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[TWT] When Eliza Unplugged was delayed

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:58 am    Post subject: [TWT] When Eliza Unplugged was delayed Reply with quote

Three threads in one folks! Let's start with this thread from Feb 2003. One of the review threads.


nicktoons2: I gave all of them a 10. Très content :blob:

Thornberry: There all good!There all eciting,cool,and adventurous! Très content Sourire :star:

Shane4Eliza: Ice Follies was the Best One so Far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RR_Raptor65: I still say Clash & Learn was the best.

Jessangel: I like Fools Gold best because Debbie figures out Eliza likes Shane and, and Debbie is over him. However I'm surprised Debbie didn't figure it out before ... but it's nice to know that Shane likes Eliza too ...
I just wish they would air "Eliza Unplugged" !! I know that'll be the best!!

RR_Raptor65: Yeah, but don't count on Nick...

lefteye: :star: yea i liked all of the new shows too
they were get :star:
they were cool :blob:

Thornberry: Wow!Its been sooooooooooo long sence any word of Eliza Unplugged...Mabey Nick will do the same thing w/ the lost SpongeBob eppy thing...or it might never show and mabey appear on DVD or somethin (if they ever make a Wild Thornberrys eppys DVD) :smash:

Darwin: Clash & Learn is my fave :blob:

Sfano: I like Clash & Learn :blob: :nono: ฟo no?

Sfano: Never saw Eliza Unplugged

Thornberry: we may never see it too

Darwin: i feel sorry for you. ive seen it Très content

It was seen on Britain's BBC on March 15 2003.

Darwin: No new posts since tuesday? where have all the thornberry fans gone?


Let me take a guess Darwin... to the other review thread to complain that Elize Unplugged wasn't aired. (Some jerk named megaman01 posted here to complain that he wanted to go to the retro board like 4-5 times. These have been deleted.)


nicktoons2: I think the new episodes were awesome i loved them.Did anybody else liked them?

RR_Raptor65: Yeah, TV Tome says on Saturday their gonne air an Encore presentation of all the new Episodes for people who missed it and air Eliza Unplugged at the end.

spkmtv02: Ok..before anyone argues, but nicktoons2..was this thread nessicary?

You could of posted this in one of the MANY threads about the new episodes.

jessangel: [img][/img]

Shane is co cute!! *cough* I'm ok .. that's from Saturday's new epi "Eliza Unplugged"
Here's the official info 'bout it thanks to the wonderful ppl at Klasky Csupo!!

With Shane leaving to go back to his life as a pop star, will Eliza get the courage to let him know that she likes him as more than a friend? Maybe, but when he decides to run away, she's going to have to find him first... alone. Meanwhile, Marianne feels neglected by Eliza.

And some how I knew it ... from episode 3 "Fool's Gold" when Shane is writing his song, I just KNEW he would sing it in the last episode ... boo-yah! Which of course is about Eliza, but not saying her name ... And of course thanks to K-C I know the lyrics (though I'm annoyed that it seems that Klasky Csupo characters can't write a song that can be sung in less than 30 seconds ... like Ginger's song from "Camp Caprice" on "As Told By Ginger" ... oh well)

I wasn't searching for a change while hanging out with you/
cuz in my head I told myself "I knew just what to do"/
But now I'm looking in the mirror and asking if it's real/
Your spirit got ahold of me and this is how I feel/
Oh sharing fears and sharing hearts/
This is where the friendship starts/
Me and you and you and me/
Makes me more than I can be ...

No word yet on whether that's really just all of the song or if there is an extended version (some shows with a short song as part of the episode might have it played during the credits again and sometimes the words are a little different and the song is longer ... but I doubt they'll do that considering I'm probably thinking about other shows ...

Well ... ok, that's about it, lol ... I'm thinking of making a little Thornberrys site ... cause I'm sick right now and I'm dreadfully bored and I just can't find a lot of Thornberry sites that aren't official.

nicktoons2: Jessangel ure gonna make a thornberrys website?i think thats cool can i see it when ure done?
Oh guys i have bad news the canceled the marothon so no new episode.

Jessangel: What do you mean they cancelled the marathon?
I know Nick has changed their minds before ... they wouldn't change anything the day before ...

It might be a while before I can make the site right now ... but I'll let u see it when I make it.

nicktoons2: Well nick.coms schedule says fairly oddparents all day so no new episodeNICK IS ANNOYING they cant just cancel the marathon a day before.

RR_Raptor65: Seeing how you can't trust ANYTHING Nick says... I'm sticking with TV Guide and TV Tome's schedule...

Jessangel: Well the new episode is definatly tomorrow ... but no word on a marathon ... all I know is that Klasky-Csupo's newsletter came out today and confirmed it will be out tomorrow, and I'm trusting them ..
Then again I never heard about the marathon in the first place (at least Nick never mentioned it) so it was probably TvTome that made it up originally ...

RR_Raptor65: No, I don't think TV Tome made it up because its on TV Guide too, and thats where they get their sources.

kimisailor: i herd this from the cooltoons new letter

Insert Cooltoons preview for EU here)

spkmtv02: Ahh! Ok, gotcha, Jessangel Bravo

Jessangel: The marathon WILL be on today ... I have one of those digital tv things and you press guide and go through the day and you can see all the shows coming up and from beginning at 2 till the new episode at 5:30 has all the episodes ... so I'm guessing that the marathon might have been decided at last minute before they could tell the tv guide (remember ... it's written last monday and as far as any of us knew, we all thought that the new episode would air on Friday night until they announced it would come out Saturday on Thursday) and TV Tome probably just went by the Tv Guide ...

Does that make sense? Cause that's probably what happend ... and the reason there is no ads telling about the marathon is probably that they couldn't get anything done fast enough for airing ... it probably was a last minute decision, which I think is a good one so they can air all the new episodes for people who may have missed an episode over the weekend ... cause lets face it, how often do they show Thornberry episodes at a reasonable time? It took me forever to finally see the last episode of the 5 episodes with Tyler!

Jessangel: I hadn't seen your post spkmtv02, but okay

nicktoons2: Well i was right no marothon.:mad:They delayed the most important episode. Mad

Nugums: I don't care, I love FOP Très content

nicktoons2: :rolleyes:than why are you in this forum? :rolleyes:

RR_Raptor65: It was in the TV Schedule, but they took it out last minute, and, as usual, didn't tell anyone, but theres two episodes tomarrow that are listed on their Schedule at 1:00 PM

Jessangel: wait ... the episode didn't air??
It's still 4:42 over here so I wouldn't know ... crud!!! Hum...

RR_Raptor65: Nope, they completly replaced it with an already overplayed show... Nick is unorganized... they plan something, then cancel it, then plan another date for it, and screw up on that...

nicktoons2: They replaced it with a stupid overplayed show:mad:.And i definetly agree with RR Raptor65.

Jessangel: I don't get it ... why is Nick doing this??
I practically started crying in frustration and almost didn't eat dinner!!!

nicktoons2: Nick is so annoying they cant just delay the most important episode i was very very sad when i found out that they delay the episode.

rugrats1: Another reason why the programmers at Nick are liars -- according to Don Del Grande, from his Arnold site

...first, they promised "five new
episodes of The Wild Thornberrys, Monday through Friday at 8:30 PM", then they reaize they already have a different schedule on Friday
nights, so on Thursday, they announce on TV that the fifth episode will air Saturday at 5:30 PM (at the end of what is supposed to be, and
what is listed on the schedule as, a four-hour Thornberrys marathon); the next day, replaces the Thornberrys marathon
with a The Fairly Oddparents marathon, and sure enough, the fifth new Thornberrys episode doesn't air, and in true "we said what?"
fashion, there's no explanation given. (Just between you, me, and all of the other people reading this, some of whom are going to put it on
message boards and newsgroups, I wouldn't be surprised if they're saving one new episode so they can have one to show before the next
movie, The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys - although they still haven't aired "Sir Nigel".)

RR_Raptor65: Now THAT makes sense and is totally what Nick is...

KT Kore: I practically started crying in frustration and almost didn't eat dinner!!!

Rire Why? This is Nickelodeon2k we're talking about. You might as well throw away all your TV Guides and delete every schedule website you go to. Tire la langue

rugrats1: You might as well throw away all your TV Guides and delete every schedule website you go to.

Not to mention, never trust any promo you see on Nick US ever again, after what they did with the Thornberrys.

Jessangel: Yea I kno ... I should have known better since I hadn't seen the commercial for 2 days ...
I would so rather have seen the last episode Firday replacing the Jimmy episode (you all kno how much I love Jimmy) I mean honestly ... if they have to air a re-run for the millionth time, why not replace it with a new episode?? Hum...
I don't see in the tv guide online ( anywhere it has the new episoe ... this is beginning to be a huge pain ... Hum...

KT Kore: this is beginning to be a huge pain ...

Indeed. And Nickelodeon has hit a new low by running promos and not staying true to them. First it was putting out schedules and changing them, but now this. Hum...

Jessangel: Last night I e-mailed Klasky-Csupo bout it .... I'm pretty sure they probably wom't have a sure reply, but no harm in trying I guess. Hum...

Thornberry: (sorry for saying this)Wow!How stupid can Nick be?!They make 7 new eppys of the Wild Thornberrys.They don't (and probaly will not)play Sir Nigle,that 2 epppys wasted.Now they don't play the finle eppy of Wild Thornnberrys Week which is the most important one!If Nick keeps this up Cartoon Network will become the best kids network!So I hope they relize they screwed up the 3 new eppys up that din't play at its date,and play them befor The Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys Movie plays in theaters!

Jessangel: They probably will EVENTUALLY show it ... because they paid for the making of those episodes and to not show it would be a waste of money.

rugrats1: If Nick keeps this up Cartoon Network will become the best kids network!

Too late -- in my opinion, Cartoon Network is already the best kids network. Ratings-wise, Nick still is, but they don't look it.

They probably will EVENTUALLY show it ... because they paid for the making of those episodes and to not show it would be a waste of money.

Try explaining that to a fan of CatDog, Angry Beavers, Invader Zim and (soon) Hey Arnold -- they all have a few episoedes that were completed a couple of years ago and seen worldwide, but were never seen on Nick or, in some cases, Nicktoons TV.

rugrats1: Last night I e-mailed Klasky-Csupo bout it .... I'm pretty sure they probably wom't have a sure reply, but no harm in trying I guess.

Same here, except that it was mainly an FYI letter, rather than the question (they are just as puzzled about Nick's programming plans as we are). In my e-mail, I basically told them what Don said about it, and I also called the Nick programmers "clowns".

Jessangel: Yea ... you're right about the catdog, angry beavers, Invader Zim and most likely Hey Arnold ... and I'm fans of all of them Hum...
But really ... it's coming on its second movie ... why wouldn't they have those episodes ... I mean I'm glad I knew about the Sir Nigel episode or I would have been confused bout one of the 5 episodes someone calls him "Sir Nigel".

I just said I was really annoyed at Nickelodeon (I used a different word, but apparently it is known as a bad word here ...) and wanted to know if they had any idea when it would air ... I also made a suggestion for the site, but that's all.

RR_Raptor65: Yeah, why would they air the new Episodes before the Rugrats Meet The Thornberrys, Klasky Csupo will probably make a leadin or two for it, like they did for The Wild Thornberrys Movie (Sir Nigel)

Jessangel: Whoa ... I didn't realized I used a bad word Hum...
I'll go edit it ...

Anyone see any commercials so far? In my 2 week advance tv guide online it still shows re-runs Hum...

RR_Raptor65: Ya gotta look for the ones that say 'An animated series about a girl named Eliza, who can talk to animals, and her wacky, documentary-making family.' Those are ones where Nick hasn't submitted the episode or don't want to, in the case they don't want to its probably a new episode.

nicktoons2: Anyway what was everyones favorite new episode?i loved all the episode so i cant choose. Très content

Jessangel: I think the best one is "Fools Gold" cause Eliza actually admits liking him and Debbie stops liking him as a crush Sourire It's cute.
But I know I would like the 5th episode if they ever showed it ...
I don't think I saw any without the episode named ... at least not within a two week span, but I need to check again ...

RR_Raptor65: I liked Clash and Learn, the best part was when Darwin scared off the Wolfs lol

nicktoons2: They aired the valentines day episode today but no eliza unplugged yet. Hum...

RR_Raptor65: Of all the days of the years (yes, years) TV Guide had to be wrong about the episode for today... I was out shooting off my Rocket Launcher, I come back in after running out of hairspray and its half way over...

RR_Raptor65: And this is a huge thread...

RR_Raptor65: Hey! The new Episodes are airing on KPIX (Channel 5, CBS) at 4:00 PM! Wild Snobbery aired today.

nicktoons2: Now there gonna air the new episodes on cbs each week i hope they'll air eliza unplugged. Très content

RR_Raptor65: They probably will, after all, their not Nick.

rugrats1: That's not entirely correct -- besides the fact that Nick and CBS are owned by the same company (Viacom), Nick also programs CBS's Saturday morning line-up.

RR_Raptor65: :rolleyes:

Jessangel: When does Thornberrys air on CBS again?
Gee ... I sure hope eventually one of them shows the new episode .. but if they aired "Wild Snobbery" this Saturday ... then it'll be 4 more Saturdays .. or 4 more weeks .. hopefully Nick will air the last episode before then .. I'm still shocked they haven't aired it yet ...

RR_Raptor65: Nick isn't gonna air it, but I can wait on CBS, CBS is airing it at 4:00 PM every Saturday.

Jessangel: Really? PM? Hmm ... I'll have to check it out ... *looks for a sticky note to place on her forhead* Rire

nicktoons2: No its not at 4pm.

rugrats1: It is in San Francisco, where KPIX airs Thornberrys every Saturday at 4PM PT. Many CBS stations air Nick programs at different times -- you need to check local listings for the showtimes in your area.

Jessangel: Oh ok, thanks.
Anyone know when it airs in southern california?? Rire

nicktoons2: Every state airs it at a different time so you should check your local listings.

rugrats1: Rather, every station -- there are many states where the times are different at more than one station in the same state. To see what I mean, see the Rugrats on CBS listing on my site:

nicktoons2: Rugrats1 your website says its on at 7am in new york city but its not at 7am because i live in new york and its on at 10am.

Jessangel: Might depend on which city you live in ... if you don't live in exactly New York City than it may be different ...

Jessangel: Actually ... it could just be that he's only listing when Rugrats airs ... so it would be different if you're talking about the Thornberrys.

nicktoons2: I live exactly in New York City and rugrats is on at 10am and than thornberrys at 10:30am.

Jessangel: Hmm .. that's odd, oh well ...
I think it said Thornberrys is on at 7:30 AM .. *sigh* awake that early on a SATURDAY .. oh well .. not like I sleep anyway .. hopefully it'll be worth it ..

RR_Raptor65: I just realized I don't get good reception from KPIX, I have too much electronic equipment, it especially doesn't like this launcher battery I made for my Rocket Launcher.

Shane4Eliza: It comes on at 10:30 in Tennessee.
I'm so mad we need that Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must find out what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rugrats1: Where in Tennessee? There are 6 CBS stations covering Tennessee that show the series at 3 different times.

Thornberry: 7:30 is to early for me! :tired:
Hopefully Nick shows them on there channle

P.S.Heres somethin from the Cooltoons News about this

"The Wild Thornberrys Episode "Eliza's Solo" that we announced would be premiering on Nick 2 weeks ago was postponed. We apologize to any disappointed viewers who tuned in."

rugrats1: That, of course, was in reference to the final episode of the Alaska saga, which, in case you joined us, was moved to Saturday in an on-air announcement, then moved off the schedule for an impromptu OddParents marathon.

And, in case you're wondering, it's "Eliza Unplugged", I think, not "Eliza's Solo".

Shane4Eliza: Oh sorry it is East Tennessee. It airs a 10:30AM

Jessangel: Yea ... I think K-C Newsletter got messed up with "Eliza Unplugged" and "Ginger's Solo" ... because nick once rescheduled "GInger's Solo" when it was suppose to first air so they probably got confused. Sourire

RR_Raptor65: Notice Klasky Csupo apologizes, and Nick pretends it didn't happen.

Jessangel: Yea I kno Hum...

RR_Raptor65: Is it just me, or is Saturday 15th totally blank of The Wild Thornberrys? If I'm not mistaken thats the day Eliza Unplugged is supposed to air?

Thornberry: I don't think they show The Wild Thornberrys on Sat.

I don't know why either...It stinks though

rugrats1: The do show Thornberrys Saturday mornings on CBS, where the new episodes have aired lately -- check local listings for time and channel (usually follows Rugrats).

RR_Raptor65: Yeah I did, there is NOTHING on Saturday 15, I did a search on, they show the names of the new episodes now too, and every saturday before had the new Episodes.

Jessangel: Jeez ... I hate this! Why is Nick always tryin to pull our legs?? Hum...
So ... Thornberrys aren't on there AT ALL?? *groan*

RR_Raptor65: Least on KPIX.

Jessangel: I'll check my local listings soon ... I'm too lazy, lol.

RR_Raptor65: I hear ya... Rire

Rebecca_10: I don't think they will ever air it if they will I will be so surprised


This thread rolled from June to October 2003, speculating on why Nick wasn't airing EU.


Fan_of_Spongebob: Well most Wild Thornberry fans are counting for this episode to appear yet Nick doesn't want to air it. What do think? Well I think Nick is afraid of the kiss that Eliza is going to get because it might hurt their younger viewers. So what do you think about why Nick is not airing it?

nickelodeon: I hate nick and i dont think it'll hurt their younger viewers because its just a 2 second kissing scene.The show is rated TV-Y7 anyways. Hum...

Darwin: *lol* the kiss lasts even less than 2 seconds if i remember correctly Très content

nickelodeon: If it was less than 2 seconds than it definetly wont hurt younger viewers.Nick just wants their fans to be dissapointed. Mad

RojoSalvador: I still want to see the kissy scene! ^_^;

Do you have a picture of it, Darwin?

Fan_of_Spongebob: If Nick edits the kissing scene and replaces it with just a hug then a lot of Thornberry fans will mad because Nick is too afraid to show a kiss that it might hurt its younger viewers. Mad

ViciousTheKatanaGuy: It wouldn't hurt in the U. S., but in Japan, kissing of any form is considered intimate (That's why mothers try "indirect kissing" with kids, like kissing a hand and having the child kiss the hand) This episode will get edited for overseas audiences, anyways.


- Re: Why can't Nick air 'Eliza Unplugged?' (02:03:19 11 Jun 2003)
Quote: by RojoSalvador at [unixtime
1055199287[/unixtime]]I still want to see the kissy scene! ^_^;

Do you have a picture of it, Darwin?

*lol* no, sadly. You guys are really obsessed with this kiss arent you?! :rotflmao:

RR_Raptor65: Nick just doesn't care about fans, its all ratings to them... and I don't see why they would cancel it because of a brief kiss scene, Dil rips Tommy's diaper off in their first movie and you can see his bare butt for longer... and ontop of that theres As Told By Ginger.

RojoSalvador: Yeah....I mean....according to Darwin, the whole thing doesn't last 2 seconds. Can't Nick handle a 1 second kiss between friends? Sheesh.....

Yep, Darwin, I'm obsessed with it. I think it's so cute!

Darwin: I dont know much about american tv stations, but surely they wouldnt refuse to show the episode just cause of a very brief kiss?

There must be some other reason...


zimfan3000: Who knows? Maybe it IS because of overseas audiences (but wouldn't the overseas versions of Nick do the editing rather than the mother station: Nick US?)

Rebecca_10: That stinks because when they do show it I won't get to see it because I don't have any kind of cable. But when they do show can you give me all the detailes. Please or if you have seen it. I think that they arn't showing it because they are cutting out the kissy scene just like they did in the first Wild Thornberrys movie. Triste

RojoSalvador: Huh? I don't remember any kiss scene in The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

Rebecca_10: The last 30 min.or so. Curnal kissed Marieanne just for comfort or somthing like that. It was in the theaters but when I got it on video it wasn't their.

rugrats1: That's starting to become very asinine -- Nick is now reacting over something as innocent as a kiss by pulling "Eliza Unplugged" and even editing "The Wild Thornberrys Movie" when it came to video.

This is even more evidence that the quality of Nick programming is going downhill -- fast.

nickelodeon: Nick is the worst network ever i think disney channel is 10,000 times better. Mad

RojoSalvador: I know that there was another scene taken out of the movie...while it was still in theatres I think. I remember seeing Bree, when Eliza loses her powers, ask Sloan "What about them?" I think Sloan says, "Forget them!" I clearly remember seeing that when I watched the movie, but never saw it again. The kiss scene I don't recall...

Well, Disney, from what I understand, takes ideas originally not their own and never gives credit. I mean Brother Bear seems to be based on some kind of legend about a hunter becoming the hunted, and The Lion King is nearly a perfect duplicate of Kimba the White Lion. I hardly see Nickelodeon pulling something like that, then again I don't watch it much anymore...

I do think it's kinda stupid of Nick to cancel Eliza Unplugged over a kiss...but so far I don't think anyone who e-mailed/mailed them about it ever got a response. I tried, and I never got a response.

nickelodeon: Writing letters wont help nick just doesent listen to their fans. Triste :rolleyes:

RR_Raptor65: Guess its time to drop the bomb on em, if they don't respond soon, I'm going to mass-produce letters, and their not going to like it.

RojoSalvador: I'll say they're not!

Mass-produce, eh? You mean like writing so many letters and sending them in all at once?

catdogfan: I would love to see that episode!

nickelodeon: Last night,i had a dream about thornberrys and they actually aired "Eliza Unplugged" i hope my dream comes true. Rire

RR_Raptor65: Not send em all at once, in a long stream, they 'No' one letter but the next is there saying "Do it!".

Fan_of_Spongebob: I know that Nick had to react over a kissing and hurting younger viewer. That Ginger episode where she gets a part of a play Ginger kisses and so as a Arnold episode, but now Nick thinks that kissing hurts younger viewers. Another way that causes Nick's demise of children's programming and before you know it Nick is going to act like Nick Jr.

nickelodeon: Today they started to air the Shane episodes on CBS there gonna air all 4 of them in the next following weeks they'll air eliza unplugged too.

rugrats1: Hasn't CBS aired the Shane episodes before, leaving off "Eliza Unplugged"?

Fan_of_Spongebob: Yes they did. Nickelodeon has never aired new Wild Thornberrys episodes or any other show that's on CBS. Nick is smart enough to be party poopers by not airing new episodes where we were promised. I bet they did it in order to have time to edit the kissing part with shameless hug or even nothing.

nickelodeon: Actually,cbs aired the shane episodes one time and they were even going to air eliza unplugged but it was delayed because of the war so i really think they'll air it this time.

Fan_of_Spongebob: All though it got delayed on the east coast some people did see there time for The Wild Thornberrys on the west coast on that day, but they didn't air Eliza Unplugged instead they aired Hot Air after what I heard a Nick person found out it didn't air on Nick.

nickelodeon: I just hope they'll air it this time.

Darwin: Yeah, then you can finally see the kiss that youve been waiting so long to see Très content Très content

RR_Raptor65: Oh Yeah! I don't see it on TV Guide though... there was too much confusion because of the war last time, nickelodeon, do you think you could post a full date/time?

Fan_of_Spongebob: Well nickelodeon you can always hope for that episode coming to CBS, but it may never happen. When you think there going to air new episodes they go back to the first episode of the last season. This has happened once with Hey Arnold and they never aired any new episodes on CBS and I really mean it. The only chance they could air is on Nick and then CBS, but if Nick wants to do there way then we may never see it as it gets locked in a vault and never see its light of day. I know that everybody is upset with Nick's programming change, but Herb has watched that movie called where they quote,"Greed is good." Is that movie called Wall Street?

nickelodeon: Of course u cant see it now i said they might air it after all the 4 episodes and they only aired one of the episodes so far and if there going to air eliza unplugged it will be 4 weeks later.

Darwin: that's a long time. You're going to be in a lot of suspence while you wait. Très content

nickelodeon: I just checked and there not gonna air "Eliza Unplugged".

Darwin: This was mentioned in another thread. Aren't they showing gift of gab instead?

RojoSalvador: Yeah, they're gonna air Gift of Gab instead..Man....

Rebecca_10: Darn:\I don't know even if I will be able to see gift of gab cause the cable on the t.v. is going out next saturday so when Eliza unplugged comes on t.v. can somebody please do a transcript. on it please. :star:

rugrats1: The next question is, who's the first to show "Eliza Unplugged", if Nick US wasn't? Varakorn from (AKA me, SpiderBraids!) probably knows the answer:

Unplugged still has not aired
in the US, and the BBC (inadvertantly) became the first station in the
world (!) to air this ep when it aired, about a week after the above

Rebecca_10: I'm not sure but I think their going to show it really soon because all these new episodes of the rugrats,spongebob,jimmy neutron,and the teenage robot show is getting new eps that are airing so I think Eliza Unplugged will show real soon.I hope they didn't cut out the kissy part I would love to see that.

RojoSalvador: Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I hope they do. ^^ Shane and Eliza kissing...This I gotta see! You don't see kissing that often in any nick shows.

SpiderBraids: Unplugged still has not aired
in the US, and the BBC (inadvertantly) became the first station in the
world (!) to air this ep when it aired, about a week after the above

Actually, I've since discovered that it actually aired March 15th on the BBC (according to this post by Darwin).

For completeness, here's the post I referred to...

Darwin: it was shown here in britain on the bbc yesterday.

RR_Raptor65: Lucky, and... don't use colored Text, especially white...

That thread was devoted to the fact that EU was scheduled to be aired on CBS on March 22. The US declared war on Iraq a few days before then, and if you didn't see Dan "fired for talking about fake memos" Rather, you saw... "Hot Air". In the same thread, rugrats1/Azumanga posted this message from Don Del Grande:

TWT did air (at least in Sacramento), but "Hot Air" aired instead of
"Eliza Unplugged"...which is not totally surprising, as most TV
listings ( being a notable exception) had that episode
listed as of 3/21.
We can only speculate as to whether:
(a) they pulled "Eliza Unplugged" because they weren't sure that most
CBS stations would air it, or
(b) at the last minute, somebody realized that Nickelodeon had never
aired "Eliza Unplugged" and didn't want it to "premiere" on CBS
(especially as it was unannounced, except in TV listings).

Back to the regular scheduled thread.

RojoSalvador: That was probably outside the country.... I know it aired in the UK. Rugrats1 means who'll air it first in the US, I think. It hasn't aired here yet. I wish they'd just air the episode....

Darwin: Eliza Unplugged is being shown over here again on the bbc in exactly 2 weeks from now Très content

Rebecca_10: What's the bbc? Is that a nickelodeon staiton? Their airing it again?Surpris I just wish they would show it over here in America it's driving all the thornberry fans crazy.but i'll have to wait. Hum...

Darwin: The bbc is the 'british broadcasting corporation'. its one of the main tv companies in the uk and has nothing to do with nickelodeon. Très content

RojoSalvador: Still unfair that you got to see it, Darwin, and US fans of WT haven't.... Hum... Man, I wish Nick would just air it and get it over with! What's wrong with one kiss? Especially one that lasts only 2 seconds? Nick is acting like Nick Jr, if you ask me...

Rebecca_10: uh-huh.Nick is being mean to America.I ve seen other kisses on nickelodeon before. Triste

Darwin: Poor Americans. Très content I doubt they keep not showing it because of the kiss. If they didnt want to show the kiss they could easily have edited it out. There must be other reasons for not showing it.

RojoSalvador: Maybe. What other reasons could there be? I read your transcript. Nothing's wrong with the episode...

Rebecca_10: or maybe thier waiting because thiers a whole bunch of new eps.of other shows on nick.So they have to show it soon.

SpiderBraids: I doubt they keep not showing it because of the kiss. If they didnt want to show the kiss they could easily have edited it out.

I'm pretty sure they didn't have a problem with the kiss, because they were using it to promote the ep the first time around, for crying out loud...

Darwin: Do you mean they showed the kiss in the advert for the episode?

RojoSalvador: nickelodeon told me that he saw a preview that did show the kiss. I never saw it, though, but yes, they did show the kiss in a preview. I think it was nickelodeon who told me anyway.

nickelodeon: Yeah i saw a preview that showed the kiss.They showed it a day before the episode was supposed to air but sadly they delayed it. :blob:

RojoSalvador: Yeah...they are the advertisement, and then don't show the thing. You know how rude that is? ><;

Rebecca_10: ya i remember that. but i don't really remember they kiss i just rewmember that eliza and shane were face to face. :tired:

RojoSalvador: That was the preview I saw, where they were just face-to-face.... Man I wanted to see the kiss.... ^^;;

Darwin: The kiss was shown in a reflection on the water. If you dont remember that then it probably wasnt featured in the advert.

Rebecca_10: It was though eliza and shane were about to kiss and that was the only part of the episode they ever showed us when they showed the prieview.

nickelodeon: Nick has to air it soon its driving me crazy.

Rebecca_10: how much longer can they hold the episode from us? :blob:

RojoSalvador: Well, they could hold it as long as they want to.... ><;; They might end up never airing it....

Rebecca_10: wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!:crying:they can't do this to us.I think they will show it to us someday in the year 2337! Rire

rugrats1: they could hold it as long as they want to.... ><;; They might end up never airing it....

There are already several precedents backing up that fact -- the last few episodes of Angry Beavers, CatDog and Hey Arnold, plus an entire 2nd season of Pelswick, never aired on Nick US. And soon, a couple of Rugrats episodes (at least Preschool Daze) will join this elite, yet unfortunate, club.

And it's likely that they'll remain unseen as long as Scannell remains in charge.


As a bonus, links to three transcripts of TWT eps.

Eliza Unplugged:

Operation Valentine:

Vacant Lot: (not to be confused with the Hey Arnold! ep)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When EU was finally re-scheduled for June 11 2004 on Nick, this thread was put up to announce this. And of course it finally aired.


rugrats1 : According to Bryan in the Nick TV forum:

Starting Monday, June 7:
Mon 6/7 - Neutron - "Billion Dollar Boy; The Mighty Wheezers"
Tue 6/8 - Arnold - "Grandpa's Packard; Phoebe's Little Problem"
Wed 6/9 - ChalkZone - "TBA"
Thu 6/10 - TBA
Fri 6/11 - Thornberrys - "TBA" (there is only one episode left)

And we all know what THAT episode is...

RojoSalvador: Hopefully they'll actually air it this time. ::hopes it's Eliza Unplugged:: I'm gonna record it. ^^ least some of it. ^^; I just hope I remember.

nickelodeon: WOO HOO! I am so excited about this! i cannot wait! I hope nick wont change their minds and air something else like last year!:biggrin::blob:

Rebecca_10: oh my gosh!!!!! their actually showing eliza unplugged? I'm taping im taping it. :dances around: sorry just a bit excited yahhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait I forgot I'm going to be on vacation that day.:crying:Triste

nickelodeon: I just hope they dont air some other episode like "kung and i or look whos squawking(only aired 1 time) and call it a new episode.But they probably wont do that.

So excited!:biggrin::blob:

Rebecca_10: I wish I could see it.Triste i'm still figuring out how to either tape or see it when I'm on vacation. cause this is probebly a one time showing like all of the other episodes seen once if that.

RojoSalvador: I hope they actually show it. I remember last year...when they promised to air it at so and so date..and they never did. Triste

Rebecca_10: I know at the episode week on that saturday they showed a fp, marathon. Then they kept delaying it further and further and further...... (75 years later) and further and further and further......Très content anyways if they don't show it I hope they show look who's squaking cause i never saw that at all. what time is it supposed to show?

nickelodeon: 6:30PM

Rebecca_10: uhmm...I hope my friend can tape it. thats eastern time zone right?

nickelodeon: Yeah eastern zone!

Rebecca_10: good cause the cable company where i live runs on eastern time zone. Anyways i'll be on vacation taht week and my friend says she'll tape it so i hope she can cause I would love to see it.

nickelodeon: Looks like they really are going to air a new's "Wild Thornberrys Page" says " all new episode on 6/11@6:30PM".

Rebecca_10: wow! their actually keeping their promise?Très content

RojoSalvador: Hopefully they will. ^^; They can change their minds quite quickly....Remember last year how they aired the preview for the episode, but never aired it?

Rebecca_10: ya... but it's on the site and that means they'll show it. right?

nickelodeon: All 5 Shane Episodes were on last year it said (5 new episodes this winter) but they didnt air it they just aired 4 episodes.They can change their minds til 6/11.2 weeks left! who knows what could happen to their schedule by than? they could air a completely different episode.:ohwell:

Rebecca_10: :sad:they can't do that to us.

RojoSalvador: They can. They're a television network. ^^; If they want to make changes, they can.

rugrats1: But of course, do you know any other channel that change their schedule very frequently like Nick?

As Tv Guide says at the end of every Tv listings section since 1953: "Stations and Channels reserve the right to make last-minute changes." For Nick, it's not a disclaimer -- it's the law.

Man what is their problem i mean why cant they just show eliza unplugged y do they always make changes at the last moment why cant this nick channel can b like nick india or ktv world nickeldeon this is such a cool episode and they delayed it for a YEAR man Surpris. I think they lost the video cassette or cd od dvd of the episode last year Rire and if they dont show it now well think it happened again :stupid: hope it does not happen again and hope they do not make changes at the last moment and all of u guys do c that episode u will love it .Wish u BEST of luck :thumb:. By the way can anyone tell me what does TBA stands for ?

RojoSalvador: TBA means "To Be Announced".

Rebecca_10: so they could change their plans at 6:29:59 P.M. and show something completiy different?:ohwell:

RojoSalvador: Unfortunately...yes.

Rebecca_10: how stupid... if they even think about doing this... no not really. They haven't been shown on the preview at all. Even when it says the new episodes. It only shows rugrats all grown up, fairly odd parents. Triste

nickelodeon: When eliza unplugged ends on 6/11 im gonna be very sad because thats the last thornberry episode(if they make any new episodes soon).I'll be really really sad.I really enjoyed seeing new episodes over the years and i just hope there will be more new episodes soon.:crying:Triste

nickelodeon: I just checked Yahoo TV to see if they have any info on which episode theyre gonna air and its true! they really are gonna air eliza unplugged! Woo Hooo!!!!! im so excited and cant wait to tape it!:biggrin::blob:

rugrats1: But remember -- what Nick says and what the schedules say are often two different things. Where Nick is concerned, what you see on the schedules are not necessarily what you get, as, as explained above, Nick may make a last-minute change.

nickelodeon: Yeah i just hope this time they will air it! Im sure alot of people watch it because almost everybody has been waiting since last year to see the episode.

Rebecca_10: I hope, but how often do they really make last second changes? I've really never seen that happen except once... They were going to show fairly odd parents and it switched to thornberrys, but they were both re-runs. and that happened only once. that I'm aware of.:ohwell:

SpiderBraids: I've really never seen that happen except once... They were going to show fairly odd parents and it switched to thornberrys, but they were both re-runs. and that happened only once. that I'm aware of.:ohwell:

And of course, it happened vica versa the first time they were supposed to air Unplugged. They promo-ed it on air, and ended up airing FOP instead.
IIRC, Zim was also pre-empted this way in the wake of 9/11.

RojoSalvador: Yeah...I remember that. I saw the preview for it. It was supposed to air Friday, then it was postponed to Saturday. So I waited and watched, and they never aired it. ><; I was so angry...

Rebecca_10: I remember that to. I just hope they'll show it this time.

RojoSalvador: Yeah. If they do, it'd be a miracle. ^^;

nickelodeon: Sad that this will be the last new episode for a while(if they make new episodes).:crying:

Rebecca_10: if they cancelled i will be really upset but if they are taking a break for the episodes I'm fine with that.

nickelodeon: Yeah i really do hope its just a break and not canceled.:ohwell:

Nickdisk: From Don Del Grande's Hey Arnold! website Sourire

For the first time in a long time, Arnold is not part of the daily summer marathons - at least for now. (The schedule this year: Mondays - SpongeBob; Tuesdays - Fairly Oddparents; Wednesdays - Jimmy Neutron; Thursdays - All Grown Up; Friday - different shows (Teenage Robot on 6/4; Danny Phantom on 6/11).)
Meanwhile, here is the schedule of the 6:30 PM shows (which are supposed to be all new episodes - titles come from and/or, and shows more than 13 days old are from Adlink):

Wednesday 6/2 - Jimmy Neutron "Men At Work"
Thursday 6/3 - ChalkZone "Double Trouble"
Friday 6/4 - All Grown Up! "Bad Aptitude" (now where have I seen an episode about kids taking an aptitude test with strange results before? I know - The Simpsons, Hey Arnold!, and Invader Zim)

Monday 6/7 - Jimmy Neutron "Billion Dollar Boy / The Mighty Wheezers"
Tuesday 6/8 - Hey Arnold! "Grandpa's Packard / Phoebe's Little Problem" (the last unaired one)
Wednesday 6/9 - ChalkZone "Skrawl's Brain; Big Loo; Duck Snap Duck"
Thursday 6/10 - Rugrats "Fountain of Youth"
Friday 6/11 - The Wild Thornberrys "Eliza Unplugged" (this is the last unaired one, as far as I know)

Monday 6/14 - The Fairly Oddparents "Class Clown / Odd Couple"
Tuesday 6/15 - CatDog
Wednesday 6/16 - Rocket Power
Thursday 6/17 - All Grown Up!
Friday 6/18 - Danny Phantom

According to Adlink, Rugrats takes over the 6:30 time slot beginning Monday 6/21.

Rebecca_10: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blob: I can't wait it 's actually showing this time. It was shown on a quick prievew with U-Pick. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 even though I'm going to be on vacation that time I'm still getting it taped so I can see it again and again.

RojoSalvador: Hopefully, but I'm not sure if they'll keep their promise.

Rebecca_10: I hope and Ic really, really,really hope i can actually tape it. Will it ever show again as a re-run?

nickelodeon: Im sure they'll show it again.I just hope they dont show it only for 2 time like "kung and i" and "look whos squawking".

Im sure it will get a high rating!

Rebecca_10: yeah I guess. did you see the new scene they showed? even though it was quick I saw it. It was were Eliza and Shane were climbing down the cliffside. That looks exciting.

nickelodeon: No i didnt see the preview! now im really sure there gonna air it!

RojoSalvador: Cliffside....I do remember a preview last year that showed them on a cliffside. Eliza's telling Shane that she needed to tell him something, and Shane's like, "Now?!" XD

Rebecca_10: They keep on showing it during the BIG U-pick, for this week. Their going down the cliffside. i'm really listening to the U-pick crew tomarrow to see if they mention the thornberrys

nickelodeon: I saw a preview for it last year.I think eliza and shane were falling from a cliff in that preview.But im not sure! its been a year.And i saw the scene when they were next to a river and they were about to kiss.

oh i cannot wait til friday!:blob::biggrin:

Rebecca_10: That is the only prieview I saw last year was the kiss scene. But now it's where they are climbing down.

Darwin: Theyre actually going up the cliffside. Theres no point in the story where they go down it together.

Rebecca_10: oh, the way it looked they were climbing down. I did read in the transcript where they where climbing up.

nickelodeon: Looks like they are going to air it more than once.Eliza unplugged will re-air on June12 at 4PM.:biggrin::blob:

SpiderBraids: Sneak peek shows from the bit where Eliza is alone at the cliff to the bit wit Darwin eating pancakes.

nickelodeon: The sneak peek is awesomeee!!!!!!!! i love it! Cant wait til the episode airs.:biggrin:

Darwin was hilarious! he was eating pancakes in RGW too!Rire

RojoSalvador: He was? I thought he was just eating peanut butter and sandiches...

nickelodeon: Wow! they actually aired eliza unplugged and they didnt replace with other episodes/shows.

Anyways,i thought eliza unplugged was sooooo awesome!!! :biggrin:

RojoSalvador: I thought it was okay, though not exactly what I had hoped for.

Rebecca_10: Triste

RojoSalvador: Rebecca, what are you sad about?

Rebecca_10: I didn't get to see it when it showed becuase i was gone on vacation and the people I was staying with doesn't have cable and I don't think my friend taped it.sad:

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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