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Paintball 2
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(Night falls)



TB: To dark, can't see, it's cold.

TOMMY: I can.

TB: Yeah, well, you're right next to Charmander, of course you can see!

JIMMY: How did I get stuck with these guys, of anyone, it just HAD to be these guys!

TB: Well I-Oof!

(It is another temple, but this time it's drab and made of sand.)

TB: Well waddaya know.

JIMMY: You're just gonna walk in there, arn't you?

TB: Yup.

JIMMY: I'm staying out here.

TIMMY: Fine.

(they enter the temple.)

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 4:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everyone was walking down a road that seemed to lead nowhere. We came across railroad tracks that ran across the road from northeast to southwest.

Hihey: Guys, we're following the tracks northeast. Some guy told me there is a Pizza Hut this way.
Jared: Some guy?
Hihey: Yeah. Some dude named Mohummad(sp?) Chad.
Jared: Chad?
Hihey: Yea, why?
Jared: Strange name for this area.
Tony: Is it just me or are we all hungry?
Clint: It's just you.
Tony: I'm not talking to you Mr. I Had Popcorn The Whole Time And Ate It All And Didn't Save Any For Tony Stewart Or Austin Powers Or...
Clint: I get it! But you didn't ask for any.
Tony: I assumed you'd offer some.
Jared: You guys coming?! It's gonna get cold here very soon and you guys are holding us up!
Tony: I didn't see them leave, did you?
Clint: Nope.
Tony: Who cares, let's go.

We approach a Pizza Hut after about fifteen minutes. Hihey comes to a stop and turns to face the other four.

Hihey: Alright, let me go over a few rules. I'm a little paranoid about going into a restaurant with my paintball squad, especially after all those nightmares that occurred last time, so let me go over a few rules: order what is on the menu, no punching customers, no fork bending contests with customers, no drooling, no dancing lobsters, no yelling randomly, no "crush", use your food as food, no stuffing your face in the food, no fighting, and no disturbing the peace. Sound good?
Clint: You think we haven't all been to a restaurant?
Tony: I'm good on most of those.
Austin: We can manage ourselves, baby.
Jared: Hihey, not everyone is Michael Eisner or Arnold Schwarzenneggar
Hihey: Dont' forget...
Jared: or Kovu.

We all come out of the Pizza Hut later after a sane dinner.

Hihey: Thank you all for not being Michael Eisner of Kovu or Arnold Schwarzenneggar.
Clint: What is that? *points*
Hihey: I dunno, let's go find out.

We all walk down there and find that it is an abandoned Barracks.

Hihey: This is our campsite.
Jared: Naah, too good for a campsite.
Hihey: You're right. This will be our base.

We set up base stuff, like orange flags, lights, radio towers, watch towers, we get ready for bed around 2AM.

Clint: Uh, Hihey. What are our plans for tomorrow?
Hihey: I was thinking about that during dinner, I want to find out what those two guards are hiding.
Clint: Seriously dude, I don't think they have anything to hide.
Hihey: It was just suspicious looking, when was the last time you saw a bunker made out of cement with a metal spike with a torch of blue fire on the top like a freakin steeple, a statue of a woman holding a cross and praying, and most importantly no lookout points?
Clint: *thinks it over* That does sound different from what I've seen.
Hihey: Exactly, and ever since we came across it weird things have been happening.

Austin runs over to us

Austin: Hey guys, I forgot to tell you, when we passed by the reinforcement's groovy pad, I found this shaggy old book.
Hihey: *reads cover* The Spirits of the Vizjheri.
Jared: Sound like something that Alkor said to me.
Hihey: That's because it is. Where did you come from?
Jared: I've been right behind you eavesdropping since the conversation began.
Tony: Same here.
Hihey: Austin, where'd you find it?
Austin: I found it under a cube-shaped rock. it was in a wooden dor underneath it.
Hihey: That must be why you got a call from the metal gear dude. This must be his book. *opens book* Uh... what language did the metal gear guy speak?
Jared: English.
Hihey: This is not his book. There are only two people that can read Vizjheri, or Horadrim, one of those is Alkor.
Jared: So we're going to the temple tomorrow.
Hihey: Yes, we're gonna find out who lost this book.
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 1714
Location: Spammers Annoynmous

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(The sun rises...and Jimmy loses paitence.)

JIMMY: They've been in there who knows how low long and...and...and...and...and...I QUIT!

(Walks away)

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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Location: West Central Florida

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The next day near the tomb entrance

Jared: Hihey, stop. We can't just walk in there, those guards have spears and everything
Hihey: Then we'll have to bring out a reinforcement. I choose Carmen Elektra; IMO one of the top ten hottest women.
Austin: And just how do you think that funky plan will work?
Jared: Yeah, what are you..... OH!!! I get it now *wink*
Hihey: Oh yeah....

Carmen Elektra appears in front of guards wearing nothing but a bikini

Carmen: I would like it if you two boys would follow me back behind the temple
Guard #1: Race ya there!
Guard #2: I get first dibs on her!
Austin: Whose idea was it to put two stupid sociopaths as guards... if I'm not using sociopath incorrectly
Hihey: Who cares!? We're in!

All five of us enter temple. That is a motive we will all soon regret. We walk to a pillar in the middle of the main room.

Hihey: Look at this pillar! This must be a map of the temple!
Tony: Aw man, there are five floors? Does that mean I have to walk up stairs?
Hihey: I dunno, I guess. But there are two basements that are each three times as big as the three upper floors like this one. We appear to be in the middle floor. So we're all gonna have to split up. Sound good?
All: Sure.
Hihey: And ready your paintballs, green team could be anywhere, or you may run into something alot worse. So be caref...

Clint falls through a trapdoor

Clint: Hey, the first basement is lighter than the floor you guys are on!
Hihey: And watch out for trapdoors! That goes for everyone. Stay alert! You don't want to miss anything. I will take the book. Now go!

Everyone ran into extremely strange things along the way. Hihey was at the far end of the main floor and tripped over the leg of a stone statue and fell through an air duct that led to the second basement.

Tony found a trail of jellybeans that led him up a ladder to the third floor, the jellybeans led him around a metal spike that went through all five floors. oddly enough, as he circled the spike jellybeans kept appearing as if out of nowhere as he kept eating them. With every jellybean he ate, the pillar rose through the roof a little bit more.

Austin fell down a trapdoor and ended up on the second floor somehow, which was a massive library filled with old dusty books. He found a book on the shelf called "The women of the '70s" and inside it he found a button, which he pressed, which opened a vault behind him. Inside the vault was a glass case with a very large coin inside it. He removed the glass carefully and took the coin with him.

Clint walked down a long hallway and found a mine train in the middle of a railroad track that seemed to lead all around the first basement. He pulled a lever next to it which made the mine train start to move at about 4 or 5 miles an hour. He jumped in right as it left and started to look around. And as he rode the train he saw shining outlines of bodies floating in mid-air. They all disappeared with a flash either upward or downward. This, oddly enough, would affect everyone else in the temple.

Hihey walked down a dark corridor to the only source of light from that side of the temple; a vending machine with a drink labeled "Desert Punch" on it. Hihey found three Kyat (local currency) atop the machine

Hihey: What luck! I'm so thirsty!

He inserted a Kyat, he clicked on "Sierra Mist" and then waited a moment, something dropped into the drink retrieval.

Hihey: Uh... this doesn't look like Sierra Mist, it doesn't even look like a soft drink............ why did the vending machine just give me a flute?

Hihey put in another Kyat, this time he got a rolled up piece of paper.

Hihey: What the...??? Oh great, more Vizjeri. I can't read this.

He held the flute and scroll in his right hand as he inserted his last Kyat. This time the object that came out flew out of the machine. Hihey had to look at it for a moment, and then it moved and faced him.

Hihey: Kimba?!
Kimba: Where am I? How did I get here?
Hihey: Don't ask me, how did you get in that vending machine?
Kimba: I was in a vending machine? No I wasn't, I was at the reinforcements outpost waiting for a job.
Hihey: What the hell is going on here?!
Kimba: Oh, look! Free drinks! *finds three bottles of Sierra Mist around her.
Hihey: So the vending machine is humane, but who the hell put a flute, a scroll, and a cat inside it.

Silence, too silent

Kimba: Did you hear something?
Hihey: Yeah, what the heck was it?

The sound came from a bolt of lightning that hit the spike, the spike had been raised to it's maximum by Tony Stewart.

Distant Voice #1: You took the book?! Who has the coins?!
Distant Vocie #2: What book?!
Distant Voice #3: You know very well what book, because you are standing right where it used to be.
Hihey: Sounds like we got trouble.
Kimba: What the hell is going on here?!
Hihey: I dunno, but we'd better find out

Hihey and Kimba head for the stairs

Distant Voice #1: You're coming with us to the interrogation room!
Distant Voice #2: I told you, I don't have the book!

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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 5:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

TB: (Enters) Well, we didn't find anything in THAT temple, and this one...ORANGE TEAM!

(Everyone holds his gun at hihey and Kimba)

TB: Well lookie here! We have a re-inforcement.

TIMMY: Hey, where's Jimmy.

TOMMY: He went off.

TB: HE WHAT?!? Uhh...fine, Charmander


(Charmander's re-inforcement appears)

HARRY POTTER: Oh, not YOU again.

TIMMY: Hi Daniel!


TB: That'll teach him for walking off. As we were saying...

TIMMY: (Falls down trapdoor) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

TB: are doo...oo...oo...can we just forget this happened?

HIHEY: O...K...


(Green Team jump down trapdoor. They land in a pit full of...)


TB: Briiiiliant.

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had to write this entire thing twice because my browser suddenly closed Fou

BTW Kimba is not a reinforcement, neither are the others I will use. They aren't even on our team.

Okay, on the third floor Tony Stewart was passed out from jellybean-overdose so nothing happening there.

On the second floor Austin Powers was looking for a book on translating Vizjeri to English. He picked out a book from the shelf, it slipped and he dropped it. On impact it opened up and a squirrel flew out onto his face.

Austin: (HP: 98%) AAGH! Get off me! Who are you?!
Hammy: Kimba, what game are you playing, you know who... who... who... WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE THE HECK AM I?!???!
Austin: Shhh! You're in this groovy pad disturbing the literature.
Hammy: How did I get here?!
Austin: (Into walkie talkie) Hihey, some squirrel just flew in here out of a book.
*no response*
Hihey, are you there?
*no response*
Answer me!
*no response*
Darn! Must have it turned off. Well we'd better go find him.

On the main floor Hihey found Jared trying to decipher some markings on the wall.

Jared: Hihey, anything strange happen to you, too?
Hihey: uh... yeah, a possesed vending machine happened. I heard some voices so I came up here.
Kimba: Me too.
Jared: Yeah, I saw a bright flash

Another Jared Leto appears

Jared #1: And this has been happening the whole time since you left.\
Jared #2: This whole temple is cursed.
Jared #1: Just ask Erika, Michael Eisner, and Hammy.
Hihey: But that makes eleven! HQ is gonna think that all eleven are our team, that would be an illegal move and we would lose random players and any effects of the additional players, we would be reduced by four, and they can get rid of ANYBODY and ANYONE's affects on the team!
Jared: But the additional four are not ours.
Hihey: Doesn't matter, anything they suspect was created by us will count as our team. (Into walkie talkie) HQ, this is Hihey, can you hear me?
*no response*
HQ, this is Hihey, do you read?
*no response*
HQ, can you hear me?
*no response*
*no response*
Damn, my battery must be dead.
Jared #1: Same here
Jared #2: Same here
Hihey: Looks like we have a situation on our hands. We need to return a book in pandemonium city, but we can't return it without the owner, and now it looks like we are making an illegal move. Perfect.

A floor below Clint rode the mine train seeing nothing of interest until he heard three voices, he ditched the train and stopped it with the nearby lever (to decrease suspicion and let his presence stay unknown, the train was heading for the room with the voices). He stood behind the wall and listened. Two of the voices (voice 1 and 3) sounded like the voice of an apparition.

Voice #1: So, you were standing next to the rock that held the book under the trapdoor, and you deny stealing it?
Voice #2: Yes, because I didn't. I don't even know what it's called!
Voice #1: But you were standing next to it, there's no denying that you stole it!
Voice #3: Where is the book?!
Voice #2: I swear, I literally just appeared there, I was at the paintball HQ and I just seemed to come outta nowhere.
Voice #1: That's impossible, the only way that could happen is if someone pulled the lever on the mine train.
Voice #3: And that could only happen if we had a tresspasser.
Voice #1: Which is impossible with the guards we hired.
Voice #2: Then there are tresspassers, since I never stole the book!
Voice #3: We could choke the answers outta you!
Voice #1: Where is the book?!
Voice #2: You could put me on trial, I have no book!

Clint peeked in, he saw two glowing flases hovering in the air, they were blue and light blue and had two symbols in the center of them. He also saw a chair with light around it, he also saw someone sitting on the chair, obviously tied up, but he could not make out who it was.

Voice #3: We don't have time for this, kid. We're late for a meeting with the gods.
Voice #1: Talk!
Voice #2: I have no book!
Voice #3: You want some assistance in talking? Well here's your motivation!

Clint could not see what it was, but the light blue glow dropped an object on the ground right near the chair.

Voice #3: You want it? All you gotta do is tell us where you found the book.
Voice #2: Heh, one fish? Trying to use the temptation on me? Sorry, that don't work anymore.
Voice #1: Tethys, one fish? You gotta do something like this!

Clint sees a large pile of fish appear from nowhere.

Tethys (voice 3): Don't tell me how to torture, Talic.
Voice #2: *silent*
Talic (voice 1): Your silence says it all. You're gettin' hungry, aren't ya? I bet your tongue is just begging for it! Well we have a meeting with the gods, so good luck with getting your gratification, we'll be back for the book in fifteen minutes.

getting a bit long, please continue from anywhere BUT here.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 5:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(A thump is heard, then more thumps, not at the same place as the voice, but elsewhere. Meanwhile...)

TB: time I'll take the stairs.

TIMMY: (Muffled)!

TB: Sorry. (Rolls off)


(Got tired of controlling him)

TB: Jimmy! He's just disappeared back to the outpost!

HARRY: He' altar sacrifice!

TB: Right, we need someone able to get close up to him, and thus, I use my reinforcement...

(Rowan Acktinson (Spelling?) appears)

TB: Right, Mr Bean...yes, I know that's not right, but it's easier...remember your part in Johnny English...

BEAN: ...Run inside, make them fall down laughing, and marry...

TB: Uhh...actually, we just need to use you as a temple sacrifice.

BEAN: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

TB: Here's the plan...(whisper whisper) it?


(Runs in and gets sacrificed.)

TB: Why, Jimmy? WHY did you pick a useless idiot! (Cries)

TIMMY: Well YOU'RE the one writing this.

VOICE: Oh, all mighty Viracocha, use your body molding skills on our next victim...

TB: Strange, eh Timmy?...Timmy...TIMMY?

(Inside, Timmy is tied to a stick, when...)

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 3:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

...Five Jared Leto's appeared.

TB: Holy crap!
Jared #3: So glad you could join us. We're gonna have lots of fun here!
Jared #4: You said it!
TB: Quick, throw the severed body parts at him!
Jareds: AAAAAAHH!!!

All Jareds morph back onto one and the one disappears w/a flash.

TB: Wait, that wasn't the real Jared?
Timmy: Looks that way.
TB: Strange...

Meanwhile, Tony woke up to a glowing metal pillar next to him, this was the same pillar that he not knowingly drove through the roof.

Voice: Hey! Tony!
Tony: Who are you?
Voice: Fred Rogers... well it's not really Fred... but...
Tony: Yeah, the preschoolers show that has taken a nose dive in the ratings.
Mr. Rogers: WHO TOLD YOU?!
Tony: Well, it's nice to meet you but I gotta go.
Mr. Rogers: Go? Oh, your on the paintball team?
Tony: Yyyyyeah.
Mr. Rogers: could you please tell me what the hell is going on here?!
Tony: What's your show rated?
Mr. Rogers: What's your face rated?! How did I get in here?!
Tony: Beats me, all I came here for were the free jellybeans.

They both walk down the stairs.

Nobody was on the second floor.

On the first floor, we were trying to figure out some things.

Hihey: I hope HQ has technical problems or we're done for!
Jared: Hey, maybe it'll be allowed as long as the other players don't cause any trouble with the other teams.
Austin: Looks like all we're missing is Clint.
Hihey: Didn't he fall through a trapdoor?
Jared #1: Not only that but...
Jared #2: ...He's the only one that's been on the...
Jared #3: ...Upper basement, and that's where the...
Jared #4: ...Interrogation room is.
Hihey: So Clint was the one taken hostage?
Jared #2: Possibly, unless it was...
Jared #5: ...Another paintball team member from...
Jared #1: ...MothBall Mountain.
Hihey: Alright, so we're gonna have to use the trapdoor since there are no stairs.
Hammy: Hey Hihey, what's new... OOH! Your face is better!
Hihey: Yeah, no thanks to you!
Hammy: Hey, no hard feelings... right?
Hihey: *sigh* Well, I suppose it wouldn't have affected our outcome anyway so I guess so.
Hammy: Yippie!!! *jumps for joy*
Jared #3: Back to the Clint issue...
Jared #6: Clint ain't stupid, he would know how to...
Jared #4: ...Not get captured by the...
Jared #7: ...Gods of the Vizjeri.
Hihey: The gods of the Vizjeri? Is that what's causing all this?
Austin: Yeah, and I found this groovy coin in a literature pad. *hands coin over*
Hihey: This looks just like the one...
Jared #3: ...That Erika gave you when you...
Jared #7: ...Used the metal detector.
Hihey: Alright, it was annoying enough to have to turn my head every three seconds to hear Jared talk, now I have to turn my head to hear my own sentence. So, clones of Jared, go away or something.

Six Jareds morph back to the real one.

Hihey: Good, now let's go through the trapdoor and find Clint.

Clint was in hiding outside of the interrogation room, the figure inside was still tied to the chair. Unfortunately, Clint was not the best at stealth, nor was he willing to take the risk of getting barbecued by the gods to save a hostage. He could hear him saying something to himself.

Voice #2: Just my luck. Why always me?! Why always use the food torture on me?! I don't even have the book! This is at least the 10 thousandth time I've been forced to sit and drool over food. (louder) That's animal cruelty! I could take you to court for that, get some cash and buy me some hands! (pause, then talks quieter) Oh, man that fish smells so good! it's making my mouth water... this is just great... well I just gotta try not to drool. *sniffs the air* But it smells SO good... I can't stand it! *he hangs out his tongue and starts drooling... alot*
Clint: (to himself) Buy some hands? Animal cruelty? Fish? Dear god, a talking cat.

Train nearby starts moving, Clint ducks behind a nearby crate. He waits there until the train passes through the interrogation room.

Voice #2: *licks saliva from chin and mouth* Who's there?
Clint: I guess the coast is clear.

Clint walks into room and approaches the tied up victim slowly.

Voice #2: Who are you?
Clint: Hihey sent me, and I guess I could un-tie you.
Voice #2: Hihey sent you?! You mean Hihey is the trespasser that set off the mine train?
Clint: No, actually that was me.
Voice #2: Well look what happened as an effect.
Clint: You aren't the only one that shouldn't be here. You were just a victim of circumstance like I have been so many times in my rookie season.
Voice #2: Forget the racing, just un-tie me!
Clint: Right.

Clint un-ties him, they both can hear another mine train approaching. In the mine train are Hihey, Tony Stewart, Jared Leto, Austin Powers, Jared Leto, Kimba, Erika, Jared Leto, Mr. Rogers, Michael Eisner, Hammy, and Jared Leto.

Clint: Where did you all come from?
Hihey: Oh, us? Why we just walked in. Where do you think?! it's more complicated than walking in here! ......Kovu?! Thirteen now! Great!
Clint: Ohhhh, so you're Kovu!
Kovu (Voice #2): Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
Clint: It's alright, kid. So where did we get the extra Jared Letos, the cat, the owner of Kovu, a preschool show host, and the squirrel?
Hihey: You probably know more than I do. Who was the one being held... *looks at pile of fish on ground, then looks at Kovu dripping with his own saliva, standing a large puddle of it on the ground*...captive? ...and I'm gonna put my money on Kovu.
Clint: You got it. The poor thing was accused of stealing the book.
Hihey: Well, we got the book. And I found an English copy of it.
Clint: Where?
Hihey: I don't know. I also have a flute, a scroll, and a cat... all from a vending machine.
Tony: Makes about as much sense as everything else around here does.

Suddenly, we hear two noises, the sound of another mine train, and a flashy loud spiritual noise. Jareds clones are frightened and morph back into the real one. When the mine train enters, it is carrying green team, not only do we have that problem now, but the gods of the Vizjeri have returned for the book.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 4:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

TB: Hands up!

(Jared aims, but Timmy shoots his gun away)

TB: Up. NOW!

CLINT: Um...OK...

TB: Good, now I'm just going to...

TIMMY: Guys...has anyone noticed the bright light at the end of the tunnel?


(A flame bursts at it, at the light explodes...and the gods are there!)

TB: Oh phooy...truce?

HIHEY: Truce.


(Orange Team get into the mine cart and we escape)

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tethys and talic are chasing us as we go down the mine railroad, the mine train turns right.

Clint: I haven't been this way yet.
Tethys: Get back here! *shoots bolt of lightning at us but misses and hits the railroad, which collapses and we fall into what seems to be a black abyss.

We fall until we land on the main floor in front of the entrance, then continue running.

Jared #3: Uh... Hihey
Hihey: I know, no time to act suprised, RUN!!!

We run out of the temple and trample over the village again. Tony breaks ahead.

Tony: Where is everyone?
Hihey: Like I said, lay off the food and don't eat good cars. but keep running anyway!

The gods continue to shoot pillars of lightning at all twenty-one of us (including three Jared clones). Then we all scatter, heading every which way.

Talic: Give us the book!
Hihey: ...Oh, duh, why didn't I do that earlier? *drops book*
Talic: There's the book! Get it!
Tethys: I got it! Put it in a safer place. Put it in the library!

The two gods vanish back into the temple, but that's just one of our problems that has faded. We still had the problem of getting the "reinforcements" back to HQ, the clones, the two coins, getting everyone back together since we all scattered, and the walkie talkie problem.

Hihey: (Into walkie talkie) HQ, we have a situation, can you hear me?
*still no response*
HQ, can you hear me?!
*no response*
Damn it!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TB: *Panting* So basically...we, get the...reinforcements...back to H...Q and then we fight again?

TIMMY: I guess so.

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

no, actually we're separated from you so we dunno where you are, truce is off.

We arrive at a Pancake House later, all twelve of us (fifteen including Jared Leto's clones... wait... now sixteen)

Jared: Man these clones are annoying, it's kinda like our music video for 'The Kill', except there's four clones instead of one and I'm not screaming at his face.
Hihey: Yeah, I love The Shining.
Kimba: So aren't we going back to HQ?
Hihey: Well, you wanna get some dinner first?
Kimba: Yeah, sure

All agree

Hihey: Alright then, but Eisner is paying.
Eisner: You owe me.
Hihey: Yeah, I like cacti, too.
Kovu: What are we talking about
Erika: I dunno. Hihey, Austin mentioned a coin he found to me, can I see it?
Hihey: Sure *hands over coin*
Erika: It looks like the mirror image of the one we found over at MothBall mountain.
Hihey: Really? That's pretty cool. Kovu, do you remember what the inscrption said on the rock in the witch's cave?
Kovu: Uh... I think it said something like "Whosoever bares two coins of the Vizjeri shall enter"
Hihey: And we have both! But how the heck do we get to MothBall from there?
Austin: You think it may be hidden in that scroll you insist on carrying around with you?
Hihey: Possibly, *looks a scroll* it looks like directions on how to play the flute, but their scale is different from the standard version. I'll need the Vizjeri-English book I found to read this, but we can't do that without going back into the temple.
Erika: So basically, you need to find a way to MothBall mountain to get into the witch's lair, but you can't without playing the flute at a certain place in the temple in a certain way, which you can't do without translating the scroll into English, which you can't do without the book in the temple we just fleed, right?
Carmen: I'm Carmen!
Hihey: And you can head back to the reinforcements outpost now!

Carmen disappears

Hihey: Anyway, yes. It's gonna be very tough. Unfortunately, I won't have you, Kovu, Eisner, Mr. Rogers, Hammy, or Kimba there to aid me... that is unless I call you as a reinforcement, but I'm gonna bring in new guys so they can paintball.
Erika: Like?
Hihey: Like the reinforcement I am replacing the very hot, fully healed Carmen Elektra with; Jay Leno!

Jay Leno appears

Jay Leno: Hey! what's going on everyone? ...I must sound as cheerful as Dick Cheney did when oil struck $70/barrel
All: *mild laughter*
Hihey: So let's all go to the pancake house and get some lunch... or dinner... whatever you wanna call a 3:30 PM meal.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

TB: I miss mountains.

(Green Team hang up a flag saying, "get Orange Team, or Lord Kitchoner will kill you!")

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I need to be more consistant...

All (recounts) I think 15 of us (four Jared Leto's, me, Austin, Kovu, Tony, Clint, Kimba, Erika, Eisner, Mr. Rogers, Hammy, and Jay Leno) are in line at the Pancake House

Hihey realizes that this was gonna be another crazy lunch/dinner.

Hihey: Uh guys, you sure you don't want to make our own dinner at the barracks?
Clint: Man, that's a three hour walk, that means we'll have been 12 hours without food. Heck yeah I'm sure!
Tony: Yeah, and I'm hungry now!
Hihey: Er... can we do an all in favour? Whoever wants to eat at home say I

Cricket cricket

Hihey: Alright, then would you excuse me? ...Waitress!
Waitress (with southern accent): Well how may I help ya? Say, don't I know you?
Hihey: Uh... maybe. Did you work at the restaurant near MothBall mountain?
Waitress: Yeah, ...I got deported and was moved to this resturant. I miss the old mountains, it's too hot here for me.
Hihey: Tell me about it. Nice to see you again, April!
April: Same thing here. Now what was it you wanted?
Hihey: Uh... (looks at Eisner ordering a complex meal), oh yeah. Do you have a car?
April: No, but I have a bathroom. It's down that way and to the left.
Hihey: ...Close enough, thanks!
April: No problem.
Kovu: Where'd he go?
April: Hey, I remember you, too. How's your dad?
Kovu: I dunno, I was suddenly sucked into this and now the gods think I'm a thief.
April: Well he'll be right back, he went to the bathroom.
Eisner: (...) a little bombshell and tricycle, then poke at it with a can of refried sugar. Have it delivered to my table via mobile home.
Waiter: Sir, I need a humane order.
Erika: Honey, no offense, but hurry up!
All: *agree*
Eisner: Fine, I'll have a pancake with a side of pancake.

About 20 minutes later we're all sitting at the only 15-chair table in the restaurant.

Erika: Where's Hihey?
Kovu: April said he went to the bathroom.
Eisner: Aw, he's gonna miss all the fun! Hey waiter, do you have cancer or is that just a huge mole?

Customers look at him disgusted

Clint: I think I see why Hihey is in the bathroom, he's avoiding the dinner because he thinks that this team is his responsibility, it's like raising children.
Erika: You're right, and I think Kovu was the only one he could fix.
Kovu: Fix?!
Erika: *sigh* You take something nice and make it dirty...
Tony: You guys think we should talk about paintball? Like, how are we gonna get back in? The guards are there and we have Jay Leno now.
Jay: Well, it all depends on the guards. They could be bi after all.
Tony: True, but one of us will have to see. If they aren't, then the volunteer will be speared.
Eisner: Guys, I got an idea!
Austin: Oh really?
Jared #1: Tell us then.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We are still holding up the sign.

TB: Oh, forget it! Let's get dinner.

They enter the same resturant as...


Timmy fires at Jared

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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