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Nuggets of Churchillian wisdom and wit

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:04 pm    Post subject: Nuggets of Churchillian wisdom and wit Reply with quote

Winston Churchill was definitely one of my favorite historical characters of all time. Not only a very good statesman, he was a truly Renaissance man in the sense that his interests spanned a lot of activities and stuff.

He is also remembered by his wit and his speeches.

These come from a very interesting little book titled "The wit and wisdom of Winston Churchill", by James C. Humes, Harper Perennial editors.

This is one of my favorites. Mrs. Nancy Astor was a native Virginian who became Britain's first woman member of the House of Commons. In the 1930s she headed a clique in the House that found something to admire in Hitler's Germany. Churchill described an Astorite as an appeaser "who feeds the crocodile hoping that it will eat him last".

One time shortly thereafter, Churchill found himself at Cliveden, the Astor mansion. After dinner, Lady Astor presided over the pouring of coffee. When Churchill came by, she glared and said, "Winston, if I were your wife, I'd put poison in your coffee!!"

"Nancy", Churchill replied to the acid-tongued woman, "if I were your husband, I'd drink it." Rire

That was the man. During the '30s few, if any people listened to his constant warnings agains the increasing power of Nazi Germany. And we all know what happened next.

Another memorable aspect of Churchill's wit and wisdom were his speeches during the darkest moments of the war. Many common phrases and expressions we use today are derived from his speeches; for example, the expression "iron curtain" that became a common way to describe those countries under the Communist domination. Churchill coined that expression in his speech at Fulton, Missouri, on March 5, 1946: "... from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the continent..."
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