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[RP] Fun: If the gang were watching the Torino games

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:02 am    Post subject: [RP] Fun: If the gang were watching the Torino games Reply with quote

No one did this when it was on the old board, let's see if anyone bites on the new one. With apologies if anyone is out of character.

(Otto and Reg watch Shaun White compete)
Otto: You know, I still think I would have learned a lot from him if I got to train with him. And he was probably pulling for me at ZGZ too, and I let him down, by QUITTING, no less.
Reg: Well, if you would have won the trip with the Tomato, mom would still be in Hawaii, sulking that we wouldn't take her as mom.
Otto: Hey, I wasn't about to throw away my 2nd chance to play with the pros... remember the NHL tournament?
Reg: But I wasn't about to let Noelani ditch Raymundo either. Someone had to do something.
Otto: Hey, isn't that the women's snowcross finals coming up? Sounds like your type of event...

(Otto and Reg watch as Jacobellis falls on the final hill)
Otto: See, when you're in a big lead, you don't try to get other people's attention, except by winning the stupid race. Isn't that right, REGGIE?
Reggie: Oh, c'mon. You threw away your big lead when you quit ZGZ.
Otto: I'm talking about a certain windsurfing race...
Reggie: It wasn't that big of a lead...
Otto: That's not the point. You jumped off your board, for crying out loud!
Reggie: Well, Raymundo was cheering for you, and you were in 3RD. I had to do something to get his attention.
Otto: And I thought that meant winning the race, not blocking ME!
Reggie: Well, when I did win the other race, all dad thought of me was that I made you lose because I wouldn't lend you my board.
Otto: Look. Bottom line, if you're leading in a race, you go for the win, no matter what.
Reggie: And this is coming from a kid who gets teed off every time he loses.
Otto: Hey, it's just the way I am.

Okay, your turn!

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