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[RP] Power Play: surprise! (And a bonus)

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:36 am    Post subject: [RP] Power Play: surprise! (And a bonus) Reply with quote

Previously, I posted about how fans reacted in disappointment to the team loss in "Power Play", especially that it deprived them of a "gimme" moment: Brodeur and co. playing the Rockets.

Obviously, since we weren't used to seeing the team lose, it had to be surprising to your average fan. Although, I had a hard time getting one fan to understand what I had meant. From about the same era as the "Disappointment" thread, here we go!


SpiderBraids: You may remember (you probably do) my poll asking whether the fact that after all that hype, the Rocket gang didn't get to play NHL pros in an "official" game was a disappointment.

To my surprise, 3 of the 6 votes said it wasn't a disappointment (and this is coming from the same people who think Trent should have been used more). And that's exactly the topic, surprise. I would expect that the whole "not getting to play the pros" thing at least surprised you, so I'm asking if that's the case.

ottoman21 (Aaron): It wasn't a disappointment at all, because they did get to play with them, just not officially though.

(Aaron still doesn't get the point: We expected the official game, and all we got was a feckin' scrum.)

Mike2000: (Twister voice) Yeah, what Aaron said (/Twister voice)

SpiderBraids: Note that I didn't say "disappointment". I asked whether you saw it as a surprise. I mean, you were probably expecting them to play officially, weren't you?

Mike2000: Not really. The only thing I expect from this (and any) cartoon is to bring entertainment to me and my kid. If they did play or not with the NHL stars is not that relevant to me, because the plot was not about that anyway. It was about how they changed their strategy in an attempt to win, so they could play with the stars.

Besides, they did play with the pros in the end; in fact, it was the NHL stars the ones who asked the kids to play with them. "We're looking forward to play against Sam 'Stonewall' Dullard". I really liked that part.

ottoman21: It was a decent episode, but not top 10.

(Aaron's clearly still not getting the point)

SpiderBraids: Probably would have been top 10 tho (or closer to it anyhow) if they'd been playing in the official game, right?

Anyhow, I'm not sure if you're getting my point or not: when what would have the game-tying shot was disallowed, were you surprised? Emphasis on surprise, and not disappointment. And mentioning your initial reaction would be welcome as well.

(Here, I was going for the, "If it doesn't count, they don't play the pros, but since that can't not happen, of course it's gonna count. ... Huh, it doesn't?" angle here. Of course, Mike misinterpreted it, as you'll see later...)

SSJ_Jup81: I wasn't too surprised at all that they didn't "officially" play them since they did replace Sam with Lars and even before the game, they put a lot of emphasis on the other team being really good.

Let's see, they got rid of one of their major strengths and replaced him by a guy who's used of being in charge and is a bit stubborn to listen to reason.

Nope, wasn't surprised at all. *Shakes head*

(IMO... in real life, maybe not so. But in an episode where the "gimme" moment everyone expects doesn't happen, definitely surprising. So, not getting it.)

Mike2000: when what would have the game-tying shot was disallowed, were you surprised?

I think I can see your point. The puck was in the air when the referee announced the end of the game, all right, but it entered the net after that announcement, so, no, I was not surprised when it was not recognized as a goal. The game had officialy ended, and thus that last shot was an uncompleted play. Had it been aknowledged, the opponent team might have argued back with this reasoning, and that last point would have been cancelled. After all, I insist, the referee had already signaled the end of the match when the puck entered the net.

This reminds me of many similar situations I've seen in other games, like Soccer or even Basketball. That's one of the reasons why a referee is always present at a game; his job is not only to make sure everyone plays by the rules, but also to decide on ambiguous situations and try, to the best of his judgement, to apply the rules with justice. Of course, many times the public disagrees with the decissions the referee makes, but once again, we must remember that he is on the field and has a very different perspective of the game than, say, the guy seating behind the goal.

In my opinion, this seems to be what Sam and the kids think too. After the game ends, Sam takes off his mask and skates towards Otto, humbly apologizing to him for not passing the puck earlier and blaming himself for the defeat. I think this illustrates clearly my point: had Sam passed the puck immediately, instead of looking at the clock for a couple of seconds, the play might have been completed before the referee signaled the end of the game, and thus the score had been tied.

Hope it makes sense.

(Question: does Sam's humility count for his point if it's unfounded? Let's see if the answer's somewhere. Meanwhile, I had to correct Mike again. This time, I got the point straight...)

SpiderBraids: You're still missing the point, Mike. I didn't mean "was it surprising that the final goal was disallowed?" More like "was it surprising that they actually lost for once? Especially with a chance to play the pros on the line?" I hope this clarifies things.

Mike2000: (Twister voice) Oh! I get it!! (/Twister voice) :tongue: Rire

Good point. It is not common to see them lose at anything, at least not when they play as a team. But then again, it was not their usual team the one that played that game, and that definitely changes many things: their strategy, the way they communicate with each other, the way they react under pressure, etc.

Remember that there were two wanna-be leaders there: Otto (team's captain) and Lars (substitute goalie). And one of them (Lars) was not precisely a team player.

Considering all this, what is really surprising, in my opinion, is not that they lost the game; it's the fact that they lost by only one point.

(Not EXACTLY the angle I was going for... Everyone expects "gimme" moment, "gimme" moment can no longer happen. Surprise?
And Mike: a one-point loss is still a loss, bucko. And a loss that deprives us of the "gimme" moment.)

aurora_rose: eh. i guess it was somewhat surprising.

SpiderBraids: Apologies for bumping this, but... I see that the results read 1 Yes, 2 No, 1 Maybe. However, the results are probably a bit inaccurate since some of you probably thought I was re-asking whether you thought it was a disappointment, and Mike had a little confusion over what I meant. This is the question I meant: "Did the fact that the gang lost the game that would have given its winner a chance to play a team of actual NHL stars surprise you?" As it were, I might have to re-ask that question someday to get a more, ahem, accurate picture...

(Now, to get down to the question that was raised by Mike's comment. Does Sam blaming himself count to his "he didn't pass the puck in time to score the game-tying goal" point, if he needn't have blamed himself?)

And Mike: In my opinion, this seems to be what Sam and the kids think too. After the game ends, Sam takes off his mask and skates towards Otto, humbly apologizing to him for not passing the puck earlier and blaming himself for the defeat.

Actually, don't they all end up blaming themselves that they put Lars in for the first half or so of the game instead of using the goalie they'd been familiar with?

SSJ_Jup81: Yeah, Sam blamed himself first, his not getting the puck to Otto faster, then Otto, Reggie, and Twister blamed themselves for not starting off with Sam to begin with and apologized.

Mike2000: Maybe there's a morale in this ep too. Come to think of it, the kids lost the game because they didn't trust their goalie and changed him in the last moment for another person. But Sam, instead of getting mad at them, did all he could to help his team, no matter if Lars didn't pay attention to him.

In my opinion, the morale is the value of friendship and team work. Even with Lars playing with the kids, if he had listened to Sam's advice, they might have won the game.

And no, it wasn't surprising to me that they lost the game; what surprised me was that they lost it by only one point, given the circumstances.


(Given their circumstances, i.e. "4 goal deficit + major hustle = 1 point loss" Mike might be right. Given OUR circumstances, i.e. "loss = no gimme moment", I might be right. And now, we head off on a tangent.)

SpiderBraids: Not really related, but right now, I'm mulling a song parody of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name", based on this ep:

My jaw hit the ground, / My friend's did the same, / The RP gang lost a big game!

When I'm done, will probably post it on the board.

Mike2000: (Sings) Shot through the heart, and you're to blame; you give love a bad name. (Stops singing)

That's a very good song! I really like Bon Jovy!!

How about "It's my life" for another song parody??

"This ain't a song for the broken-hearted;
No silent prayer for the faith-departed;
Ain't gonna be just a skater in the park,
you're gonna hear my voice when I shred that half pipe.

It's my life, and it's now or never;
Ain't gonna live forever.
I just want to live while I'm a live (It's my life)
My heart is like an open highway,
Like Tito said 'Aloha, cuzzin'
I just want to live while I'm alive
It's my life"

SpiderBraids: OK, here's my song parody. Based of course on "You Give Love A Bad Name", and based on the premise that there will probably be someone out there who was expecting the RP gang to play the pros in the exhibition game and was simply flabbergasted that they didn't. Anyhow, tell me what you think of it.


My jaw hit the ground, my friend's did the same,
The home team lost their big game

"If they don't score, then they can't win,"
From Brodeur's advice, Otto put that big guy Lars in
They thought they'd win, and play the pros for sure,
But before you knew it, they were down zip-four

(*) Woah, Bluffs had loaded guns, yeah
Woah, they had 'em on the run
Sooner or later, the damage was done

(**) My jaw hit the ground, my friend's did the same,
The home team lost their big game
That scrum in their 'hood, was just not the same
The home team lost their big game

The home team lost... their big game

Sam was soon back in, and they put up three
The Rockets were smelling a win in OT
At the horn, Twist put in a long shot
Did it count for something? No, sadly, it did not



The home team lost...


(repeat ** until fade)

SpiderBraids: Call me obsessive , but I wrote another piece on the game. I'm trying to imitate the style of Bullrose's "Otto's Life" series of articles, but with my own twist (pardon the pun). I've just sent a "rough draft" (sort of) of my article to Bullrose by email, and here it is, tweaked somewhat:


The NHL Breakout Tournament Final: Sam's finest hour... well, it should have been anyway

The RP gang had been dominating various extreme sports for a while, even bringing home the gold (in more ways than one) from New Zealand. Another challenge lay ahead of them: the finals of The NHL Breakout Tournament, the winner of whom would get to play Luc Robataille, Jeremy Broderick, and Martin Brodeur in an exhibition game.

Problem was, their opponents, Ocean Bluffs, were not only a good team ("Really, really good" -- Otto), they were also much bigger. The team came up with the supposedly brilliant idea of putting the big and aggressive Lars, whose team they'd just beaten in the semis, on the team as their goalie as, like Brodeur had said in an earlier meeting with them, "they can't win if they can't score". Sam was fine with the idea, even if it meant giving up his regular goalkeeping position.

On the day of the final, Sam was at an unusual position: sitting on the bench, playing with his laptop. Meanwhile, Ocean Bluffs was getting Lars lit up in goal, and Ocean Shores soon found themselves with a 4 goal deficit with just under 13 minutes to play. So much for their brilliant idea.

"Are you nuts?! You're going to put Squid in the net? You must be joking!" -- Lars, as Sam was being reinstated in goal. But that was what got them into the final, and they weren't about to go down without a fight. A myriad of blocks by Sam, two goals from Reggie and one goal from Twister later, they had cut down the deficit to just one with only 12 seconds to go. They were smelling overtime. "I know what overtime is, bruddah" -- Tito, as the deficit was reduced to one.

The final seconds ticked by with lots of incident. Sam blocking a shot, Twister putting in a long distance score, and the final buzzer sounding. Unfortunately, not in that exact order. The home crowd was devastated as Ocean Bluffs hung on for the win, spoiling not only Sam's finest hour, but also the gang's hopes of playing the pros. The gang found themselves at blame for their own defeat.

The day after. Their neighborhood. The gang were scrumming in their cul-de-sac when, much to the gang's surprise, Robataille, Broderick, and Brodeur showed up and wanted to play a quick game with them. "Most of all, I wanted a chance to play against the one and only Sam 'Stonewall' Dullard" -- Brodeur, on why they stopped by. And that's what they did.

"What a comeback! One of the best I've ever seen." -- Broderick, on the game... never mind that Ocean Shores ended up on the losing end.


Tell me what you think, and don't forget to review my song parody, okay?

Mike2000: That's a very good episode synopsis. Clear and concise. I like it!! Bravo

SpiderBraids: Never meant it to be an ep synopsis, more like a chapter in "Squid's Life" or something like it. Right now, I'm posting a Reggie-oriented "summary" (if you will) of RANZ.


And for completeness, here's that Reggie "summary", as a bonus.


The Junior Waikikamukau Games: Girls can play, too

The gang has been around for sometime, dominating competitions in various extreme sports. But the challenge that lies ahead of them in New Zealand is nothing compared to what they've had before. Especially for Reggie.

By running a food delivery service out of the Shore Shack, the gang had collected enough money to enter The Junior Waikikamukau Games in New Zealand. "It's this really cool race where six teams compete in four different extreme sports races and the fastest team wins" -- Reggie, describing the race. Otto, however, had his sights set on winning the Prince Waikikamukau title, for the fastest person. "Or Princess Waikikamukau" -- it was already apparent that Reggie was fancying her chances as well.

Ray recounted how he lost to rival Chester McGill in the very first race before they had a junior division, and he was confident that Chester, who took left at The Flat Stick Fork while Ray took the right, cheated in the downhill ski race that decided it all.

As it happened, Chester's son Theodore was among the competitors: "Rumor has it, Theodore's the favorite to win Prince Waikikamukau" -- And Chester was pretty sure that his kid would beat Otto, just as he beat him some years back. It would be clear that Ray would soon make it Otto's personal mission to win the title, just to get back at Chester.

"We got an 'ehara tonga' for you" -- Race location coordinator Tatupu introduced the first race, with a surprise. They weren't going to just bike around the mountains, as first, they'd have to "zorb" down a hill first. Zorbing was fairly new to the gang, and Twister likened the experience to "beefing without beefing", whatever that meant. In the biking portion, Otto took a huge gamble by not slowing down at the Hapu Hairpin, and the gamble paid off, as he took the first race.

The following day, much to Reggie's annoyance, Twister and Sam wouldn't shut up about Otto's race winning turn, while they were headed to the second race: a combination of black-water tubing and dirtboarding. "Black-water tubing", in this case, meant sitting on inner tubes while navigating the caves of Waitomo. Sam's brilliant idea of going into the rapids proved very brilliant indeed as they came out of the caves in the lead, and after placing their tubes on top of totems, they headed into the dirtboarding portion.

And it was during the dirtboarding portion that things started to get out of hand for Reggie. Otto was in the lead, until he lost one of the wheels on his board, and so asked Reggie for hers. "Look, despite what Dad may think, you're not the only person in this race who can win it" -- With that, Reggie wouldn't lend the board to him. Instead, she went after Theodore, and at the line, she tied for first place with him. As Sam and Twist were congratulating her though, Otto, who had to borrow Sam's board instead, was displeased to say the least.

"What is the deal?! I tied for first and all Raymundo cares about is Otto's wheel! Hello! Did I suddenly become invisible?!" -- Reggie, after the race. And she had good reason to complain: Ray was also displeased by Otto's performance, and had no interest whatsoever in Reggie's result, nor the fact that Otto's performance was all down to a missing axle bolt.

"Look, Otto's just bummed because he fell behind. I think it's good to get a little behind. Make him work harder, you know?" -- Ray, to Reggie while they were both watching the "haka", a Maori native dance, later that night. That pretty much summed up how Otto was feeling, but it was all too clear that Ray had no idea what Reggie was going through.

The following day was the third race: windsurfing. Once again, Otto raced out to a quick lead, but once again, Otto ran into another mishap. In this case, when he sailed wide at the next-to-last buoy, he ended up running into a sandbar. It was clearly down to just Reggie and Theodore, and Reggie muscled her way into a lead at the last buoy... a lead that anyone in their right mind would have gone all out to retain.

"Come on, Otto! You can still do it!" -- Ray was however still cheering for Otto, who had dropped down to at most 3rd place at this point, and Reggie would no doubt have been incredulous. However, her attempt to get Ray's attention seemed even more incredulous: instead of attempting to win the race, she decided to deliberately torpedo both her own chances of winning and Otto's by jumping off her board and blocking Otto's, angering Otto to no end and giving him an excuse to blame everyone for the defeat. "Since when do you care about the team?" -- After her last-place finish, Reggie took quite an angry pot-shot at Ray's constant cheering for Otto and retired to her room for the night.

"I heard you get up. Race doesn't start for a few hours" -- Later that night, as she was sitting on a log, when Ray came along, and apologized to a teary-eyed Reggie for using Otto to win the race and get back at Chester and playing favorites. The following morning, she apologized not just to Otto but the rest of the team for her attempt to get back at Ray.

"Listen, guys. We're not just another team out here. We're friends. And that's what makes us better" -- Reggie was all too keen on pointing that little detail out to the others, just before they were heading out for the final race: snowboarding. A couple apologies later, they got down to the situation at hand: If Otto won the race, he'd win the title outright, while if Reggie won, she'd tie with Theodore. "As long as the team takes home the win, I'm cool" "Me too" -- What they both now cared for, however, was the team title, and they needed a good combined time.

A quick pep talk later, Otto raced out yet again to another sizable lead. Yet again, however, he suffered another setback, and this time, it wasn't really on him: Twister had suffered a broken knee. But Otto had a title to win, so what was he supposed to do?

"Listen: We've all got to finish and I'm the only one who can bring Twister in. You have to go for the team" -- It was now all up Reggie to make them proud, as Otto was going to drag along dead weight, dead weight who just happened to have confused his left and right. While this was going on, Reggie took the right turn at The Flat Stick Fork, whereas her rival Theodore took the left.

"Where did he come from?" -- As Reggie and Theodore converged on the line, she was surprised to see him ahead of her. After a home-stretch hustle, it was another tie for first, handing the individual title to Theodore. However, her team's performance was enough to give them the team title. But the strangest was still to come...

Awards ceremony. The team was accepting their ribbons, and Theodore was accepting his title... except that he wasn't accepting it. Instead, he came clean about taking a shortcut by taking the left at The Flat Stick Fork. "Theodore, what are you doing? That shortcut has been in our family since I took it in the first Waikikamukau and I..." -- As Theodore was awarding the title to its rightful owner, or rather rightful owners Reggie and Otto, Tatupu was stripping Chester's title and awarding it to Ray.

"Go prince! Go princess! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Woogie woogie woogie woogie!" -- It may have been only a tie, but for Reggie, this was literally a moment of crowning glory, as Otto gave her the title crown he had coveted so much.

"Sure am going to miss the land of the long white cloud" -- Sam, upon returning home.

OK, tell me what you think of it.


Well, no one did reply then...

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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