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Seven years ago today

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On Fire
On Fire

Joined: 22 Apr 2006
Posts: 720

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:17 pm    Post subject: Seven years ago today Reply with quote

Approximately 3,000 people died who should still be here today.

I will never forget how I felt that day and what I was doing when I heard about the attacks. I was sitting in my College Literature class and my instructor walked in and asked us if we knew there'd been another bombing at the World Trade Center. Nobody knew anything about it, and since we didn't really know anything yet, most of us just chalked it up as another sicko bombing. We felt terrible for what happened, but we just didn't know what really happened.

After that class I had Prealgebra, and when that class started the instructor walked in and told us what she wanted us to do for the next class and she said "If you can't get it done, don't worry about it. You can make it up later and it won't count against you." Then she started crying and said "We just can't have a class today after what happened this morning," and she sent us on our way.

I was really confused because I still didn't know what happened. I went to the office to use the phone, and when I went into the office the Dean of Students was in there talking to someone else and they were talking about how terrible everything was and National Security, and my friend Ryan was in there sitting in a chair and crying. Risking looking stupid, I asked what happened. Of course, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked me like I was an idiot. (I was sitting in a classroom waiting for my first class to start when the attacks happened, so I had no idea.) Ryan explained everything to me, and said he was really scared because his brother called him before any coverage of what happened came on TV and told him he may be shipping out to Afghanistan sometime that day, and his brother explained everything to him.

When I got home the first thing I did was turn on Headline News and I watched that for awhile to see what was going on, and what I saw was absolutely horrific: the planes slamming into the buildings, the flames, people jumping out of windows 20 stories high, the whole N.Y.C skyline covered in smoke. It reminded me of a something you'd see in a horror movie. When they said it was a terrorist attack and they showed people in the Middle East actually celebrating what happened, I was FURIOUS! I had never felt so much hate and anger before in my life!

It was like everyone was on eggshells here, too. Even the slightest noise would be made and everyone would jump.

I had a Psychology test the next day and really needed to study for it. I really tried, but I just couldn't stay focused. I finally just gave up on studying, figuring that I probably wasn't the only one having a hard time studying and I could make it up if I did well on the other tests. (I ended up failing that first test, but I got all A's and B's on the rest of them.)

I remember trying to watch TV that day, hoping to get my mind off of what happened, but EVERY CHANNEL was airing news coverage. I got angry at that, especially since they kept airing the same video of the first plane crashing into the first building over and over and over again.

It was also weird because all flights were grounded that day and I'm used to hearing several planes go over my house throughout the day.

Mostly I just remember being scared, though.

A few days later the Red Cross had set up a collection site here where people could drop off clothes, blankets, food, and first aid supplies to be distributed to the victims, and I remember listening to the radio and heard that Bush declared the US a State of Emergency.

Seven years later it's still a sad day, but I hope to never have to go anything like that ever again.

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Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 17 Apr 2006
Posts: 268
Location: South Bend, IN

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

God Bless America and to those that defend it! I am proud to be an American! Never forget, never forget. We will be a stronger nation!

Who says friendships can't be EXTREME?

Thanks to all that supported my site for 7 years, I hope to see you at my site,! Sourire Très content
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Joined: 30 Mar 2006
Posts: 1603
Location: France :-D

PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I remember when I learned this.

One of my friend told me "Hey, have you heard the news ? a plane crashed in the wtc !"
I first thought he was telling me a joke Pfff
Then he told me to check yahoo news...

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Rebekah 10

Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 953
Location: Northern Arizona

PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was in 8th grade at the time and the assitent principal walked in maybe an hour or so after it happened. I had just moved to Michigan at the time so we were just starting classes. Well she said something about the WTC but I really didn't know what it was sure I had heard of them before and then something about the president has everything under control. Well to a 13 year old that's like ok so big deal a building goes down and the president has control over that? I thought it was an everyday thing like a natural disaster kindof tragedy. I was like "how sad" then later ran home eager to tell mom and dad but of course by then the whole world knew about it. So we basically watched the towers go down over and over again and the pakistanians? loving every moment of it.

Later on the next couple of years or so it hit harder that we had been attacked, being 13 at the time I still can't really make sense of it. Triste
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