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[RP] The "The Big Day" review thread

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:11 am    Post subject: [RP] The "The Big Day" review thread Reply with quote

In a nutshell, RP fans were ambivalent on this special from Jul '04. There was no "gimme" moment of the actual ceremony, and Otto was being a general jerk because he wanted to compete at ZGZ, even though Mommi had already scheduled the date for the same day. (I still stand by my belief. He wanted to compete at ZGZ, because he wanted to win the Shaun White trip, and make up for losing the NHL Breakout tournament two years ago. Not because he wasn't willing to accept Noelani. But everyone seems to think that Otto wasn't willing to accept Noelani... Reggie wasn't, but she wasn't the one with the ZGZ gig.)


rpec: What did you think?

MASTERNC: I watched my recording of the movie.

Here's what I liked:

1. The comedy
2. Sam's skills on the skateboard--he is much better than he ever was
3. The bond between Reggie and Noelani--she asked Reggie to be her maid of honor
4. The cameos

What I didn't like:

1. Otto's attitude
2. The wedding--although I liked the theme, they didn't show the ceremony itself
3. No more mentioning about Dani. Reggie said that Noelani is "not my mom and she'll never be my mom" but I think there was more emotion inside that never was released and would have made the movie even better.

I hate to say this, but I didn't expect Nick to show all its cards at once. In other words, this episode featured both Shaun White and Make-a-Wish kid Daniel Stark. Makes me wonder what's next and when. :ohwell:

rpec: I just saw the movie on Nick 2.

I agree completely with MASTERNC.

In other ways though, It wasnt a movie, it was simply a 40 minute episode, they could have easily expanded it.

I didnt like how they cut the episode right after the movie.

I couldnt stand Ottos attitude, and him thinking that ZGZ is much more important than Ray and Noelani's wedding, which is a complete disgrace.

I gave the episode an average of a 7, because they're wasnt anything after the wedding, Ottos bad attitude and the lack of length in this episode.

Knoodelhed: Yeah; what they said. I'm with Nick and Dan on this; this was a story that needed to be told, but there should have been more of it to go around. :tongue:

Another cool thing to see was how the foursome are standing up to Lars. I'd almost say somebody over at K-C had read a certain fic. :biggrin:

The action at ZGZ makes me even more interested in checking out the game. :blob:

I too have a problem with Otto's attitude as written in this story; given the circles in which he's traveled I don't think that a week training with Shaun White would have been big enough of a carrot to induce him to sabotage Ray and Noelani's wedding plans. (But if a two-month-plus surf tour of the South Pacific aboard the Indies Trader were at stake, who knows? :biggrin: )

(Hey, Knoodelhed, remember... this is a kid who lost the NHL Breakout tournament! And what skate-loving kid wouldn't jump at the chance to take a trip with The Flying Tomato? Now, back to your reguarly scheduled retread - SB)

If we remember that it was Raymundo who, without even preinforming Otto and Reggie, volunteered his childrens' help to Mommi and Noelani, the whole attitude issue would be easier to comprehend.

(No spoiler tags here, so I'll make do with changing the text color)

Raymundo seems to have a problem with this sort of behaviour. If he wants to ask, he should ask and give the option of refusal or explanation; if he means to issue an order, he should issue an order. See in particular Otto Mobile, Reggie's Big Beach Break, etc. If this new family doesn't wanna end up on Dr. Phil in two months, some expert help will be needed.

I would have loved to see at least the exchange of vows. If we could have added another cameo, Pastor Joey Buran would have been the perfect padre to tie the knot. Sourire

That's all I can think of for right now. In all, very good but could have been better.

SpiderBraids: 1. Not the first time they showed someone getting married but not the exchange of vows... two words: Chazz, Kira.

2. If it wasn't apparent in the previews that one element of the plot was taken from All Grown Up!, "Runaround Susie" (aired just two weeks ago!), it is now: (More spoilers!)

* "Runaround Susie": Susie Carmichael doesn't want to miss her big chance to become a singer, but does anyway because she's in a linguistics contest.
* "The Big Day": Otto Rocket doesn't want to miss his big chance to train ith Shaun White (by winning an extreme sports competition), but does anyway because of his dad's wedding.

3. Now that we got a re-married Ray, how about we try to get Nick to keep KC (and thus RP) in business (and for that matter, get the 2nd HA! film produced)?

SSJ_Jup81: I had my History Final yesterday (literally, final) and of course, after taking that, coming home to watch RP is cool...too bad I didn't see all of it.

I didn't see it from the beginning, missed the first 15 minutes, so I'm not going to rate it yet, although, I don't think those first 15 minutes will make much of a difference.

This ep was okay, but it just seemed to be missing some things. I personally didn't like the ending of the ep much either since they didn't show things leading up to the wedding. They didn't even randomly mention the winner of the contest (it was probably that really awesome kid that thought Otto was cool...the guest kid).

Instead of making it an extended ep, it should've been a movie, therefore, longer. Maybe if they would've done that, they could've shown Ray actually talking to Reggie about Dani and giving the old, "No one will ever replace your mother," speech and get into more detail on her ala flashback mode. If every other ep can do that when he talks about he and Tito's old days, they could've done that for Dani.

That aside, I did like how they had Reggie feeling. Very realistic with the mixed feelings she had (which proved that she really should've talked to Ray or Noelani over the whole thing about how she truly felt then she wouldn't have blown up - in a manner of speaking - over the subject when speaking with Otto). And Sam, man, he's gotten so good at skateboarding! So, if he's gotten really good at skateboarding, then he probably has gotten very good at surfing.

Mommi, man, she's so...persuasive and manipulative. *Likes part when she threatened to use the paddle* lol

Oh, and poor Ray having to put up with Tito. Tito is one eccentric character at times, don't you think? ^^

Now, the real subject...Otto. What he did was pretty jerky and selfish. I mean, I've always realized his character was a bit selfish at times, but this particular time just took the cake. Although, I think there was more to it since at the end, he even admitted he wasn't too thrilled at the idea of Ray marrying in general.

I think that Otto's sub-conscious was just using ZGZ as a cover for not wanting Ray to marry, but just couldn't admit it since he was so adamant to sabatoge the wedding and have it later. Did I phrase that right? I just feel that his "wanting things the way they were before Ray met Noelani" played a bigger factor than was shown in Otto's wanting to postpone the wedding.

(And I still feel that he wasn't using ZGZ as a cover. He was using ZGZ as the main reason, with "wanting things the way they were before Ray met Noelani" as a side bonus. Yeah, I'll hammer this point if I need to. Hey, did they ever tell who won the contest? - SB)

Oh, here's a quick come Lars seem to get out of going to things? Okay, the Christmas ep, Otto informed Reggie of Twister's being busy with his many cousins and other relatives. Lars, on the other hand, was hanging out with Pi and Sputz and of course met up with Otto and raced.

For this ep, Twister was going to the wedding and I'm assuming, since the Rodriguezes are friends of Raymundo, they would be there too, but it seems that Lars, once again, would get out of going or participating with the family activity, and Mrs. Rodriguez is the type where she tell her boys to do something, they'd do it without argument. Anyone else find that weird?

ottoman21: I agree more with Wendy, Otto is probably handling this worse than Reggie is. This is why I don't like people jumping on Otto when they see him. If someone's mother died, and was going to be replaced, wouldn't someone feel uneasy about it. I don't condone his actions, but I knew in the end that he did the right thing. He does do the right thing, it just takes him a longer time to realize what the right thing is.

ottoman21: I am SO sick and tired of everyone jumping on Otto. If anyone should be jumped on, it's the directors. I know Otto can be a jerk sometime, but come on! I HONESTLY DON'T THINK THAT OTTO WOULD BE SO SELF-CONSUMED THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING TO RUIN AN IMPORTANT DAY! He did do the right thing, didn't he?! Isn't that what counts. I think a lot of people ignore the fact, even though Otto is selfish, he does eventually do the right thing. Like the time he took Sam's skateboard, but fixed it up. Or the time he teased Twister about calling him a chicken, then apologized for that. If Otto was 18 or 19, I'd be less forgiving of him, but since he's only 12, give him a freakin break! Mad I can't believe you guys think all he does is do the wrong thing! Mad Mad Mad
So, stop jumping on him like that! It's a good part of the plot, that Otto is struggling with his self-conscience about having a new mom.

rpec: 3. Now that we got a re-married Ray, how about we try to get Nick to keep KC (and thus RP) in business (and for that matter, get the 2nd HA! film produced)?

Snee-Osh (Craig Barlett) makes HA! not Klasky Csupo

ottoman21: True, but both shows are cool Tire la langue

rpec: (Off-Topic) And its one of the few shows from the mid 90's Nick still shows

(Back on Topic) I thought Joseph Ashtons agent said there was like 20 unaired episodes or something?

SSJ_Jup81: I am SO sick and tired of everyone jumping on Otto. If anyone should be jumped on, it's the directors. I know Otto can be a jerk sometime, but come on! I HONESTLY DON'T THINK THAT OTTO WOULD BE SO SELF-CONSUMED THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING TO RUIN AN IMPORTANT DAY! He did do the right thing, didn't he?! Isn't that what counts.

I think it's the fact that he did something that selfish to begin with, which even Reggie pointed out.

ottoman21: Well, people need to give him more credit, because he does eventually do the right thing.

(Even at the cost of a trip with Shaun frickin' White, people! - SB)

SSJ_Jup81: Yeah, he does eventually do the right thing, but what I think annoys some people about Otto's character is that he is selfish in general. Okay, maybe not, but for this ep, it seemed to be all 100% Otto, ya know? It's just that his selfishness was a bit too extreme (Pun not intended, hopefully - SB) for some of the fans of the show. (I personally found his attempts to get the wedding postponed amusing, especially since Twister and Sam were helping him)

ottoman21: Well, that's not Joseph's fault, is it? Clin d'oeil
MASTERNC: Well, that's not Joseph's fault, is it? Clin d'oeil

Definitely not. Joseph's one cool guy. Even responds to fan e-mails (it takes a while, but that's understandable since he's involved in so much). Bravo

ottoman21: Yeah, I guess that's why Joey doesn't write very long letters! I can't imagine how many emails he gets a day! Probably millions! Tire la langue

TxblueME: Hey can you guys give me his email address?

MASTERNC: [Email address sent via PM]

By the way, did anyone notice the band that the group selected for the wedding? I think it's the same accordion band that Violet Stimpleton hired for Reggie's birthday party and that Tito re-trained in "Happy Luau to You". :smile2:

ottoman21: Yes I did, and looks like they improved their music skills! Rire

TxblueME: lol yep

CDB: Chalk this under another new epis. missed. You know what Otto needs a good ol' fashion, hand to backside re-education. :thumb: But since Ray & Noleini are married, I've prepared that change for my fic. Oh Mike, you have screenshots.

ottoman21: I bet he does have screenshots, CDB! Rire

CDB: I hope.

ottoman21: *is listening to get dancing* Rire Yeah, Mike is da bomb! Sourire

Mike2000: Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but this time I'm in the dark Triste . See, the "big day" hasn't come to us yet :ohwell: ; that's why I've been so quiet about this topic in general. No idea when the movie/ep will air south of the border, and the same goes for "New girl in town" and "aftershocked" :tired: so I guess I will have to wait.

Nevertheless, I will risk my two cents of opinion here: it seems that most (if not all) of you agree that Otto acted quite, say, /jerky/ in this ep. May I suggest a possible explanation?? Remember that, after all, Otto (and for that matter, the rest of the gang) is just entering those difficult teenage years. For what I've read, Otto's behavior sounds to me just like the kind of behavior I could expect to see from a teenager, particularly if he is as competitive and, sometimes, self-centered as our beloved Rocketboy, don't you think?? Clin d'oeil

Mike2000: ... By the way, If I read right, this new movie is quite interesting to me, not because Ray gets married, but because the "Make-a-wish" kid is featured there! (Thanks a lot for the info, Masternc :thumb: )

I would certainly love to see that ep soon; I have personal reasons why I can relate to that kid. Imagine! He could have been Roderick!! I really hope he is doing well now. :thumb:

(Remembers that Miguel once put up a brief clip of Make A Wish Kid's cameo... so obviously, it's aired there by now. Wanna comment now, Miguel? - SB)

catwings (Mara): I thought "The Big Day" was good. My Mom watched it with me. I taped it in the other room (our new TV doesn't have a VCR), while I watched it in the living room. I have taped every episode since season 3 (the season Trent showed up), but I have missed a few of season 4, which I intend to get when Leah, my sister, goes back to the UW. Only two weeks and she's gone!

I feel for the two of them (Otto and Reggie) as I felt the same way when my Dad remarried, at least at first. I even said "at least you're not getting married" when my Dad had the step mom over to see me and my sister for the first time. My step sisters were there too. I don't remember what happened after that. All I remember is that the got married, and I inherited a gosh darn ugly dog in the family (I really don't like dogs after an experience I had with one when I was three). At least they got a cat...

Personally, I don't think Otto is that bad. He is, after all, one of my favorite characters (the other is Reggie). I think sometimes he can be a pain, but I can see why he sometimes does the things he does. Oh well, that is my opinion anyway...

SpiderBraids: Sorry that I haven't replied to this thread, but here's another idea why Otto wanted to compete so much: After losing that big game in "Power Play", I guess Otto couldn't stand the idea of missing out on getting to play with the pros again (I'm pretty sure that their little game in the cul de sac didn't provide him sufficient consolation).

(Yeah, I reiterated my point. No one replied. - SB)

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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