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[FANFIC] Nickhouse Movie

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:30 am    Post subject: [FANFIC] Nickhouse Movie Reply with quote

tommy_baby:THE NICKHOUSE
The Scrat
Not a wallace and Gromit parody

The Nickhouse. Located at the centre of the bustling metropolitis of Cartoon City. Somethings always going on there. But nothing as terrible as the eevnt I am about to describe. No, I am not trying to be 'Lemony Snickett', I am simply writing what had happened at the 2006 Emmy Award.

Yep, the emmy's. Awarded to Nickhouse residents almost every year. This year, it was Spongebob Squarepants' turn.

But before an emmy, you must...find a place for it. Spongebob had to shovel through the messy room 214 to find a spot. Timmy, Spongebob's roomate, watched.

"Cosmo stuff, Cosmo Stuff, Cosmo Stufff," said Spongebob, shoveling deep into the piles of mess.

"Spongebob, what should I wear? Trixie finnaly agreed to take me on a date!" said Timmy.

"I dunno," said Spongebob.

Timmy sighed and left his room. Before he left, he listened. Wanda got back from grocery shopping in fairy world, and seemed to use magic that made the whole house glow.

Timmy chuckled, and left his roomate.

He laughed now, but little did he know, his date was headed for disaster.

msinvaderzim: Meanwhile....
Zim was so happy because he had his first date with a human.
Zim: I can`t wait until Izzey gets here. I can picture us now: On Irk. The Tallests marrying us. Our first kiss in front of all the Invaders. Her beauty in the official Irken wedding dress. It will be great. It will be;
Gir: It`s gonna be preeeetttyyyyyyyyy!!
Zim: Gir! Get out of here!! I`m getting ready for my date!
Gir gives Zim a cheesy hug.
Literally. A cheesy hug.
Zim: Gir! U know what happened to me last time I had cheese! Oh. Oh no!!!!!!!!
Zim had a pimple bigger than Postulio.
Gir: I`m sorry master.
Zim: What will I do!!!
I ring the doorbell of his room.
I was wearing the following outfit:
A Black shirt covering only what was needed
A red suuuper short skirt
Long long fashion boots.
No bra(U could c my nipples through the shirt )
Zim: One second Izzey!
I wait for only a moment, then bust through the door!
I see Zim with the pimple, and he looks very embarassed.
Me: Zim, are you embarassed??
Zim: Me? Embarassed? Why?
Long, awkward pause.
Zim: Okay, I`m embarassed.
Me: Zim, I don`t care if you have a pimple!! I`ll love you no matter what.
We make-out for a few minutes

tommy_baby: Later, in the best resturant in Cartoon City (Also known as the Krusty Krab), Timmy waited for Trixie. She finally got there.

"So, he he, um...what do you like?"

"Empty Bus Seat, I'm only doing this to make Tad jealous!" said Trixie, evilly.


Squidward was not having a good day. No job, no pay and no hygine. He had to ask Spongebob to do his dry cleaning these days!

Squidward knocked on Spongebob's door.

"Spongebob, I'd like my dry cleaning..."

Squidward heard a smashing sound, and tons of bricks fell on him.

"Never mind...ow,"

Cartoon City Police were out that night. A HUGE creature had hit the streets. It was a cross between a cat and a dog, and huge (and hairy).

The thing had a very special thing on it's sights...

"He he, so you don't like me..." asked Timmy.

"Not at all," said Trixie.


Which was when the roof fell off.

"NOT THE ROOF!" yelled Mr Krabs, "That costs money!"

"Your ruining my date!" yelled Zim.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Trixie, running.

"And I try to eat out!" yelled Dag...

A brick fell on him!

All through the night, the police were out. Building's were demolished.

By next morning, Cartoon City was a mess...and everyone blamed Zim.

"It wasn't me! I inflict more pain and doom then that!" he yelled at the interviewers, before disintergrating them, "That thing ruined my date!

"What the!"

Timmy, tired and Dusty, had walked back to room 214 to find it in ruins. Spongebob lay on his back, groaning.

"Spongebob, what the heck happened?" asked Timmy.

"Oh, there were pretty lights..." said Spongebob dizzily.

The next night, Timmy and Spongebob had to sleep with other Nicktoons. Timmy, who saw his fishbowl unharmed and safe, wished himself into a goldfish to sleep with his godparents, and Spongebob slept with Squidward and Patrick.

Deep in the E-Lab, the Nickentest was giving evil weaponary to a well-known Irken...for 40 dollars.

tommy_baby: That night, another rampage of the monster took place. It destroyed a very bizzare place (Nickhouse outdoor bathroom), leading to suspicions that the monster came from the Nickhouse.

Timmy, Chester and AJ watched Cartoon City news. The reporter was talking about the monster.

"The monster, called a Scrat by the local newspaper, has terrorised all of Cartoon City. It is seemingly centred at Nickhouse. We now go to the manager, tommy_baby."

The screen changed to outside the Nickhouse. I was surrounded by journalists.

"I'm telling you," I said, "My tenants would not have the room to unleash such a monster!"

AJ switched off the TV.

"Chester, give me the phone. I have an idea!"

tommy_baby: Minates later, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Chester, AJ, Spongebob, Sandy and Patrick were in Room 214 (or what was left of it).

"This 'Scrat' always comes out at night, right?" said AJ.

"Duh, we already know that!" said Timmy.

"And in the morning, there is no trace of it's physical shape?"

"Duuuuh," said Patrick, confused.

"That means his body, Patrick," Sandy explained.

"What's a body?" asked Patrick.

"So may I suggest that our a WERE-SCRAT!"

"Cool!" yelled Cosmo.

"No, it's not cool!" yelled AJ.

Suddenly, the door burst open, and in walked...

"SLOAN BLACKBURN?!?" yelled everyone.

(For those who don't know, that's the poacher from the WT movie)

"I though you were doing time over in Africa!" exclaimed AJ.

"Very, very bad prisons," Sloan explained.

"What do y'all want?" yelled Sandy.

"The Scrat."

Later that evening, when the sun was just dipping down over the horison, and Cartoon City residents were running for thier bomb shelters for obvious reasons, Timmy walked to Room 214, where Spongebob had been waiting for night.

"Hey Spongebob," said Timmy.

"Hey Timmy," said Spongebob, sitting on the remains of his bedroom.

"You coming tonight?" asked Timmy, "We're going to lure the Scrat away from Sloan."

"What does the Scrat eat?" asked Spongebob, conjuring a cunning plan.

"Buildings...and trees...and bridges...and cars..." Timmy explained.

"Great!" said Spongebob, standing up, doing his laugh, and running out the window.

"HEY WAIT!" yelled Timmy, "Zim's after him too! And he's even more dangourous then Sloan!"

Timmy looked left at the remains of Spongebob's bedroom.

That's odd, he thought, I didn't know Spongebob owned wreaked cars. An that looks like part of Crockers room...but Spongebob dosen't own this stuff...wait a second...

Timmy let out a yell.


Underground, in the E-Lab, Zim had both Sloan and the Nickentest tied to the ceiling. Content, he and GIR left.

tommy_baby: Timmy ran up to Spongebob, who was walking confidently onto Idiot Street. He and the rest of thier friends now knew who the Scrat was.


"Hey Spongebob, there's a patty party in the E-Lab," said Timmy, hopefully.

"The E-Lab?"

"Uh...yeah!" excalimed Timmy.

"Sorry Timmy," Spongebob replied, "I've got to use my plan to save Nickhouse and Cartoon City!"

"Your plan?" questioned AJ.

"Line up all the cars in the mall parking lot!" explained Spongebob.

And then the moon appeared.

Spongebob shook. Fur grew all over his absorbant body. The kids stepped back.

Spongebob began to grow. He grew ears like a dog, and claws like a cat. The rest was un-cannily un-animal like. His square-shape became more like that of a circle, and his eyes turned black. Eyes on a new head.

The hidous green creature that was once Spongebob headed in the direction of Cartoon Mall.

And there was nothing the kids could do.

Next morning, the manager had to leave on an inquiry in New York. The word inquiry was used instead of 'coart case to keep Nickhouse open and deny claims that the Scrat came from Nickhouse'.

The new Co-Manager, Kimi Spector, took over.

Zim looked at security footage from Nickhouse Gate. It couldn't be Spongebob?

It was.

"GIR!" Zim yelled, "Get me that really big laser...thingy!"

GIR brought a taco instead. Zim yelled at him, and GIR went back to get it.

"Izzey," he said to himself, dreamily.

That night came the emmy celebration. Guests of honour toi present the awards were many celebraties and Kimi S. Kimi Finster was also giving emmies.

Timmy sat in the crowd, ready with AJ's de-transfigure gun. It should be easy, when Spongebob came on, shoot him with it. Zim couldn't mess this up, right?

"And next up," said the emmy director, "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!"

The Spongebob theme song played, and the sponge himself moved on.

Timmy was suddenly knocked, and AJ's gun shattered to peices.

It was Zim.

And then the moon appeared.

I'll write more later!
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