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The Rugrats in Paris video ! (US version)

The Rugrats in Paris are coming in zone 1 (USA et Canada) DVD the 27th of March !

Their will be :

  • Dual layer ! (well, this is really interesting...)
  • Wide screen version
  • Audio track in English 5.1, English surround and French
  • English subtitle
  • Two different ending !
  • The Rugrats in Paris documentary
  • The trailers
  • Baha Men video clip - "Who let the dogs out"
  • Chuckie Chan
  • Two advert
  • Two PC games (Chuckie Chan and Mom-o-matic)

Video tape cover

In France...

For every zone 2 Rugrats fans (France for example) the Rugrats in Paris DVD will be released the 10th of October 2001 !

On the French version, we can find :

  • Rugrats in Paris documentary
  • Make your sound effect game
  • Two different ending
  • Video clip
  • Dolby 5.1 sound
  • Image format 1.78 :1 Coulor
  • Trailer

Maybe there are more goodies but I don't know yet...


At the end of "Rugrats Discover America" video ("Souvenirs, Souvenirs" in the French Version; "Babies On Board" in the Canadian one), Nickelodeon add a little part about the new movie.

You can find the text of the documentary HERE.


The Rugrats in Paris games are available !!!!


These games are once again developed by THQ. They will be staring our famous babies (Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil) AND Kimmi, Chuckie's new little sister !


Rugrats in Paris games on consoles !


It's interesting to see that the Americans covers (on the left) and the French one (well.. on the right) are different.

The game for PCs


Here are some pictures from the Nintendo 64 version :


Thanks to Steve