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yeah but then this site would just be moved again
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I've been thinking of putting a link to this site on my sig on some other sites, but it sounds like too much trouble. Maybe I should go through with it anyways. Tommy
PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:50 am    Post subject: dead forum?

You will find that internet marketing savvy forums like DigitalPoint have threads with huge numbers of signature links which equate to a lot of competition.
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I feel bad for hardly ever coming on here anymore. If it'll make you feel any better, I'll advertise on my site and Toon Zone again.
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Yeah, but what I meant is when you're looking for "nickdisk" you can find this board at the first place Tire la langue
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superyo wrote:
huh ? huh

I like how when that comes up Google's spellchecker wants to change the name to "quickdisk". Rire
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huh ? huh
Rebekah 10
PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:20 pm    Post subject:

Very true I miss the older shows so much. I was trying to watch a new episode of Spongebob with my sister today and it is getting so disgusting and just horrible I can't really stand to watch it anymore. IF only they had the stuff that everyone loved from the 90's. No wonder people stopped coming here all it is on the nick forum is Spongebob, and the other new ones that I won't have anything to do with. Triste So basically I stopped watching nick and I love to write stories about the shows I used to love and would still love if they were still on.

I couldn't even find this site on google. I got a new computer and this site was no where to be found so I had to get back on on my old computer just to get on here.
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1st : sorry for beeing away during these last weeks Rougi

I have been a little busy with personal stuff Rougi

So, why this board is so dead ?
- Because there isn't any good new Nick shows anymore
- Members grew
- All the board movings

I tried to make the board "open" by adding some new forums but that didn't work 'cause no new members come here.

So how can we bring new members ?
- By adding NDR banners on blogs / forum you post (as a sig for example, only if allowed !)
- By improving the indexing in search engines (list all search engine you know and I see if I can improve that FREELY)

I'm also working on a new site. I planned to open in only in French but I guess that it could be possible to translate it in English. It's an information site about animation. All members can post news so I hope it can grow quite fast Sourire
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I agree with Rashmi. This is definitely one factor that could explain why the forum is so quiet: we don't really have new (active) members, you know, perhaps younger than us, who still like Nickelodeon as it is now, and would like to talk about it. I mean, most, if not all of us got here because there was a cartoon or live action show we liked and we wanted to talk about it. When those shows were taken out of the air, we lost our main topic of conversation.

Now, if we had new users willing to talk, exchange drawings, fan stories, gossips and whatnot about, say, that insane yellow sponge, that would definitely give the forum, or at least the Nickelodeon part, a new lease on life. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen, even though I loathe that show with all my heart; but many people back then loathed Rocket Power, and that didn't mean I couldn't talk about it, and the forum was pretty active.

So, let's hope this works, Rashmi. I've been looking around on the Net and haven't found any forum or user group like Nickdisk around; in fact, I did find some really old incarnations of our forum hosted in Yahoo groups... full of spam, of course. XD
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:03 am    Post subject:

Uh, you're starting to scare me, Rash.

I'm fine with our tiny, close-knit group. I really don't think we need a bunch of idiots on here, we have a great thing going for us now. I like it quiet.
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I just promoted this forum on a number of popular IMDB message boards! Très content
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(Looking at previous posts).

Ye gads.

Still, you're right there. Nickelodeon does need a facelift or something. And I don't mean changing the logo.
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Well said, Mike2000.

Nickelodeon just isn't aiming at everyone anymore. It's older shows appealed to everyone, now they are sitting here and cranking out juvenile crap while Disney Channel, which had been number three in the ratings race in 2005, has sat on top of the heap for three years. Nickelodeon either has lost their touch, or lost their minds.

They need to retire FOP and Spongebob and create stuff that appeals to everyone. Game Shows were a great thing that appealed to everyone, and Nick killed them. Around the time game shows died, Spongebob became popular. Now Nick, which was originally the place everyone tried to copy, is now copying other networks. Hear about "Spectacular!"? It's the stupidest idea Nick has decided to do, and it's a lame High School Musical rip-off. There's no way it'll do well in ratings when kids can see the real thing just one channel over.

Nick needs to return to it's roots, and stop trying to be something they aren't. Nick has always been the "bad kids channel" because all of the innuendo and hidden things that entertain adults, and the dark humor that made Invader Zim a cult hit that Nick makes millions off of but refuses to rerun on the network. Drama, Sketch Comedy, Game Shows, Quality Cartoons, and Smart Sitcoms. That is Nickelodeon.

Singing, Dancing, and Uncool stuff? That's Disney Channel.

Stupid, but Hilarious Cartoons? That's Cartoon Network.

Notice how everyone has completely changed? Last I heard, Cartoon Network was gaining ground on Nick. And that is the day that they should throw Timmy Turner and Spongebob out the window.

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