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[fic] The Great Nickdisk Movie (A multi-member story)

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 9:31 pm    Post subject: [fic] The Great Nickdisk Movie (A multi-member story) Reply with quote

Here's how this'll work. Members will write one chapter. They must make the chapter connect to the last one.

*No rudeness (Please keep it G-rated)
*Chapter must connect to the previous chapter
*You may introduce fan charectors into the story.
*You may introduce yourself into the story.

That is all. I'll start.



It was an ordinary morning in Dimmsdale. The first rays of sunlight shone on the citizens below. Cars were started up to be taken to work. Denzel Q Crocker could be seen using dim-witted inventions to track down fairies.

Timmy Turner was at his school parking lot, in front of the school bus. This was a special day for him, as all kids can't wait for summer camp. Along with him were his friends, Henry William (his double), Chester Mcbadbat (a street-smart boy), AJ (A genious), Elmer (Who had an evil boil) and Sanjay (the geek). His pink and green eyed goldfish were held in his hands.

Timmy was getting ready to board the bus, where the four instructors were arguing.

"I say we go to the mountains!" said Mr Turner angrily.

"I agree," said another instructor, tommy_baby.

"No way," said Vicky, "The sawmill region!"

"Second!" said Francis.

"Seeing as I'm driving the bus," said the bus driver, "It's my choice. We're going to the mountains near Ocean Shores."

Vicky thought. An evil grin spread her face. Snowy torture was ahead, as the mountains near Ocean Shores always snowed, no matter what season.

Timmy and his friends boarded the bus. AJ was reading a book named Legends of the Nicktoon State.

"Hey, look at this!" he yelled suddenly.

"When an evil does come to destroy,
In the greatest trick since the Battle of Troy,
A kid, the bucktoothed one, will be called to help,
In which some evil will end in a yelp,
-This mentions you, Timmy!"

"Meh, it calls a lot of people," said Timmy, as he and Henry took a seat.

Indeed, there were many verses, each discribing a different person, untill it ended with:

All of them will need thier friends,
right until the murky end,
keep friends close, keep allies closer,
You will need this to survive this coaster.

Timmy shrugged, but coldn't help wondering as the bus drove off. Tommy_baby approached them.

"Hiya guys," he said, "We've got three hours 'till we get there. Timmy, what's the matter."

"He thinks he's in a legend," said Chester.

"He is, actually," tommy_baby said darkly, "I read that book. It's pretty good. Event told me we would argue about destination!"

The kids looked at eachother.

"See ya, Timmy," tommy_baby said, and he went to the front of the bus.

I'm in a legend? Timmy thought, feeling worried.

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