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[AGU!] X-mas special: Where's Angelica?

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PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2006 4:05 am    Post subject: [AGU!] X-mas special: Where's Angelica? Reply with quote

Much of the discussion about AGU!'s Christmas special boiled down to two things, both atypical for a Rugrats Christmas special:

1. Giving the religious side of Christmas a look, and
2. Being Angélica -less.

Here's an excerpt from a thread about these:


Nickdisk: From the latest Cooltoons Newsletter (#140) Sourire


American audiences, get ready! The latest in a long line of classic animated holiday specials from Klasky Csupo is coming to your TV screens next week! "The Finster Who Stole Christmas" makes its debut on Nick on December 7th (check local listings for time) and will air again at least four more times during the month (including Christmas Day)! Also be sure to look out for the As Told By Ginger classic "An Even Stevens Holiday Special", airing on the 18th and the 25th!

superyo: Why do we know all CoolToons new before CoolToons ?... Triste

Ctgrumpybear: One can only hope to see Tommy and Lil under the mistletoe

RonDrakenfan17: I'd pefer it to be C/A kissing under the mistletoe, lol.

jsoogd1980: Angelica may not be in this episode according to the preview. Would be very strange to not have her in the episode. I would bet my life savings Angelica will be there on the episode.

rugrats1: Angelica may not be in this episode according to the preview.

What's in the previews and what's in the actual episode are two diffrent things, especially since they don't have time to show all the main characters in a 30-second time frame.

(Still, 30-seconds should be enough time to indicate what kind of plot Angélica would have... and since there's none, wouldn't that at least have been suspicious?)

Also, considering that this is a special holiday episode, it would be stupid not to include Angelica (or any of the AGU Rugrats) in the special.

(And it would even lamer to omit Angélica and include everyone else in it, but of course that's what they did.)

Nickdisk: Dil wasnt in a few of the new episodes Nick UK showed a few months ago much, like in the one where Charlotte takes Tommy, Angelica, Phil & Lil to a ski lodge, Dil was ill and had to stay at home (dont even think he said a line) :ohwell: also, in the science experiment episode, the only time i remember seeing Dil was when he was floating on his science experiment :ohwell:

From Hartford Courant (subscription), CT Sourire

The best Christmas special still on network TV (despite its odd boost to an hour in length a few years ago) is "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (ABC, 8 p.m.). Its second half runs opposite the holiday episode of "All Grown Up" (Nickelodeon, 8:30 p.m.).

(How do you boost a half-hour Xmas special, to a full hour? Even when it was aired here as part of a run of airing of Peanuts cartoons, it was aired in a 30 min. slot.)


post # of 370

Rocko0: I don't see what takes Nick so long to make a Christmas special. And it would be nice to see a Nick show to tell the story of Christmas.

Hans_Moleman: That would result most likely in a huge controversy. There was a huge controversy when Linus told the true meaning of Christmas in the Charlie Brown Christmas episode.

I think the episode was pretty religious as it was. "The man upstairs wants to smite me." "I'm sure whatever you did, Chuckie, God will forgive you." :nono:
jsoogd1980: Angelica was not in this episode. Nick said there would be surpises. I guess this was the surpise of the holidays. This was the shock of the decade.

RonDrakenfan17: I liked it even though Angelica wasn't in it dang it although I did notice sadly a C/L hint in this episode where Chuckie tries to take something from S.C. Lil says Chuckie I've never seen this side of you it's kind of attractive" something along those lines. Maybe that's the surprise Nickelodeons magazine was talking about. I hope to god that they are not hooking those to together the T/L fans along with us C/A fans would be really ticked off. Any who loved it. We also got to see a clip of Chuckie when he was a baby and his old mother was holding him, glad to see he never for got her. I give this episode an A++

SpiderBraids: Dil wasnt in a few of the new episodes Nick UK showed a few months ago much, like in the one where Charlotte takes Tommy, Angelica, Phil & Lil to a ski lodge, Dil was ill and had to stay at home (dont even think he said a line) :ohwell:

That ep in question, "Fear of Falling", hasn't aired in the US yet, BTW. And considering the almost-central role Angelica had in the Rugrats' Xmas specials, it's pretty surprising to hear that she's not in this special at all.

jarjar23: They definetly took the religeous thing a little too far.:ohwell:

jsoogd1980: It was a tough pill to swallow for me as I am a big Angelica fan. I guess it was a OK special. After Susie said one sentence about Angelica, (more specifically, that she was skiing in Aspen) I started to cry somewhat at the end of the episode after expecting Angelica to show up sometime. Klasky-Csupo needs to expand the episode to an hour to accomindate Angelica or make another Christmas special that includes her.

rugrats1: Angelica isn't the only one who was AWOL in this special -- this and other observations from Don Del Grande at

Just when I thought I had Nick figured out...they show a Christmas special that has a religious Christmas carol in it ("The First Noel")?
At least they have the usual euphamisms for God: "The Big Guy Upstairs" (what is it with Klasky-Csupo and that phrase; Carl uses it a lot on "As Told by Ginger" as well), "The Burning Bush Guy", "God" - wait a minute...(reversing the TiVo recording; Lil says to Chuckie, "God will forgive you")

(Something else strange: you would think that they would try to get as many of the "main" characters into a Christmas special as they could, but not only was Angelica absent, so were Stu and Didi, Drew and Charlotte, Lou and Lulu, Howard, and I think I'm forgetting somebody (besides Harold or anybody else from school).)

(Note that the other absentees were parents. None of the other Rugrats were absent except Angélica. And since Lou and Howard hadn't done much in the new show [and Lulu had in fact never been on the new show], you'd expect them to be absent.)

While I'm in "Did You Notice" mode:
* When they show Betty's security camera, the timer is shown counting in 1/30s of a second, but it was animated at 24 frames per second and then padded to 30 frames per second (that's about how fast a TV picture is completely redrawn in the USA TV standard), so it takes 1 1/4 seconds for each second to tick off. (In countries that use the 25 frames/second standard, it will take 1 1/5 seconds per second on the timer, as the timer moves 1/30 second for each 1/25 second of real time.)
* In the video with the very young Chuckie, you can briefly see
Melinda (Chuckie's first mother), at least from behind.
* There already are Chanukah songs - ask anybody who has been involved in a public school's "Winter Concert" that includes a chorus. (There is even one at the beginning of the Rugrats Chanukah special; it is
also sung over the closing credits, assuming Nickelodeon ever shows
those again...)

SSJ_Jup81: Wow, no Angelica, huh? I was gonig to watch it tonight too, the Christmas ep, but I was too busy watching the second Star Trek movie. ^^

That aside, I'm really surprised Angelica wasn't in it from what you all are saying. Seems that all of the specials had some indirect message towards her to learn in some way.

Is it just me, or lately, Chuckie getting the spotlight for AGU in general? Seems every time I do watch one, at least one of the main stories of whatever ep, has something to do with him.

*Wonders who the most popular AGU/Rugrats character is in general*

Well, glad to see that ep will re-air on the 20th. I'll most definitely watch it...if I can get to a TV. ><

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