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[Ginger] Foutleys on Ice / Far From Home

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 10:28 am    Post subject: [Ginger] Foutleys on Ice / Far From Home Reply with quote

In March 2003, some guy from Latin America gave us a summary of the 2nd Ginger telefilm. Read it and weep...


Ginger_15: MmM ok..( I Don`t know some of the "OFFICIALS" words so Try to gueez them ok??)

Well Ginger was selected 2 go 4 1 semester to study to another School in another state, Whhen she realise that she was selected she didn`t know what to do, cuz Dodie was very angry with her cuz ginger didn?t told her that she was "considering" going to another school, after that Ginger makes up her mind with the support of Darren, and she goes to the other school......
Meanwhile Miranda and Mipsy wants so bad that Ginger goes away , (cuz she was geeting all Coutney's attention) that Mipsy calls her cousin that goees to that schoo,l that is a Mipson (of course) and the cousin agree 2 be Ginger's friend......
Ginger gets to new school and shares a bedroom with this cousin ( I don?t remeber well the name , I think its lane...... not sure....) and she pretends to be her friends for convincing Ginger to stay all Highschool in this school ,(4 leaving Courtney alone.....)
Meanwhile Courtney feels that she need Ginger so bad that starts making friends with Macie and Dodie to feel the "presence" of Ginger , and they start hanging out , leaving Miranda and Mipsy on their owns...... Courtney also Start wearing Shirts with Ginger pictures.....
Ginger start Missing her friends and wonder why she haven't recieved any letters and "lane" tells her to move on and to 4get them....... Ginger also wants to be like a "new person" and changes a part of her hair into blue (on one side of her head) and also straights up her hair....
Meanwhile Darren figures out that he is in love with Ginger and decide 2 go and tell her what he feels.....

ooooooo are u thinking HEY WHERE`S CARL?????
hehehe...... Well there is a "weird person contest" and Carl and Hoodsy decide 2 go...also They discovered that Noelle (While she was in the monster, playing with some glasses with her mind's force,,,,,,eventually crashed) has"Thelepatical powers" ( I don't know how to write it!!!!!! It`s when you can move things with the power of your mind.......) and decided to get HER into the contest... Blake also wanted to participate in the contest and the thing that he was going 2 show was like a "scar" in his butt.........Carll , Hoodsey and Noelle needs a chaperone 2 get to the contest , but hey!!!! U know this guys! they wouldnt accept that!! so they decide That Hoodesy will disguise himself as his dad, so he puts on a fake nose and puts something in his shoes 4 looking way too bigger!!! and he really looked like his actual dad!!!!!! Well Noelle kiss Hoodsey 4 him to talk as a grown up but Carl saw this and he gets ungry with them cuz he was really in loved with Noelle.........and he doesn?t go to the contest..... Noellle and Hoodsey goes to the contest only for Carl........

Meanwhile Dodie, Macie and Courtney decide that they are going to see Ginger , and Courtney calls a helicopter and arrives in the new School , there they found out about "lane".........and Darren arrives Ginger School too...... he start Looking 4 Ginger and found her by night next to a fire in the forest with her new friends telling scary Stories, and an elk freaks out Darren and Ginger figures out that Darren is there.....Darren tries to follow the conversation but he makes himself look stupid and Ginger tries 2 get Darren follow her to her room to have a little talk but he gets mad with ginger telling her that she have changet a lot and runs away . Ginger starts looking up 4 him allnight....

Carl gets into the bus whithout Hoodsey and Noelle knowledge.....and then in the trip 4 going to the contest the bus makes a stop and Hoodsey and Noelle did?t realise that the bus was leaving and they missed the bus and Noelle with her powers try to bring back the bus but the only thing that she got was to bring back a bag where, of course , was Carl.......... They all start arguyng , and Hoodsey tells carl that that kiss didn?t meant anything 4 him , but the ice (they were in the middle of the forest and it was winter......) starts breaking (he was on a lake) where Carl was standing and Noelle bring him back to "safe" ground saving his life and carl names her officially his Girlfriend....... Just in time Ginger (that was looking 4 Darren) meets Carl , Noelle and Hoodsey and take them to the train stop , and finally founds Darren gettting in the train ..... There she asks what he was doing there and he responds that she drives him crazy and Eventually they kissed........ Carl , Noelle and Hoodsey gets in the train with Darren.....

Ginger willing to get back home goes back to her bedroom and found Macie , Dodie and Courtney , also she talks with lane and she confessed that she was Mipsy`s cousin and that she pretended to be her friend..... Courtney after realizing what Miranda has Done all this 4 Getting her attention decides to get inmediatly back hhme to meet Miranda......... The gang start talking and Ginger tells them that she kissed Darren.........

The finals moments Shows Darren looking happy but with melancholy through the window train thinking about Ginger , Carl sitting next to Noelle an Ginger packing her Stuff thinking also in her friends , family and Darren........( while she is singing a song)

The End

Ps: Sorry about the tenses , I get really confused with the while I wite :ohwell:

Hope you like iT..... and I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT.....SORRY....


Ginger_15: Now i have the "OFFICIAL" Names:
Ginger gets a scholarship to Avalanche Arts Academy; Carl, Hoodsey, and Noelle attend a "Winter Freak Fest" when it's revealed that Noelle is telekinetic (she can move things with her thoughts)

see ya guys!

British Chicky: *cheers* Ginger_15, you are officially my hero. Thank you so much for the information, I am no longer dying of suspense. Hoorah hooray. Now I'm going to go off and rejoice because I know what happened... hehehe. Thanks again!


It wouldn't air in the US until July that year, and it would be promoted under a different title. Here's the thread announcing the title change...


rugrats1: US: "Foutleys On Ice" now "Far From Home", says TV Guide

According to TV, Nick US has changed the name of the upcoming Ginger Nick Flick from "Foutleys On Ice" to "Far From Home". Reasons unknown, though the fact that the Nick Flick is being shown in the Summer might've played the part.

Here's how TV Guide described the film:

"Separation anxiety is experienced by Dodie, Macie and Courtney when Ginger (Melissa Disney) accepts a scholarship to an arts academy that requires her to spend a semester away from home. Darren, meanwhile, is surprised by the intensity of his
reaction to Ginger's absence."

The film is still scheduled for Saturday 8/9 at 8PM ET, and will be followed by a regular Ginger episode.


Valley_Girl: I don't care what they call it. I just wanna see that movie :angel:

bella31324: me 2!! lol...BUt nick has been known to make last minute name changes

FairyTrixie: i seen the preview of far away from home,it seems like a cool movie.Sourire

bella31324: ya, I jst saw it! i can't wait!

rugrats1: At his Ginger site ( ), Don Del Grande has an interesting theory on why the US telecasts are called "Far From Home" instead of "Foutleys On Ice":

Nickelodeon ads (and TV listings) are calling the new Nick Flick "Far From Home" (instead of "Foutleys On Ice" - I have been told it is, in fact, called "Foutleys On Ice" in Canada. I don't think it's been shown anywhere else yet.) I can only assume Nickelodeon had some problem with the title; it could be that "to put somebody on ice" means "to kill somebody".

If that is true, then isn't this a little too sensitive on Nick's part? As far as I know, "Chrysler's Stars On Ice" is about pro figure skaters touring the country, not Lee Iacocca on a murder spree in Hollywood. And also, the phrase "Champagne on Ice" means just that, not someone wanting to kill Lawrence Welk.

(Note from SB: Rire Rire Rire)

bella31324: o well! It doesn't matter that much! Just...I really want to see it!

MASTERNC: Funny. The commercial transitions still called the movie "Foutley's on Ice". Oops, Nick "missed a spot" when they made the name changes. Rire

Cat_J: That is an interesting theory! :biggrin:

I think "Far From Home" just sounded nicer. I think that might be why they changed it, for the commercials.


And here's what we thought of it.


MASTERNC: What did you guys think of the movie?

The previews looked good for it so I had to watch it. I thought it was good. It was great how Courtney and Ginger's friends worked together when Ginger left.

In particular, any thoughts about the kissing scene? I guess it was a long time coming given how Darren and Ginger hung out frequently (including the "date" at the movies). Clin d'oeil

Valley_Girl: I loved it :blob: 10/10 :thumb: :thumb: And the kiss was great! I hope this means that Ginger and Darren are now an official couple. And I'm glad Carl and Noelle are official now. Both those couples are so cute together. I thought it was funny when Courtney gave Ginger a life-size blow up doll of herself (even though she did take it back) The one thing I learned from this movie was that "Cheesecake pudding sounds kind of gross, but it actually isn't."-Hoodsie.
However did anyone noticed that in between commercial breaks and the title once the movie began was still Foutleys on Ice.

Arnold_lover: I saw the movie, it wasen't that bad. Ginger looks better now. I just loved it when Carl said: ....Whit my best friend and my girlfriend. Hope to see the Darren and Ginger togthere in new episodes, well see ya.

nickelodeon: I loved the movie i give it a 10 i especially loved the kissing scene.:biggrin:

Cat_J: It was great!!! I loved the movie, the kissing scenes were cool.. (Carl's expression at the end of Noel and Hoodsie's was priceless. XD)

It was a nice story. :thumb: I wonder if Ginger will keep her hair like that for now, or for a while. :biggrin:

IanLorenc: Why, oh why did I read this thread?

Ian Lorenc
---- ---------
The Quote Signature Originator

:lois: "Ah, I've seen Carl drag home scarier looking stuff..."
:carl: "...And that's Carl with a C"

Regensburg: I didn't really like it. It was ok, but I hate Noelle. I hate Darger. Courtney was cute, so was Mipsy and her cousin and Brandon. I guess it was kind of a disapointment, you know? It is that way with most talked about episodes.

KittyRock2711: it wasn't the greatest thing...besides, it doesn't matter anyway when im more of a rocket power fan myself...reggie's big break took this movie to the cleaners!

Cat_J: "Reggie's Big Break"??? Wasn't all that great, but that isn't the topic of this thread.


Brandon for some reason seemed really cute in this movie. O_o;;

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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