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[RP] When Reggie played rugby

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:40 am    Post subject: [RP] When Reggie played rugby Reply with quote

Remember when a brand new episode took us all by surprise in October 2002? Without any advertising to boot. Nick Carosella, aka MASTERNC, struggled to actually watch the episode.

And one of the stories was half of Trent's entire output. You know, Trent, the guy K-C wouldn't include more.


dacp3: I saw an episode I had never seen today. Part 1: Reggie wants to play Rugby. Part 2: Ocean Stores has a snow storm.

Was this a new episode, or was it an old one I hadn't seen before?

shortysboardr13: it's new!!! IM SO HAPPY


MASTERNC: I only got to see the last 5 minutes of the new episode. I had no idea they were doing that.Triste

I really wanted to see the part about the rugby.:crying:

shortysboardr13: The rugby one wasnt anything, it was mostly about Reggie feeling rejected for being a girl (like powergirl surfers). I hate those type of episodes:mad:
anyone else think Reggie looks REALLY bad with her hair up?

oh yeah, and Reggie was on Twister's shoulders when she got lifted up in the end :happy:

MASTERNC: Her hair was up? As tied back?

Also, was Reggie still going nuts over Trent? If so, I think I see a pattern in these episodes. She goes bananas for Trent but then does something with one of the other boys. It gets really confusing when trying to figure out her crush.

shortysboardr13: Yes, her hair was in a pony tail.

Reggie seemed mad at Trent that he didn't pick her to play rugby, but I wasn't really playing full attention.

MASTERNC: Reggie with a ponytail? Now that I have to see. Rire

KT Kore: It would be nice if they would -- I don't know...ADVERTISE! :rolleyes:


shortysboardr13: Reggie with her hair up.

MASTERNC: She looks different with her hair tied back, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Sort of adds some variety to her normal look. :smile2:

MASTERNC: I just realized that this coming month, November, is what they call a "sweep" month. During several months of the year, TV networks usually put on suspenseful and action-packed episodes of their shows or premiere movies in order to raise their ratings.

"Sweeps" occur in February, May, July, and November. The sweep in February 2002 brought "Race Across New Zealand" as well as two new RP episodes. The May sweep also brought a new RP episode on a Saturday morning. Hopefully, Nick will be smart this "sweep" and will air a new RP episode or two next month. :thumb:

I also bet the new movie, "Reggie's Big (Beach) Break" will show during a sweep, so I would expect it to air next May. :smile2:

MetalSmasher86: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

MASTERNC: I tried recording the episode because TV Guide said it would be on this morning at 7:30. I used the VCR Plus code from TV Guide, which inputed the correct time. Thanks to Nick's fickle schedules, I recorded "Hey Arnold!" instead of RP. :crying:

I am having terrible luck with this episode.

BubbleyMoose: Yes, Hey Arnold comes on at 6:30c, and Rocket Power comes on at 7am central... just swap the two around. However, the Rocket Power episode this morning was Twister's Cuz and Big Thursday (again, sigh)

MASTERNC: That's so like Nick. Switching the times of their shows without telling TV Guide. Mad

MASTERNC: The same thing happened to me today. I turned on Nick only to see the last 3 minutes of this episode. I am having terrible luck. I saw nothing about it on TV Guide.Mad

rpec: Errrr... Nickelodeon is a (cough) RHIP-HOFF!. There changing the schedule again Monday the 6th... ERRR! There putting the Morning upick on again!, and Fairly OddParents (No Offense... I freakin hate that show!) AND TAOJN! (I hate that show 2)

(TAOJN = Jimmy Neutron)

MASTERNC: Finally. I was able to successfully record this episode. :biggrin:

I cracked up when I saw Reggie's method of dealing with "boy problems" by destroying the trash can with her fast-moving hockey slapshot. If she ever gets a real boyfriend down the line, he better watch what he says. :rotflmao:

TWISTERxREGGIE: I just hope that Reggie ends up with Twister and not Trent...but there will be an episode called, "Reggie's Little Problem" that might shead some light on who she actually likes....hopefully Twister Bravo

(Remember "Reggie's Little Problem", the ep that turned out to be just a major rumor?)

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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