The documentary

Here is the the documentary text from the "Rugrats discover America" tape. Thanks to Antonio who send and translate me this.

At the beginning, we can see the trailer which you can see HERE

The Rugrats are going to Paris with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Angelica and Baby Dil. The story take place abroad.


We can see Lou et Lulu weeding.

This story begin with a great event. Lou and lulu are just married. Debbie Reynolds: Lulu loves men and she is energetic. The D-G report a special dance for all the kids and their mum. it's a chance for all the people but not for Chuckie who realize someone is absent in his life.

Gabor Csupo : The story of this movie is the quest for Chuckie to find a new mum.

We can see Angelica who seem to give Chuckie hope. She say he will have a new mother.
Angelica : If your daddy get a new wife you will get a new mummy.
When Chuckie begin his quest the gang are going on a travel.


Arlene Klasky : Tommy's father going to repair a giant robot in Reptar Land
Kimmi The babies meet Kimmi and play with the park incredible attraction.
Phillip : It's great to see that, do you really live in Reptar Land ?
Kimmi : No ! But I see that all the time.
Phillip: Cool !


They imagine a fantasy and a imagination world but they will have problems when they meet Coco.
We can see Coco shouting.
Coco : A lot of children laughing, joking.........They agaced me !

She doesn't like children and Reptar, she's lying, screaming all the time but she dress nice. (with an Asian like costume)
Coco : I want the man who build toys..........Pickles.

Coco Labouche

John Lithgow : I do Jean-Claude voice, Coco's servant.

Jean-Claude J-C : I do this personally. KIRA !!! Madame La Bouche want a pickles now !
J.Lithgow : he is curting.
J-C: I see Coco's panties.

We can see Paris and Rugrats pictures.

Les Razmoket  Paris

The cartoonist are inspired by the new characters in exotic place. This story take place in Paris and is a good backcloth. They try to insert the beautiful architecture into the movie.
The music take a big role in Rugrats composed by Mark Mothersbaugh.

We can hear a portion from Chuckie's song "I need a mom".

(It's not completely sure.)

Chuckie : I wanna her love forever, I wanna be the one she thinks...

Chuckie is a scary cat but he has a different imagination as the song Chuckie Chan. Where he beats Angelica and Reptar.

Now, it's Phil's turn to sing... rather bad.
Phillip : It's a world full of sweet and happy boys and girls.

La danse des sumos

They are going in different section as a Japanese restaurant where they meet a lot of Sumotoris who are singing about bad girl. Angelica Singing too, she is bad in her way.
With a new animation and a new story this movie is a good annex for the last movie. All emotions are here.