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Home tricks against the headache

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:59 pm    Post subject: Home tricks against the headache Reply with quote

There are many different causes of headaches, but headaches in general is a response of your body to the physical or emotional stress. But regardless of the cause for this pain is an awkward solution. It's not about the painkillers, but on simple home tricks that can be effective.

Ginger tea
Ginger is a natural remedy for stomach and intestine. In addition to soothe the nausea that is usually associated with severe migraine, ginger tea can alleviate the uncomfortable pain. Cook two ounces of water, add a quarter of ginger root. Gently stir, cover and let stand for about half an hour and then strain it.

Massage Oil of thyme and rosemary
If you want to get rid of nasty headaches then use essential oils of thyme or rosemary. Drip a few drops on your temples and forehead area and gently rub in a circular motion into the skin. After that a short stay in a dark and quiet room with eyes closed. Studies have shown that oil from these two plants act as painkillers.

Chamomile tea
As the headache is caused by stress first and foremost, if you feel the symptoms, it is time to take a break in your busy and overbooked schedules. Chamomile tea is known to grandma's recipe proven to soothe and relax the body and thus reduces headaches.

In a cup of boiling water put a bag of chamomile tea and let stand covered for ten minutes. Sweeten with honey and lightly drink it in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere of your home.

Oil of lavender and mint bath for the feet
Another popular recipe that tells you how enjoyable baths for the foot can be very uncomfortable to reduce headaches. Hot water attracts blood in the feet and increases circulation and reduces pressure in the blood vessels in the brain.

In hot water, add a few drops of essential oil of mint and lavender and enjoy the pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from migraine at home should always have magnesium. Tension headaches are caused by exactly the amount of decrease of this mineral in the body. In order to allow your body enough magnesium dose, take it on a daily basis in the form of effervescent or ordinary tablets of 400 milligrams.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is vitamin B-complex which is applied in the form of salts soluble in water. It is often referred to as growth factor and cell respiration. The daily dose of 400 milligrams that need to be taken three months can reduce significantly your headache.

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