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[RP] The live show

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Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 14 Apr 2006
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Location: Thailand

PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:57 am    Post subject: [RP] The live show Reply with quote

A live show based on RP was scheduled to tour the whole country in 2002 for 35 weeks. It only got to play for two weeks in a few midwest cities. Here's the post announcing the cancellation.


MASTERNC: :crying:
Clear Channel Family Entertainment regrets to announce that Nickelodeons Maximum Rocket Power Live! has been cancelled.
Jonathon Hochwald, President of Clear Channel Family Entertainment and Stephen Yaros, Executive Producer of Maximum Rocket Power Live! made the announcement earlier today.
We have decided to suspend the national tour of Maximum Rocket Power Live as of our final performance this weekend. We plan to revisit the opportunities for reopening the show in the future as the action sports genre and the Nickelodeon animated show to continue to grow in popularity. We would like to thank all of you for your support and look forward to revisiting this exciting project in the future. We would also like to acknowledge the creative team, athletes, actors and touring crew who brought this show to life and our sponsors for their early support and commitment to Maximum Rocket Power Live, said Hochwald.
The live touring production of the Nickelodeon show was scheduled to perform six shows at The Family Arena (St. Louis) from April 19-21st.

The question is: why?

MetalSmasher86: WHAT KIND OF INJUSTICE IS THIS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Nickdisk: SurprisSurprisSurprisSurprisTristeTristeTristeTriste:crying:

that totally sucks Triste

maybe it was because it wasnt very popular? :ohwell:

MASTERNC: Just out of curiosity, I wrote to both Clear Channel Entertainment (the group promoting the show) and All Wheel Sports (the company that helped organize the show) to ask why RP Live was cancelled.

I got a reply from Clear Channel. They are promoting the show, but don't even know why the show was cancelled! How crazy is that? Rire

I'm still waiting for a reply from All Wheel Sports.

Jessangel: I didn't know they were allowed to cancel the show ... unless the cast has some sort of problem or something.
After all, what ever happened to that old quote "The show must go on!"

Nickdisk: LOL :rotflmao: thanks for the update, MASTERNC Sourire

well, they are allowed to cancel, but they must give back the money to the people who bought tickets, jessangel :ohwell:

MASTERNC: This article doesn't explain why the show was cancelled (unfortunately) Triste, but says that the show may be restarted next year! :smile2:

Billboard (4/27/02):
POWERED DOWN: Rocket Power, an arena family show scheduled to play 35
weeks, has closed two weeks into its run. It is a collaboration
between Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE) and Nickelodeon (Billboard,
March 9). The show played Columbus, Ohio; Chicago; Cleveland; and
Detroit in two weeks before being pulled off the road April 8.

CCE Family Entertainment president Jonathan Hochwald says, "The good
news is the show was well received, the audiences loved it, and we
sold a decent number of tickets"-33,000 total in the four markets.
Hochwald adds that CCE and Nickelodeon are now "re-evaluating the
operating model, because a show that's selling that many tickets
should be doing better than this one was [on the] bottom line."

The long-term plan is to field Rocket Power again, possibly as early
as next year. The hurdle will be to get good dates and firm deals in
advance with arenas.

"We're somewhat beholden on the arenas in trying to figure out how to
hold dates and have deals done far enough in advance where going
forward with a tour would make sense," Hochwald says. "You have to
kind of prove yourself out there in arena-world."

Nickdisk: ohh Triste thats cool that it might start again next year Sourire

some comfirmation that it has been cancelled

Cooltoons Newsletter: The Maximum Rocket Power Live tour has been cancelled this summer.

thecarpetmicebandit: for Those who see the RP Live Tour before it end,scran in Pages From the Program Book

Nickdisk: hope someone can help you Sourire


And here's an interesting fact about one of the performers in the show...


MASTERNC: Anyone who has watched Rocket Power knows that Twister isn't the "brighest" one of the bunch.

I was reading an newspaper article about the live Rocket Power show that just opened last night in Columbus, Ohio. The article included the interview with the 19-year-old who plays the part of Twister and he is the exact opposite of Twister:

Columbus Dispatch (3/21/02):
Tyler Shields finished high school at 14, scored a 1590 on the SAT, completed two years of college by 17 and tutored a Navy admiral in math.

Pretty impressive. Maybe the real Twister could learn a few things from him.:smile2:

It is also interesting to note that the creator of the show is the daughter of Charles Schultz (Mr. Peanuts)!

Nick-UK-Fan1: :rotflmao: Pretty funny! :glasses:

MetalSmasher86: Cool!

Nickdisk: that is ironic :rotflmao:

Jessangel: Lets see ... he's practically a genius, and what does he do? Goes to work in show business as 10 year old kid who can barely get threw school ... very ironic :tongue:

Nickdisk: LOL, yep Rire

Nick-UK-Fan1: I just like saying the word "ironic" :smash:

Nickdisk: RireRire

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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On Fire
On Fire

Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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Location: Southern California, USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trade Mag article:

They had a few neat pictures with it too, but lost em. I'd have gone to see that show in a heartbeat.
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Good Enough
Good Enough

Joined: 17 Apr 2006
Posts: 268
Location: South Bend, IN

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, Scott on that article. It seems like that happened a long time ago. I wish for the old days. I just wish we could bring Ray Bumatai back to life one more time.

Who says friendships can't be EXTREME?

Thanks to all that supported my site for 7 years, I hope to see you at my site,! Sourire Très content
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