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[RP] Otto Rocket character discussion

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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 6:27 am    Post subject: [RP] Otto Rocket character discussion Reply with quote

Now, some original content... sort of. Let's get this rolling.

So, in what turned out to be the show's last ever new ep, Otto Rocket forfeited a competition, one with a prize of Shaun White, AND one where he had a good chance of winning, to make sure Ray's wedding happened. And this is a kid who obsesses himself with winning, and doesn't take a shine to defeat.

Okay, we know the backstory on this unlikely forfeit, but can you imagine Otto trying to justify himself to someone who had no idea? I can imagine a few people who wouldn't forgive him for this...

Heck, I once wrote a ficlet where Shaun White was initially PO'd at this. Here it is...

Shaun: Otto Rocket, what gives man? One moment you were burning up the compeition and I was expecting to be learning from you, and then you're gone the next and I end up with someone I actually have to teach? Wha??
Otto: Want the long version or short version?
Shaun: Short.
Otto: Well, to sum up, I know I should have won the competition easily, but if I had won I wouldn't be introducing this woman to you. Shaun, meet my new stepmom Noelani. Quit because, well, let's just say I had to make sure she married my dad.
Shaun: (looking at Noelani) Niiice. (back to Otto) Otto, I'd normally say it's not cute to give up on your future, your dreams and your aspirations... but I can understand why you'd quit. Hey, my sister, brother, and mom have had a hand in the success I've enjoyed.
Otto: That, and Reggie was kinda badgering me to quit.
Shaun: ...Okay.
Otto: Shaun, so you really were hoping to learn some moves from me? Cool... Looks like I have to apologize that I didn't get to, right?
Shaun: Well, not if I win in Torino.
Otto: Oh, you made the winter team this time? I was kinda sick to my stomach when you weren't at Salt Lake. I'd like you to bring home the gold, with or without my style. Maybe I can show it to you someday?
Shaun: Sure... Gotta go now! Bye.

Will post the thread it came from later. Meanwhile, go discuss amongst yourselves.

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