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Chronicales Of Dimmsdale returns!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:44 pm    Post subject: Chronicales Of Dimmsdale returns! Reply with quote

Timmy Turner’s New Neighbour

It was a stormy day in Dimmsdale. This often seemed to happen when someone new moved in.

At the Turner residence, the Turners waited for their new neighbours in un-natural glee.

“YAY!” yelled Mr Turner, “New neighbours!”

A horn was heard, and a moving van drove down the street. It parked in the neighbouring driveway with a blue sedan.

Two people got out of the sedan. One was an adult woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She wore one of those expensive dresses, which was coloured green. Well, to be honest, despite her hair and her car, everything she owned seemed to be green.

The other was a boy, about Timmy’s age, with blonde hair, Green eyes, a green shirt and black pants. To top it off he wore a silly green hat. In fact, if you don’t count the hair and the green clothes, he looked exactly like Timmy Turner.

“Hi,” said the woman, “I’m Fanny William. This is my son, Henry!”

“Hi, I’m...,” said Mr Turner.

A heavy truck passed.

“That’s...,” said Mr Turner.

Another heavy truck passed.

“And this is my son, Timmy!” finished Mr Turner.

Timmy, feeling creeped out by his neighbour’s resemblance to him, decided to introduce himself.

“Hi, my names Timmy!” said Timmy.

“My name’s Henry,” said Henry nervously, and sounding exactly like Timmy.

A man opened the back seat of the car. A (green) puppy jumped out and started licking Henry like he was crazy.

“He, he, down girl!” he said. Then he whispered, “You don’t have to be to, you know, dog-like!”

“Sorry,” the dog whispered back, “Just keeping the disguise working!”

“Is that your dog?” asked Timmy.

“Err, yes!” said Henry quickly, “Do you have any pets?”

“I have to goldfish,” said Timmy.

Timmy took Harry into the house and up the stairs to his room, where Cosmo and Wanda the two fairy...uh...goldfish were swimming. He showed Harry which were which.

“The green eyed one is Cosmo,” said Timmy, The pink eyed one is Wanda!”

“Are they fairies?”


“Meh, it’s OK,” said Henry, “I was just looking for a friend who had fairies!”

Suddenly, the dog turned into a girl fairy, with dark green eyes, dark green hair and dark green clothes with no dress. Cosmo went into ‘I’m-feeling-very-dreamy-and-Wanda’s-not-going-to-like-it’ mode.

“Are you married?” he asked.

Wanda glared. Cosmo poofed himself into a Frisbee.

“Look, I’m a Frisbee!” said Cosmo, “Ee-or! Ee-or!”

“Well,” said Timmy, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow!”

“OK,” said Henry, “See you later, Timmy!”

“See” said Cosmo.

“Sally,” said the dark green fairy.

“Saaalllllyyyy!” said Cosmo dreamily.

He was then punched by Wanda, who said her goodbyes afterward.

Henry left and Timmy knew it was the start of a beautiful neighbourship!

Chester Mcbadbat’s classified Journal

By tommy_baby

Wednesday 15th of May 2005

It’s my birthday, and Elmer gave me this diary, partly because it was all he could get. (He doesn’t get much allowance)

Anyway, today. Before I start, I’m just going to write on the cover: DO NOT LOOK! NOT EVEN IF YOU ARE TIMMY, AJ, ELMER, SANJAY OR HENRY! There, is it classified now? I think it is!

First, my dad woke me up. Then he gave me a pencil. It’s that special one at the dollar mart. I’ve wanted that pencil for so long! It’s a Crimson Chin one. Yeah, like it’s gonna be Crash Nebula one. But, I’d better not write much more about that, because stuff like that ruins friendships.

Now here’s the reason I have to keep this secret. I have something that no one has, not even Timmy and Henry. I have fairies. No one knows. Not even my dad. They’re names are Max and Sarah. Max has a cousin named Cosmo. I remember the last family re-union.

Cosmo and his wife, Wanda and Max and Sarah turned up. Max said I could come. For some reason, Wanda looked at me weirdly, and put her hand over Cosmo’s mouth, but that doesn’t mean anything. I think. Anyway, some of the other fairies that turned up brought their god kids to, so I guess it didn’t matter.

Anyway, Cosmo and Max ate two bags full of pure fairy sugar, went crazy, and poured more sugar over Cosmo’s mom, Mama Cosma. Sarah says it still haunts her dreams.

Anyway, back to my birthday. Max and Sarah are disguised as dogs. Max’s idea of a birthday present was a huge lick. It isn’t because he’s pretending to be a dog; he does that in fairy form a lot. Max has yellow eyes and hair, so he’s a yellow dog. Sarah has blue eyes and hair, so she’s a blue dog. Anyway, Sarah gave me some fairy sugar to put on the cafeteria dessert (I usually ask for gruel). Sugar and gruel tastes great, so I was pretty happy. Oh, and by the way, some people don’t agree with me on the sugar and gruel stuff. I don’t know why.

Then I went to school. I have an insane teacher named Crocker. He’s obsessive about proving the existence of fairies. Whenever he says the words fairy godparents, he does a funny (and I mean creepy) twitch.
I got to class, and first up was Crocker Takes Over The World (CTOTW). I like to call it Crud Teacher Overlords The Weird. Then was history, my worst subject. Today, I got an F, even though I think I was pretty right about George and Washington being different people.

At lunch, Timmy gave me a Crimson Chin Action Figure, AJ the latest comic, Elmer this journal, Sanjay a toothbrush and Henry a Nega Chin Action Figure. Then, in science, I caused a lab explosion and got everyone sent home early.

I went to Timmy’s after school with AJ and Henry. He’s got a new video game. It’s pretty weird. You put a comic in a hole, and get to play as characters from that comic, as soon as you put on the helmet. I was Matter Muncher Lad, AJ was Professor AJ and Timmy was Cleft, and we had to fight against the Green Kid, who was Henry, and then he joined us and we had to fight the Nega Chin and the Bronze Kneecap.

After all that, I went home. I had explain to dad about the explosion, and then told Max and Sarah about the video game. Then Max and Sarah took me to the Fairy World amusement park.

Max won a large fluffy bunny at one of the stalls, Sarah and Max made me go on the love boat (gross), we went on the roller coaster, ECT, ECT. What does ECT mean, anyway? I don’t know.

When the park closed...OK, we were kicked out because Max jumped off the giant drop! Anyway, when we were kicked out, We went to the fairy academy, where Max and Cosmo take voice recognition classes while Wanda and Sarah wait.

I asked Wanda why she kept looking strangely at me. She just said it concerned her god kid. I asked why her god kid was concerned. Wanda said that she meant that it was about her god kid.

So now, I’m confused. Do I know someone with fairies? Then my dad told me my room was being renovated for the night. So now, I’m sleeping with Timmy, who wants me to get out of the bathroom. Timmy’s fish seem to be talking. Talking? OK, now I’m confused!

From Chester.

CoD is back at last!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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