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[RP] From the old board: A Chance RP will return

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:59 am    Post subject: [RP] From the old board: A Chance RP will return Reply with quote

Another thread from the last days of BBBoard. This here was posted by a RP fan who truly believed that she could get Nick to do a Reggie-centered RP spinoff. (I'll post that thread later.)


Well, since how I thought of "Reggie" coming to Nick in 2007, well I was thinking maybe since RP was canceled last year, there is a chance that it will come back with new episodes in 2007 as well. You never know. "Rugrats" was canceled in '94-'96, but came back in '97. They do that with canceled shows sometimes. I am not what you think, Mike2000. Why can't you be positive like Aaron and MASTERNC. I just can't imagine what Chris (MAXRP) would think. He'd be mean, supposedly.

The reason for Rugrats coming back, was due to how popular it became during that hiatus when all they showed were reruns, and also, at the time, there weren't too many other Nicktoons, unlike now. Back then, during that hiatus, I'd say it was about five or six of them in all (Doug; Rugrats; Ren & Stimpy; Rocko; Ahh Real Monsters!; Hey Arnold [Maybe; you did mention '96]). Rugrats also was still shown in its same time slot during the hiatus (Sunday morns at 10:30 EST). In other words, the show was never taken off.

Unfortunately, Rocket Power, like other KC shows, have been shafted aside, or is not shown (WTB; ATBG) or not as much (original Rugrats, ironically). That's the main difference between Rugrats and Rocket Power when it comes to reg Nick.

In other words, it's kind of difficult to find a fandom or even gain a new one, when the show is rarely shown anymore.

I'm all for it bringing it back and having newer eps, but with the way it is now...I'm not too sure. I'm hopeful for it, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Triste

Oh, I am positive, Kangaroogirl. But I am also realistic. But please don't get me wrong; I would also like to see more episodes for Rocket Power - believe it or not, I haven't even seen those newer, post-marriage eps, or the one when they get lost in the mountain (or was it in the forest?) and Twister rescued them by using what he learnt in that kiddie TV show.

I confess I haven't watched RP regularly lately, mainly because of my current work schedule; but if I knew there were going to be new episodes, I would be more than happy to record them. Sourire

Peace! :thumb:

Thank you so much for being nice now. Some shows do come back after cancellation. Look at "Family Guy".

You're welcome, Kangaroogirl. :thumb: Glad things are back under control.

Well, one thing is for sure. Even if they don't make any new eps for the show, there is always a chance for us, fans, to make our own stories and fanfictions, don't you think? And who knows? The show might well continue eventually, like you say. One of the things Nickelodeon and K-C seem to do with the shows is never preparing a definite ending to them, thus leaving the doors open in case they ever consider continuing the story.

Hum... I've said this before, but some of the things I would really like to see if the show continued, are:

1) Paula and Tito getting married, and Sam becoming a tad less frail and fearful.

2) Ray and Noelani having a baby!! Can you imagine Otto as a big brother? XD

3) More eps dealing with the other characters: Conroy, Breezy, Trent, McKenzie, Lizzie, this girl from the new eps (Carla?)... anyway, the rest of the gang.

4) More focus on Reggie. I mean, she is the only girl in the group, I think it would be fair for her to have a chance to actually spend more time with her friends.


Hum... Just as an afterthought, and as a mere exercise in creative thinking. If the show continued, would the characters still have the same ages? If so, who would / could be their voice actors?? I mean, Otto, Twister and Sam's VAs have grown up since the last eps were produced, and something tells me their voices would hardly suit a preteen kid anymore... XD

So, who are your candidates?

Well, I had that same thought. I was thinking the voice actors for the boys could be the same ones I have for "Reggie":

Otto: E.G. Daily
Twister: Nancy Cartwright
Sam: Catherine Cavadini

I agree. Down here, in the dubbed version of the show, all the characters are voiced by some very talented young women. I personally like Sam's voice very much; his voice actor is the same girl who dubs Tommy Pickles (both as a baby and in AGU), and has been around since the days of the Dragon Ball saga.

Hum... I'm not quite sure; E.G. Daily is the person who made the voice of Snap in ChalkZone, right? Or was it Rudy??

Some shows do come back after cancellation. Look at "Family Guy".

But, it got popular due to reruns, and as far as I know, the reason it was taken off to begin with was because of parents who felt it was inappropriate. They put the show back on television (reruns) and did DVD sales, and apparently, that's what made the show really popular again.

Unfortunately, Rocket Power is not getting this kind of treatment, just like the other KC shows.

Hum... I'm not quite sure; E.G. Daily is the person who made the voice of Snap in ChalkZone, right? Or was it Rudy??


Oh, yeah. I remember now. Thanks a lot, SpiderBraids!

Heh. I like that idea; Otto would sound cool with that voice. *wonders how Twister would sound like if he was voiced by the other VA from ChalkZone, I think her name is Candy Milo*

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