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"click on the apple" Rire
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If you're using Windows, you should be and when you go to upload the file to another site and you don't see the file listed that you want, you should be able to tell the computer to "View all files" when the window comes up for you to select what you want to upload, and this should let you choose the image you're trying to upload if this is where you're having problems.

On a Mac, a Finder window will come up and you can choose where to look for images (Choices are Desktop, Users, Applications or Documents), select a location, and the contents of that location are displayed. My pics are all in my account under Users in the Pictures folder on the HD. I like that better than the Windows system, because if I want to upload pics to an image hosting site, only pics are displayed and nothing else.

LOL, I actually forgot how to select pics to upload like that in Windows. Rire I couldn't remember how "View all files" was worded.

The other day I was helping an older lady at work (fellow employee) who is really computer illiterate do something on one of the computers there and I meant to tell her to go down to the bottom of the screen to the Start Menu and click "Start" and instead I called it the Finder. Rire Oops! Rire She looked at me like I had three heads and asked me what I was talking about and I said "Never mind, I forgot where I was and what kind of computers we have here!" Rire
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Which part doesn't work ? Confused
Rebekah 10
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It won't let me do that on my computer
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You have to upload you picture on the net then you can go to your profile and type the URL to the pic.

I disabled the upload function on this board...
Rebekah 10
PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:24 pm    Post subject: Pictures

So I can't once again figure out how to add a Avatar picture using one of my own from my computer. I can't add it to the internet and this site won't let me browse my computer for certain pictures. Browsing on my computer for "My Pictures" now how does that work again?

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