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[Fanfic] Nickhouse: Series 1 & 2
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 10:03 pm    Post subject: [Fanfic] Nickhouse: Series 1 & 2 Reply with quote

For those of you who don't know, this is a series created by myself and written by myself, msinvaderzim and nicktooncrazy. Sadly, some posts got lost thanks to Word, but thier still understandable and funny.

Series 1
Main Villain: Vlad Plasmious

1-1: Danny's first day

The sun was beginning to rise, and the orange bricks of the Nickhouse brightened slightly. It was the beginning of another hot summer day.

Spongebob was already up, spraying himself with the moist spray Jimmy Neutron had given him. His roomate, Timmy Turner, was still fast asleep next to his fish/godparents.

Once Spongebob finished spraying himself, he left his room, 214 (2 means 2nd storey and 14 means 14). He walked to the elevator and pressed the up button to go to floor 4. Then he went to room 401 where his secret crush, Sandy Cheeks, lived. He slid some roses under the crack in the door, wiped his fingers of blood with a tissue and took the elevator down to reception. He walked outside and looked at the dawn sky. Then he walked across the courtyard to the Krusty Krab, which was one of the fast food resterants in the Nickhouse's premesses.

His boss, Eugine Krabs, adressed him.

"Arrrr, Spongebob, your the first one here," he said in his pirate like way, "Ye only have to pay $10 today!"

"HORRAY!" Spongebob yelled with enthusiasm, and repeated "I'm ready!" over and over as he ran to the kitchen.

One hour later, at 6:30, Squidward Tenticales arrived. Mr Krabs was not amused.

"Arrr, Squidward, ye're late! $50!" Mr Krabs yelled.

Squidward had finally had enough of the cheap krab.


He threw his hat onto the ground, stomped on it, and walked away, causing tears to form in Spongebob's eyes.

"NOT THE HAT!" he sobbed, "WHY, SQUIDWARD? WHY?" He broke into a loud, loud, loud cry. It wasn't long before the Krusty Krab was flooded.

"Alright, alright!" said Mr Krabs.

Spongebob continued to sob.

"SPONGEBOB, HARDEN UP!" Mr Krabs yelled.

Spongebob wiped away his tears for his boss.

"We just have to find a new cashier, boy," Mr Krabs continued, "d'ya know anyone?"

"My roomate!" Spongebob burst out.

"Spongebob," said Mr Krabs, "Remember the time ye had the idea to hire Timmy as fry cook f'r the day while ye went to the movies with Patrick?"

Spongebob remembered the mess he had come back to after watching King Jellyfish III: King of Kings of Jellyfish and found many complaining customers, Mr Krabs losing his temper and Timmy burnt from foot to Pink Hat.

"Right," said Spongebob meekly.

"C'mon boy," said Mr Krabs, "We're gonna find a cashier!"

Meanwhile, a 14 year old boy known as Danny Fenton, and his friends, Sam and Tucker, were looking for room 212. They were on the reception floor, where the only one up was Gerald, from room G11.

"Hey, a new guy!" said Gerald to himself.

Gerald walked up to the newcomers.

"And who are you?"

After introductions, Danny asked where thier room was.

"2nd floor. By the way, have you been to the Krusty Krab yet?" asked Gerald.

"Well, Danny and I might," said Tucker, "But Sam's an ultra-recyclo vegetarian."

Gerald looked puzzled.

"She dosen't eat anything that has a face." explained Tucker.

8am came, and most of the Nicktoons were up. Some, like Timmy Turner, were headed to the Krusty Krab. Timmy had an idea to get Trixies attention. As he sat at the table with Chester and AJ, he noticed something odd.

"Hey, where's Squidward?" he asked.

"How am I supposed to know?" Chester replied.

"Anyway," Timmy said, getting onto his plan, "I heard the tonight, Tad and Chad are taking Trixie out here for dinner on them. I'm gonna go up to them while they're talking, and say, 'Hey Trixie, wanna leave the two most popular kids in the Nickhouse and sit with me?'"

There was silence for 3 seconds. Then Chester and AJ started laughing thier heads off.

"Hey, whats so funny?" Timmy asked crossly.

"You? Getting a date with Trixie?" said AJ between snorts, "Thats technically imp..." He burst out laughing with Chester again.

Timmy just walked right out of the fast food resterant, leaving a half eaten Krabby Patty. Proffessor Calamotous was nearby and saw it.

"Hey! It's someone just"

"Me?" asked AJ.

"Yes!" said Calamotous

In the dark depths of the underground floor, a new arrival had a plan. His names was Vlad and he was a ghost.

"So Danny, you think you can get away from me, can you?" said Vlad evily, "Well your wrong!" Vlad let out an evil chuckle.

"Hey, new roomate," said Denzel Crocker, who shared the room, "Pipe down so I can prove the existance of FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS!"

"Okay, you're wierd," said Vlad.

Meanwhile, Mr Krabs and Spongebob had closed the Krusty Krab until Lunch Shift and were out looking for a cashier. They had had many no's, so Spongebob was resorting to drastic mesures.

"One Krabby Patty for a job!" he yelled.

As he suspected, Patrick ran down the stairs to Reception to get his patty, but was then distracted by the cola machine. He got himself a Coca-Cola and left.

"Wait, no! Coral Cola's bet then Coca Cola!" he yelled, but Patrick was gone.

"Arrr," said Mr Krabs, "We'll never find anybody. This was a hopeless..."

Just then Danny came down the stairs.

"Anyone know where a bathroom is?" he asked.

"Ye're hired!" yelled Mr Krabs.

After he had convinced Danny to take the job, Spongebob went back to his room, where Timmy was looking incredibly fed up.

"Hi Timmy!' called Spongebob as he went to get his spare pants so that he could go to the showers.

"Hi Spongebob," said Timmy, fed upness in his voice.

"What's wrong?" asked Spongebob.

"Trixie Tang dosen't notice me!' groaned Timmy.

"Have you tried challenging her to karate? That works every time with Sandy!" Spongebob advised.

"She dosen't go to...Sandy?" asked Timmy.

"Forget I said that!" Spongebob said quickly.

"I know!" Timmy said, "Cosmo!"

"Of coarse," said Spongebob, "Cosmo has the best ideas!"

"Riiiiight," said Wanda from the fishbowl, as Timmy and Spongebob approched.

"Hey Cosmo?" asked Timmy, "What should I do to get Trixie's attention?"

"Oo oo oo! Start..." said Cosmo.

"A band?" asked AJ.

Timmy and Spongebob were asking thier friends Patrick, Sandy, Chester, AJ, Elmer, Sanjay and Larry the lobster (who was actually an aqantance) to join Timmy's band.

"I'm in! I'm in!" yelled Patrick.

"Count me in, y'all!" said Sandy.

"Postivley!" said AJ.

"If they're in, I'm in!" said Chester.

"Bob's in!" said Elmer.

"I will also join in your band with great geekiness!" said Sanjay.

"OK, I'm in because he promised me a lifegaurd job at the beach!" said Larry.

Everyone looked at Spongebob, who looked at the clock on the hall wall.

"Oh my gosh! It's almost lunch shift! See you tonight!" Spongebob said, running for the elevator.

"I'm out," said Larry, when he'd realised Spongebob could not give out lifesaving jobs.

Vlad had found Danny's room, and was about to commce his plan.

"Now that Danny is gone, my plan begans!" he said.

He phase shifted and went inside. Moments later, he came out with Sam and Tucker inside a net!

"Arrr, Danny, being cashier isn't all, 'May I take your order?'" Mr Krabs explained, strutting about like he was a military officer, "Ye've got to..."

"Thanks new cashier!" said Principal Waxelpax, taking her Deluxe Krabby Patty.

"Hey!" yelled Spongebob.

"Oh, and you Spongebob," said Waxelpax.

"Arrr, he caught on quick," said Mr Krabs, going to his office to count money.

Meanwhile, Timmy's band were having thier first audition.

"And a 1, and a 2, and a 1 2 3!" yelled Timmy.

Many windows shattered at the bands mediocere performance. Gary sheltered under the sofa.

"Don't worry!" said Timmy, "We'll get better!"

"Oh, that wasn't how you play drums," Patrick said, and with that, he threw his drum at the last unshattered window, shattering it.

"Da ha ha! I did it!" laughed Patrick, showing his tooth.

Back in the underground floor, Vlad was walking down the hall to the E-Lab where the Nickentest built anything evil...for pay.

"Nickentest! Is it ready?" asked Vlad.

"Yes, Vlad," said the Nickentest, "behold, the first geneticly created ghosts! Ghoster, and his brother, ghouler!"

"Lame!" yelled Plankton from viewing his patty catcher which immediantly exploded.

"And here $40!" said Vlad, handing over the cash.

As soon as the money reached the Nickentest's evil (and smelly) hand, Ghoster and Ghouler got into action. Ghoster aproached Sam, who was in chains, and put him to sleep using his sleep vision, then overshadowed her. Ghouler did the same to Tucker. While this was happening, Vlad laughed maniacly, as all evil villians do.

Later, It was dinner shift at the Krusty Krab. Spongebob, Danny and Mr Krabs had used the quiet time between Lunch and Dinner to set up a stage for Timmy's band. Actually, Danny and Mr Karbs had, and Spongebob had went to rehurse for the band.

It was dark outside, and Mr Krabs was just about to turn out the lights for Timmy's band when the power went out.

"E-gad!" said Dad (as in Timmy's Dad, of coarse!)

"Yaaaaaaaaay! Encore! Encore!" cheered Cosmo.

The doors flew open and Vlad, 'Sam' and 'Tucker' (Actually Ghoster and Ghouler) walked in.


"Hey, look, a monkey!"

Everyone except those in Timmy's band looked left. Danny, unaware of Timmy's Band still looking at him, took his chance.

"Going Ghost!" he yelled.

Immediantly, he turned into Danny Phantom and attacked Vlad. All to soon, Vlad retreated.

"Well, that was quick," said Spongebob, forgetting he was supposed to stay quiet.

Suddenly, 'Sam' advanced on Danny and punched, but Danny, too quick for the overshadowed girl, phased out. When the punch was done, he phased in and wrestled 'Sam' to the ground. While 'Sam' was down, Danny overshadowed her and brought out Ghoster. Then he jumped at 'Tucker', who tried to dodge but wasn't quick enough. He was wrestled to the ground and overshadowed, leaving Ghouler without a host. Seising the moment, Danny grabbed the thermos out of Tuckers bag and tried to capture Ghouler. When Ghouler was an inch away from the thermos, he vanished into a puddle of water. Danny went to do the same thing to Ghoster, but ghoster was too quick. He disapeared to further serve Vlad, his master. Almost instantly, the power went back on.

Now that the feasco was done, it was time for Timmy's band. They had improved a lot since first rehersal.

Timmy's band's song

ELMER: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
ALL: Spongebob Squarepants!
SANJAY: Absorbant and yellow at porus is he!
ALL: Spongebob Squarepants!
CHESTER: If nautical nonescence is something you wish,
ALL: Spongebob Squarpants!
SANDY: Y'all jump on the deck and flop like a fish!
ALL: Spongebob Squarepants!
AJ: Ready?
PATRICK: Spongebob Squarepants!
TIMMY: Spongebob Squarepants!
ALL: Spongebob Squarepants!

The crowd cheered, and, to Timmy's surprise, Trixie came over.

"Wow, Tommy, you're better then expected," she said.

"Thanks!" said Timmy, "Now, do you..."

"And if you'd sung about me, I would toattaly date you," she continued, "BODYGUARD!"

"There's just no impressing some girls," said Chester.

AJ didn't replied. His brain was in space, as he'd just seen Trixie, who is a girl.

"AJ, snap out of it," Chester said, shaking his friend. Then He paniced.


"You know what?" said Danny to Sam and Tucker, "I think we're gonna like it here."

_ _ _

2-1 :Babysitting with Patrick


Squidward Tenticales woke up half of floor 2 yelling, and, along with many other Nicktoons, Spongebob ran out of his room, 214.

"Hey, Squidward!" Spongebob asked, "What's wrong?"


"Spongebob looked into the bombshell thay was Squidward's room. His roomate, Patrick, was literally sleeping in his own filth.

'He's spent so much money on pizza," Squidward explained, "that I don't know where the next meals coming from!"

"You mean you STILL haven't got a new job?" asked Spongebob.

"I havn't shaved for three days," Squidward groaned.

"That's how long Danny's been cashier!" Spongebob burst out.

Squidward glared, and Spongebob realised he had said something bad. He ran into the room and woke up Patrick.

"Pat," said Spongebob, shaking his friend awake.

"Oh, Spongebob," said Patrick lazily, "Is it time for pudding?"

"Pat," continued Spongebob, "How much have you spent on pizza in the last 3 days?"

"Ummm..." said Patrick.

Spongebob picked up the Dominos Bill.

"$3,942?" yelled Spongebob.

"Yup," said Patrick.

"Patrick, you should consider getting a job!" Spongebob told his friend.

Suddenly, over the radio, came an add for Vicky's Babysitting Service.

If you don't want your summer to be lame and icky, pick up the phone and call me..I'm Vicky! was the add, and after the last word of it sounded, a window shattered.

"That should really be updated," said Spongebob, not realising Patrick was gone, headed in the direction of the elevator.

In the courtyard, amongst the school and the Krusty Krab, a tall, dark building stood...and next to it was the building of Vicky's Babysitting Service.

"Vicky's Babysitting Service," said Vicky on the phone, talking in her sickly sweet voice.

"Hello, is this Icky's Ladytiting Curvice?" came Patrick's voice on the other line.

"MY NAME IS NOT...I mean, yes," said Vicky.

"Can I have a job?" asked Patrick.

"OK, but I get a 70/30 share of your pay!" said Vicky.

Night came. Patrick was walking to room 312,where Charlette, Drew and Angelica Pickles (Baby era) lived. His first job was to babysit her royal pain.

When he got there, Charlette and Drew had gone, leaving written instructions on Baby Care. Unfortunatly, Patrick couldn't read.

"Hey mister!" yelled Angelica, "Get me the cookies."

"OK!" said Patrick, picking up Mayonaise.

Meanwhile, It was dinner shift at the Krusty Krab. Spongebob and Danny were rushed off thier feet. Spongebob became careless. He went to flip a patty and burnt his hand.

"YEOW!" yelled Spongebob.

Meanwhile, Danny had to sort money at high speed. After serving one customer, there was always another. To Danny's surprise, Patrick was his next customer, with Angelica.

"HEY MISTER!" Angelica screamed, "GET ME A COOKIE!"

Angelica pulled the Mayonaise out of her pocket and squirted Danny! Danny ducked and the mayo went over him and hit Spongebob! Spongebob, blinded, tried to squirt ketchup on a patty, but squirted Danny!

Then someone yelled, "FOOD FIGHT!"

Timmy Turner hid under a sofa. His godparents had gone out for dinner, laving him in the care of ghost hunters, Jack and Maddie Fenton. In Timmy's opinion, they were very creepy!

Timmy heard Helga's footsteps pass the door. Jack and Maddie, thinking it was a ghost, sprung into action and tried to catch her in a thermos. When that didn't work, they used thier new ghost catching weapeon, the ghost net, and caught her. Then, after realising thier mistake, released her.

Chester walked down the hall, in which the lights were now out. Behind him, Ghoster followed silently. Just as Chester turned the doorknob of his room, Ghoster used his sleep vision on him, and then overshadowed him.

'Chester' got up and walked to Jack and Maddie Fenton's room. He knocked, and Jack opened, thermos ready.

"Timmy's Mom told me to pick him up," said 'Chester', sounding remarakbly like the real thing.

Timmy, busting to get away from the Fenton's, ran out to follow his 'friend'. He was lead to an air vent. Suddenly, It opened, and 'Chester' pushed Timmy down it!

Eugine Krabs surveyed the wreakage to his resterant. He shed a tear. The damge bill would be a fortune.

Charlette Pickles, who had been in the Krusty Krab at the scene of the food fight, were yelling at Angelica and Patrick. Drew had suffered a direcy hit from a jelly patty.


Suddenly, Vicky rushed in, and stomped right up to Patrick.

"YOU IDIOT!" she screamed.

"NOW WAIT!" said Spongebob, in an uncharictoristic yell, "Patrick needs the money you're paying him. He and Squidward are living in thier own filth, so if your gonna fire him from the job, you are SICK!"

Everyone stared at the Sponge who had just stood up for his friend.

"There, can you fire him now?" he finished.

"I can't believe she fired you!' said Spongebob, as he and Patrick walked away from the Krusty Krab.

Timmy landed in the E-lab, and found himself face to face with Denzel Crocker.

"Admit it, Turner," he said crazily, you have FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS!"

"Hey, you don't own Ghoster!" said Timmy.

"I borrowed him," said Crocker meeklyn but I don't need him any more.."

The minute he said that, Ghoster flew into the lab, and knocked Crocker unconcious, allowing Timmy to run for the elevator.

"So Chester got overshadowed?"


Timmy had just told Danny of his expirience.

"I bet Vlad is planning something. I mean, he wouldn't just give away Ghoster!" said Danny worriedly.

Watching this through the crack in the door was and overshadowed AJ Ibreham, who made a run for the E-Lab.



It was early morning at the Nickhouse. Invader Zim had disintergrated the Mailman for attempting to give him junk, Patrick fell down the elevator shaft and miricalously survived and breakfast shift was underway at the Krusty Krab.

In the Kitchen, Spongebob was ready to flip his way from 5 till 7. He fliped a patty, then caught it on his spatula like a ninja. Then he fliped it onto the bun, and, whilst add the ingredients, made sounds that karate fighters do. Then he handed the Krabby Patty to Danny.

Danny had successfully completed his his first week as a cashier. He handed the patty to Helga Pataki, and then rang the bell to end breakfast shift and to start employee breaktime.

"Wow, Danny," Spongebob complemented, "Your good!"

"Thanks," said Danny, and then headed off to his room.

Spongeob stayed a while, and stared at the finest resterant around. He remembered the times he and Squidward had together, and then over the past week.

"It's a good thing the Krusty Krab has had a great line of employees," he sighed, "After all, it takes good employees to make the finest burger in the galaxy, the Krabby Patty, with your sweet, sweet [BLEEP]"

In the E-Lab, Plankton remembered his fast food woes.

"Why, why?" yelled Plankton, "WHY CAN'T I DOMINATE THE FAST FOOD MARKET? WHY?"

"Because you don't have FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS!" said Crocker, who was in a medical tube from when Ghoster attacked him.

"Do these 'fairies' have magical energy?" asked Plankton, voice filled with greed.

"Yes," said Crocker.

"Then I wil capture some Fairies and harness thier magical energy!" yelled Plankton evily. He then laughed manically.

"Forget the Krabby Patty formula! I'll rule the world!" Plankton yelled.

"Hey, thats my evil idea!" said Crocker.

"So what!" said Plankton.

"I see you are planning world takeover," said Vlad, walking into the E-Lab, "Here, use Ghoster to overshadow anyone who gets in your way!"

"Thanks!" said Plankton.

Plankton and Ghoster headed to th elevator, not seeing in evil grin on Vlad's face.

"Hi Wanda," said Cosmo as he poofed into the fishbowl.

"Cosmo, Timmy's not back yet!" said Wanda worridly.

Just then Timmy walked in. Cosmo and Wanda poofed into fairy form. Timmy then turned and left.

"Hmm," said Cosmo, "Must be in a bad mood!"

5 Hours later, Timmy and Spongebob came in.

"Hey, Timmy!" said the fairies.

"We haven't seen you since 2PM! Where were you?" asked Wanda.

"He was going to the can at 2PM!" said Spongebob.

"Wait if that wasn't Timmy, who was it?" asked Wanda.

"Ghoster," said Spongebob.

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, the phone rang. Spongebob sleepily picked up the reciever.

"Hello?" he yawned.

"Spongebob, me boy!" came Mr Krab's paniced voice over the line, "Get Danny and get over here. Plankton stole a Krabby Patty!"

Spongebob snapped out of his sleepiness and dropped the phone. Then he did emergancy action 001.

He ran around screaming at the top of his lungs.

This woke up Timmy (along with most of the Nickhouse).

"What is it?" asked Timmy.


Timmy, Danny and Spongebob ran down the stairs, not bothering to take the elevator.

Meanwhile, Zim was in the elevator with Dib, when the power went out.

"Move, or be DOOMED!" yelled Zim at the elevator.

"Hey, I have my camera," Dib noticed, "I'll take off your human disguise, and take a picture!"

Zim held a raygun at his enemy, "Don't move, or BE DOOMED!"

Msinvaderzim wrote:

Dib: Oh, I`m sooooo scared. Just take your disguise off
Zim: No, human! If I take my disguise off, people will be looking at Zim as the thing he really is.
Dib: An ugly alien?
Zim: Yes, no, hey what?
Dib: You`re really stupider than you look, and you look REALLY stupid.
Zim: That`s it human! I`m done joking around. Zim has no time for jokes! He has to rule you all with an-
Dib:Iron Fist right?
Zim: Yes.
Dib: What are you gonna do, Zim? Put an iron on your fist and burn your hand? He he he he.
Zim: No, I could do that to you, but that isn`t the point. I`m gonna use it right now!
Zim punches Dib with his fist, followed by shooting him with his lazer.
Zim: My tallests were right. Lazers do work.
I wrote:

Meanwhile, away from the strange events in the elevator, Timmy, Spongebob and Danny met up with Mr Krabs, who sobbed at his loss.

"It's taaaaaaaarible!" he cried. Then he stopped. He squinted his eyes.

"These look like Patrick's footprints," said Mr Krabs. He crawled after them at great speed. When he reached the end of the footprint trail, he looked up.

"It can't be," he said, "The, the, the..."

"What is it, Mr Krabs?" asked Spongebob.


"Karen, my plan is working," said Plankton to his computer wife.

"Whatever," said Karen.

"Now Ghoster," he yelled, summoning 'Patrick'.

"What," said Ghoster, sounding oddly like Patrick.

"Get the magical creatures!" Plankton ordered.

'Patrick' left out the back.

"Timmy's gotta be here!" said Chester, knocking again.

Chester and AJ had been waiting outside Timmy's room for him to come out. Suddenly, 'Patrick' walked up to them.

"Have you seen Tim-" AJ stopped, mid-sentence, seeing Patrick phase-shift through the door.

"It must be the dark," said AJ. He got out his master key and opened the door...

...and saw something beyond his imagination!

"Chester, are those people?" asked AJ.

"No, they've got wings...and crowns," Chester replied.

"Well they can't be faries, they're mythical creatures!" said AJ.

'Patrick' heard the whispering. He turned and saw the two kids. They ran off.

Content, 'Patrick' left.

"Good work, Ghoster!" said Plankton.

Suddenly, Mr Krabs and his companions burst in the door.

"Give me back my patty!" he yelled.

"Hmmmmm...NO!" said Plankton, "Sic 'em, Ghoster!"

"Evil guys, always needing minons," Timmy sighed.

"WHAT! YOU THINK I'M INCAPABLE!" yelled Plankton, "GHOSTER, YOUR DISMISSED! Now I'll beat you myself, hehehe!"

Unbeknownst to Plankton, Ghoster had come out of Patrcik, and attacked him from behind, sending him flying into an electrcity genorator. Then, Ghoster returned to his master. Mr Krabs took his patty, Spongebob picked up Patrick and the heros left. Cosmo and Wanda, noticing it wasn't dangourous to make thier move, poofed back to the fishbowl.

Next night, there was hard rain. A hooded kid entered the closed Krusty Krab at midnight. The storm had reached it's peak, and the dark resturant had no heating.

Another kid awaited the arrival of the hooded kid. The hooded kid took off his hood, and the other stepped into a lighter area. They were none other then Chester and AJ.

"What we saw last night," said AJ, "will remain with us untill we've figured out what happened. What I know is that one had pink hair. There was a pink hair on Timmy's shirt. I plucked it and put it in my DNA tester. It's..."

"Yeah?" asked Chester.

"Fairy DNA," AJ finished.

"That's impossible!" said Chester.

"The DNA tester never lies,"

Vlad was out in the middle of the courtyard in the heavy rain. Ghoster returned to him and told him the plan was going well. Vlab held back his head and laughed evily. The laugh echoed.

"Let us begin the fall of good," Vlad said.


Second ending with msinvaderzim:

Spongebob was talking with Sandy.
SB: Sandy, what should I do? How could Patrick be so stupid?
Sandy: Ummmm, Spongebob, Patrick IS stupid.
SB: Yeah, I guess you`re right.
All of a sudden, Zim comes into Sandy`s romm!!!
Zim: Hello, Toons................
Sandy; Hey little green dude, I know karate, and I`m not afraid to use it!!!!
Zim; Oh, that would work any OTHER time, but NOW!
I have a new machine of DOOM
Sandy; Uuuuuuummmmmmm, okay. What`s it do?
Zim; I`d love to tell you, but I`m afraid I have to use it on you.
SB; Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zim pulls a lever on the machine and squishes Sandy into a nut.
Sandy: Hey! Now I can gnaw on myself!!!
Sandy starts chewing on herself.
SB; Sandy, noooo!
Spongebob runs to Sandy, trying to make her stop eating herself.
Zim; You`re next,Spongeboy.
Zim turns Spongebob into a jelly fishing net.
SB: Hey cool!!! La la lalala! La la lalala!
Zim: Yes, yes, yes!!! It`s finally working! It is FINALLY WORKING!!!!
~Fade Out With Zim Laughing In Backround~

Nickhouse Theme Song
Sung to Special Fred

On Idiot Street, (Show's street sign)
You will find, (Show Nickhouse)
Nickhouse, The place the Nicktoons live,(Car passes Nickhouse)
With the Krusty Krab, (Shows Krusty Krab)
And Invader Zim's lair, (Show's Zim's room)
You will find not a beehive but...(Show's a beehive)
THE NICKHOUSE!(Shows Zim shooting Dib with a laser)
It's just a little bit special!

Crocker's nuts, (Show's Crocker Fairy hunting)
and Waxelplax, (Runs into Waxelplax)
There's gonna be a crazy act, (Crocker does FAIRIES twitch)
Vlad he hunts, (Vlad attacking Danny)
Danny Phantom,
Ring me up when he succeeds oh... (Vlad retreats)
THE NICKHOUSE! (Shows Plankton)
It's just a little bit special!

Room 214, (Shows door)
There is a Sponge (Show's Spongebob as jellyfish net *recycled footage)
And a boy with a silly pink hat (Timmy and Chester*)
The best friends are Patrick, (Patrick throws drums*)
and Sandy too, (Sandy*)
Chester, AJ, Squidward too oh (Chester* then AJ the Squidward unshaved*)
THE NICKHOUSE! (Shows Tommy as Baby)
WANT ME TO SHUT UP, NO I CAN'T! (Shows Both Kimi's)
It's just a little bit special!

All Nicktoons they do star! (Trixie at Krusty Krab with Tad and Chad)
Except for Dib who is dead. (Zim zaps Dib in elevator*)
Hi there Larry whats with the brick? (Shows Larry with a brick)
Well lets continue right now owooooow

Now I-- (Gets hit with Brick. Opining Sequence ends and title comes on)

Msinvaderzim’s episode

Show starts with Zim still laughing when:
Timmy walks into the room!
Timmy: Zim! What are YOU doing here?
Zim: Oh, well, I was showing Spongebob and Sandy a new trick I can do! Wanna see?
Timmy: Sure why not!
Zim: Here we go! Tell me your most favorite thing ever, pitiful human filled with doom!!
T: Well, I really love my fish. They`re so cool.
Zim: Done!
Zim turns Timmy into a fishbowl.
T: What`d you do that for?!
Zim: You said you liked your fish! So I turned you into thier bowl!!!!
T: I hate their bowl, tho.
Zim: Well, you are still their bowl!!!!
Zim goes into his lab and calls his pal Izzey.
Zim: Izzey! My plan is working. WORKING!!
Me: That`s great! I`ll be right over to see!
Zim: Excellent! I will have Gir make some Waffles!!!
Me: Excellent.

I wrote:

On the ground floor, there is a Woolsworths store. And here, Chester and AJ were pushing a trolley around looking for 'groceries' of science. (Bad pun!)

"OK, we've got toothpastle, cans and a good supply of coke," said AJ, "Should be enough to..."

"And what are we doing?" asked Chester.

"Making an energy finder," said AJ.

"And why are we making that?" asked Chester.

"To find out what Patrick wants with it!" said AJ, annoyed.

"You mean Ghoster, right?" asked Chester.

"Well, duh!" said AJ.

Which is when they ran into Sanjay and Elmer.


AJ sighed. Brilliant, he thought, now he had to tell Elmer and Sanjay what they were up to! Could this day get any worse?

Msinvaderzim wrote:

Elmer: Bob wants to know what in the name of Gosh you are doing!!
AJ: We have a logical explanation. You see, made a deal with a close friend...
Sanjay: Timmy, right?!
AJ: No. It wasn`t Timmy. Anyways, he told us to but him birthday presents for his sick Aunt.
Sanjay: Ah, I see. Well, bye then!
Elmer: Bob says goodbye. I say, see ya!
Chester and Aj are relieved.
Then, Zim comes in the room in a new human disguise, along with me.
Us together: Party at the Krusty Krab! Everyone`s invited!!! There`ll be a big surprise for all of you! It`s tomorrow evening at 6:00. Be sure to come, it will be tons of fun!
Me: Hi there, Chester and Aj! Will you too be attending our night of fun?
Both: Oh, yes, Izzey. We will!
Me: Great! Fill out the information on the sheet for me then.
I hand them each a sheet saying:
Favorite Thing Ever:___________________________
Meanwhile, Zim was handing out invitations to the following people:
Patrick(the real one)
I had these people:
The next night, all the people came!
Zim: Hello, everyone! How is the party so far?
All together: Good!!!
Me: Great! There are many refreshments over in the corner.
Zim and I: Okay! Are you ready for the surprise?!
EVERYONE: Yeah!!!!!
Okay! First up, is Chester.
Chester walks onto the stage.
Me: It says on the paper that your favorite thing is cheese, am I correct?
C: Yeah, I love cheese
Zim: Well then, cheese it is!
Zim pulls the lever while I lock all the doors, etc.(So noone can get out)
Chester turns into cheese.
C: Awesome trick Zim! Can I eat myself?
Zim: Of course, worm baby
C: Yaaayy!!!!!!
Aj walks up
Me: AJ, is it true that your favorite thing is your brain?
AJ: Yes, yes it is.
Zim: Well, then, there we go!
AJ is turned into his brain.
AJ: Exquisite!
(Now I will tell you what all the people were turned into)
Zita=a book
Patrick=a toilet
Plankton=a krabby patty
Tommy=a screwdriver
Angelica=lip gloss
Eliza=an animal book
Ang=a penguin
Norb=hair gel
Susie=a microphone
Kimi=a kimono
Chuckie=a survival guide
Phil=a pair of dirty underwear
Lil=her lucky hat
Dil=a burp machine
Debbie=a cd
Ginger=her diary
Gaz=a game slave 2
Macy=ponytail holders
Dodie=her inhaler
Zim: Yes! It is almost everyone at the NickHouse! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Me: I`m so proud of you, honey.
Zim: Thanks, Izzey.
We start hugging and laughing at the same time

I wrote:

Suddenly, Vlad walked in. By his side was Ghoster, the geneticly engineered ghost.

"So you must be Invader Zim," he said, "The Irken?"

"Well, Zim doesn't look much like an alien when he's got his desguise on!" said Mr Krabs, who had been turned into a cent.

"I see you've been plotting," Vlad continued, "So I have a proposal. You could use Ghoster for your bidding if you can't complete the job yourself..."

"You saying I can't finish the plan! BE DOOMED!" yelled Zim, aiming a laser at Vlad.

Suddenly, Ghoster tackled Zim to the ground. He look away his laser and snap it with his bare hands. Zim was then thrown onto his own machine, destroying it and reverting all the Nicktoons to normal. Then Ghoster threw him out the window. Izzey ran out to help her husband.

"Vlad?" Timmy couldn't believe his eyes.

"Well, don't start thinking I've turned good!" said Vlad, walking out the door.

"Hey, I'm not cheese anymore," said Chester, not exactly happily.

Suddenly, Prinicpal Waxelplax walked in. He handed a note to all of the kids, and left.

"Sorry I couldn't make it!" she yelled as she walked out.

Timmy shrugged and opened the letter. Then he sighed.

Dear Students,

School starts tomorrow,

"Well, at least I'm not a fishbowl anymore!" he said.

"Zim, is it finished yet?" asked Izzey.

"Nearly," said Zim, "Just a month, and the Nickhouse and the world will be DOOMED!"

The end!

5-1: Back-to-school-beating

Through out the summer holidays, the Nickhouse kids dreaded it. The day had finally arrived. A day of terror, a day of evil, a day of DOOM!

The first day of school.

But now, kids were sadly walking into school, one by one, because they knew what was waiting. Francis' first day beating of all the boys.

Chester, AJ, and Timmy headed for class. Timmy got out his timetable.

"I've got English with Mr Lancer first. What have you got?" asked Timmy.

"Crocker takes over the world," said Chester, knowing he'd have to have a whole morning with the crazy and wounded teacher.

"Same here," AJ sighed.

And so, the three left for thier classes.

"Blah blah blah FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS blah blah blah..." Crocker droned from his medical tube.

There were about 5 kids in class. Chester, AJ, Elmer, Sanjay and Trixie. They weren't paying much attention to Crocker. Trixie was playing hard to get in front of Elmer, Sanjay was reading My first ABC's and Chester and AJ were passing notes.

"Do you think Patrick's a ghost?" Wrote Chester.

"We've been over this nine times. It was Ghoster!" AJ wrote back.

" you think Timmy's involved?" wrote Chester.

"I can't believe I never thought about that!" wrote AJ.

Suddenly, Francis walked in.

"Hey, your in Animal Ed!" yelled Crocker.

"I can, like, change class if I want to," said Francis.

"OK then. Sit down," said Crocker nervously.

Francis sat down and stared at everyone. Chester and AJ, not noticing the new arrival, continued to right. Francis picked the notes from Chester up and read them. He reached into his pocked and found a walkie-talkie.

"Boss, I have encounted two kids plotting against us!"

"Wow, I never knew Francis had such a colourful volcabulary!" said Chester.

"No, that's Ghoster," AJ whispered.

"How do you know?" asked Chester.

"Francis can't read!" AJ whispered back.

"Oh...Mr Crocker, I need to go to the bathroom!" said Chester.

"I would also like to go to the bathroom," said AJ.

And with that, they ran out of class screaming.

Timmy wasn't having much more fun in English. He, Eliza, Zim, Gaz and Donnie were in this class. Apart from the fact that Zim was constantly threatening to take over the world, Mr Lancer kept on picking up on his failures. He used the bathroom as an excuse to get out!

Recess came, and Chester and AJ finally emerged from the bathroom, along with Timmy. Chester had his chance.

"Where were you on the 25th of April 1915?" he questioned.

"That's ANZAC day, Chester," AJ corrected.

"Meh, who cares," said Chester, "Where were you on the day before the day before yesterday?"

"At the Krusty Krab," said Timmy bluntly.

"And what connection do you have between green haired and pink haired creatures?" asked Chester.

"Umm...none!" said Timmy worriedly.

"Likely story," said Chester, "because we SAW these creatures appear right out of your fishbowl!"

"CHESTER!" yelled AJ.

"Oh right, I was supposed to keep that secret," said Chester.

"What are you guys, Crocker? My fish are not fairies!" Timmy yelled, walking away.

Francis watched this from a nearby locker.

"The two childran know to much...yes, I will bring them to you...have a nice day!"

Meanwhile, in the E-Lab, Vlad and the Nickentest were talking.

"This better work, I gave you 100 bucks," said Vlad.

"Not to worry, Vlad," said the Nickentest, "Your evil plan will go ahead on Hallowe'en, which isn't too far away!"

"And the two children," asked Vlad.

"We have more to worry about then them," said the Nickentest, "Danny Phantom is also getting suspisious."

"Right," said Vlad, "I'll take care of him..."

"Gangway! Coming through!"

Chester and AJ rushed through the halls and into the playground, with 'Francis' running after them.

They had only one way of escape...

They climed up the school flagpole.

Lunch came, and Chester and AJ were still perched on the flagpole. But at last, they finally worked out that 'Francis' was gone and had gotten down.

"We can't be beaten by the bad guy, Chester," said AJ, "So you know what we'll do?"

"Go to the cafieria and eat 10 pounds of cheese and then run away to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?" asked Chester.

"No, stupid, we're going to beat him!" said AJ.

He got out his poratble fort and set it up. Just as he finished and turned, he was surprised to find all of the kids except Francis and Dash looking.

"We're protecting ourselves from Francis," Checter explained, while AJ smacked his forehead.

"Well then we're going to help you!" said Elmer, "and Bob will too!"

"REBEL!" yelled Sanjay.

"Alright then..." said AJ, surprised, "INTO THE FORT!"

Everyone shouted and yelled while running in, except Zim, Gaz and the popular kids.

"So what should we call the fort?" asked AJ.

"Fort Nickhouse?" suggested Chester.


"Fort Chester?"


'Fort William?"


"Fort Kid?"

"More stupid. How about Fort Delta?"


'Francis' walked across the deserted playground. The wind whistled and the sun beated down. 'Francis' noticed the fort.

"The childran have made a fort!" he said into the radio. "I will destroy..."


Suddenly, tons and tons of paint smashed into 'Francis', knocking Ghoster out of his body. Ghoster retreated to fight another day. But Francis suffered many painful hits.

A loud cheer rose from the fort. Bully power had lost!

Timmy walked back to room 214. On the way, he passed Danny's room, where he heard shouts. He used his key to unlock the door and ran in. No one was there.

A cold breeze swept the room. Timmy shivered. He could tell that from now on, life would not be as easy as it seemed...


6-1: The Cold

Timmy Turner was not having a good week. He had had a list of bad things fall apon him:

1. Danny Fenton/Phantom goes missing
2. He almost blows up the Krusty Krab
3. He caught a cold.

Timmy lay in bed. He heard a knock.

"Cobe in" he said, weakly.

Jimmy Neutron walked in. He brought a bunch of tablets.

"Now, I know that you have 7 persriptions of tablets, but there are Common Cold Curers," Jimmy told Timmy, "You'll be fine in 2 seconds."

Timmy shrugged, and took one...

2 hours later...

Jimmy was worried. Common Cold curers didn't work. Maybe they needed work.

Then Jimmy remembered.

"I'm going to take of your hat and check if your hairs any brighter," said Jimmy.

"!" said Timmy, moving his head away.

"Well, OK," said Jimmy, "but remember to check it yourself!"

Then he left.

Timmy had refused to take his hat of for all the doctors, and even his own fairies!

No one had seen the thing he was hiding under his hat.

Chester Mcbadbat had hung himself from his window. AJ lowered him down to Timmy's room, directly below.

"I have clear sight on the subject," said Chester.

"Roger that," said AJ.

AJ suddenly heard a crack.

"Well, this is unpleasant," he said.

Then the windowsill snapped, bringing the two crashing down to Earth!

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star were at Goofy Goobers, just behind a tall dark building that no-one had noticed.

Patrick was ordering.

"Can I have a Goober Surprise Double Triple Quaddroople?" he asked.

The attendant sighed, and tried to hide his identy as he got the HUGE ice-cream.

"Thanks!" said Patrick.

The attendent smashed his head on the cash register, looking like his life had hit 0 level. In fact, he hit himself so hard, his mask came off.

"Squidward?" asked Patrick.

"I hate my life," said Squidward.

Meanwhile, Spongebob finished eating his 12th ice-cream when he got a phone call on Patricks cell phone.

"Hello?" he replied, picking up the phone.

"Spongebob, this is Wanda, get over here now!"

"I can't just leave Patrick! He's--"


Spongebob disapeared in a cloud of smoke. When Patrick returned, his friend was gone.

"Wha-" he said.

Then he started sobbing into his ice-cream.

"How did I get surrounded by morons!" asked Squidward to the heavens.

Spongebob reapeared in Room 214, also known as his and Timmy's room. Wanda greeted him.

"What is it?" asked Spongebob.

"Timmy's cold...well, come look," said Wanda.

Spongebob came, and before Wanda could say, look through the keyhole, he opened the door...

...and a tidal wave of snot buried him.

After Timmy had gotten yet another perscription of tablets, Spongebob went next door to see Patrick.

"Hey Pat, wanna get Karbby Patties?" he called.

He heard Patrick cry.

"I don't like you anymore, Spongebob!" he sobbed.

"Patrick, I was poofed away a few hours ago!" Spongebob protested.

"A likely story!" sobbed Patrick.

Spongebob looked for his key to find he had lost it in the snot tidal wave. Defeated, he walked upstairs.

Cosmo had been given the unpleasant task of cleaning up all of the snot, while Wanda talked to Timmy.

"Look, Timmy, I've been thinking, and i'm going to take you to Dr Rick Spectrums."

"I'm already here," said Dr Rick Spectrum, entering.

He looked at Timmy for 3 seconds.

"Ooh, this is serious, you've got FAIRY DISEASE!" said Dr Rick Spectrum.

"Is it cureable, doc?" asked Wanda.

"Yes, I just need a Krabby Patty," said Rick.

"OK, Cosmo, go get a Krabby Patty," yelled Wanda.

Cosmo went, disguised as a kid, while Wanda and Dr Rick Spectrum look after Timmy.

"Sorry, Cosmo," said Mr Krabs, "Spongebob never showed up for work today,"

Cosmo had arrived at the Krusty Krab to hear that Spongebob hadn't been seen all morning.

"Arr, maybe he's at Sandy's," said the old Krab, "But that advice will cost you!"

"Sorry Cosmo," said Sandy, "Spongebob left here an hour ago. He said something about Mrs Puff,"

"No, Spongebob WAS here, but I sent him to Larry's" said Mrs Puff.

"Sorry, green haired dude, Spongebob went to that new Goofy Goobers," said Larry.

Finally, weary and tired, Cosmo walked into Goofy Goobers and saw the upset Spongebob.

"Yay!" said Cosmo, "Make a Krabby Patty!"

"I don't have the heart," said Spongebob. He told Cosmo about his and Patricks argument.

Cosmo gave him a no-one at home stare.

Spongebob suddenly realised something.

"I need to make patties!" he said, "It makes me feel better!"

It suddenly started raining, and it seemed like Eye of the Tiger was playing in the backround as Spongebob ran to the Krusty Krab, flipped hundreds of patties, and gave one to Cosmo.

"So let me get this strait," asked Wanda, "It took your four hours to get one Krabby Patty?"

Dr Rick Spectrum's operation had been a success, and Timmy would be normal again by tommorrow. Also, since he took all those tablets, he had been cured from getting a common cold ever again!

"I'm afraid your insurance won't cover this," said Dr Rick Spectrum, leaving the room.

"Oh, well," said Wanda, "Timmy's happy, Cosmo's happy, I'm happy. Pretty good day, don't you think!"

"I want a hot dog!" said Cosmo.

Wanda thought about how Cosmo had gone all across Nickhouse for no given reason just to get a patty.

"Except the fact that Cosmo is an idiot."


Nickhouse Theme Improved

On Idiot Street, (shows Idiot Street sign)
You will find, (Shows Nickhouse)
Nickhouse the place the Nicktoons live (zooms in)
With the Krusty Krab, (Shows Krusty Krab)
And Invader Zim's lair, (Show's Zim's room)
You will not find a beehive but...
THE NICKHOUSE! (Shows Tommy Baby)
It's just a little bit special...

(Suddenly music gets more feel)
Crockers nuts, (Shows Crocker walking down hall)
and Waxelplax, (Bumps into Waxelplax)
There's gonna be a crazy act! (Fairies twitch)
Vlad he hunts, (Shows Vlad)
Danny Phantom,
Ring me up when he succeeds oh,
THE NICKHOUSE, (Shows Sandy)
It's just a little bit special!

In room 214, (Shows door)
there is a sponge (shoes Spongebob)
And a boy with a silly pink hat (Show's Timmy)
The best friends are Patrick, (Shows Patrick)
and Sandy too, (Shows Sandy),
Chester, AJ, Squidward too oh, (Show's Chester, AJ and Squidward)
THE NICKHOUSE! (Shows me!)
I'M IN THIS TIME, ISN"T IT NICE! (Shows Both Phils)
It's just a little bit Special,

Now the season reaches it end, (Shows Nickhouse all through bridge)
It's not the last but let's pretend,
Then surprise you at the end,
Crud, I mentioned it again, oohh cruuudd!

Nickhouse has been here quite long, (Shows various charectors throughout last verse)
I won't end it with this song,
Will Danny escape,
will Vlad succeed?
Will Timmy's best friends find out out his secret?
It's just a little bit...special (Zooms in on Krusty Krab)

Also known as 7-1

The Krusty Krab. Greatest resturant in the world, according to it's owner...

Oh, and if you're asking, this isn't a commercial!

Today, it was not as packed as usual. Many regulars seemed to have disapeared.

Elmer and Sanjay had just gotten themselves Krabby Patties and looked for a table. They noticed Chester Mcbadbat and AJ Ibrehim talking.

"OK," said AJ, "I've been looking at my tracker plans, and if I put the fairy DNA in it..."

Suddenly, the machine started beeping.

"Yes! It worked!" yelled AJ.

"OK, why are you acting like Mr Crocker?" asked Sanjay, as he and Elmer approached.

"uhhhh....we arn't!" said Chester.

"What do we tell 'em this time?" whispered AJ.

"I dunno," whispered Chester.

"Well, at least think of something better then the Lancer exuse..." whispered AJ.

Chester thought for a moment. He had an idea.

"We're looking for fairies!" he said.

AJ smacked his forehead.

Jimmy Neutron showed his friends, Carl and Sheen, his latest invention.

"It's the Shrink Ray MkII," said Jimmy, "Garanteed largest and smallest sizes possible!"

"What did you say?" asked Carl.

"We lost you when you said 'the'," said Sheen.

Suddenly, Vlad phased out from underground. He grabbed the three, and left for the E-Lab.

Cartoon City General mall is usually busy. It's only a couple of hundred metres from the Nickhouse.

And it had just been the location of one of the biggest mass Nicktoon kidnapping's ever!

The mall was blocked by police, and three policemen went inside.

"Who were the victum's" asked one.

"Trixie Tang, Veronica, Tad, Chad, Remy, and Jazz Fenton," said the second.

"6," said the third, "They call 6 a mass kidnapping? What is the author thinking?"

In room 216, Squidward was playing his clarenet.

"Thankyou, Thankyou," he said when he'd finished.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Squidward answered.

"Hi Squidward! Is Patrick there?"

It was Spongebob Squarepants.

Squidward sighed.

"No, he's down at Goofy Goober's stuffing his face with ice-cream," he replied.

"OK!" said Spongebob, "Thanks Squidward!"

Spongebob left, and Squidward walked away from the door. Suddenly, from the floor, a hand grabbed him and pulled him in.

Patrick was at Goofy Goobers, stuffing his face. The door opened, and Spongebob walked in.

"Hey, Pat," said Spongebob.

"Go away," groaned Patrick.

"What was that?" asked Spongebob, "It sounded like you still hate me!"

"GO AWAY!" said Patrick, uncharicteristicly loud.

"Well, OK," said Spongebob, "But if I *sniffle* look like i'm crying, I'm peeling on-on-onions!"

Spongebob ran up to a corner and cried like a baby.

Chester and AJ had been joined by Elmer and Sanjay on thier investigation.

Not far away, in room 214, Timmy talked to Cosmo and Wanda.

"Gee, Spongebob's upset," said Timmy.

"Yeah," said Wanda, "Who'd of thought losing your best friend was so tear-forming!"

"I like cheese," said Cosmo.

In fact, the three were too busy talking that they never noticed the door handle shuffle. They didn't even hear the door creak.

All they heard was this:


End Part One

When we last left the Nickhouse...

Not far away, in room 214, Timmy talked to Cosmo and Wanda.

"Gee, Spongebob's upset," said Timmy.

"Yeah," said Wanda, "Who'd of thought losing your best friend was so tear-forming!"

"I like cheese," said Cosmo.

In fact, the three were too busy talking that they never noticed the door handle shuffle. They didn't even hear the door creak.

All they heard was this:


And now

8-1: PART 2!

"Timmy?" exclaimed AJ.

Timmy turned.








"COSMO!" yelled Cosmo stupidly.

"What the heck?" exclaimed AJ. They were doing a lot of exclaiming!

However, before Jorgen Von Strangle could come and take Cosmo and Wanda away, the fire alarm went off. Cosmo and Wanda desguised themselves as goldfish as a security gaurd entered.

"Alright, everyone out!" he yelled.

"Why?" asked AJ.

"Explosion at Goofy Goobers!"

The kids waited three seconds, then ran off, yelling.

The E-Lab was darker than ever before. It had changed a lot since our last visit. Vlad had kicked out the Nickentest and made it his own!

And there was Spongebob, hanging from the roof.

"OK," said Vlad, entering, "You are going to help me wipe out the Nickhouse, like it or not!"

"NEVER!" said Spongebob, trying to be dramatic.

"I wish it didn't have to be this way, Squarepants," said Vlad, in fake sorrow.

He turned to an army of soldiers that had been in the E-Lab.

"Wipe them out!"

"Which ones?" asked the commander.

"All of them."

Outside Nickhouse, many police cars had turned up, and many journalists were questioning the manager, me.

"I'm telling you!" I yelled, "I did not cause this event!"

"Tommy_baby," said a cop nearby, "We have a problem,"


"The gates locked!"


The security gaurd led the kids down the hall. Timmy was wondering where Jorgen had gone.

Suddenly, the gaurd fell, stunned. The kids looked. 14 armed men were advancing!

Suddenly, 4 of them fell. Sandy Cheeks had knocked them out.

"Come on, Y'all!"

It's about here we insert an action scene. It's coming. Many of the non-captured Nicktoons were in a bunker. Sandy entered, leading the kids.

"Found 'em in the halls," she explained.

Then she walked up to a stand, or two bins stacked up.

"Are y'all gonna let them destroy the Nickhouse?" she yelled.

The residents stared. They'd never thought of that!

"C'mon!" she yelled, "Let's get 'em!"

The residents, young and old, cheered as Sandy led them out!

(Insert action scene here. Because this is a written story, we can't show it. USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS! No where were we. Ah yes, when they're hanging over acid in the E-Lab)

"Hang on, that's no right!" said AJ, "We're the good guys!"

Sorry, have to lead up to a cliffhangar, AJ. We'll get a proper written one in the next part.

"Figures," said AJ.

Next to the swinging rebels was Danny Phantom...swinging on a rope over lava.

"You've been a thorn in my side far too long, Nickhouse," said Vlad, "So now, you meet your end! MUHUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!"


Msinvaderzim wrote:

Zim: No way Vlad! If Anyone is gonna put the Nickhouse to an end, its gonna be me!
Vlad: Well, lets have a bet.
Zim: Bring it on
Vlad: Okay. Do you have a fiddle?
Zim: No. I can get one though. Why?
Vlad: We can have a fight. The person who plays a better song wins.
Zim: Okay.
Zim Plays a French Folk song and Ode to Joy.
Vlad plays Twnkle Twinkle Little Star and the Can Can
Who wins is you guys`s choice

I wrote:


"Glad that's over," said Vlad, "Now where were we? Ah, yes! Destroying you!"

The kids were lowered closer into the acid. Oh, did I mention there was acid?

"C'mon," yelled Danny, concentrating, "Come on....Going Ghost!"

It worked!

"Bye bye," said Vlad, pulling the rope release lever.

But Danny was too quick. He phased out of his rope and did a Ghostly Wail at the weak giant acid pot. It fell apart, flowing down the hall and into the mailman, who had been quakeing in the hall.

Then Danny got some sizzors and cut the ropes. The kids crashed onto the floor.

"OW!" they yelled.

Next, Danny used his Ghostly Wail on the cages of trapped Nicktoons.

Unfortunantly for Timmy, that included Jorgens cage.

"Yay, muscular freedom!" he yelled, "but you still lose your godparents!"

"There's nio time for that, y'all, we've gotta kick some minion butt!" yelled Sandy.

The others ran off, leaving Danny and Vlad to fight.

"YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" yelled the Nickhouse Residents, running into the Nickhouse coartyard.

They were met by many minions. Including Ghoster.

Then, as it seemed Kids in America was playing in a nearby house very loudly, they attacked!

Chester and AJ climed up the school flagpole and used it as a sniper post. They could only hope thier plan would work.

Patrick jumped in front of some minions.

"I'm a goofy goober yeah!" he sang, and ran off, causing the minions to run after him.


The minions were zapped by AJ's sleep ray. They'd be out for about 45 hours.

Sandy and Sponegbob were surrounded. But they knew what to do.


"Oh crud," said a soldier.

Then they were beaten senceless by the karate doing duo.

Elmer, Sanjay and Mr Krabs were up against a wall. Elmer screamed like a girl.

"Bob, you don't have to suffer this," he said, squeezing his boil.

Pus rained out, directly hitting 45 minions!

"YAY! Great work, Bob!" yelled Elmer.

"We are now free!" yelled Sanjay.

"Do ya have any money?" asked Mr Krabs.

Timmy was cornered on the roof of Goofy Goobers. The minions were closing in. Suddenly, he remembered.

He pulled his 'starflinger' out of his 'backpack' (In reality, Cosmo and Wanda in desguise) and fired the wish stars.

"AHHHHH!" the minions yelled, crying and sheltering!

Meanwhile, in the E-Lab, Vlad was about to get Danny. Yep, he'd defeated Danny.

"I'll soon be rid off---"

Suddenly, the E-Screen beeped, and a shadowed face apeared.

"Vlad, your time has expired, you have failed me," the shadow said.

"No," said Vlad, "Give me another chance! PLEASE!"

Suddenly, there was a bright light, and Vlad diappeared.

"Now THAT was weird," said Danny, dusting himself off.

Now, that just left Ghoster, right? Well here's his fate.

He had cornered Tucker, ready to overshadow him, when he'd found the thermos. He's now that puddle in front of the Krusty Krab.

Danny walked out of the Nickhouse, to endless cheer.

"WE DID IT!" yelled Chester!

"Officer Henrrys, I believe you should go home and talk to your men about climbing skills," I said, from outside. Henrrys just growled.

"You may have saved the Nickhouse, tiny Timmy Turner, but---" said Jorgen, appearing.

"Jorgen, you tryed to do my job once, I'll do yours!" said the Tooth Fairy, apparing after Jorgen.

"Aww," said Jorgen, disapearing.

"Now Timmy, let's make a deal..."

"Well, she ripped my teeth out, but she gave me new ones! And it all worked out!" said Timmy to no one in particular.

Timmy, his friends, and all the others were at the Krusty Krab, celebrating.

"Yeah," said Chester.

"But I still think something's not right..."

In the depths of Zim's lair, he and Izzey admired something.

"It's finnaly, finished! My newest machine of DOOOOOOOOOM!"

And they both laughed for ages!


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Series 2
Main Villian: Zim


1-2: Sheen VS Nickhouse Reaper: A Hallowe'en Special

It was Hallowe'en, and the Nickhouse corridors were packed with kids dressed in stupid costumes trick-or-treating.

Chester Mcbadbat had just about the worst costume ever invented, but it wasn't as if he cared. His stupid vampire costume would pay off if he could just get one peace of candy.

Take one guess. He'd had no luck. So he met up with AJ (dressed up in a vampire suit) and Timmy (dressed as Crash Nebula) at the Krusty Krab.

"No luck?" asked AJ.

"No luck," Chester replied, "Hang on? Couldn't Timmy just wish we could have some luck?"

"Sorry," said Timmy, "Can't use magic to cheat in a competition, and Hallowe'en counts...I think!"

"Well, we're lucky," said AJ, "We don't have a stupid costume like Sheen's."

Sheen was failing to get any candy. It was easy to see why. He had just been wearing his Ultralord mask, and Butch had stolen it.

"Come back!" yelled Sheen, "That's my 33rd most prized Ultralord possesion!"

"Dude," Chester called, "He ain't coming back!"

The Nickhouse was rocked by the loud scream that followed:


The Nickentest hadn't been having a good Hallowe'en himself.

"Unbelievable!" he yelled, "Usually, villians are dying for me to make themevil equipment on Hallowe'en! This stinks!"

Then the Nickentest had an idea. An awfull idea. A wonderful, awfull idea. And please excuse the Grinch parody.

"Oh Crocker!" he called.

The fairy-obsessed idiot walked in, mumbling something like, 'This better be good!"

Unfortunantly, the idiot hadn't realised he'd walked into the Nickentest's trap...

Unfortuantly for the Nickentest, he'd created something he could not control...

The Nickhouse Reaper!

Spongebob had dressed as Mermaid Man, and was at the Chum Bucket.

"Trick or Treat!"

"GO AWAY!" yelled Plankton.

Little did the two notice that a fog was rolling in. When it cleared, the two were missing...

Msinvaderzim wrote:

The two ended up in a dark dark room
Spongebob: Hey! Is this a surprise party?
Zim had previously changed his voice to Vlad`s.
Zim: No, of course it is not a party. Well, kind of. For me, it is.
Plankton: Who are you and where are we? I WENT TO COLLEGE!!!!!
Zim: Um, if you are so short, where was your college? Inside a Krabby Patty?
*uncontrollable laughing begins*

I wrote:

Meanwhile, back in the dark dark room, Plankton and Zim were having a little misadventure when Timmy and Trixie.

"HEY," yelled Plankton, "WE'RE AGU...hello Trixie!"

"Aw, shut up," said Timmy, "She's so mine!"




"You mean tellitubbies?"

"Hey, it's quite educational!"

Timmy, Zim, Spongebob and Trixie backed up. Timmy, Trixie and Spongebob walked into secret exits and fell down. But Plankton wasn't so lucky...


Timmy, Trixie and Spongebob emerged out of the tall dark buildings vents. After telling Spongebob to go away, Timmy and Trixie began to walk back to the Krusty Krab....

...when an ugly monster jumped in front, zapping them into oblivion...

...which is the Nickentest's super secret lab, by the way!

Meanwhile, Sheen was still having 0-luck. He'd tried EVERYONE and all he'd gotten was a poisonous waffle from GIR and brussel sprouts from Miss Fowl.

Then he opened the door to room 214 in defeat...

...And saw Jimmy staring back at him.

"Your not Timmy!"

"Sheen, we need to talk!" said Jimmy.

"OK," said Sheen, "I'm Sheen. The sky is blue. Big words confuse me..."

"NOT THAT!" yelled Jimmy.

AJ Ibrehim and Sandy Cheeks were on Timmy's computer. AJ was saying something about upgrading to XP's.

"Sheen," said Jimmy, "I'd hate to brak it to you, but as of 2 minutes ago, we're the only good guys left in Nickhouse!"

Cosmo emerged from the bathroom, armed with many stupid fairy weapons. Together, Sheen and Cosmo went to face the unknown dangers of Oblivion.

They had to find it first!

Cartoon City Mall was busy as usual. The two idiots scanned the crowd for any secret enterances.

"Maybe it's this bathroom!" said Cosmo, using his limited brain power.

It was.

The two walked down the dark staircase to Oblivion, and saw many Nickhouse residents in tubes, non moving.

"Cool!" yelled Sheen, "It's like episode 34567890 where Ultralords arch nemisus Tofunater put many people in Suspended animation as bait for Ultralord!"

"Yeah, and then Ultralord defeated Tofunater..." Cosmo said over enthusiastly.

Suddenly, Crocker came in. But he wasn't normal. He was huge and mutated.


"I, the Nickhouse Reaper," said Crocker, "have found...FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

"Holigrams!" Sheen corrected.

"No, FAIRIES!" twitched Crocker.


Crocker shot a beam out of his finger, and before Cosmo could react, he was a mindless zombie.

"Now, my zombies," yelled Crocker, "ATTACK!"

The frozen Nicktoons moved out of the tubes, now mindless zombies. Sheen screamed, and ran.

"DEVOUR HIM!" yelled Crocker!

"Uggghhhh!" the zombies replied.

Sheen reached a dead end. He thought he was done for. But then he remembered. He's borrowed Timmy's Starfligner a few days ago. He got the thing out and fired.

12 seconds later, there was only Sheen and Crocker.

"You are doomed, Sheen!" yelled Crocker.

Suddenly, he began to de-mutate. As he de-mutated, the world began to glow, and Sheen got that time-travelling feeling...

The last thing he heard was "DARN SCIENTIFIC LIMITS!"

"No luck?" asked AJ.

"No luck..." Chester replied.

Sheen began to think. Hadn't he seen this?

Jimmy walked by. Sheen stopped him and asked about the Nickhouse Reaper.

"That's a great Hallowe'en story, Sheen," said Jimmy, "You might actually have a hope at spookiness!"

Sheen was confused. What the Krabby Patties had happened?

Sheen shrugged, and walked back to his room, thinking about the whole Reaper ordeal...

Late that night, when may events had happened again, Zim showed Izzey his collection of captured Nickttons. All he had was P for Plankton, but it would grow.

Zim laughed as he looked at the frozen guy. For hours. Until dawn broke.


2-2: The Slime Bowl Fight

The Nicktoons gathered around the portable stage. The manager, tommy_baby, was droning on about building standards.

"Do you understand a word he's saying?" whispered Spongebob.

"No," whispered Timmy.

"And now, may I present a chance to get back at your rival, the SLIME BOWL!" tommy_baby yelled.

The large curtain was lifted up by the crane, revealing the new building/paint-ball-with-slime arena.

"Wow," said Spongebob.

"Oooo!" said Patrick.

"I bet I could win!" said Timmy.

"Yeah right."

Heads turned. There was the filthy-rich weirdo, Remy Buxaplenty.

"Not as long as I challenge you, and YOUR team!"

"But I don't have a team!" said Timmy worriedly.

"I'll join!" said Spongebob.

"Chester Mcbadbat at your service!" said Chester, saluting.

AJ sighed, and raised his hand to join.

"Duuh, I'll join!" said Patrick.

"Y'all don't think I'm not joinin'!" said Sandy.

In Room 214, Timmy was having a head count.

"Me, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Chester, AJ, Cosmo and Wanda. We're short 4!" said Timmy anxicously.

"Timmy, let me handle this!" said Cosmo, and poofing into his kid desguise, he ran out into the hall and started yelled, "CHANCE TO PLAY SLIME BALL IN SLIME BOWL!"

Wanda shook her head. But as it would happen, Arnold, Jimmy, Sheen and Danny came running!

"WELCOME TO THE SLIME BOWL! I'm your host, Phil AGU, here with co-reporter, Baby Phil!"

The Phil's were commentating unofficially.

"Yeah, we're lookinging at a great day today!"

"See you in tommy_baby's fanfic!" AJ joked as he walked past the two.

Timmy prepared his 'army' to attack Remy's.

"OK guys, no matter what happens in here," said Timmy, "We are not dorks!"

The doors to the large room they'd be in opened slowly. The full slime covered glory of the slime bowl appeared. Slime Guns! Slime Tanks! Even Slime Fighter Palnes!

"Cool," said Chester.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Wanda to no-one in particular, "LET'S GET HIM!"

Remy's men/girls were himself, Cindy, Libby, Imaginary Gary, Nick, Helga, Phobie, Tad, Chad and the Angelica's.

Cosmo and Wanda got into a slime tank and headed toward enemy lines.

Cindy and Libby entered thier own tank and headed toward Cosmo and Wanda.

"FIRE!" yelled Wanda.

Cosmo pushed the button. Slime smashed out of the turrent, smashing Cindy and Libby's Tank. But Cindy and Libby pushed a button, firing a huge amount of slime, hitting Cosmo and Wanda's tank with so much force, it exploded into slime.

Meanwhile, AJ was piloting a slime plane.

"I'm entering enemy lines," he radioed.

The Angelica's had not left into combat, thinking they'd get filthy. They didn't see AJ's slime bomb. It exploded into slime, sending them flying.

"Eewww," yelled Baby Angelica, "I'm all slimed!"

"I'll get you!" yelled Angelica AGU.

AJ laughed, until he noticed Imaginary Gary heading toward him!

"MUHUHAHAHAHA...Laughing Menichally...Not Cool." he said.

Gary fired rapid slime at AJ's engine, and it wasn't long before the thing exploded. AJ took a nosedive, and crashed, causing his plane to fully explode into slime.

Arnold and Spongebob had snuck into Remy's leader room. The rich guy himself was somewhere inside. Arnold threw a glub of hardened slime at the wall and Helga ran out, armed with a slime machine gun. Arnold fired, hitting her in the head and knocking her unconcious.

"Wow, your good!" Spongebob complemented.

"Thanks!" said Arnold.

Arnold picked up the slime machine gun and they entered.

Timmy and Danny had both found high spots in the arena. They were aiming at Tad and Chad.

"On my signal," whispered Danny, "We FIRE!"

Before they saw anything, Tad and Chad were smashed. Hard.

Timmy and Danny hi-fived, before climbing down.

At the very highest spot in the arena, Chester had found... a slime laser. According to the description, it will turn a being/plane/tank into slime for the duration of the battle. They'll turn back when it's finished.

Chester shrugged, and snipered Phobie. The girl turned into a glob of slime.

"Hey!" she yelled.

"You'll pay for that, brace-face!"

Chester was hit by low flying slime, direct from Nick. The laser fell down the ledge and into the hands of the very slime covered AJ.

Helga, who had woke up, ran down to Phobie.

"Well, at least shape!" she said.

Phobie did her best to glare.

Jimmy and Sheen were talking to AJ.

"Better be careful with that laser!" said Jimmy.

Nick tackled AJ, grabbed the laser and shot the three of them!

"Great," said Jimmy.

"COOL!" yelled Sheen, "I'm slime guy...and two others!"

Arnold was ready to end it all. He and Spongebob were in position. Outside, most of thier friends were down.

"OK, on my signal we fire!" whispered Arnold.

Remy walked out of another room. Arnold gave a signal, and before Remy knew it, he was riddled in slime.

The battle was won! They had no leader. The slime returned to normal.

Outside, the slime covered team were talking about thier victory.

"YEAH!" yelled Timmy, "WE BEAT HIM!"

"Not really," said Remy, walking up holding an icepack to his head, "Only two of you won. Turner, you are still a loser! Good Day!"

And Remy walked off, nose up.

"Grrrrrrrrrr!" growled Timmy.

"Take it easy, Timmy," said Spongebob.

Meanwhile, Zim had watched the battle.

"Turning Earthlings into slime, eh," he said, "That gives me an idea..."


Nicktooncrazy wrote the next two episodes…

Episode 3: The Mystery of the Sponge

One day up in the Nickhouse, Timmy woke up in the morning and went up to Cosmo and Wanda.
Timmy: Hi, Cosmo and Wanda.
Both: Hi, Timmy!
Cosmo: What do you want to do today?
Timmy: I don't know, why do you ask?
Cosmo: I have no idea.
Wanda and Timmy look at him.
Wanda: Wanna wake up SpongeBob? I think he's missing part of work right now.
Timmy looks at his clock and says 8:00am.
Timmy: You're right, Wanda. I'll go check on him.
As he went to SpongeBob's side of the room, he noticed that he already woke up.
Timmy: SpongeBob, you're awake, dude!
SpongeBob: (snappy) Yeah, yeah, yeah. What does that supposed to mean?
Timmy: Sorry. I'm just...
SpongeBob: Whatever. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna be very late for work. Better take the long way then. (leaves and bumps into Timmy)
Timmy: Hey, you better say excuse me!
Wanda: Wow, what's up with him?
Timmy: I don't know, maybe he's just cranky.
Cosmo: I don't know. He's always cheerful when he wakes up, and sleeps.
Wanda: Maybe we should give him some time.
Timmy: Yeah, I mean, how bad can it be?
Meanwhile, at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is late for work. Mr. Krabs is out in front.
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, you're late for a hour. Get back to work!
SpongeBob: No way, hosay. You can't tell me what to do no matter what.
Mr. Krabs: What?
Squidward: Huh?
Everyone: Huh?
Everyone in the place was suprised to hear SpongeBob say that. Never once he did talk back to Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Very funny, boy. Now get back to work.
SpongeBob: Who cares about work? I hate work.
Everyone gasped. Even Krabs and Squidward who was now paying attention.
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, what...
SpongeBob: As I'm done, I say I quit! (throws the hat onto the ground) Now I'm outta here! (leaves)
Everyone went out of the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs was so sad to hear this while he letted Squidward to have the rest of the day off. Later that night, Timmy heard what happened at the Krusty Krab.
Timmy: SpongeBob, why did you quit? you know that the Krusty Krab is your favorite place to work.
SpongeBob: (in a deep, cool voice) Yeah, well, people change, Turner! They can't help but stay out of everybody's way! And that's the truth!
Cosmo: Wow, your voice sure has changed...
SpongeBob: Shut it, Cosmo!
Cosmo poofs back into his fishbowl with Wanda. He started to cry.
Timmy: That was harsh, dude. What's wrong with you?!
SpongeBob: For the last time, I changed! Good night!
Timmy: Good night!
SpongeBob: Good night!
Chuckie: (is a distance) Can someone get me a drink?
Timmy & SpongeBob: No!
Timmy and SpongeBob slept angry-like and never did forget that fight. Meanwhile, somewhere else...
Calamitous: Our plan is working. Soon, the sponge will be one of us.
Plankton: Finally, that sponge will give me the secret formula I waited for a long time!
Crocker: And to prove the existance of Timmy's fairies. FAIRIES! (does his crazy dance)
Vlad: Now, we must capture the girl as a part of our deal.
Calamitous: He's right. But this time, let's make it more evil.
The four villains laugh as the screenplay goes out.

To be continued...

The next morning, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda got up. SpongeBob was awake and went off in his snappy way.

Wanda: Now can we worry?
Timmy: Now we can worry. We gotta find out what's up with SpongeBob.
Timmy with his fairies disguised as kids went and asked the Nicktoons. No of them knew what was goning on. Expect for one that can help them. It was Gerald.
Gerald: Yeah, it's true. Last night and the few nights before, I saw SpongeBob go to the Outhouse.
Timmy: I'm very curious about this...
Cosmo: I like pie!
Everyone looks at him.
Cosmo: What, it's true.
Gerald: (whispering to Wanda) Is he always like this?
Wanda: Every time.
Gerald: Poor kid.
Later on, Timmy gathered Chester, AJ, Cosmo, Wanda, Sandy and Patrick and told about what Gerald said.
Sandy: That kid sure does come in handy.
Chester: What's the plan, Timmy?
Timmy: Heh, heh. I kinda don't have a plan.
AJ: I do.
AJ pulls out a map that shows the Outhouse and the plans.
AJ: Ok, this is what we'll do.
He whispers to the group about the plan. That night, SpongeBob took off and snuck out of the room quietly. After he left though the door, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda woke up to do the plan. Timmy got out a walkie-talkie.
Timmy: We're up, you guys.
Chester: (over walkie-talkie) Copy that. The rest of us are waiting secretly outside.
Timmy: No problem. Cosmo, Wanda, I wish I was where the rest are.
Wanda: No problem, sport.
The fairies raised their wands and now where the rest of the nicktoons were.
Patrick: That was quick.
Timmy: Come on, to the Outhouse!
We cut to a scene, where we see SpongeBob near a door.
Voice: Password?
SpongeBob: Evil.
Voice: Very well.
The voice letted in SpongeBob though the door. Now we see Timmy, Cosmo, Chester, AJ and the rest near the Outhouse.
Chester: I can't believe this is the place.
AJ: It has been said that villains come here for plans.
Timmy: Villain or not! I'm gonna find out what's been up with SpongeBob.
Cosmo: Hey!
Timmy: And you too.
They snuck into the outhouse using AJ's and Sandy's inventions and weapons. Now we see a dark scene that shows the four villains with SpongeBob. The others hear this.
Vlad: Are you ready?
SpongeBob: Yes. I'm ready.
Calamitous: Excellent. Tonight is the night you will be comeletely evil.
SpongeBob: But what about the deal?
Plankton Clone: Deal? What...oh yeah. You will get it at midnight.
SpongeBob: Midnight?
Crocker:Trust us, you cube, and you'll get your side of the deal.
Timmy: (whispering) Deal? What deal?
Sandy: (gazes at SpongeBob)
Patrick: Sandy?
Sandy: Yes?
Patrick: Do you like SpongeBob more than a friend?
Sandy: (blushes) No! Why do you ask?
Patrick: (drools) Uhhhhhh............
AJ: Shh. I think I hear something.
But it wasn't from the villians, it was behind the friends. Now all of them turned back and saw shadows. Evil shadows. The shadows took them away without a trace and then the good guys landed in a cage. The villains were there outside the cage.
Crocker: Well, well, well. If it isn't Timmy Turner and friends. With fairies. FAIRIES!
Cosmo & Wanda: We're not fairies!
Timmy: What do you want with us?
Calamitous: It's not what we want, it's what SpongeBob wants.
All: Huh?
Then, a shadow appears SpongeBob. But, he is wearing black clothing.
SpongeBob: (evil laugh then the villains join in)

Timmy: SpongeBob? Why?
SpongeBob: Because, I did this for evil. EVIL!
Sandy: Why in the dang world do you want to br evil?
Patrick: Yeah. We used to have lots of fun together.
SpongeBob: But...
Calamitous: Silence! He's one us now, and you can't have them back!
The villains and SpongeBob laughed evilly as they walked out though the door.
Chester: Great, now what do we do?
Timmy: Can't you wish us outta here?
Wanda: Sorry, Timmy. This cage is magic tight.
Cosmo: Yeah. it would take years to get out, even with magic.
AJ: Now what?
Cut to a window and nothing happens.
AJ: (louder) I said, now what?
Again at the window, nothing happens.
AJ: (yelling) I said! Now...
Danny: OK, ok. I'm coming!
Danny phased though the window and saw the heroes locked in a cage.
Cosmo: Eek! A ghost!
Danny: Look, I want to help you guys. Wow, what happened to you?
Sandy: We got locked in by the villains.
Chester: And that's not all, SpongeBob has joined them.
Danny: Whoa. No wonder he's been acting weird, so I heard. (covering up his secret)
Patrick: Can you please spear us, ghost man?
Danny: For one thing, it's Danny Phantom! Also, I'm not the bad kind of ghost, more of the good kind.
Danny phased though into the cage and got everyone out.
Wanda: Wow, how did you get in?
Danny: Hey, it's magic tight, not ghost tight. Well, good luck on your mission. I gotta fight the Box Ghost, but which is really unimportant.
Chester: Thank you, flying ghost guy.
Danny sighs and leaves. Timmy and the rest still go with AJ's plan. Where the villains are, they tell SpongeBob it's almost time. It's 11:50pm.
Crocker: In 10 minutes, you'll be one of...
SpongeBob: Right, right. I get it. And it?
Calamitous: Like I said, soon.
Then, Timmy with his group appeared.
Crocker: Turner! How did you all escape?! That's not important right now, however.
Vlad: We're gonna defeat you, no matter what.
Timmy: Not really. (laughs)
Timmy vs. the Villains. They powed with their weapons, powers and other stuff. Eventually, Timmy, Chester, AJ and the rest were locked in a birdcage.
Plankton: Not so easy, isn't it?
Chester: Still, you will never control SpongeBob!
Sandy: Never in your dang lives.
Calamitous: Un contrure, my squirrel. You are locked a cage, SpongeBob is now evil, and it's 11:55. Soon, he'll be completely evil at midnight!
Good guys: No!
Timmy: SpongeBob, I know that you can't hear me, but you have to fight. Fight the evil that's now in your body and save us!
Vlad: Never! Stay this way and become one of us!
SpongeBob: Quiet! I need to think!
There was no time left. It was 11:58. Suddenly, everyone turns around and sees a figure, it was Trixie Tang. She went though the window and kicked the bad guys' butts. Then, she held out a potion. She layed it on SpongeBob as he standed still. Something happens to SpongeBob. Now, he's evil again, thanks to the potion.
SpongeBob: Hey, I'm great again!
As he said in his cheery, positive voice, he freed Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Chester, AJ, Patrick and Sandy.
Patrick: SpongeBob, you're back!
SpongeBob: Yeah, but I can't still remember the past few days.
Timmy: Trixie, you came for me!
Trixie: Actually, I came because it was a good call.
Timmy: (sadly) Oh.
Trixie: But I kinda like you, Tim...something.
Trixie kisses Timmy on the cheek and goes off.
SpongeBob: Wow, it worked.
All: Huh?
SpongeBob: You see, I wanted to make Trixie notice Timmy. Some guys overheard me say that and I made a deal with them.
AJ: And those guys were the villains. They mind-controlled you for the past few days and make you become evil.
SpongeBob: Eew. I don't want to be evil!
Wanda: Well, at least it's all over now.
Sandy: Yeah, let's get y'all home.
Cosmo: Yeah. It's creepy in here.
Everyone went out of the Outhouse and walked back to the Nickhouse. Sandy and SpongeBob were talking.
Sandy: So, you were evil, right?
SpongeBob: Mind-controlled, that is.
Sandy: Well, I like you good. And that's a good thing. To just be yourself.
SpongeBob: (blushes) Oh, yeah.
Sandy and SpongeBob look at eachother love-like.
Cosmo: (teasing) Ohh, check out who's in love.
Sandy and SpongeBob: We're not together!

Love or Love Not?

It all started in the Nickhouse. Timmy with his fairies disguised as school stuff were walking down the hallway. He noticed that Trixie was coming his way so Timmy hid.

Wanda: What's wrong, Timmy?
Cosmo: Yeah, why do you always hace to hide from her?
Timmy: Because, I secretly love her. And besides, she's popular and she'll never notice me.
Wanda: Don't worry, Timmy. Maybe one simple day, she'll finally notice you for who you really are.
Cosmo: Yeah. I guess.
Timmy: In that case, (gets out a piece of paper and writes on it) I'm gonna give her a secret admirer letter.
Wanda: Timmy, are you nuts?
Cosmo: Yeah, what makes you think she's gonna read that?
Timmy: Hey, it could happen. I already have SpongeBob sending in the flowers tomorrow.
Wanda: You mean you planned this out?
Timmy: Don't look at me, it was the author's idea.
Cosmo & Wanda: Huh?
Later that night, Trixie found the note in her room and a perfume on her bed. She first read Timmy's note.
Trixie: (reading) Oh, I look at you every day in the morning, your eyes glow so bright from the sun.
I love to you ado, and I always will.
From, your secret admirer.
Nice. But it doesn't even rhyme. Oh, look at the time.
Then, she puts on the perfume and falls into a deep sleep. The next morning, SpongeBob arrives at the scene with the flowers.
SpongeBob: Now, where did Turner wanted me to put these...(puts in on the bed) There! Now that should do it.
Suddenly, Trixie wakes up from her sleep. SpongeBob tries to run out, but it was too late.
SpongeBob: Hey, Trixie, I was um...(Trixie looks at him dreamly and we see a backround that is similiar in "It's Cupid, Stupid!-All Grown Up!)
Trixie: SpongeBob, SpongeBob, SpongeBob. (hearts in her eyes)
SpongeBob: Uh, why are you looking at me like that?
Trixie: Aw, you silly sponge. I just want to thank you for the flowers.
SpongeBob: Uh, yeah.
Trixie: In fact, why won't you join me on a date, tonight?
SpongeBob: Look at the time, I got to go. (rushes to the door)
Trixie: Good bye, my little dumpling.
SpongeBob closes the door. When he turns around, he sees Timmy and SpongeBob gets startled.
Timmy: So, what did she say, huh?
SpongeBob: She really likes the flowers?
Timmy: Great! Is she gonna go out with me?
SpongeBob: You can say that.
Timmy: Awesome! When?
SpongeBob: Tonight. But I think--
Timmy: OK! see you later, SpongeBob! (rushes)
SpongeBob: Oh, man, what am I gonna do now?

SpongeBob paced himself around his side of the room. He couldn't tell Timmy that Trixie was in love with him. Then, a lightbulb appeared on the top of his head meaning he had an idea. Timmy came into the room and asked SpongeBob.

Timmy: SpongeBob? What should I wear for Trixie tonight?
SpongeBob: Um, what I'm wearing?
Timmy: Are you nuts?! Trixie is the most popular girl in school! I can't wear what you have on! No offense.
SpongeBob: None taken. But I did hear that this is all the rage in France.
Timmy: Works for me!
SpongeBob: Um, let me help you.
Timmy: Thanks, buddy.
SpongeBob: No problem, eh, eh.
SpongeBob fixed Timmy up to make him look like him. After two hours, it was complete.
Timmy: Wow, I feel different. Maybe I should check in the mirror.
SpongeBob: No! I mean, you're so ready for Trixie. You don't wanna spoil it because you want to look at yourself.
Timmy: Wow, I never thought of that. Thanks again, SpongeBob. I have no idea about that. Well, see you. (leaves then Cosmo and Wanda poof out)
Wanda: OK, why does he look like you, sport?
SpongeBob: It's a long, creepy story.
Cosmo: Oh, come on! Just tell us! It's not like anything bad is gonna happen!
SpongeBob: You see, Trixie found me with the flowers.
Cosmo & Wanda: And?
SpongeBob: She loves me, you guys! But I can't tell Timmy that! So I made him look like me for the date so I won't have to go.
Wanda: Why can't tell Timmy the truth?
SpongeBob: Because, it would break his heart. And it'll ruin our friendship.
Cosmo: Well, sounds good to me.
SpongeBob: Wait! You guys are coming with me. So, I can spy on the date.
Wanda: (sighs) I'm gonna regret this.
SpongeBob: Now, that's the spirit!
We cut to the date where we see SpongeBob-like Timmy with Trixie sitting next to him. Then, not so far from their table, we see the real SpongeBob, holding a newspaper and Cosmo and Wanda disguised as silverware.
Cosmo: Wow, you did fix him good.
Wanda: Be quiet! So, what's the plan?
SpongeBob: We keep an eye on the two and we figure out what goes wrong.
Cosmo: So we sit here until the date is over?
SpongeBob & Wanda: Yes!
Trixie: (from another table next to Timmy) So, what are your favorite things to do, SpongeBob?
Timmy: Hey! I'm not SpongeBob! It's me, Timmy Turner! Don't you reconize me?
Trixie: Well, your voice sounds weird. By the way, look at your beautiful self.
Timmy: Neat!
SpongeBob: Oh no!
SpongeBob went over there, but he was too late. Trixie already pulled out the mirror. Timmy screamed as he looked like SpongeBob.
Timmy: Ahh!! What's this?!
He found SpongeBob on the floor.
SpongeBob: Um, hey Timmy. I was uh, just cleaning up this table.
Trixie: Timmy? I thought I was dating you. (hugs SpongeBob tightly) You're so cute!
Timmy: What?! (takes off the makeup) I don't believe this! (leaves)
SpongeBob: Timmy, wait! (gets off Trixie and runs after him) Wait, please don't go!
Trixie: Hey, don't forget to call me!
Wanda: This sounds really bad.
Cosmo: Let's follow them.
We cut to a scene where Timmy runs up to his room and starts to pack up his stuff. SpongeBob finds him as Cosmo and Wanda poof in the fish bowl.
Wanda: I have a bad feeling that this can get ugly.
Cosmo: Yeah. Let's watch!
SpongeBob: Timmy, what are you doing?
Timmy: I'm moving out!
SpongeBob: But why?
Timmy: Why didn't you tell me that you like Trixie, too?
SpongeBob: No, she likes me! Timmy, just let me...
Timmy: (yells) No, I'll never forgive you! You took the love of my life away from me and that is something I'll never repay! (leaves as he takes Cosmo and Wanda)
SpongeBob: (sniffs) Our friendship...(cries)
Wanda: (outside the room) Do you think you were being a little harsh back there, Timmy?
Cosmo: You mean a lot, right?
Timmy: No! I'll never forgive him! Never as long as I live! Come on, you guys, let's get a new room!

Timmy got a new room in just in a couple of hours. Timmy got excited yet still mad at SpongeBob for Trixie. He had to move in with...Sheen.

Sheen: Hey, Timmy!
Timmy: Sheen, hi! Um, just to let you know, you won't steal anyone else's girl, right?
Sheen: Nope. Libby is the only one for me. Why do you ask?
Timmy: That's why I moved outta of my room.
Sheen: Oh. Hey, wanna play with Ultralord?
Timmy: Who?
Sheen grabs him as Cosmo and Wanda look in the new room. Meanwhile, Chester and AJ heard all about the moving and drama about Timmy and his friendship with SpongeBob.
Chester: Wow, I still can't believe that happened.
AJ: Yeah. Their friendship was as long as ours with Timmy.
Chester: Yep. Now what?
Chester sees Trixie's door room open.
Chester: Hey, wanna go into Trixie's room?
AJ: I don't know. It's not like there's a clue in there.
Chester: Or maybe there is.
The boys go inside the room since no one is in there, anyway. They find the same perfume that Trixie put on.
Chester: Eww, perfume!
AJ: I never seen any perfume like this before.
Chester: You're not supposed to!
AJ: Hmm, I think we'll take this for studyment.
Chester: Huh?
AJ and Chester go into their room and find out that the perfume has...
AJ: 976/J.
Chester: What's that?
AJ: It's a code that can make you fall in love with someone.
Chester: Why is the world so cruel? Why?!
AJ: Chester, stop panicking. I think I know what's going on here.
Chester: That Trixie sprayed on that stuff then fell in love with SpongeBob and went on a date with him but Timmy found out and now SpongeBob and Timmy aren't friends anymore?
AJ: Uh, yeah. Question is, who would do this?
Chester: Someone who hates Timmy and SpongeBob.
AJ and Chester: The Nickestist.
Suddenly, a shadow went behind them and captured the boys. The screenplay goes blank and we hear Chester and AJ scream. Meanwhile, Sheen keeps saying to Timmy...
Sheen: Wanna play? Wanna play? Wanna play?...

Timmy: OK, OK! I'll play!
Sheen: Cool! Can you also bring out your fairy programs?
Timmy: Sure.
Sheen: Neat!
Cosmo and Wanda appear.
Cosmo: Yay! Come on, Sheen!
Sheen: Right.
Wanda: Just don't go out in public.
Cosmo: (sarcastic) Right.
The idiots leave the scene. Meanwhile, in SpongeBob's door room, he sobs and cries about what happened to him and Timmy. Arnold and Danny go inside the room since it was open.
Arnold: SpongeBob? (puts his hand on him)
SpongeBob: Go away! Can't you see that I lost my friend?
Danny: Look, everyone in the Nickhouse knows what happened to you and Timmy. You can't hide from this forever.
SpongeBob doesn't listen to him.
Arnold: 'Bob, he's right. Just because of one minor setback, doesn't mean you can't lose what you have.
Danny: What about Patrick?
SpongeBob: Had no idea what happened to him.
Danny: I thought that was because you didn't see him in hours.
Arnold: Danny!
Danny: What?
SpongeBob: (calms down) Yeah, maybe you're guys are right. It's not like Trixie is under some spell or anything.
Arnold: Or is she?
Everyone gives each other looks.
Danny: It can happen. When did Trixie start to fall in love with you, anyway?
SpongeBob: After she put some perfume.
Arnold: I think we need to visit Jimmy. Um, would you like to come with us, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Nah. Trixie might come and get me anyway.
Trixie: (appears) Oh, SpongeBob, I can't wait for our moment. (looks at Danny and Arnold) Who are you people?! Get outta here!
Danny: Uh, sure. (ruches to the door)
Arnold: Don't worry, we'll figure out what's going on!
SpongeBob: Ok, bye! (turns to Trixie) Uh, hi there.
Trixie: I still can't believe you ran away from me. Why did you run away from me?!
SpongeBob stumbles while we cut to Timmy's new room with Sheen. Cosmo and him keep wreaking everything while Timmy and Wanda just sit on the bed.
Timmy: (sighs)
Wanda: You miss SpongeBob, don't you?
Timmy: No! Why would I miss that guy? I mean, just looking at him is repulsive! What makes you say that?
Wanda: Because you sighed and didn't talk for a half hour! And that usually happens when you miss someone.
Timmy: OK, so I miss him.
Wanda: Then, why can't you visit him?
Timmy: Because, he took what's rightly mine! Trixie!
Wanda: You're kidding, right? Timmy, just because SpongeBob likes Trixie, doesn't mean it's true. You should let him explain what's really going on.
Timmy: You're right, Wanda. (leaves to SpongeBob's room)
Wanda: Just hurry up beacuse, of these idiots destroying the Nickhouse.
Angelica [rugrat] (in a distance): Hey, who stole Cynthia?!
Reggie: (in a distance) Why is my skateboard destroyed?!
Carl Wheezer: (distance, too) Who took my ham?!
Wanda: Oh, vey.
Timmy goes to SpongeBob's room. He sees Trixie hugging SpongeBob very hard.
Timmy: I can't believe this! (breaking) You do really like Trixie.
SpongeBob: Timmy! This isn't what it looks like!
Trixie: Or course it is.
Timmy: I came up here to apologize, but I see that you're busy.
SpongeBob: ...
Timmy: See you later! (leaves madly while SpongeBob is being tortured by Trixie)
Meanwhile, Chester and AJ wake up and are in chains.
Chester: Dude, what is this place?
AJ: I don't know.
Voice: Welcome to your new home.
Chester & AJ: Who's there?
Three shadows disaappear and we see Calamitous, Vlad, and Crocker.
Chester: Ah hah! Wait, who are you again?
AJ: Crocker!
Crocker: Yes, it is I.
Vlad: You know too much, kids.
Chester: That Trixie sprayed on that perfume then fell in love with SpongeBob and went on a date with him but Timmy found and now SpongeBob and Timmy aren't friends anymore?
AJ: Didn't you say that in the last forum?
Chester: Mostly.
Calamitous: Very good, child. But, that's only part of our evil plan.
Chester & AJ: Huh?
Vlad: You see, with Timmy and SpongeBob seperate, we can ruin and Nickhouse and will be ours.
Chester: But, what about the rest of the Nicktoons?
Crocker: Oh, so many Nicktoons, so little time for them.
Chester & AJ: Huh?
Calamitous: For now, you two will stay here...forever. (the Nickentest laugh evilly and leave)
Chester: Great, now what do we do?
AJ: Hopefully someone else will know what's going on.
Chester: In the meantime, wanna play "I Spy"?
AJ: ...

We go to a scene where Arnold and Danny fall into Jimmy's lab.

Jimmy: Guys, what are you here for?
Arnold: We found this perfume.
Danny: We took it while we can.
Jimmy: Why do you want me to examine it?
Arnold: You heard about Timmy and SpongeBob. Well, this is the perfume that Trixie put on. We think that it's some sort of clue.
Jimmy: Very well, then.
Jimmy takes the perfume and studys it. 30 minutes later, he is done.
Danny: So, what's the problem?
Jimmy: You guys were right! This perfume has 976/J!
Danny & Arnold: What?
Jimmy: A potion I created a long time ago. But this does the opposite! Instead of a boy falling for a girl, a girl can fall for a boy if she sprays this!
Arnold: I get it now!
Danny: You don't have to explain. Everyone knows now.
Jimmy: Quick, we need to get to Timmy's room. Who now lives with my friend, Sheen.
The boys rush to Timmy's door room. When Danny opens the door, he is hit by slob by Cosmo and Sheen. Arnold and Jimmy see Timmy, on his bedside, looking sad. Not angry or mad, but is sad. He is crying a little and sitting next to Wanda.
Arnold: Timmy? We need to tell you something.
Timmy ignores him.
Jimmy: Timmy, listen to me. We've been friends before the Nickhouse was built. Arnold and Danny found this perfume that Trixie sprayed on. This was a potion, that must have made her fall in love with SpongeBob.
Timmy: Huh?
Danny: Trixie fell under a spell and is now in love with SpongeBob!
Arnold: Timmy, you have to believe us.
Timmy: I...I...
Then, all the villains appear. Crocker catches Wanda and Cosmo, so Timmy can't use them. Jimmy, Danny, Timmy, and Arnold try to do whatever they can, but lose. They wake up with Chester and AJ and all of them are now in a cage.
Timmy: Chester, AJ.
Chester: Dude, we know what's going on!
Timmy: Don't worry, I know. The others told me.
Chester: (walks up to Danny) You're no fun anymore.
Danny: What did I do?
Nickentest: So, you finally know what's going on, Turner. About the whole "breaking up with one of your friends, SpongeBob".
AJ: Just give it up, already!
Nickentest: No! Now that I have Timmy's fairies, I can rule the world! (laughs evilly)
Crocker: Hey, that was my plan! Why does everyone have steal my plan?!
Calamitous: Because, it's easy, I say.
Jimmy, Danny, Arnold: Fairies?!
Nickentest: Yes, just give it up, Turner! Say it out loud!
Timmy: No! I'll never say it!
Nickentest: Why not? Trixie is trapped by SpongeBob. You have no other way.
Suddenly, SpongeBob crashed though the wall, screaming and panicking. He was running from Trixie, who also came in. The villains tried to get SpongeBob, but missed and Trixie used some Kung-Fu.
Timmy: SpongeBob, you came.
SpongeBob: Only because I wanted to get away from Trixie as possible!
Timmy: Listen, I'm...
Trixie chopped up the cage, letting out the boys.
Trixie: If you ever get near my love, I'll kill you!
Chester: OK. Now she's just as nuts as Veronica.
SpongeBob: Help me! I don't want to have Trixie!
Danny remembers that he was under Ember's spell of love. Sam had to kiss Dash in order to break it.
Danny: SpongeBob, have no fear! All you need to do is, kiss another girl and the spell will be broken.
Arnold: That works?
Danny: Hey, it worked for me.
Cosmo: But where is SpongeBob gonna find a lady?
Then, SpongeBob takes Wanda and kisses her right in front of Trixie (EWW!).
Trixie: SpongeBob? Wanda? No! (falls unconscious)
Cosmo: Hey, I didn't mean my wife!
All: Eww.
SpongeBob: Eww, gross! I just had to kiss Wanda!
Wanda appears to be dream-like.
AJ: Uh, Wanda, you do know that kiss wasn't real?
Wanda: (blushes) I knew that! I was um, waiting for the right moment.
Cosmo: (sarcastically) Right. (to SpongeBob) You're never gonna kiss my wife again!
SpongeBob: Yes.
Trixie: (wakes up) Hey, where am I? Why am I in the dork parade?! I need to get outta here! (goes to Timmy) See you later. (kisses him and leaves)
Timmy: Wow, dreams do come true. (turns to SpongeBob) And, I'm sorry that I never listened to you. I never gave you the chance to explain.
SpongeBob: Oh, forget about it! Friends?
Timmy: Friends. (shake hands)
Jimmy: Looks like I'm moving back with Sheen.
Cosmo: And the mortal of the story is, don't jump to colusions, it might ruin your friendship.
Wanda: Oh, Cosmo, that's so sweet.
Cosmo: Yeah. So, who's up for "I Spy?"?
Chester: I do!
Rest: ...

This is to be kept in case of a revival…hey, it could happen!

Friendship or Love?

Our story starts in the Nickhouse. Sandy was living with Carl Wheezer in her room.

Sandy: Carl, I don't need to be rude, but why do you think that someday, I'll find that one guy that's out there for me. And, soon get married to the love I love very soon...

Carl: Stop it! Stop it! I can't take the pressure! Make the world stop! Please!

Sandy: OK, OK, I'll stop.

They both heard a knock on the door. Sandy decided to answer it. No one was there. She looked down and saw a whole bunch of roses on the doorstep. Inside, was a note. It said:

Dear Sandy,
I hope you got my letter.
Your eyes are beautiful as the morning sun.
Everytime I see you, you're the only one for me.
Please, meet me at dawn tomorrow at the beach. I'll be wearing a blue cape around myself.

Your Secret Admirer

Sandy: Oh, that's so sweet. But I wonder, who wrote this great note?

We cut to a scene in Timmy and SpongeBob's room. Timmy is in the room. Then, SpongeBob opens the door, panting.

SpongeBob: Don't worry, I'm OK. (falls)

Timmy: Hey, where were you?

SpongeBob: Um, just doing some errands.

Timmy: But, it's Sunday. And you missed the all man Breakfast Eating comp. this morning.

SpongeBob: Oh, it was today?

Cosmo: Yep, you missed everything, man.

SpongeBob: Like I said, I had to...

Timmy: SpongeBob, what happened?

SpongeBob: Nothing! Now, just leave me to be! (leaves)

Timmy: Man, what's up with him?

Cosmo: I don't know. Let's find out in his diary. (poofs SpongeBob's diary into his hands)

Wanda: Cosmo, where did you get that?

Cosmo: Um, internet?

Timmy: (takes the diary) Give me that! (reads a page)

Dear Diary,
I'm afried to tell Timmy and his friends, but the truth is; I love Sandy Cheeks. When the first time I met her, I felt so, so, not like myself. And from that day on, I loved Sandy so.


Timmy: What does that supposed to mean?

Cosmo: I know! SpongeBob loves Sandy!

SpongeBob comes in rushing though the door.

SpongeBob: (takes his diary from Timmy) What were you doing in there?!

Timmy: Don't look at me, blame Cosmo.

SpongeBob: Look, I don't want anyone else to know about this, OK? Can we just be this out own little secret, please?

Timmy: Sure.

Cosmo: Sounds good to me.

Wanda: Fine.

SpongeBob: And those errands. Well, I give Sandy flowers and a letter telling her to meet me tomorrow, but don't worry. It's in a secret admirer way.

Timmy: Wow, that sounds good.

SpongeBob: Thanks. Just don't tell anyone else, all right?

Timmy: Don't worry, we're uh, friends.

SpongeBob: Right. Well, I better go jellyfishing with Pat. Bye! (leaves)

Cosmo: Yep. (silence) Hey Timmy, wanna tell SpongeBob's secret to Chester and AJ?

Timmy: I don't know, Cosmo. SpongeBob was serious. And I should respect that.

Wanda: Yeah, Timmy's right dear.

Cosmo: Well, it's not like they're gonna blab to everyone else in this place.

Timmy: Well, all right. But only to Chester and AJ.

Wanda: (sighs) I'm gonna regret this.

The three go to Chester's and AJ's room.

Chester: Hey Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda.

AJ: What are you all here for?

Timmy told SpongeBob's secret to his friends. Chester kinda snickered, but stopped.

AJ: Is this true?

Cosmo: Yeah, we read it outta of his diary.

Chester: SpongeBob has a diary?

Cosmo: (to Wanda and Timmy) Oh, nice going yout two!

Wanda: What?

Some of thats supposed to be bold. Hope you don't mind. Hope you like it too.

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Seeing as Izzey and Nicktooncrazy has diappeared, I will take writing the rest of this myself untill I can find a new co-author.

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda leave. Chester and AJ are alone.

Chester: Should we tell anyone?

Later, Spongebob walks into the lobby. Everyone snickers

Spongebob: What's so funny?

Helga: I can't belive you tell people!

Spongebob: tell people what?

Helga: Secret admiriers are SECRET!

Spongebob: That's it! TIMMY!

Back in Room 214, Spongebob corners Timmy.

Spongebob: I told you not to tell anyone!

Timmy: I only told Chester and AJ!

Chester is about to walk in the door.

Chester: I'll just leave...

Spongebob: Oh no you don't...

Next morning, on the beach at dawn, Spongebob is under the blue cape, while Timmy, Chester, AJ and Patrick are hiding behind a pile of snad. Timmy: is communicating with Spongebob via walkie talkie. Sandy arrives.

Timmy: OK, say hi.

Spongebob: Err...hi.

Sandy: Urr...Hi.

Spongebob: Um...

Timmy: Tell her she's pretty!

Spongebob: You're p-p-p-p-p-p-p-

AJ: He's gonna blow it.

Patrick stands up and yells.


Spongebob: Patrick, shh!

Sandy: Spongebob, is that you?

Spongebob: No, yes, urr...

The wind blows the cape away into the sea.

Spongebob: Urr...Suprise?

Chester: He's doomed.

Sandy:'re my secret admirier?

Spongebob: Yeah. I've kinda had a crush on you since I met you.

Sandy: We'll, to be honest with ya Spongebob, I-

Timmy wakes up.

Timmy: What happened?

Spongebob: You passed out when she admitted she secretly had a crush on me too.

Timmy: So that wasn't a dream?

Spongebob: Nope!

Timmy passes out again.

Later, at the Krusty Krab...

Mr Krabs, Danny and Squidward: You might be doing what?

Spongebob: I might be leaving Nickhouse and marrying Sandy.

Mr Krabs: But boy, Cartoon City out there is no place for a young lad like you!

Squidward: It's completly wrong! It'll never work!

Mr Krabs: Where'll I find another fry cook?

Squidward: I'LL have to do you're job!

Danny: Let him do what he wants.

Spongebob: Thank you Danny.

Night falls in Room 214. Spongebob is thinking.

Timmy: Look, Spongebob, I talked to tommy_baby.

Spongebob: YOU DID WHAT!

Timmy: He said you still pay the bills until you leave. Henrry's make him charge us. He also said he's not an expert on marriges.

Spongebob: Oh. Timmy, I've been thinking it over and...

Voice: TIMMY!

It's Trixie. She storms in.

Timmy: You remembered my name!

Trixie: YOU were the secret admirer, not Spongebob. In case you havn't noticed, I HATE YOU!

She leaves. Spongebob gets up.

Spongebob: I'm doing it.

Timmy: Well....good luck.

Spongebob: Thanks.

Next day, in the lobby...

Tommy_baby: ...So you can exclude Spongebob and Sandy from our upcoming marriges as they have decided not to marry!

Timmy: Huh?

Spongebob: We're not getting married. We decided to stay.

Mr Krabs: Good choice, m'boy! Ye'll make a fine sponge one day!


Everyone cheers.

That night Timmy is asleep. So are Cosmo and Wanda. Spongebob smiles, leaves his room, and heads off.

To Sandy's.


Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Good Enough

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Hi, I'm back, nicktooncrazy. (I changed my penname by adding an "s"). This would be a long, long story to explain, but, I'm back. I'm glad you finished my work, and great series!
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You know, you're still a co-author. You can write more episodes if you like. (Usually, for Nickhouse, it depends who got there first)

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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6-2: Welcoming commitiee!

Somewhere in Cartoon City, there was a mansion. In it lived Gordon, Waffle and Mr Blik.

One day, they got a letter.

Hi Waffle, Gordon and Mr Blik,

As of a week ago, you are offically Nicktoons. A house moving truck will be sent to move you to the Hill on Idiot Street along with your neighbours for easier access to Nicktoon factilities. That is all.

"What's a Nicktoon?" asked Waffle.

"Aye, Waffle," began Gordon

"Evil people who terrorise Idiot Street!" finished Blik.

"Uh...Blik, what are you doing?" whispered Gordon.

"Trying to trick him out of moving," whispered Blik, "I don't want to live near filthy Nicktoon slobs!"

Unbeknownst to the cats, the moving trucks were already moving the houses of themselves and thier neighbours.

Meanwhile, in Room 214, Spongebob and Timmy were reading the Nickhouse Paper. Well, Spongebob was, seeing as Timmy NEVER reads.

"Hey, we're getting new neighbours!" said Spongebob.

"Uh huh," said Timmy, who was playing paddleball.

"I've got an idea!" said Spongebob, "I'm gonna host them a house warming!"

"Uh huh."

Unbeknownst to Timmy, the author was about to be really cruel to him in this season's turning point...

So Spongebob, Patrick, Cosmo, Sheen and Arnold walked up to the manion on top of the hill that afternoon.

When Waffle heard the bell, he ran down to answer it.

"GAAAAAAAAAH! NICKTOONS!" screamed Waffle, running up stairs.

The Nicktoons looked at each other. Gordon and Blik came down.

"Oh, it's the new neighbours," groaned Blik.

"Och...urr...hi," said Gordon.

"Hey, you're Irish!" said Spongebob.

"Actually, I think that's Italian," said Sheen.

"Spanish?" suggested Cosmo.

"Mayonaise!" said Patrick.

"Actually, it's Scottish," said Gordon, unimpressed.


Gordon sighed, and led them in. Blik sighed too, and went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Zim added another frozen Nicktoon next to Plankton. Calamitous.

"MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed, "Soon, I'll rule the Nickhouse!...Nah, could go bigger...OK, Cartoon City!, how about...EARTH!"

He laughed again!

"HOVIS!" yelled Blik, "I want those Nicktoons out of my house!"

"Well, actually, so it would happen, that 'Really Big Laser' you just ordered came in," explained Hovis, bored.

"Yes! I'll scare them off my property!" laughed Blik. "YES!"

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Meanwhile, Mr Crocker had made a portal to Fairy World and was making an idiot of himself in front of the Krusty Krab's customers.

"I, Mr CROCKER! have built a working portal to Fairy World!" he droned.

Timmy, Chester and AJ watched, waiting for a hilarious incident to happen. And it did. Crocker tried to turn it on, and nothing happened.

"Oh poopie."

"Yeah," said Mr Krabs, "Quit scaring me cust..."


The portal blew up, but Danny (who had once had an incedent quite like this) had warned everyone to duck.

Timmy, however, was a bit slow (I did say I'd be cruel). He got hit a bit in the head.


"Timmy, it's just your head," said AJ, "You'll be fine."

"Uh, yeah...hehe..." said Timmy.

Unseen by all, Crocker snuck out with the broken portal. He met with Zim at the back.

"Hello Zim!" sighed Crocker.

Zim aimed his laser...

Mr Blik, Hovis and Waffle had set up the Really Big Laser, and were getting ready for Gordon to lead the Nicktoons outside.

"Aye, noo, this is the backyard, and there's..."

"Oh Gordon!" said Mr Blik, putting on a stupid girl voice.

"Human Kimberly!" said Gordon, running next door.

"NOW!" yelled Blik.

Waffle started the laser and fired at the Nicktoons.

"SPONGEBOB!" yelled Patrick, "I'M SCARED!"

They are no match for ULTRALORD!" yelled Sheen, putting on a mask.

Sheen was duly hit in the mask by the laser.

"RUN!" yelled Spongebob.

The Nicktoons ran into the mansion. Waffle (and the Really Big Laser) followed, zapping all in sight.

"WAFFLE! NO!" yelled Blik.

But it was much too late, as Waffle was destroying the whole house!

"SPLEE!" He yelled, as he destroyed the kitchen.

At last, the Nicktoons exited the house, as half of it crashed to the ground.


"Let me guess," groaned Hovis.

Gordon climbed back over the hedge.

"And that was the hoose. Any questions?"

That evening, Spongebob and Timmy were alone in Room 214. Timmy still had a splitting headache, but was still playing paddleball.

There was a knock. Spongebob opened it. Blik, affle and gordon were standing at the door.

"Soory about trying to destroy you with a laser," said Waffle, who had been talked to by Gordon.

"Andiamtoo," said Blik, quickly so that no-one would notice.

"Thanks," said Spongebob, "Uhh, where's Hovis?"

"Uhhh...having a break," said Blik.

Hovis nailed in the last nail of the house.

Meanwhile, Zim was rebuilding Crockers portal, while the frozen teacher stood beside Calamitous.


"I like tacos," said GIR.



Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, I can start my stories now, right? Confused Tire la langue
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 3:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

embarassed Sorry, just checking. Anyway, here are my stories.

Nicktoonscrazy Comes to the Nickhouse

Timmy was in his room with SpongeBob and Cosmo and Wanda. He heard the big news from Gerald.

"Didn't you hear, nicktoonscrazy is coming to the Nickhouse! Today!" Timmy said to SB.

"Wow, I wonder he is gonna get here."

"I wouldn't think about that boys," Wanda poofed up, "nicktoonscrazy might be a girl."

"Yeah, right, like a girl would use nicktoonscrazy for a name." Cosmo also poofed up.

"I would."

"Uh..." Cosmo then poofs back into his bowl. Chester and AJ come in.

"Hey, nicktoonscrazy is gonna arrive soon!" Chester said.

"Yeah, so be better get down now!" AJ added.

"Do you guys know if nicktoonscrazy was a boy or girl?" SpongeBob asked.

"tommy_baby didn't say." Chester replied.

Meanwhile later, everyone nicktoon (well, most of them) were waiting for NC to come. Timmy, Chester, AJ, Sheen, Arnold, Danny, and SpongeBob got front row seats.

"Wow, look at us! We're in front!" Timmy said.

"Yeah, I wonder how much more longer." said Danny.

"Danny, we only standed here for one minute." Arnold corrected.

"One minute? I thought it was 10 hours!" Sheen exclaimed.



A announcer came up with a loudspeaker.

"Introducing nicktoonscrazy from New Yersey." he said. Then, a young 12 year old girl wearing a yellow tank top with light green shorts stepped out of the limo. She was an Japanese American, too.

"Wow, nicktoonscrazy is a girl." Timmy stand corrected.

"A hot girl." Sheen said, but didn't see Libby until now. "I mean, not that hot."

tommy_baby came up to Timmy.

"Hey, do you think that you can show nicktoonscrazy around?" he asked.

"Um, OK." Timmy replied. nicktoonscrazy came up to him.

"NC, this is Timmy Turner. Timmy Turner, this is NC for short." TB introduced.

"Yeah, I know the rest." nicktoonscrazy and Timmy shook hands. Then, Chuckie, Phil, and Dil (AGU) bumped into them.

"Hey Timmy, is she your girlfriend?" Phil asked.

"No, she's not!" Timmy snapped.

"That's nicktoonscrazy, you moron!" Chuckie whispered to Phil.

"Oh, sorry, nice to meet you." Phil shook hands with NC. "Hey, wanna see my totally gross collection?" Phil took out a box that was filled with slime, smelly stuff, etc. Timmy fainted, but nicktoonscrazy just starred at it.

"That's nice." she compilmented.

"Well...what was that?"

"I like it."

"Well, thanks." nicktoonscrazy fell down unexpectly. Chuckie helped her up.

"Sorry. I can be clumsy." NC said.

"Me too." Chuckie said too.

"Hey, do you believe in aliens?" Dil asked the girl.

"Well, they can be out there, possibly." nicktoonscrazy replied.

"Really? Cool."

Timmy sighs from getting up himself. "Come on, let's go before things get a whole lot worser."

"Right. See you guys later." nicktoonscrazy waved at the boys and she and Timmy left.

"She's the most hottest girl I've ever seen." Chuckie, Phil, and Dil said at once.

Throughout the day, nicktoonscrazy had most of the boys in her hands (only the good, main character ones). When she got into Timmy's room, SpongeBob, Chester, and AJ were also in there.

"Hey, I know you! You're nicktoonscrazy!" Chester said.

"And you guys are Chester, AJ, and SpongeBob, right?" nicktoonscrazy asked.

"Yeah, how did you know our names?" AJ asked.

"Timmy told me."

"Nice to meet you." SpongeBob shook his hand with her.

"You're so cute!" nicktoonscrazy hugged him and almost squished him.

"Ha, she called you cute!" Chester laughed until NC kicked him in the stomach. "Ow! That hurt!"

"It's a lot," the time is now 6:00pm. "I better get going to my new room. But I sorta forgot where it was..."

"I'll help you!" AJ said quicky before Timmy said anything. They stormed out of the room.

"Man, what kind of girl is she? Right guys? Um, guys?" Timmy saw his friends appeared dreamlike.

"She's the most hottest girl I've ever seen." Chester and SpongeBob said at once.

"Uh, guys?"

"Oh, sorry Timmy." SpongeBob said. Timmy thought there was something weird about nicktoonscrazy. Meanwhile with Zim...

"Hmm, so a girl comes to the Nickhouse? Perfect. MMAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"She's pretty. And hot, like tacos!" Gir said and Zim grunted.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 9:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I smell Zim trouble right now. Smells like GIRs tacos. Any, room 513.

SOMEONE: I didn't know we had a floor 5!"

We do now! Great story!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 7:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks. On with the story! Sorry for not updating much.

The next day, most of the boys were having a crush on nicktoonscrazy while the girls were ready to form into an angry mob. We cut to Trixie making a speech to all the girls in the Nickhouse.

"People, it seems that our ememy, nicktoonscrazy, has all the boys swooning over her, even tommy_baby!" she started.

"So, what's the real point exactly?" Helga asked.

"We need to fight her with our girl power! Soon, she'll have to leave!" Trixie and the girls laughed evilly then coughed and laughed evilly again. Meanwhile, Timmy came into his room and saw nicktoonscrazy in here.

"Uh, what are you doing here?" Timmy asked.

"Hide from the savage boys. Well, at least you don't have a crush on me, right?" she asked.

"No, I don't."

"Good. You know, I used to be a huge techno geek. I was really in love in the computer. Heh, but who cares? Now I bet all the girls want me out of this place. Well, it was nice knowing you Timmy." she packed up her things and put them into a large suitcase.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. I'm giving up this easily. Besides, about every boy in Cartoon City likes me."


nicktoonscrazy left through the window. Luckily, she had a parachute. Suddenly, most of the boys came in into Timmy's room, looking for her like in an angry mob.

"Have you seen nicktoonscrazy?" AJ asked.

"Uh, no." Timmy lied.

"Hey, what's this?" Tucker picked up a note. "'I left the Nickhouse and never coming back. ~nicktoonscrazy'."

"She's gone?" Aang said.

"Forever?" Waffle tear breaking.

"Hey, maybe it was all his fault!" SpongeBob pointed at Timmy.

"Yeah, let's get him!" Chester yelled. The boys expect Timmy got out fire and weapons and aimed them at Timmy. He hid under the bed.

"Great, now all my friends are against me." Timmy said to himself. "Cosmo, Wanda, help me!" then, only Wanda appears.

"What do you need, sport?" Wanda asked.

"Hey, where's Cosmo?"

"In the mob." we cut to Cosmo being in the angry boy mob.

"Fudge rocks!" he says. Cut back to Timmy and Wanda under the bed.

"I just wish that these people were out of my room!" Wanda poofed the other boys away then.

"What all that about?" asked Wanda. Timmy handed her the note. "'I left the Nickhouse and never coming back. ~nicktoonscrazy'. So, she's gone?"

"Yep. Now I bet everyone hates me." Timmy sadly.

Wanda pulls out a loudspeaker. "All right! nicktoonscrazy is gone! And Timmy did it! Let the party begin!"

Suddenly, all the girls came into the room and hugged Timmy (who came out from the bed). Trixie gave him some lipmarks meaning she kissed him around the face.

"Oh Timmy, I'm so in love with you! Thanks for getting out nicktoonscrazy for us!" she said.

"On second thought, this may not be a bad thing." Timmy said to himself.

And the stuff nicktoonscrazy said, is mostly true about me. I hope you like this part!
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 8:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy...prepare for something to go horribly wrong.

I can't wait to see how I'M going to re-act.

Great part!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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Good Enough
Good Enough

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Throughout the entire time, Timmy has been hanging out with the girls, and had became the hottest boy around the Nickhouse, and even Cartoon City! However, he couldn't help it but his other friends ignored him ('cause they were boys). He sat in his room, which SB moved out of.

Timmy: Man, what to do? Trixie finally starts to notice me, and so do the other girls, but I miss my other friends, like Chester, AJ, and SpongeBob? Oh, what to do? (after a while) I'm gonne regret this.

Timmy leaves the Nickhouse in search for NC. He asked everyone all over Cartoon City, but they all said 'no'. Then, he found her who was about to hop aboard a train.

Timmy: nicktoonscrazy, there you are!

nicktoonscrazy: Timmy, you're not gonna fall for me, are you?

Timmy: No.

NC: Good. Then, why are you here?

Timmy: To stop you from going! The boys need you!

NC: Well, duh, basically! Even tommy_baby is in love with me! However, he is kinda cute. On the other hand, all the girls hate me from 'stealing' their boys. All I ever wanted to do was to fit in with them, and they totally rejected me!

Timmy: (holds back his crying) I know, NC, but you gotta come back! Think about it.

Suddenly, Zim captures her and Timmy while he evilly laughs. We cut into his underground lab under the Nickhouse.

NC: Zim!

Timmy: You know this guy?

nicktoonscrazy: Yeah, duh! It's obvious.

Zim: SILENCE! Now, that I have you two trapped, I can take over the world!

Timmy: So, what's your plan really?

Zim: Eh...don't antaginize me! Gir, keep an eye on them!

Gir: (eyes glow red) Yes sir! (looks at NC) You're pretty!

Zim: And don't say anything to her! It's digusting! (leaves
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 3:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a bad feeling about this...A VERY bad feeling.

Great work!

Railfan and proud of it!

Recovering n00b. Seriously, what was I on in 2006-8?
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