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[RP] Reggie and Trent

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Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 14 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 8:23 am    Post subject: [RP] Reggie and Trent Reply with quote

Yep, another thread on the would-be supercouple. This time, it's two threads from the old board on one.

From July 2003... this thread on why Reg/Trent would make a good couple.

CDB: Am I the only one that thinks she should go ahead and hook with Trent. They are a good couple.
I'm getting to soft.

MASTERNC: Nope, I don't think you're alone. It's hard to decide personally. I could see her with Sam, Twister, or Trent. That's what makes this puzzle more interesting.

KittyRock2711: they make a cute couple physically, but thier chemistry doesnt match up...she and twister would look so adorable together!!!

MASTERNC: I think you're right. They're physically attracted to each other, but Trent isn't right for her. After all, he assumed she wouldn't play rugby in "Major Scrummage" although she is a talented multi-sport athlete.
CDB: He didnt say should couldn't play, only asked if she wanted to watch. At the end he wanted her to play. See he's mature enough for her, unlike Twister.

KittyRock2711: they always say opposites attract...and this is scientifically proven...i read in a magazine that first borns (like reggie, since she's the oldest) and last borns (like twister, since he was born last in his family) make the best couples. i know that for a fact, considering im a last born and i usually dont get along with other last borns...but i do with first borns or middle borns. besides, if you have too much in common with someone, you dont get along very well old friend and i had a ton in common and we dont talk much anymore since we get into arguements a lot.

CDB: No offense to Reggie/Twister fans but I don't see them together. I sticking with Reggie/Trent but there's chance for Sam. I wonder how Ray would act if he found out Reggie is dating.


There was just one thing that was keeping them from being a hot item on RP. Basically, the distinct lack of Trent in non-Trent episodes. This was addressed in Sept 2003, as well as what that meant to Reg/Trent types.


CDB: Will Trent still be apart of Rocket Power like Sherri, Trish, and Lars.

MASTERNC: Obviously so far Trent has been a relatively minor character. Reggie thinks nothing of him when he's not in an episode. So unless he becomes a regular (which he probably won't) I think Reggie's "puppy love" for Trent will probably fade out.

TxblueME: In Major Scrummage, she didnt seem to be TOO interested in him either...maybe she got over him after the episode "Reggie/Regina"....I hope so...Im not too crazy about Trent

CDB: Well everybody is entitled to their opinion!!! I think Trent is best match for Reggie, and they should keep on.
She was interested in him in Major Scrumrage and he is interested in her!!!

TxblueME: Hey I was just sharing my opinion on Trent! And Reg wasnt interested in Trent in Major Scrummage...At least she didnt show it...

MASTERNC: I'm staying neutral on the issue in general. Trent and Reggie seem to have a "thing" for each other, but I don't think he's on there enough for any real romance to occur. As for the flirting she's been seen doing in both the Trent episodes, I think that's because of her age and the fact that he's the first boy that doesn't have such a sibling-like "connection" to her as Sam and Twister do.

KittyRock2711: i agree with MASTERNC

CDB: SO DO I!!!!

TxblueME: I agree too! wait I dont....Twister I agree with but Sammy no...she doesnt have a sibling-like connection with Sammy...only Twister because he acts childish and hes also otto's best friend and hes like family to the Rockets...Sammy however was the most recent one to join the RP gang and also he and Reggie share the same class...I still think its Twist+Reg though but thats just my opinion so dont yell at me! =)

CDB: Clam down playa' Nobody's gonna yell at maan


As described here, MASTERNC claims that possible reasons for the lack of Trent are lack of episodes ordered, and the fact that Greg "Trent" Coolidge was in "Sorority Boys" (think Amanda Bynes' "She's the Man", only with guys as girls instead).

Anyone else have other theories on the lack of Trent?

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Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 14 Apr 2006
Posts: 168
Location: Thailand

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 7:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Feb '05, Prince Izzy asks, "Where are all the Reg/Trent fics?"


Prince_Izzy: Here's something that's been on my mind for awhile (ok, a couple of hours). Why is it that the RP section on is swarmed with Reggie/Rodriguez Brother (Blech!) fics, but there isn't a single Trent/Reggie one?

Never mind the obvious near nonexistance of slash and Reggie/Sam fics *Grumbles*, I wish to know why this pairing (which has practically been played with on the show, no less) doesn't have a single fic for it!

*Calms down*

Whew... Anyway, that's my question. I doubt I'd need to ask this, but let's keep this free of any responses that go along the lines of "'Cause Twister (or Lars)/Reggie fics rule!" or whatever.

P.S: I've checked the RP section on Not a single Trent/Reggie fic is to be found (or at least not according to the fics' summaries).

catwings (Mara): I have similar problems with Kim Possible fics. Do Kim and Ron as well as Shego and Drakken really fit as couples? Whatever happened to Monique (for Ron), or other characters for that matter? I really don't like Kim/Ron stories that much. I think Ron would be better off with someone who fits with him.

As for Trent, I usually only use him as a secondary character. He's not one of my favorites. Oh, well...

Prince_Izzy: o_O;;; People pair up Shego and Drakken? And here I thought RP had strange pairings...

SpiderBraids: But at least with Shego/Drakken, it would come as a logical extension of the fact that they work together.
Anyways, theories why Trent is not popular among fanfic writers:
1. He appeared in just two stories ("Reggie/Regina", "Major Scrummage"), and the show has only played with the pairing in those two stories.
2. There seems to be just one angle to Trent: putting down Reggie just for being a girl. Then again, given his limited screen time, there might be more to this than we've seen... maybe someone can write a fic on how Trent became so strongly against girls competing with the boys?

Meanwhile, check out this. Think of it as a Reggie/Trent fic-let.

So, Trent has just overheard Reggie talk about the NZ Junior Waikikamukau Games (or, as Merv calls it: "The Waikikawhat?") at the Shack. After the gang has gotten Violet to mind the store while they're gone, Reggie runs into him.
R: Oh, it's you. I guess you heard that we're going to your homeland soon.
T: Yeah, it's a beautiful country, you know? Anyways, I heard that you're actually serious about competing at the Waikikamukau. To win.
R: Yes, I am.
T: Let me ask you something. ... Are you out of your mind?!?
R: Trent, this isn't one of those "You're a *girl*, Reggie" things, is it?
T: Well... you *are* a girl, Reggie.
R: We've been through this before. Twice. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I can't win.
T: Sorry to burst your bubble, but history says otherwise. No girl has ever won the race. That's why they call the title *Prince* Waikikamukau, you know?
R: All I'm gonna say is: History's gonna change. Everyone's gonna notice me.
T: Good luck trying to get *your own dad* to notice you...
R: Oh, he'll notice alright. (leaves)
T: Suuuuure.

Prince_Izzy: Yeah, I've seen that insight into a scene that may involve Trent. *Shrugs* I guess it makes some sense that there's the danger of messing up his personality, but it'd be nice to actually see someone take the risk, ya know?

The thing that bugs me is the fact that the pairing is talked about, yet there aren't any fics for it. That's my main complaint.

SSJ_Jup81: I said that in my own fic, that I was surprised there weren't more Trent x Reggie ones around since it was actually hinted at. Then again, we don't know much about Trent to give a fair interpretation of him, which is why I kinda avoid writing them. I wouldn't know where to begin with his character to even attempt writing something "romantic" for him.

Seems any fics I've read dealing with Trent hooked up with Reggie are pretty negative; you know, like he's abusive (verbally or physically) and then Reggie would end up upset about that, and some other character (Twister, Sam, or Lars respectively) would come to her rescue or something, which, imo, would be a bit out of character for a person like Reggie who is strong-willed and independent, not some damsel in distress.

And this is why I wish the secondary characters such as Trent had more air-time and background to get a good grasp as to what his character is truly like.

Prince_Izzy: o_O An abusive Trent? I get that he thinks girls can't do anything guys can, but abusive? That seems kinda out of character to me...

SSJ_Jup81: Yeah, unfortunately, I've come across a couple like that. I feel that it'd be out of character for him too.

Hey, totally OT, but does anyone here like any other Trent pairings?

Prince_Izzy: Wait... I don't see what's so hard about doing Trent's character. I mean, I've put him in a couple of my fics myself.

The only really hard thing about doing his character that I can think of off the top of my mind is making him use his commonwealth slang. Like, it's really hard to know when to have him say a New Zealander phrase or word or what situation to use it in. Not to mention there's also the problem of not knowing any commonwealth slang! Aside from that, it can't be that difficult to do his character. Just make him bad mouth girls every couple of lines and everything should be fine.

SpiderBraids: And this is why I wish the secondary characters such as Trent had more air-time and background to get a good grasp as to what his character is truly like.

Meanwhile, one newsgroup poster said about only featuring Trent and Breezy in two eps each:

(JDJF03, I've also felt this was a foolish thing (to only have a couple episodes with them).

And I feel that some of the posters here will feel the same way, since KC had significantly promoted those characters' debuts (the Cooltoons site even featured a "Would You Rather?" with Trent some time before his debut). From the way they were promoting their debuts, you'd think that they'd have to be significant.

And thus, that is another reason there should be more airtime for the two.

catwings: I admit to writing one of those. I have since only used his character in a good way. He usually remain a secondary character though. Don't yell at me for it, it was my first RP story!

It would have helped if they had given him more airtime...

SSJ_Jup81: Aww, no one answered my other question (unless I'm just blind tonight lol).

Well, I'll answer my own question. I like Trent x Trish as an alt pairing for Trent.

Prince_Izzy: U_U How come my threads always wind up going off topic? Anyway, it'd be pretty interesting to see a fic that pairs up Otto and Trent.

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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