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"R.V. Having Fun Yet ?" coming to Nick 10/10
NickDisk from NickDisk board found this information on Yahoo ! You can read a sneak peek and watch a pic here

New All Grown Up books !
According to the latest CoolToons newsletter, a lot of new All Grown Up books are availlable ! From the Ready To Read series ("Superstar", "Chuckie's Ghost", "Cookie Crisis" and more) to the 3D "See My Valentine" and full color illustrated "Welcome To The Fifth Grade", you will have a lot to read !

Nick Picks 2 DVD coming soon !
According to CoolToons newsletter :

Nicktoons fans have a lot to look forward to ! Besides the upcoming All Grown Up DVD release of "R.V. Having Fun Yet ?" and the Rugrats "Tales From The Crib" series, Nick has just announced the second collection of Nick Picks will hit stores on October 18th, 2005 ! The DVD will feature over 2 hours of cartoons, including All Grown Up, SpongeBob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents and many more !

"RV Having Fun Yet ?" DVD
According to CoolToons newsletter and DVD Toons website, a new DVD "RV Having Fun Yet ? " Will be released the 10/11/05.

It will feature the double length episode "RV Having Fun Yet ?" + 2 "extra" episodes. version 2
Welcome to my all new All Grown Up site ! Since the begining, this site shared my Rugrats style paging, now, it'll have it's own look ! :-) Your comments are welcome on the board !