Rugrats in Paris, the music !

The CD cover (Thanks Nicolas !). Click HERE to see the French cover.


Some months before "the Rugrats in Paris" premiere, lots of rumors was running about this soundtrack. The most surprising (in my opinion) comes from Mylène Farmer : I'd never thought I can hear one of her song in a "all audiences" cartoon (the one who know the singer will understand).

Other important point, we can see a big difference in the song's choice. The first soundtrack had a great part of Rugrats songs until the second disk is more "adult" with well know artists... In my opinion, Nickelodeon want to show us a little more that his favorite cartoon is designed for all the family or they only want to hit a larger public...

This soundtrack went out on November, 7th (2000) in the United-States and came in France in the import rubric in the beginning of January in the FNAC (famous French store). I don't know the exact official date... 

Little originality of this soundtrack : the American version and the French version are not completely identical. The one sold in the United States include 13 songs and extras (clip, games...) while the one sold in France "only contain music" but their is a bonus track.


The songs' information... for now, it's a little bit empty, but it's going to be filled...

Track # Title Lyrics
1. My Getaway
2. You Don't Stand A Chance
3. Life Is A Party
4. Who Let The Dogs Out
5. Final Heartbreak
6. When You Love
7. I'm Telling You This
8. These Boots Are Made For Walking
9. Chuckie Chan (Martial Arts Expert Of Reptarland)
10. L'Histoire d'Une Fée, C'est...
11. I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever
12. Excuse My French
13. Bad Girls

Exclusive !

A fan send me the "Rugrats in Paris" promo soundtrack cover. But what is this ? The "promo" is a promotional disc which is sent to the medias (radios, televisions...) to broadcast it. According to the public estimation, the singles are then sold in shops...

More than an advertise tool, this disc is a collector for some people because it's really rare ! (only few copies). The "Rugrats in Paris" soundtrack one is rated 500 Francs ! (should be around 70 $)

You want to see this collector ? So click there !

The song's order in the movie

Well now, I use my memory... and I think I have forget some of them. If you've got a bigger memory than me, you can always write me :

In red, it's the song which are on the CD.

Time : Title Scene
From : To :
0:00:00 0:00:10 Rugrats theme Beginning of the movie
0:00:10 0:00:25 "Godfather" theme The bobfather !
0:01:33 0:02:18 That's the way I like it Lou and Lulu wedding
0:02:30 0:02:37 Idem Idem
0:03:42 0:04:00 These boots are made for walking When bobfather get our of her office
0:04:10 0:05:54 When you love The for the mom and their kids
0:08:55 0:09:18 Reptar's show The rehearsal
0:11:04 0:12:20 The Rugrats are getting away to Paris ! The group's leaving
0:12:31 0:12:35 Music "à la" Chuckie Chan In the plane
0:13:42 0:13:51 My getaway The Rugrats are going to see Angelica
0:14:26 0:15:01 The following... Chuckie is looking for some food...
0:15:23 0:16:40 I want a mom that will last forever Few minutes before the plane land
0:16:50 0:16:55 La "marseillaise" ! (the French national anthem) Just before the airport
0:16:56 0:17:30 L'histoire d'une fée, c'est... At the airport
0:19:29 0:20:00 Who let the dogs out ? At the hotel, Spike see a wonderful dog
0:26:45 0:27:10 Final heartbreak Background music in the Chinese restaurant
0:27:11 0:28:26 Bad girls ! The sumos karaoke !
0:30:04 0:35:29 Ooey gooey world In ooey gooey world
0:35:43 0:37:00 Life is a party When the babies escape ooey gooey world
0:41:10 0:42:44 Chuckie Chan In Chuckie's dream
0:46:12 0:49:10 The princess song During Reptar's show
1:10:30 1:10:58 When you love During Chazz and Kira's wedding
1:11:45 1:12:05 Rugrats theme Just before the endings

Note that as it was said, the 2 b 3's song isn't in the movie.

The 14th song of the soundtrack (only available un the European version) : "Higher Than Heaven" neither appear...

The "public's" opinion

The soundtrack is just available and I still have an opinion in my mail. Here it is :

"I hear the Rugrats in Paris soundtrack with pleasure and finally, it's not so bad ! I really love this soundtrack is also a CD ROM. This way, I can saw pictures from the the movie, a trailer... Here is my hot opinion !"

Mister J of Bordeaux


The best songs were O'Connor's "When You Love" and Lauper's "I Want A Mom..."; they were both poignant and touching. The worst song: 2B3's "Pardon My French" -- now I know why it can't be heard in the film.



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Thanks Steve, Mr J de Bordeaux + all the other people who write me for Mylène Farmer !