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Ghost Ship [SBSP]

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:32 am    Post subject: Ghost Ship [SBSP] Reply with quote

Here you are. 30 minutes worth of writing and it's only the first chapter. Read on and review. I want to known how bad it is! Clin d'oeil

Ghost Ship
Chapter One: All aboard!

[Camera pans on the Krusty Krab Exterior.]

NARRATOR: Ah, the Krusty Krab. Today, we find Mr. Krabs looking for a way to make some money.

[Camera pans into Mr Krabsí office. Mr Krabs is thinking.]

MR KRABS: Hmm...If I could build an automatic moneymaking machine...nah, thatís forgery.

[Mr Krabs picks up a letter.]

MR KRABS: [Reading] Dear Mr Krabs. It is with great regret that we inform you that your Great Uncle has died. He has left you his shipping empire that gave him his millionth dollar, and his money because he realised he couldnít take it with him. Yours sincerely, Bikini Bottom Insurance.

[Mr Krabs shakes. He looks like heís about to break into tears. Then he starts cheering and jumping on his desk. He runs into the main restaurant.]

MR KRABS: Me maties! Get ready for the news of your life!

SQUIDWARD: [Sarcasm] Whoopee.

MR KRABS: My Great Uncle died!

SPONGEBOB: [Solemn] Mr Krabs, thatís terrible.

MR KRABS: No its not! Iím taking you all, and your friends, to the Caribbean!


MR KRABS: Sure...but you have to pay for everything when you get there!

[We switch to a location known as Bikini Bottom Shipyard. Squidward is looking at the boat settled in the goo. It is an old sailing ship, kind of like those used in the 18th century.]

SQUIDWARD: Mr Krabs, this boat was built in 1790!
MR KRABS: Well, you said you wanted Georgian tastes!

SQUIDWARD: I never said that!

[Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick and Sandy walk up the gangway.]

SQUIDWARD: Mr Krabs, come on!

MR KRABS: Nah, I get seasick. So long, lads!

[The ship sails away. Squidward walks to his cabin, wondering how Mr Krabs served in the Navy if he got seasick.]

SPONGEBOB: Wow! It even smells like the Krusty Krab!

PATRICK: Yeah, and if you walk, your feet make funny noises!

[Patrick falls through the floorboards.]

SANDY: Patrick?

PATRICK: [Dizzily] I think Iím gonna like this ship.

[Squidward is looking at his cabin. It actually isnít that bad, as itís furnished like a rich personís area.]

SQUIDWARD: Nice! All it needs is a...

[Squidward sees a gold plated clarinet on the desk.]

SQUIDWARD: plated clarinet! Mr Krabs got it right for once!

[Squidward starts playing surprisingly well. He doesnít notice the green slime oozing slightly out of the floorboards...]

[Spongebob and Patrick reach their quarters. They are furnished like Squidwardís, except there are an abundance of bubble wands, jellyfish nets and Krabby Patties.]

SPONGEBOB: Wow! Mr Krabs really thought about his employees here!

PATRICK: Iím gonna blow bubbles!

SPONGEBOB: I wonder if they have... [Gasp] Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy soap! Iím in...Heaven...

PATRICK: Come on, Spongebob! Letís go play Navy!

SPONGEBOB: Patrick, we donít have the plastic swords!

PATRICK: [Pulls tow swords out of nowhere]

SPONGEBOB: Now youíre talking! I wanna be pirate!

[The two walk out of the cabin, laughing like idiots.]

[Later, the four are having dinner in the hold.]

PATRICK: [Looking bemused at his plate] Whereíd my food go?

SANDY: You ate it.

PATRICK: Oh, yeah!

SQUIDWARD: I never thought Iíd say it but Mr Krabs really did well planning this!

SANDY: I donít know, something hereís fishier then a flood in the desert!

SPONGEBOB: Mr Krabs was just being nice, thatís all.

SQUIDWARD: Maybe his dead nephew-


SQUIDWARD: Whatever Ė came back to haunt us by making us happy.

PATRICK: Woooo...

[Sea creatures laugh. Sandy gets mad and walks off. Spongebob and Squidward stop, but Patrick keeps laughing until the other two stare at him.]


SPONGEBOB: Iíll go talk to her.

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