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[RP] My random RP thoughts

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:42 am    Post subject: [RP] My random RP thoughts Reply with quote

This was among the first posts I'd ever made to the RP board back in Sept. 03. Read it, with substituted coloring for spoiler boxes.

SpiderBraids: First, why is it that the writers never seem to have Reggie be better than the males on the show (even tho her character is all about female empowerment)? Cases in point are below:

Big Air Dare: After 3 (!) consecutive ties with her brother Otto in various contests, a run-off the following day on the slopes sees Otto win... but only because she's not stupid enough to risk breaking her leg like Otto does.
Race Across NZ: In races 2 and 4 (dirtboarding and snowboarding), she ties with Theo (and IMO she should have just carried herself to a win in race 3, windsurfing, regardless of father's attention to Otto... see below), and overall she ties with Otto (only because Theo cheated in the snowboarding race by taking a shortcut).

Second, speaking of Reggie, people seem to like her more than Otto, and also seem to think better of eps about her than eps about him. That should say something.

Just about the only bad decisions Reggie has ever made:
* pulling out of the junior triathlon (I mean, it's a competition she's been training all year for vs. getting grounded... who in their right mind would waste all that training?)
* jumping off the windsurfing board (see below)

Third, thoughts about RANZ:

* Here's a double dose of unrealism:

(setting: windsurfing... Reggie has just overtaken Theodore (!) heading around the last buoy)
Tito: Hey bruddah, look! Check out Reg! She's in the lead!
Raymundo: Come on, Otto! You can still do it!
Reggie: Unbelievable! Maybe this will get Raymundo's attention. (stops out in the middle of the race and jumps into the ocean)
(The result of all this: Otto runs into Reggie's board, giving Theodore the win, while Reggie finishes last... and Otto calling Twister a mug (meaning "shoobie", or "dork"))

OK, let's analyze what's wrong:
- I know the whole plot at this point is meant to hinge on Ray rooting for Otto no matter what. But if someone else besides your personal fave on your own team (esp. if that person was your own offspring as well) was leading outright in an individual race, it's all the more reasonable to cheer on the person in the lead... am I right people? Reggie's right indeed, this is unbelievable.
- Even if Ray was still cheering Otto anyway, the least Reg could do to get his attention would be to, I dunno, win the race (I mean, she was in the lead). IRL, this is how rising tennis star Srichaphan (FYI, the 2003 TD Waterhouse Cup champion) got noticed: by coming right out of nowhere (Thailand, to be more precise) and beating some tough competition. (He's beaten Agassi and Lleyton, for instance.)

* So Theo is being told to take the illegal shortcut. If Theo doesn't want to take it, why not just pull a Helga Pataki and take the right path anyway? (If you don't understand: Helga Pataki saw her dad pay off Arnold to lose in a spelling bee. She then later clearly deliberately missed on her turn when it came down to just her and Arnold.)

MASTERNC: Good questions. :smile2:

As for Reggie not being better than the guys, there may be some reasons for the examples you gave. Obviously, Reggie didn't want to get hurt doing the snowboard jump and backing out shows that her intelligence and reason still control her competitive spirit. Better to lose than have a broken leg.

I think they made Otto & Reggie tie in RANZ so that both Rockets would win, continuing the family tradition (since Ray was declared the winner after Chester McGill admitted cheating).

I guess the guilt got to Reggie in the triathalon race and she figured she couldn't win with that on her mind. I know it's a waste of training, but what good is training if you're not emotionally ready to compete?

As far as the whole windsurfing race, Reggie should have kept going. However, her anger against her dad for playing favorites caused her to act rashly. It happens to all of us at one point. It was an angry attempt to try to get attention. Ray should have been watching both but I think his desire for revenge clouded his judgement, making him forget that his daughter was also in the competition.

Mike2000: Good thinking, MasterNC!! Bravo

I too believe that Reg is an excellent sports lady, and she could actually beat Otto; because she is older, taller, stronger, more intelligent... you name it. The fact is, she is also a LOT more mature than her brother, and this makes her more conscious of the consequences of Otto's recklessness and thus prevents her from acting irresponsibly.

But Otto can, and has, come to her nerves more than once, and then the ensuing competition has been too tight and none of the siblings has managed to actually defeat the other. Remember the big air jump, for example. It was only when Reg realized they could get hurt that she abandoned the competition, avoiding a certain injury. Otto didn't recognize this danger and we all know the consequences: six weeks with a cast for a thrice-broken leg.

Lastly, Reg is the intellectual member of her family. She is the mature, hard-thinking, creative and enterpreneural kind of girl we all have encountered in our lifes at least once, and these qualities can certainly give her a better chance at success. So I don't see why she should compete with Otto, if it is not for teaching her baby brother a lesson.

See ya!

SpiderBraids: I know it's a waste of training, but what good is training if you're not emotionally ready to compete?

Well, get over it I say. It's only a bunch of chocolate syrup!

Meanwhile, here's another thought:
OK, if you're going to go through all the trouble to get NHL stars to cameo in your sports-based show, the least you could do is get them to play with the main characters (think the Tony Hawk cameo). However, the machinations of the plot prevent this from happening... go figure.
BTW... this is nominated as biggest disappointment at my Nicktoon Rewards thing.

(Yes, I obsessed about the disappointment of "Power Play" even then.)

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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