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the dude abides
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If this is your first time here, the NickDisk Reloaded team welcomes you and hopes you'll have some good times here. Sourire

Here are some rules you have to read before you start posting:

Guest posting
Guest posting is disabled! You must register to post messages! All you need is a VALID e-mail address! Once you have filled out the form, you'll receive an e-mail: follow the instructions (you'll have to click a link) to activate your account.

Warning : If you've got an anti-spam filter, the mail may end up in the "bulk" folder! Some hotmail accounts have been reported to cause problems...if you have another e-mail account, use it!

  • Respect the other members! If you disagree with someone, it's ok but don't be mad at him!
  • Write in good English! Please...
  • Post your messages in the correct category! Messages about "Nickelodeon" should be posted in the "Nickelodeon" part, questions about the site/board go in the "HQ" part...
  • Don't post too many smilies in one thread! It's very annoying and Admins/Mods have to edit your messages...too many edits and you'll be banned!
  • Do not send aggressive PM to members... The Admin will ban you...
  • Do not post useless or nonsensical messages
  • Never "DOUBLE POST"!! Members do not spend all their time on the board! Do not post twice if you didn't get an answer! Wait at least 48 hours!

Direct linking
If you post some pictures on the board, please, don't direct link them! Host them and then post YOUR link!

Links to media
Only post link to media (mp3, movies, episodes...) if you own the copyrights!

Games forum
Do not post useless messages only to virtually increase your post count! We can decrease it if you do not respect this rule...

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