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Nicktoon court

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:28 am    Post subject: Nicktoon court Reply with quote

Here's how it goes, you make up a court case with whatever nicktoons you want. You can either do it by your self or start it and have someone else finish it. I'll go first.

Court case:
Mr. Blink verses the state.
10:24 A.M.

Judge: Mr. Blink, would you please tell the court why you're here today?

Mr. Blink: I here to testafie about the freeway that is in my backyard. It's big, noisy, and it blocks out the sun from my tanning spot. This is unexceptable!

Judge: Un-huh. Mr. Blink you do relize the interstate freeway was built five years ago, right?

Mr. Blink: What's your point?

Judge: That new house you put up has only been there for a mouths! If
you didn't want a freeway in your backyard why on earth did you build a house there in the first place!?

Mr.Blink:......I didn't know it was a freeway.

Judge: How could you NOT know it wasn't a freeway?

Mr.Blink: I thought it was a cliff, or at least that's what my brother Waffle told me before I bought the property on the internet!!!

Judge: (hits court hammer on mantle) Order! Order! Hay wait-a-minute, did you say you have a brother named Waffle?

Mr.Blink: Yes.

Judge: Please tell me that's not the sameone that was arrest for throwing pancakes on the freeway last week?

Mr.Blink: ................ah....your Honor, I'd like to plead the Fifth.

Judge: (rubbs hand over his eyes) You're excused.

Waffle: (sitting from the back) Wow. That was quick.

Mr.Blink: Shut-up Waffle.
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