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[Nicktoons] K-C and 1 (2, or 5)-Night Stands

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:49 am    Post subject: [Nicktoons] K-C and 1 (2, or 5)-Night Stands Reply with quote

To "celebrate" the new board (and my arrival at it), I will start posting "oldies" from the soon-to-be-obsolete old board. I kick off with my seminal article, "Klasky-Csupo and One (or Two, or Five)-Night Stands".


Chapter 1:

Okay, what is the deal with Klasky Csupo, and short-term romance? I mean, a character develops a crush on someone, and that someone ends up being in the show for something like 2-3 episodes. When I originally wrote an article on two of Rocket Power's forgotten characters, Breezy and Trent, I never would have imagined that stuff like this would happen on other K-C Nicktoons. However, it has actually spread to the other shows made by K-C. So, this series of articles will run down, one by one, the various "forgotten" (or not) crushes of K-C Nicktoons.

Breezy Copeley
In April 2002, Klasky-Csupo introduced a new character, an East Coast traveling salesman named Breezy Copeley, to the Nicktoon series Rocket Power, as a sales representative for Sunset Surf, a large clothing and sports equipment manufacturer from the East Coast. She was also shown to have a surprising talent for rollerblading tricks and surfing, surprising since she appeared to be in her later 30s, and she had a distinct interest in Ray Rocket.

Fans had a firm belief that her introduction to the series would eventually lead to her and Ray marrying, and it was speculated that it would happen in an upcoming telefilm that would reveal the cause of death for Otto and Reggie's mom, when it was announced later that year (despite this announcement, the finished product never actually did reveal the cause of death... more on that below). The next month, K-C also announced that Breezy had a role in the later episode "Summer Breezy" where she was to test equipment at Lake Tahoe (in the actual ep, it was Lake Havasu, which is in a completely different direction from Southern California). However, not only would that turn out to be her only other appearance, that ep did not air until almost two years later (March 2004), by which point the romantic angle of that episode (Ray and Breezy, sleeping in a tent) had become pointless. I'll explain that later.

In January 2003, K-C decided to redo their site for Rocket Power into a Flash interface, and featured bios of some of the lesser RP characters. Breezy was included, and her bio included the sentence: "Breezy has come back a few times to visit the Shore Shack, and may become a permanent fixture around Ocean Shores in the future." Some fans read that as more proof that they were planning to marry Ray and Breezy.

However, in October that year (5 months before "Summer Breezy"!), K-C suddenly announced the title of the upcoming telefilm, "Island of the Menehune", and also mentioned that "Ray's new girlfriend Leilani" (in the actual ep, Noelani; while Leilani was also a cousin of Tito's) had connections to Otto and Reggie's mother (it turned out Noelani was best friends with "Danielle"), sending many a mixed signal to the fans. Miguel Chavez (Nickdisk) later concluded: "Maybe Klasky-Csupo originally planned to have her marry Raymundo, but changed their minds when they started the 'Island of the Menehune' project. Or maybe the studio planned to make more episodes for the series, but these plans were not accepted by Nickelodeon. And yet another theory is that, along with Trent (more on him later -- ed), Breezy was a fill-up character in an effort to add variety to the series, instead of focusing exclusively on the adventures of a bunch of pre-teen kids."

Point is, K-C never made her a regular, much less marry her off to Ray, as initially "promised". She was relegated to being an extra in "The Big Day", which featured Ray and Noelani's wedding (now isn't that ironic?), and she appeared to be sitting next to Conroy Blanc (Otto and Reggie's teacher). Chavez then speculated that Breezy may have fallen in love with Conroy instead.

It remains to be seen how things will go from there... if anywhere, since at last check, the show ended with that very ep (or if you're nitpicking, "After Shocked").

The same week as Breezy's arrival in Ocean Shores, RP fans were introduced to another romance that was more up their alley than Ray/Breezy, since it involved core character Reggie Rocket, Ray's daughter. She deliberately fell off her surfboard to get someone's attention, not unlike during the windsurfing race in "Race Across New Zealand" (and even then, that wasn't the only time she deliberately fell off her board while leading in a race... details in the next article). This time around, it wasn't her dad she was trying to get noticed by, but rather a hunky New Zealand boy named Trent (unlike Breezy, he wasn't "blessed" with a last name). Before his debut, he had already been mentioned in one of K-C's "Would You Rather" games, as a choice between him and Ian (a somewhat longer-term but still forgotten somewhat crush from As Told By Ginger, but that's for another article) for having a kiss with.

Similar circumstances to Breezy's introduction ensued, with a twist. Trent was shown to have not only talent for skating and surfing... but also an attitude which seemed somewhat incompatible with Reggie. Basically, Trent seemed to have this "thing" against girl athletes like her. Nevertheless, fans held quite some promise for this pairing. The very next month, an alert UK fan found out that Trent was going to be in another episode which played on rugby, an sport unknown in the US; his anti-girl-athlete attitude; and of course the pairing.

That ep, "Major Scrummage", first aired in the US, quite unannounced, in October that year. Trent appeared to show some discrimination when he left out Reggie from a little rugby lesson he was giving. Reggie's personal retaliation was to form her own team and literally beat Trent at his own game, and (although unrelated) destroy a trash can with her fast-moving hockey slapshot (she's that good with her stick... but only when it's roller hockey).

When K-C redid their RP site, they added a bio for Trent, which was exclamated with this: "He has won the respect of Otto and the gang, especially Reggie... who might very well have a crush on him!" However, one key aspect of this crush which was left out was one that is actually in common with most other crushes main characters get into: "Reggie thinks nothing of him when he's not in an episode." (Nick Carosella, Nickdisk) And it happens that he's not in an episode more often than he is: "Major Scrummage" turned out to be his only other appearance.

Besides the "fill-up character" theory devised for Breezy by Chavez (see above), one theory why he only appeared in two episodes was thus: "Nick has lost interest in RP and hasn't ordered enough episodes for KC to include Trent more often." (Carosella, Nickdisk) Another theory even surfaced that Nick just didn't like Greg Coolidge (who voiced Trent) for being in "Sorority Boys", a movie which has him dress up as a teenage girl (!).

While we're still on the subject of K-C's RP site, it lists "Race Across New Zealand" as coming after the two Trent episodes. I've theorized that Trent was also supposed to be in the telefilm, but when it was shoved up to February 2002 (before Trent's "debut"), K-C decided to excise Trent's role. Once again, it remains to be seen how things will go from here... if anywhere.

Next: Let's just be friends... or rather, let's just focus on the friends of Reggie Rocket.

Chapter 2:
This series of articles, while mainly focused on short-lived romance on Klasky Csupo shows, is taking a brief sojourn to something slightly down the road from romance: friendship. Don't worry, it won't be about friends that we think may have something else between them (Reggie and Twister, I'm looking in your general direction). We're talking friends of Reggie Rocket outside from the main gang of the show, none of which have last names.

Sherry and Trish
Sherry and Trish are Reggie Rocket's best friends, but you would hardly know that from the relatively scant screen time that they've been given (which is still more than the other friends of Reggie's in this article). While they appear from time to time, just about all that you need to know about these characters: Like Reggie, they're into surfing (in their first appearance, Reggie teamed up with the two as the "Power Girl Surfers" to audition for a surfing magazine's photo shoot, and the official site says that Trish has "a reputation as one of the best surfers on the beach") and roller hockey (Trish has been shown to hit a puck at over 100mph), as well as volleyball (okay, Reggie's not as much into it as skating and the like, but the other two are on the local volleyball team). According to the show's official site, Sherry is "the one to get the scoop on what's going down around Ocean Shores", and Trish... well, I pretty much completely described her already.

The fact that the same voice actress (Lauren "Numbuh 3 and Connie Souphanousupone" Tom) does the voice of the two somewhat raises the question why they're even bothering with two best friends anyway (perhaps the show wanted a token Asian in there as well?).

We get to the first of the many "one-night stands" this series of articles will feature. In "Radical New Equipment", Reggie met a group of handicapped skiers and snowboarders. One of them was Lizzie, a snowboarder with an artificial pipe-leg. Later on, Reggie was actually competing in the same race as her (and leading), and actually fell off her board. After Lizzie won (!), Reggie's fall was shown on a large replay screen, and it became obvious she fell on purpose. As she explained, this was not because she was sorry for Lizzie, but because having her win would be a better story for a homemade magazine she had been publishing since the start of the series (although lately publication of her 'zine seems to have dropped off). Whatever she was trying to achieve with the deliberate fall, it has been seen as misguided (the Association for the Severely Handicapped's exact wording, more on them later) and unnecessary, since Lizzie was revealed to be a fiercely competitive snowboarder, despite her pipe-leg. (, in its "e-collection" on the show, even wrote about the event: "She sure regretted it later!")

Still, the story ended with everyone pretty much walking off arm-in-arm, while Sam and Twister were asking her a few questions, like technical stuff and what to do with "used" pipe-legs. This ep showed that those with "special needs" can be "radical" as well, and won an award from the Association for the Severely Handicapped (as did an ep of Clifford with a three-legged dog!).

Because of how her appearance ended, I'm on the "Lizzie should return to the show again" bandwagon (like you can't tell?), and apparently, there are a few people who share my view (one of which I talk about below).

Another "one-night stand" (but we'll get to the romantic ones later on). In "New Girl In Town", Reggie ran into a girl named Carla who was shown to be very skilled at sports like skateboarding and roller hockey. However, for some reason, she wouldn't let people know too much about her. After some poking around from the siblings, it turned out that the ep's big surprise was that the girl lived in a homeless shelter and she didn't want anyone to know. This story was from the only episode known to take place after the wedding, and so while Reggie was talking to Carla, she mentioned having a stepmom, and like Noelani, this is a character who deserves more episodes, if only to develop her character some more. Who would have thought that a homeless girl could be so good at sports, anyway?

There are people who share my views. In fact, some guy named Jon (who posts by the name JDJF03) made a post at (a newsgroup) on Breezy and Trent (see my last article), and even made a few extra comments on Lizzie and Carla. Enjoy:

"I've also felt this was a foolish thing (to only have a couple episodes with them). [referring to Breezy and Trent]

Though, as you've put, the Ray/Breezy 'thing' can't happen, would be nice to have the Reggie/Trent one (though, as you also said, there are others who go more with the long-time friendship, wanting Reggie/Twister).

Though having nothing to do with the 'romance routine' of this, wanted to also note: Other one-time characters I feel would have been nice to see again are -- Lizzie (from "Radical New Equipment"), and Carla (from "New Girl On the Block").

Granted the latter was in the first-half of the last ep. of the show, but nevertheless was a neat addition. "

Yet again, because of the apparently sudden cancellation of the show, it remains to be seen how things will go from here... if anywhere.

Next: Ginger's short-lived crushes (as well as Carl's).

Chapter 3:

The 3rd chapter in my series of articles on short-lived romance on Klasky Csupo shows focuses on Ginger Foutley, and her many short-lived crushes (plus that of her brother Carl).

Ian Richton
In the pilot "The Party" (now available on the Far From Home DVD!), she decided to go to rich snob Courtney Gripling's party because Ian Richton was going. She even got a kiss on the cheek from him in a game of Spin The Bottle. However, it wasn't until "Of Lice And Friends" that Ian actually spoke. This is about when her crush on Ian began to manifest itself on the actual show. Mr. Richton's appearances dropped off at the end of the first season, because the voice actor Adam Wylie was performing in a Broadway musical. Really.

Ian's last speaking role came in the telefilm "Summer of Camp Caprice"... which was when a new squeeze for Ginger came along. Sasha (who, unlike Ginger's previous squeeze, didn't come with a last name) was a worker at the titular Camp Caprice. He showed off by delivering a bull. He said things about how looks and money didn't matter for him. And at the end of that telefilm, she got another kiss on the cheek from him. Sounds good, right?

However, his next appearance was downright ugly for Sasha & Ginger types. In "Ginger's Solo", when Ginger traveled with the school band to Sasha's school in Heathered Hills, it was revealed he was dumped by his first girlfriend, Clover, just before school ended. "So?" Well, when he returned from his job at Camp Caprice, he and his original girlfriend (rich and good-looking) got back together. Hypocrite. Don Del Grande said: "Stop writing that Sasha & Ginger fan fiction while you're at it." K-C literally played with the idea of doing a Clover spin-off... as an April Fool's Day gag.

And yet that would not be the end of that chapter of Ginger's romance: in season 3's "Heat Lightning", Ginger returned to the camp as cabin leader (!), with her friends Dodie Bishop, Macie Lightfoot and Courtney also being cabin leaders. Of course she met Sasha. Duh. But by this time, her neighbor Darren Patterson had taken over as Ginger's main squeeze, although her relationship with him had been downhill since she kissed him. On the lips.

Ginger's other "one-night stands"
In "Stealing First", the school was on a ski-trip, and Courtney decided to make some bet with classmate Miranda Killgallen. Courtney claimed that she could get a French exchange student Jean-Pierre (voice of Laraine Newman, AKA Ginger's mom!) to go to first base (get a kiss on the lips) with someone on the chairlift. That someone turned out to be Ginger, and Miranda decided on the "he won't" side. As it turns out, Miranda was right, which shows how uneventful this one-night stand was.

The first person Ginger actually got to first base to was another one-nighter, and another exchange student: When Ginger got the lead role in a school musical in "Love With A Proper Transfer Student", she not only ended up kissing Joaquin Cortez, she also had some actual feelings for him. This was waaaay off the plan Ginger had in mind, since she had signed Dodie up for consideration for the musical, and for her to get close to Mr. Cortez.

She even went for a teacher once (!)... "Next Question" had her getting a crush on her Quiz Team coach Mr. Gardner, for a televised contest. What she got from that? Basically, if you're in love with your quiz team coach, who also happens to be moderating the televised quiz you're on, for pete's sake, don't ask him out while he's asking a question, because not only might you not get your date, it might cost your team the competition.

In the high-school episodes, Ginger appparently broke up with Darren, bringing in anoher short-termer for Ginger named Orion, a drummer (while Darren was going out with a cheerleader named Simone). How this has come to transpire is still unknown in the US, since of the high-school eps, the only eps to have been shown in the US as of this writing are "Ten Chairs" and "Wedding Frame" (and Orion and Simone only appear in the latter). And even when those eps air, how Ginger eventually ended up with Darren again, as implied by end of "Wedding Frame", will most likely remain unknown: Kapnek ended the series right there.

Noelle Sussman and Polly Shuster
But Ginger wasn't the only one who was suffering problems in her romantic life. Her younger brother Carl went through relationship heaven and "the other place" several times in the space of less than ten episodes. All because of a pair of weird girls in his class.

It all began in "And She Was Gone" when he decided to drop some vanishing powder over a random classmate in his room, living wallpaper, if you will. It turned out that the random classmate he picked was "too crazy not to be without": Noelle Sussman had been known to keep a flamingo near her table and loved penguins. This prompted Carl to make every effort possible to reverse the effects of the powder.

In the very next episode, "Far From Home", while Carl's friend Hoodsey Bishop was prepping himself for the Winter Freak Fest (Noelle had just been revealed to be telekinetic [!], and had made the finals), Noelle kissed him. Seriously. Carl was pretty mad at Hoodsey for that, but when the other two left for the fest on a bus, he decided to stowaway in the bus's spare tire. As it happened, they ended up stranded. While Hoodsey was busy explaining to Carl that Noelle's kiss didn't even mean anything, Carl suddenly fell into a frozen lake. Noelle single-handedly (or should that be single-mindedly?) saved him with her telekinetic capability, and immediately claimed him as her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ginger got to first base with Darren (!).

The relationship immediately went south in the very next ep, "Wicked Game", with the introduction of classmate Polly Shuster, after she won him in a card game, and in "About Face", Blake Gripling showed Noelle a photo of the two together and mentioned he had an engagement ring (stuck to his finger, and part of the main plot). The last we've seen of either of the two was in "No Turning Back", when Noelle refused to help Carl dig up a time capsule Polly had tricked him into putting his petrified eyeball in. (Well, that's if you don't count "Wedding Frame", where Noelle was shown to be part of a family who owned a trailer park.)

Next: Eliza Thornberry's crushes, and All Grown Up!

Chapter 4:
To conclude my series of articles on short-lived romance on Klasky Csupo shows, I talk about the two crushes Eliza Thornberry has had, and the many crushes of the All Grown Up! gang.

Ben and Shane G (plus a bit of Sven)
The first of Eliza's two crushes in the series was relatively low-key: Eliza showed a distinct interest in a boy named Ben in his two appearances ("Lost and Foundation" and "Every Little Bit Alps", the latter also featuring Alison Hanningan of Buffy fame), but nothing was followed up upon that.

The higher-profile of Eliza's two crushes was that with pop guitarist Shane G. In February 2003, K-C promoted a five-episode story arc of Thornberrys, which took place after the movie (in fact, the only ones to do so) in Alaska, with the fifth episode "Eliza Unplugged" getting a bit extra attention. In the eps, Shane stayed with the Thornberry family to appear in Sir Nigel (her dad) Thornberry's new documentary, and Eliza developed a considerable crush on him over the first four episodes of the story. Nick US, in an attempt to win ratings, suddenly pulled the fifth ep from its slated weekend airing (after airing promos that basically speculated on whether Shane was her boyfriend or not, and teased about her kiss with Shane), prompting speculation that Nick did not want to show Eliza and Shane kissing. It wouldn't be seen until June 2004, when Nick US decided to air this ep, along with other previously unseen-in-the-US eps of other shows. The good news was that the kiss was intact. The bad news was that Shane gave Eliza the kiss when he was saying goodbye to the family, although not without giving Eliza and her sister gifts (a digital camera and a website membership, respectively). The worst news was that was that for the series.

Speaking of her sister anyway, she had a e-crush on some guy named Sven, a fact which was mentioned in three stories: "My Pal Joey", "Operation Valentine" (she was PO'd that her scheduled date was called off because Nigel had to take Eliza to hospital, and accused Eliza of ruining the date, which was to be their first meeting in over a year), and "Hello, Dolphin!" (she blamed her family for causing the two to break up!).

Nicole Boscarelli
Meanwhile on All Grown Up!, Chuckie Finster (who had previously had a crush on Laraine Newman's Samantha Shane in the pilot "All Growed Up") developed a crush on Nicole Boscarelli, among the first of the new characters to be introduced, in "Chuckie's In Love". His stepsister Kimi decided to dress him up into a Latvian. Really. The plan worked well... until Nicole fell in love with Finster, and subsequently discovered that the Latvian was in fact Finster on disguise. Despite these initial misgivings, Nicole was willing to give Finster a shot.

Aside from a brief (but important!) appearance in "Tweenage Tycoons", her next (and most recent!) major role was in "It's Cupid, Stupid", where Finster's relationship with Nicole (and two other relationships, which we will get into later on) was dragged into a huge mess, as, for reasons that escaped everyone (except the viewers Clin d'oeil), Nicole was suddenly in love with his best friend Tommy Pickles, with a Valentine's dance coming up, and Tommy wasn't even fully interested. You can pretty much guess how things progressed and turned out with this one...

The hype behind "Fear of Falling" was that someone was going to get their first kiss, and K-C dropped a not-so-subtle hint in its newsletter that it was going to be Tommy. But he wasn't going to get it from the likes of Lil DeVille, as many fans would have liked to see happen. (For this reason alone, Olivia has received quite a deal of negative backlash.)

Tommy introduced the gang to a girl named Olivia during their trip to a ski-lodge. He ended up hanging out with her more than Chuckie Finster (!), and got his first kiss from her later on while they were alone on a mountain. Impressive, for a character who will probably appear in just that one episode, given that Olivia likely doesn't live close to Tommy (which helps explain the short-livedness of many of the previously mentioned relationships).

One of the two other relationships that became obfuscated in "It's Cupid, Stupid" had been foreshadowed by previous eps, as "Bad Kimi" showed Kimi falling in love with her lab partner, named simply Z. Her stepbrother had many inital misgivings about him, since he gave her a mohawk, but Z was forgiven when it was discovered he did charity work.

Later on in "It's Cupid, Stupid", Tommy's cousin Angelica was shown drooling over cool kid Sean Butler ("You can water the football field with that drool"), when classmate Susie Carmichael suddenly ended up right in the middle of those two, when he suddenly fell in love with her, and as if that wasn't enough, Z soon followed suit. Again, you can see where this was headed. However, only one of these three couples has been followed up on since "It's Cupid, Stupid", and that was in "Tommy Foolery", when Angelica took Susie's trash pick-up job at a party to get closer to Sean.

In "Interview with a Campfire", the gang went to camp, where Kimi and Lil had a distinct crush on one of the campers named simply Bean. That is, until they discovered a photo of him... with some of the original settlers of the area (!). Also, while Tommy was with Olivia in "Fear of Falling", Angelica had a crush on ski lodge worker Daniel, who was impressed when she did a hike... but not so when he discovered that she rode a mule and took a shortcut path on the hike. From her mouth! She subsequently said this to Tommy: "I hiked miles through filty mountains and for what? For you to ruin the most important moment of my life? How dare you sabatoge my first kiss with one of your own!" Parallels between this ep and the above-mentioned "Operation Valentine" can easily be drawn.

Samantha and Nicole aren't the only ones Finster's been shown to have a crush on either. New Era Outlaw (an AGU! fan from Trinidad and Tobago!) wrote at a messageboard:

"Chuckie has had more crushes than any of the other kids on the show (Samantha, Nicole and Marcy (from 'Susie sings the blues'), and yet, K-C has developed on none of them. Well, okay....they DID do a little something for Nicole in 'It's Cupid, Stupid!', but we haven't seen hide nor hair of her since. Also, there was Edith (from Project Chuckie) who looked like she had a thing for Chuckie, but nope. Nothing.

K-C is probably testing the waters to find the perfect girl for Chuckie. From what I can see, they're testing out different types of personalities to see which suits Chuckie best:

Samantha - Popular;
Nicole - Average (pre)teen girl;
Marcy McDougal - More mature than Chuckie, but good looking;
Edith - A fellow nerd.

....only time will tell what K-C would do with Chuckie, romance wise. Strange how they haven't done anything in that department with Dil or Phil."

In a nutshell, All Grown Up! has had too many one-shots (or few-shots) getting romantically involved with regulars. And K-C thinks we haven't had enough yet, as you will see.

Coming up... Rachel
I conclude this series of articles with another one-night stand. Difference is, she hasn't even made her appearance yet. In fact, this upcoming one-night stand is what inspired me to write this series of articles to begin with.

In the 156th Cooltoons Newsletter from K-C, it was announced that in an upcoming ep "Rachel Rachel", Tommy is to go to Hebrew school, and attempt to impress a girl he meets there named Rachel by doing a shabbat dinner with her. Some people smell redo of "Chuckie's In Love", I smell "Chuckie's In Love" and "Passover" mixed together... but I'm keen to point out that first he was in love with Olivia, now he's in love with Rachel. Steve Mindykowski has theorized that it's K-C policy to have "one-night stands", and making this article, I'm somewhat inclined to agree.

Your opinions, anyone?


And the ensuing feedback.

chuckangie (Johnathan Sario): Wow that was long. Sourire My only comment is that KC does one shots because its easier. They tried having regulars hook up in Ginger and it didn't turn out very nicely. The only way they knew to make Daren and Ginger interesting was to break them up and not alot of people liked that.

My theory is KC prefers short terms over long term relationships because they suck at managing the later. Sourire

Franco: I heard that most of the characters looked different in the high school episode of ATBG. How different did they look?

(I showed him a picture from their newsletter showing the new looks... no reply)

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
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