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Timothy Turner, using Paint
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Link to this fanart :

This is a picture I did of Timmy Turner last night after looking at this picture: http://emily-fopdp.deviantart.com/art/Doin-nothing-49573435 So I decided to try drawing via computer a picture of Timothy Turner. I've tried drawing a picture of Timmy Turner on the computer back in 2002 but it didn't come out right. The picture is gone though, but this looks a whole lot better although I had to keep erasing and editing. So I guess I can say that technically this is my first drawing of Timmy Turner. My first GOOD drawing of Timmy Turner. I think this is a good picture. I might do other versions of this picture too. UPDATE: I FINALLY GOT MY PICTURE TO WORK! I had to turn it from a bitman to a JPEG! And that did a whole lot of good! YAY! I just put up my first fan art! And I will also try to do other drawings with Timmy. They might even be smaller than what you see so far. Well, enjoy the picture and tell me what you think about it please. :)