gooooooo CHIP!."
"Ehh Timmy?" says Chester.
"Can you calm down it's only on TV," says AJ.
"What I was about to say," says Chester.

"Aw come on, you guys like Chip Skylark don't you?" says Timmy.
Chester, AJ, Elmer, and Sanjay look at eachother and then shout "Yeah!"
So then the kids all turn to the TV and watch it. Chip Skylark's video comes up. Timmy and his friend's eyes are glued to the screen for the whole duration.
Then after the video, Chet Ubetcha goes "Now we are going to show another Video. SOme of you may not be familiar with her but we are now going to show Britney Britney!"
Then a video by Britney Britney is played.
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:12 pm    Post subject: Chapter 2 Reply with quote

As you should've already guessed, when I put will's version, that means you can write your version of it too. You can write your version of my fanfics if you want.

Now back to the story.
After the video of Britney Britney, chet Ubetcha goes, "Thank you for watching Chip Skylark and Britney Britney's video. Now we return you to your regular programming."
Then Timmy talks about Chip and Britney.
Timmy starts, "Chip Skylark and Britney Britney are great celeberties!"
"Yeah," says Chester, "I just wish Britney Britney could babysit instead of that pitiful Icky with a V, Vicky."
"You're right," say AJ, "Then we'd have lot's of fun."
"Yeah," and maybe she'll like me even with this boyle." says Elmer.
Everybody times out and looks at Elmer.
"What?" he says.
"Well there's something we all should say, says Sanjay.
Then Vicky kicks the door open.
"I'm telling you for the last time," she says, "KEEP IT QUIET IN HERE!"
"Oh wahhhhh," says Timmy, "Do you ever stop nagging?"
"Yeah!" says Chester, "You need to mind your own business!"
"And leave us alone!" says Sanjay.
"We don't go into your business," says Elmer.
"He's right!" says AJ, "In fact, they are ALL right! Right guys?!"
"Right!" the says Timmy, Chester, Elmer, and Sanjay.

"Well listen up!" says Vicky, "I'm the baby sitter here and I get to make the rules! And one more thing, I can get into your business if I want and YOU can't STOP me!"
All the boys gulp.
"Oh and one more thing," she says, "If you do get into my business, I will hurt you. And one more thing, don't think I didn't hear you say, 'Britney Britney is more fun than me. I know when you are talking trash about me behind my back!"
Then Icky with a V leaves.
"STOP calling me Icky with a V!" says Vicky to me.

After she leaves, Timmy says, "Don't worry about her, she doesn't know what she's talking about!"
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:22 pm    Post subject: Chapter 3 Reply with quote

"Well," says Sanjay, "I'm drowsy, I'm going home."
"Me too," says AJ.
"Me three," says Chester.
"Ditto," says Elmer.
"Okay then," says Timmy, "goodnite."
Then all the kids leave.
Timmy goes to his Godparents who are fish in the fishbowl.
"Hey Cosmo, Wanda, you too Tommy," says Timmy.
Cosmo, Wanda and Tommy appear.
"Tommy what's the deal?" Timmy says, "Why didn't you hang out with us?"
"Uh Timmy," says Tommy, "Are you not getting this? We are fairies, we can't be seen by humans."
"Oh that's right," says Timmy, "But you could have posed as a human."
"Oh yeah I forgot about that," says Tommy, "At least when William's around we don't have to disguise ourselves. Whatever did happen to William anyway?"
"He went on vacation to Arizona remember?" says Timmy.
"Well why did you want to talk to us anyway?" says Cosmo.
"I just thought of an idea." says Timmy.
"What's that?" says Wanda.
"Oh I know I know!" says Cosmo.
"No you don't!" says Timmy.
"You are going to get rid of Vicky and wish William back." says Cosmo.
Then Wanda raises her wand and a zipper appears on Cosmo's mouth.
"Now Cosmo," says Wanda, XYZ before I do it!"
Cosmo xephers his zipper. Well how does it go?
"Okay Timmy go ahead, sorry about Cosmo," says Wanda.
"I was wondering if we could get Chip Skylark and Britney Britney together," says Timmy.
Then Cosmo makes the zipper disappear and says, "Who's Britney Britney?"
"Cosmo has your memory been erased?!" says Wanda, "Britney Britney is that singer you invited to sing during your Fairy Convintion, even though you had to try to cancel her show. At least that Crock Pot Crocker who knows we exsist took over for her."
"Right!" says Timmy.
"Now what were you saying?" says Wanda.
"I was planning on how to get Chip Skylark and Britney Britney together," says Timmy, "They're not married to each other or anybody else."
"I don't know if that is a good idea," says Cosmo.
Then the rule book appears.
"I don't see where it says in the Rule Book that we shouldn't get Chip Skylark and Britney Britney together."
"So why don't we try it?" says Cosmo.
"Go ahead Timmy, spit it out and wish for it!" says Wanda.
"Skirtt" goes Timmy putting his hand out, "Ahh ahh ahh, I want to try to do it myself first. If I can't do it I'll turn to you.
THen Cosmo and Wanda look at eachother and lower their wands.
"Well it was worth a try," says Cosmo.
"Don't worry," says Timmy, "If I don't succeed, you tow will get your place in the spot light, trust me."

And I will come back to this some other time. Meanwhile I have some other fics to create.

You can also do a fanart of this if you want.
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:30 pm    Post subject: Chapter 4 Reply with quote

The next morning Timmy is walking down the streets of Dimsdale with Tommy, Cosmo and Wanda. Tommy is in his human form walking along side Timmy. Cosmo and Wanda are disguised as cats. They go to the record company. When they do, Cosmo and Wanda turn into humans that are Timmy's size they find a guard and ask him if they could see Chip Skylark.
"I would like to see Chip Skylark," says Timmy to the guard.
"Chip Skylark is busy," says the guard, "but I'll see what I can do."
Then he takes Timmy in. Somebody escorts him to see Chip Skylark. Then when he goes to Chip, the person taking him there says "Yo Chip!"
Chip Skylark turns around and sees that the man wants.
"Yes," says Chip.
"This boy with the silly pink hat wants to see you." says the man.
Then Chip Skylark get's excited when he sees his lil' buddy Timmy.
"Hi Timmy!" says Chip, "How are ya lil' dude?!"
"I'm doing great!" says Timmy.
"Come on in and sit down," says Chip.
Timmy comes in with Tommy, Cosmo and Wanda in their human forms.
"Tommy is that you?" says Chip.
"Yes that's right," says Tommy.
"How are you?" says Chip to Tommy.
"Werd!" says Tommy.
"Please don't say that." says Chip like he said to Timmy.
"Oh sorry," says Tommy.
"So what can I do for you guys," asks Chip, "New song, new video, new album, anything about Icky Vicky?"
"Actually we had something else in mind," says Timmy.
"I was wondering if you and Diva Star Singer Britney Britney could become boyfriend and girlfriend and date. Maybe even sing a duet."
"Did you say 'Britney Britney'?" asks Chip.
"Yes," says Timmy.
"We think you'd be a good pair," says Cosmo.

"I'm sorry guys I can't," says Chip.
"Why not," says Timmy.
"One she is my ex-girlfriend," says Chip, "and two we had a fight a month ago."
"What happened," askes Wanda.
"You see," says Chip, "We were a good pair. We went out on dates, we went to school together, and we even sang together for fun, not to record albums. But then on this day, not today but you know what I mean, we agreed to sing a song together and record it. Then we argued about what we were going to sing. Then my boss from the record company wrote another song and assigned us parts. So then we sang that song but had a few problems. Then nobody liked that song. So Britney Britney and I had a fight and then broke up with eachother. She was my first love too."
"Aw that's too bad," says Tommy.
"Well where's Britney Britney," says Timmy, "she works here does she?"
"Yes," says Chip, "but please don't try to get us back together."
"We won't say Timmy.
Then Timmy, Tommy, Cosmo, and Wanda leave Chip.
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:33 pm    Post subject: Chapter 5 Reply with quote

Then after the four leave, they get one of the workers and says "We need to see Britney Britney."
So the worker takes Timmy, Tommy, Cosmo, and Wanda to see Britney Britney. She is in another room in the area. She is putting on her makeup.
Then the worker opens the door to her room and says "Britney, a few people would like to see you."

"Come on in guys," says Britney Britney.
The four go in.
"So what can I do for you guys," says Britney.
"You do know Chip Skylark right?" says Timmy.
"Yes," says Britney meanly, "And I never ever wanna see or hear from him ever again after our fight!"
"But Britney," says Tommy, "You two are great stars. Besides we can't always agree with everything that happens, but we also can't do everything we want."
"Yeah," says Timmy, "I think you two should be ashamed of yourselves!"
"Yeah their right," says Cosmo.
"Why don't you guys just forget about what happened last month and make up."
"That would be nice," says Britney Britney.
Then everybody smiles harder and opens their eyes wider waiting for her to say something else.
"But I still don't want to think of that loser creep!" says Britney.
"Well we have to go now," says Timmy, "Let's go guys. Good day to you Britney."
So they all leave Britney Britney.
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:40 pm    Post subject: Chapter 6 Reply with quote

SO at home, Timmy walks back and fourth with his hands behind his back. He says, "I don't understand why Chip Skylark and Britney Britney can't get back together."
"Because they hate eachother," says Tommy.
"I know," says Timmy, "But they can't stay mad at each other forever."
"This reminds me of the time Britney Spears and Chris Kirkpatrick broke up," says Cosmo.
"Well first of all it's nothing like that," says Wanda, "And secondly that was Justin Timberlake not Chris Kirkpatrick, you dunderhead!"
"Sorry," says Cosmo.
"If only there was a way we could get Chip and Britney Back together," says Timmy.
"Well let's move on with our lives," says Wanda.
Then it rains outside. Timmy plays a video game with Tommy, and Wanda goes into her fishbowl.
About an hour later the rain stops.
"Uh Timmy, Tommy, anybody seen Cosmo?" asks Wanda.
"No," says Timmy.
"Not I," says Tommy.
Cosmo is in the bathroom with the door locked. He writes fake invitations to a party and plans to send them to Chip and Britney. When he is done, he sends the invitations to Britney Britney and Chip Skylark.
Then when he returns to Timmy's room, Wanda asks him where he's been.
"Cosmo where were you," says Wanda.
"In the bathroom," says Cosmo.
"Was everything alright?" asks Wanda.
"Yes," says Cosmo.
"Alright Cosmo what were you really doing?!" says Timmy, "Because nobody stays in the bathroom that long!"
"Alright alright," says Cosmo, "I made fake invitations to a party to this house. Then I sent them to Chip Skylark and Britney Britney."
"What?!" says Timmy.
"You fool!" goes Wanda, "Don't you realize the mistake you just made?! Chip and Britney hate eachother and do not want to be with eachother!"
"Yeah dad," says Tommy, "NOw when they come they are going to put up another fight!"
"Uhhhhhh," says Cosmo rolling his yes elsewhere.
"Well you didn't tell them that the other was going to be there did you?" asks Timmy.
"What do you mean?" says Cosmo.
"You didn't happen to tell Chip Skylark that Britney Britney would come and you didn't tell Britney Britney that Chip Skylark would be here?" asks Timmy.
"No," says Cosmo.
"Good," says Tommy, "Or they are going to not come."
"When's the party anyway," aks Wanda.
"Tonight," says Cosmo.
"You just like to cause trouble do you?" says Timmy, "You just can't seem to do anything right."
"Well we might as well get started," says Wanda.
"Alright," says Timmy, "We need cookies, potato chips, cup cakes, soda, and pizza. And I don't want this done with magic, I want this done step by step."
"Good idea," says Wanda.
"Good thing I saved on my allowence," says Timmy, "I'll order pizza. You guys go get the cup cakes, cookies, and chips. Don't forget the soda pop!" So Cosmo and Wanda poof to the store to get the stuff. They turn into humans and start shopping. Tommy stays and helps Timmy get the party ready.
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:46 pm    Post subject: Final Chapter Reply with quote

So Timmy and Tommy get the party ready. It takes place in Timmy's room. Then after that Timmy gets a sterio and a music player ready. Then Cosmo and Wanda return with the stuff. Once they get the party ready, a ring of the door bell comes. Then when Timmy goes downstairs, he opens the door and Chip is there.
"Hi Chip," says Timmy, "Nice to see you on such short notice."
"Hi Timmy," says Chip.
"Come on in to my room and we'll start the party alright," says Timmy.
"Okay," says Chip.
So Timmy takes Chip to his room.
Then five minutes later, another knock on the door comes. Timmy goes down again and sees that Britney Britney is there. So he lets her in. Then when she is lead to Timmy's room, she sees Chip and Chip sees her.

"What's he doing here?" asks Britney.
At the same time Chip asks, "What's she doing here?
"Well you see guys, " says Cosmo, "I invited you both here so you guys can get back together."
"That's it," says Britney Britney, "It's you against me, I am taking your teeth out!"
"Oh yeah," yells Chip, "I am going to turn your blond hair into red hair!"
So Chip and Britney fight.
"Oh no," says Wanda, "If we don't do something, Chip's teeth aren't going to be shiny and Britney will turn red! Somebody stop this."
"Wait, says Timmy, "I wish they stopped fighting."
So Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and break it up.
"Look guys," says Timmy, "You guys are out of your minds. How can you two still be fightning each other? You two are both good singers. Everyone loves you both, and besides, you guys made a mistake. You two need to forget what happened and move on with your lives. You two don't have to like each other, but you two need to respect each other."
Then Chip and Britney look at each other.
"Britney," says Chip, "I'm sorry about that song that got messed up and about the fight we had."
"I'm sorry too," says Britney, "Let's kiss and make up."
So Chip Skylark and Britney Britney kiss eachother.
"So are we boyfriend and girlfriend again?" asks Chip.
"Yes Chip," says Britney.
"Let's continue the party!" says Timmy.
So then the party went on. The Pizza man even came and there were two perpperoni pizzas. Timmy even invites Chester, AJ, Elmer and Sanjay.
While the party was going, Chip and Britney decide to sing a duet. Actually they sing two duets. They sing the song Chip wants to sing and the song Britney wants to sing.
It get's recorded at the studio and then sent to the reccord company.

So thanks to Cosmo's stupidity, Chip and Britney are back togetehr and their life is much more peaceful, unlike Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. I used to wish they could get back together. But next time, Cosmo has to watch what he is doing. What he did was stupid and it could have been much much worse.

The End

If you want to see the old version, visit this link:
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Marching to Mars

Joined: 01 Apr 2006
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Location: Seattle

PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 1:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moving this to the games forum...

Who you rollin with??? Bob. Bob Saget.

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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 1714
Location: Spammers Annoynmous

PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 1:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yet another great story, William!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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William Pearson
Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 211
Location: Tucson, Arizona

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for reading it. Unless the mod read it too, you're the first person to ever read and reply this story. This story has been around for more than three years but nobody replied to it.

So Congrats!
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