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[RP] All about Reggie's Beach Break

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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:53 am    Post subject: [RP] All about Reggie's Beach Break Reply with quote

All you wanted to know about the 2nd RP flick, Reggie's Beach Break. It's 4 threads in one!

July 2002. This announcement was posted.


rugrats1: A second "Rocket Power" Nick Flick, called "Reggie's Big (Beach) Break", will be airing soon on Nick (date TBA, just like everything else that is new these days). Special guests include legendary skateboarders Willy Santos and Andy MacDonald.

(Insert Cooltoons preview here, mentioning that RANZ was their first telefilm outing)

MetalSmasher86: Oh man! That is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MASTERNC: I can't wait! :blob:

I bet this is the "movie" that everyone was talking about. Maybe they'll still be a Mother's Day episode as well.:smile2:

Nickdisk: great news!! SourireSourire thanks for the info, rugrats1 Sourire

Twister Rodriguez: Coooolll i wanna see that movie!! Clin d'oeil

i cant wait :devil:

Nickdisk: me too :smile2:


And then we had to wait a whole freakin' year for it. Finally aired July 2003, announced here.


rugrats1: According to Nick.Com's "Rocket Power" website, their latest Nick Flick, "Reggie's Big Beach Break", will be seen one week earlier than planned -- on 7/19 instead of 7/26. This is probably due to the fact that the new "All That" cast member will be introduced the next week on 7/26.

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: Well actually Abra Catastrophe is the latest Nick flick but still I get what you are saying.

bella31324: What is the story line to Reggies Big Break??? Can anyone tell me?

rugrats1: Well actually Abra Catastrophe is the latest Nick flick...

What I mean by "their" is Rocket Power, not Nickelodeon in general.

MASTERNC: Yahoo's TV site confirms the date change for the movie. It WILL be July 19 @ 8PM. Sourire

As for the description, this is all they had: Otto becomes jealous when Reggie gets her own segment on Big Break TV

Fan_of_Spongebob: Wait a minute how long is the Rocket Power Nick Flick going to be because I was hearing that a new Spongebob episode was coming 7/19 at 9:00 eastern from I wonder if the Rocket Power TV movie is actually an hour long.

Knoodelhed: The Yahoo! TV listings display a ninety-minute window for this episode.

MetalSmasher86: I was hearing that a new Spongebob episode was coming 7/19 at 9:00 eastern from

Maybe they'll show the new Spongebob episode after the movie.

MASTERNC: TV Guide has also confirmed the schedule change and follows it with a better description:

(Note: Underlined part is not part of the TV Guide preview.)

The Rocket Power kids are stoked to have their hometown playing host to a seven-day beach-break TV special, featuring extreme sports and a concert by a pink-haired pop star named Shaffika (Stacy Ferguson). However, Otto misses out on much of the action as punishment for breaking a promise to his dad (to help out at the Shore Shack, in case you didn't know... He had been practicing a trick to show off at the event, right? Wouldn't that be ironic, missing Spring Break because you were practicing a trick you were going to show there?). Reggie, meanwhile, steps into the spotlight after being picked as a roving reporter following the week's events. Skateboard champions Andy Macdonald and Willy Santos have cameos. (And Cree Susie Summer guest stars in it as well.)

(Yes, "The Big Day" wasn't the first time Otto was faced with the prospect of letting down the home crowd by being a no-show. And Stacy Ferguson is the lone female member of The Black Eyed Peas.)

bella31324: ok, thanks 4 letting me know Sourire

MASTERNC: Saw the preview commercial this morning. The movie looks awesome, maybe even better than the first one. Bravo

In a few words: Reggie achieves stardom!

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: I loved that where they were playing My Way or the Highway by Limp Bizcut in the commercial.

This time I'm gonna let it all come out
This time I'm gonna stand up and shout
I'm gonna do things my way
It's my way
My way or the highway

MASTERNC: U read my mind. I was wondering what that song was. Maybe it'll show up in the movie. Sourire

I can't wait! :blob:

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: There is quite a bit of cussing in it.

MASTERNC: Oh. Hum...

Maybe Nick shouldn't have used it in case young kids find out what song it is and try to get it.

MASTERNC: I realized something: this movie is a role reversal from the episode "Power Girl Surfers". This time, Reggie is faced with the prospect of fame and Otto takes a back seat.

(Ah, but in PGS, they were trying to send a message against sexism. Nothing here.)

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: Well that song is also almost 7 minutes long and was the theme song to Wrestlemania 17(back in 2001)

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: This movie doesn't sound as good as Race Across New Zealand.

CDB: Why are you guys concerned about cursing in the song. I'm glad they picked this song, it is cool. Bravo

(MASTERNC posts Cooltoons preview here, which notes that Reggie may surprise you in RBBB.)

KittyRock2711: i think sum 41 would be a good band for some rp movies...but only a few of thier songs would be okay to put on "the h*ll song..." it's not as bad as it looks and has nothing to do with the underworld. sum 41 has a lot of songs on thier new album relating to how otto and his friends must feel about reggie and her claim to fame.

TWISTERxREGGIE: "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us." by My Chemical Romance. That's a really cool song.


MASTERNC: I saw the long version of the commercial again and noticed that Officer Shirley dives in to Stimpleton's pool with her uniform on. :rotflmao:

Unless she was saving someone, having a cop cannonball in to a pool should be an indicator that this movie will feature one huge party. Call it college spring break without the drinking. :UP:

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: Actually the cussing is just one word said a bunch of times and that is sh__.

MASTERNC:TV Guide listed the movie as one of their "Top Picks" for today. Here's another description:

The animated Rocket Power gang star in this adrenalin-packed 2003 cable flick featuring cartoon versions of real-life skateboard champs Andy Macdonald and Willy Santos.

These extreme athletes are among the many visitors to Ocean Shores, Cal., for the 12th annual Beach Break TV special, a seven-day festival featuring a mix of loud music, gravity-defying sports and throngs of teens. Otto's excited to show the world his latest skateboarding trick, but he breaks a promise to his dad, gets grounded and must work at the Shore Shack instead.

(Suddenly, I'm not sure if Otto's broken promise [i]was to help Ray prepare for the deluge of customers at the Shore Shack... any RP fans here wanna help me refresh someone's memory???)

Meanwhile, Reggie's propelled into the spotlight as a roving reporter following the week's events, which include a concert by a pink-haired pop star named Shaffika (voice of Stacy Ferguson). MWB[/i]

I won't be able to watch it tonight (I have to work) :crying:

(Now tell me if that's not ironic? Otto has to work even though he had plans to show off a trick he practiced [and ironically, all that practice is what got him grounded to begin with, yes?], and Carosella has to work even though he'd rather be watching RBBB)

But I can watch it tomorrow afternoon. Sourire


The movie saw Sean "that Mac kid in Foster's" Marquette voice Sam. Report:


Cat_J: Anyone else notice that Sam has a new voice? What is this, voice #3? Tire la langue

Well, the kid who played him (I taped the movie but just can't read the orange font in the credits for his last time, >< I know his first name is Sean) didn't do a bad job, it's just weird to see him different! Plus, he sounded a lot younger... I thought the kids were supposed to be getting older, not younger? Heh. :rolleyes:

Over all I don't mind his new voice. It's um... cute. What about you guys?

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: What was the point of hiring a new voice if it's the last episode?

Cat_J: Dunno. Maybe Gary LeRoi Gray didn't want to do it.

Valley_Girl: Y'know I'm getting sick of animated shows hiring kids to to voice work. Especially boys under 13 or 14 only because they all know sooner or later their voices are gonna change and they're gonna have to find a replacement if they're not ready for the character to change. Why not just do it the old way? Hire a woman in her 20s or 30s who will be able to do a young boys voice for 10 even 20 years with no porblems.

MASTERNC: It's a shame that we're on Sam's 3rd voice. Triste

The new guy is Sean Marquette.

Cat_J: Yeah. Hum... I think it sounds better when they use little boys, but maybe that should be taken into consideration.

Thanks for the info MasterNC... Also, was that really the last new Rocket Power we're see?

MASTERNC: Sorry, but that's a bunch of garbage. There are several new episodes to come. They include:

Summer Breezy / Sammy's Fortune
Merv Links to Otto / Big Air
Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed
A Rocket X-Mas (on DVD, maybe TV)
Twist of Fate (Grand Canyon episode)
Mom Mystery Movie

Cat_J: Horray! Très content *is quite happy about this* Thanks again, MasterNC.

Mike2000: "Merv links to Otto / Big air" has already been aired, at least down here in Mexico (HE, HE, HE!!!!) Tire la langue

There's a scene I liked too much on the first part: when Otto is forced to serve as kaddy for Merv and gets utterly bored seeing the elders' golf game, he is actually playing muppets with Mr. Stimpleton's golf clubs mittons!!! He looks so funny!!!!! Rire

Knoodelhed: Why not just do it the old way? Hire a woman in her 20s or 30s who will be able to do a young boys voice for 10 even 20 years with no porblems.

Or even later. Wonder what June and Tress are up to these days? Très content

MASTERNC: Y'know I'm getting sick of animated shows hiring kids to to voice work. Especially boys under 13 or 14 only because they all know sooner or later their voices are gonna change and they're gonna have to find a replacement if they're not ready for the character to change. Why not just do it the old way? Hire a woman in her 20s or 30s who will be able to do a young boys voice for 10 even 20 years with no porblems.

Except for the fact that the voices made this show unique. All the voices of the four main characters were teenagers. So the show was 4 teens (and pre-teens) by teens.

rpec: I missed the movie Triste Anyone know when It reairs?

MASTERNC: Right now. And if you have the West Coast Nick on digital cable, try at 3PM (Eastern time).

KittyRock2711: i wonder why they keep changing his

Valley_Girl: Wonder what June and Tress are up to these days?

Well besides the rugrats, I think Tress (MacNeille) is still on the simpsons, plus she's done a few animated movies. So it's not like she's out of work. I just think it's stupid to hire a kid for their voice knowing you're gonna have to recast them in a year or two.

Summer Breezy / Sammy's Fortune
Merv Links to Otto / Big Air
Missile Crisis / Falsley Alarmed

And in these episodes Sam is voiced by Gary LeRoy Gray


And what did we think about the movie? Let's find out, shall we?


MASTERNC: I know this has been posted before the movie even starts, but I wanted to get this up before I left for work.

Rate "Reggie's Big Break" and "Race Across New Zealand" (if you can). We'll see which one you guys liked better.

Go ahead and answer the poll above then post your two cents about the movie in this thread. I'll put my opinions in tomorrow night after I see the re-broadcast.

ROCKETPOWERFAN: Reggies big break was AWESOME! thing dissapoints me............Twister seemed to be falling for that other celebrity girl...(name?)

Valley_Girl: I loved Reggie's Big Break! 10 out of 10. (I give Race Across New Zealand 7 out of 10. i just saw it again Friday night on NTTV) Anyway the new movie was so funny! You gotta love those hotdurgers :rotflmao: And I think the singer's name was Sharifka, or something like that. She was cool. reminded me of Pink. And yes Twister does have a crush on her, but c'mon she's too old for him (looked about 16 or 17) and we all know he and Reggie belong together. Très content

TWISTERxREGGIE: I have a feeling that the Twister x Reggie thing won't be happening any time soon. -Sighs- Anyways, I just got done watching "Reggie's Big Break" and I have to say it was awesome! I liked this one a lot more than "Race Across New Zealand." 10 out of 10 for sure.

Knoodelhed: We at my place liked it too! (Sitting down with my friends to some "hotdurgers" right now!) Everything I expected and more.

Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: I thought Race Across New Zealand would be better and I was correct but it was close.I didn't watch much of the last half hour because I was watching Teen Titans' debut.

Cat_J: Reggie's Big Break was okay, but I prefer their first movie. More action. Sourire Also seemed a little like they were stretching the plot in this one. Heh.

RugratStyle56: Reggie's Big Break I give a 9 out of 10
because it was awesome
but Race across New Zealand was more better it had more skateboarding, and I love skateboarding, and other sports so i give Race across New Zealand 10/10

MASTERNC: While you are right about the fact that there was more action in the NZ movie, I enjoyed this movie a thousand times more. They did an excellent job. Bravo

As the commercials suggested, this was the equivalent of college spring break at most of the southern beaches (minus the alcohol and a few other things Clin d'oeil ).

I loved the Shaffika song (although there should have been more music), Tito's little relationship with the grill, and Ray's attempt to hit the spotlight (he did big time in the end).

I think Reggie deserved that fame. She's been through a lot and she really enjoyed it. Her reporting seemed to come natural to her (journalism is definitely her career path). Sourire

Otto was very upset but didn't realize that this was a reverse role from "Power Girl Surfers". The others reminded him of that but there should have been a flashback to that episode.

(Once again, I remind you that PGS was sending a message against sexism. But not RBBB. Just be lucky that we even got a reference to the ep at all.)

Also, Nick did a poor job of their trivia questions. They only had a handful and repeated them after the first hour. Talk about lack of interest for a premiere movie. Hum...

KittyRock2711: i loooooooooved the movie!!! it was a zillion times better than the NZ one! it was a little more teen related, and reminded me a little of the summer special thingy on mtv. merv turned cool at the end and mrs. stimp rocked! i think everyone is changing....reggie is maturing out more, twister seemed to be, sam didnt seem as nerdy, and otto go a lot nicer towards the end.

MASTERNC: I thought Reggie was very mature. She seemed surprised by all the attention she received. Unlike Otto, who dies to receive recognition and feeds upon it, she was surprised that people even wanted her autograph. She kept saying that her fame was no big deal and that all the perks didn't matter that much.

I think the reason she choked when Otto wanted the spotlight is that she was afraid of losing her only chance to be recognized as an individual. She never gets major attention and when she does it's with the group usually. She was afraid Otto was going to plunge her in to obscurity. Otto seems to dominate as if he is the older sibling and receives all of the attention (look at "Race Across New Zealand").

In the end, when she and Crystal were talking, and Crystal said that someday Reggie would probably be in Crystal's shoes (that is, giving another young person a chance in the spotlight), Reggie said "I hope so."

FairyTrixie: i liked reggies big break better than the race across new zeland,it was a good movie. Sourire

MASTERNC: Oh yeah. Gotta love those hotdurgers. :rotflmao:

Cat_J: Yeah, I also thought the commercials were a little misleading. Kinda made it seem like Reggie was forgetting about her friends and family in the movie, but that wasn't true at all, she helped everyone out, but had one moment of selfishness... only because Otto was being a real jerk, I think... But she was cool most of the time though. ^^

Wasn't there supposed to be something about Reggie and Otto's mom in here? Or was that some stupid rumor I read somewhere.

One of the best scenes: Twister tackles Lars. Très content I laughed a lot at that.

MASTERNC: Yep. Twister finally stands up to his brother. I guess K-C decided to "kick it up a notch". This was geared more towards teens this time.



(Ironically, IOTM would air in Mexico before the US.)

MASTERNC: Here's a chance for you to see how much you remember from the movie. I submitted an online quiz and you can play it here:

"Reggie's Big Break" Quiz


Ultimato_Dragon4Ever: I got 7/10

rpec: I dont think Reggies Big Break lived up to what Race Across New Zealand was, I thought RANZ was better than RBB. But they were both awesome!

well i give reggie's big (beach) break a 10 out of 10 but i don't know bout race across new zealand i just gave it 10 out of 10 cuz i never got a chance to see it.

MetalSmasher86: Both movies were 10/10 material!

MASTERNC: The ratings are in from last week.

Bad News: "Reggie's Big Break" didn't do nearly as well as "RANZ" (of course, that's understandable given Nick's obvious lack of interest this time around) Hum...

Good News: The movie still made the top 15 among kids. It was the 14th most popular show last week with nearly 2 million viewers. And if I can read this correctly, about 4.8% of TV viewers at that time (July 19) were watching the movie. Bravo

Save Hey Arnold! Or rather, its second movie.
Go here and/or here (preferably, both).
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PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 7:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brings back memories, doesn't it? Sourire

[After winning hockey tournament]
Otto: First place!
Reggie: In your face!
Sam: No disgrace!?
Twister: Huh? We won?
Sam: It's a crime. You can't rhyme.

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