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[RP] If RP went on after "The Big Day"

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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 6:16 am    Post subject: [RP] If RP went on after "The Big Day" Reply with quote

Here's a classic from Jun '04.


SpiderBraids: I know some of you are considering this a certainty, but let's just consider what would be happening if RP continued after the new flick. Here are my thoughts:

1. Breezy could visit and she'd probably not be amused that Ray has gotten married... if anything, it would bring some sort of logical conclusion to her appearances on the show (even if it's not the one that we thought of when she first appeared).

2. More Trent. Doi! Everyone wants it...

3. This one's a bit overboard... but how about getting Lizzie (that handicapped girl from "Radical New Equipment") to move in, or at least visit for 5 eps? Since Olivia Hack is probably out of a job by now, probably wouldn't hurt to try that out...

ottoman21: I like the lizzie idea a lot Sourire

Prince_Izzy: The Trent idea is good, but I would rather they included Keoni more (even though he's been in quite a few episodes). They also need to have Oliver come into play some more, not to mention a return visit from (dun dun DUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!) Clio and Little Scottie!

MASTERNC: I agree that Trent and Lizzie should return. I bet Keoni would appear more often now that Noelani and Ray are married. It would be hard to bring Breezy in (if you know what I mean). Reggie should definitely get more in to boys at her age and new episodes should reflect that. Hey, Clio could even pop back in since Otto seemed to have a bit of a thing for her. Sourire

I still think a spin-off of the Rocket gang's older counterparts would be cool. Call it "Ocean Avenue" or something like that. Yeah, Nick and K-C would probably duplicate a lot of AGU ideas but there would definitely be other teenage issues to tackle.

ottoman21: I don't know, it wouldn't seem the same, if we made the Rocket Gang into teens. But, if that's how the show is to continue, I'm all for it! Bravo

kangaroo729: I thought of a "Rocket Power" spin-off called "Reggie".

SpiderBraids: It would be hard to bring Breezy in (if you know what I mean).

Not if, as Mike theorizes, she's now smitten with Conroy.

ottoman21: Conroy/Breezy? Rire That would be great!

SpiderBraids: I agree that Trent and Lizzie should return.

Now the question would be, what would they be doing for plots here?
I can't really imagine any Trent stories that wouldn't be a rehash of either of his two stories. Then again, his second story itself is a rehash of many previous eps where Reggie would go out to prove the world that she can do it (whatever "it" is) as well as the boys. Maybe something like the upcoming AGU! "Fear of Falling" ep?
Meanwhile, the only Lizzie plot I can imagine would be a bit of a rehash of RANZ. Basically, she competes in an extreme race for the handicapped, with Reggie as coach. And even that sounds a bit farfetched, given that these sports aren't exactly popular among the handicapped.

ottoman21: I'd like to see some pairing episodes. Reg/Twist, Conroy/Breezy, Sam/Sherry, etc. Of course one could argue that it is Sam and Reggie, since they have so much in common.

Prince_Izzy: *Raises hand* Yo. Tire la langue If there absolutely HAS to be a romantic episode (blech), it's gotta be for that pairing and ONLY that pairing!

SSJ_Jup81: I'd like to see some Twister romance in general, actually. In Cinco de Twisto, they did hint at it, his maybe noticing girls. Movie 2, he pretty much had a crush on Shaffika. In the ep with the band, he was chased down by a mob of girls. lol

I just want more Twister/girl interaction, and I like the concept of his having a crush on Reggie. I just find Twister x Reggie more fun compared to Sam x Reggie...Sam x Reggie is kinda...boring to me.

Prince_Izzy: Heh, well Twister/Reggie is boring and pretty senseless to me. I could never see that pairing in a million years. A lot of interesting plotlines can be done with Sam/Reggie, IMHO.

Mike2000: Hum... I could actually enjoy both couples. Both have many attractives: Sam/Reg would have lots of brain power, creativity, teamwork and loyalty. As for Twist/Reg, it would have lots of funny gags. So, whoever wins lil' Reggie's heart, will have my "blessing", lol.

SSJ_Jup81: Heh, well Twister/Reggie is boring and pretty senseless to me. I could never see that pairing in a million years. A lot of interesting plotlines can be done with Sam/Reggie, IMHO.

I personally could see it, if the two were older. People do grow up and mature. I doubt that say a 16-year-old Twister would be the same as an 11 year old one.

Then again, another reason why I may like the pairing slightly better is probably due to the fact that Twist was shown to notice a girl as opposed to Sam.

ottoman21: I mean, what girl wouldn't want Twister. Yes, he's dumb, but he's sweet though. Sourire

SSJ_Jup81: Twister isn't dumb. ><

Prince_Izzy: *Smirks* Right... He's just naive. *Snickers*

ottoman21: What I meant to say is Twister isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, Wendy.

SSJ_Jup81: *Smirks* Right... He's just naive. *Snickers*

Yeah, he is naive and gullible, like a kid...yet, he does show to have a bit of common sense (Falsley Alarmed). The only thing he's actually truly "dumb" with is schoolwork, but I get the impression that Otto isn't all that good with schoolwork either.

That aside, when he puts his mind to something, he does show to be quite smart (Tito's Lucky Shell; Follow the Leader) and I don't know about you, I find that one has to be quite smart, or patient, one, to sit around and make videos, as well as edit them and work on them as passionatly (sp?) as he does. *Nods*

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