Some information about the movie !

The French movie poster

Few months before the French movie premiere, some cinemas began to show French posters prototypes... Initially, I think this poster could be the official Rugrats in Paris one.

The poster I saw has an English slogan but the logo was the "Razmoket" one ! This picture is not a photo I take but a picture from an English poster which have been given to me by Steve from the Unofficial Rugrats online and Frenchised by me.

Now, everybody know that the official Rugrats in Paris poster is the one with the babies at the top of "l'Arc de Triomphe".

This is THE official French poster !

Le French movie slogan is :

"Ils débarquent et ils vont tout casser !"
(They come and they're going to break everything !)

Thanks Britney for this picture !

News extract

Here is a part of "Nouvel Observateur" (Thanks Antonio !)

" Les Razmoket sont de retour ! Et cette fois-ci ils se lancent à la conquête de Paris. Avec les voix de Stéphane Bern et d'Anne Roumanoff. 'Les Razmoket a Paris', de Stig Berqvist et Paul Demeyer."
(The Rugrats are back ! And this time they're going in Paris. With Stéphane Bern and d'Anne Roumanoff's voices. 'The Rugrats in Paris', from Stig Berqvist and Paul Demeyer)


When will it be available ?

The movie premiere is the United States was November the 17th 2000. In France we must have wait until Wednesday, February the 7th 2001 to see the Rugrats !


Who done it ?

Distributor : Paramount Pictures for the United States / United International Pictures for France
Directors : Stig Bergguist, Paul Demeyer
Screenwriters : David N. Weiss, J. David Stern, Jill Gorey, Barbara Herndon, Kate Boutilier
Music : Mark Mothersbaugh
Producers : Arlene Klasky et Gabor Csupo


News ?

Yes ! Their will be a new Rugrats : Chuckie's sister ! (Chazz new wife still have a daughter who is one year and a half old). This last is called Kimmi Watanabe. It's a brave girl who is never afraid by anything (not even Angelica !) and love live adventures ! Her catch phrase is : "Come on, hurry up slowpokes !"... this really reflect her personality : act first and think after !

Warning : officially, their is only on "M" in her name. I will still write it with two because it's more esthetic.


Charles, pendant son voyage, rencontrera sa nouvelle femme : Kira. Elle travaille au parc Reptar World.


Grand-père va également se remarier lui aussi ! Sa nouvelle femme s'appellera Lulu.


Dernière "personne" à faire une rencontre : Hubert !


As a good news never come alone (the good news is the film !)


Nickelodeon has realized a new Rugrats season, the 10th, with the three new characters of the movie ! (it mean Kimmi, Kira and Lulu !)

One week before the Rugrats in Paris premiere, Nick aired the first three 10th season episodes. To get more information, go to my site's summary part ! Few later, the following of the 10th season has been aired.


The tenth season...

The 10th season is coming ! The first to admire these episodes are, of course, our Americans friends... The broadcast start in November the 7th with the episode "Diaper change", Fall stinks" and "Don't poop on my parade" ( "J'adore l'automne", "Le roi de la salsa" and "La mauvaise nouvelle" in France). These three last have the particularity to be one that last 1h30 !!! Yes, you have read well ! It's nearly a movie !

These episodes take place just before the Rugrats go to Paris. As usual, Angelica let the babies believe totally incredible things : she told them that during autumn, lots of bad thing happen... Apart from that, during this "movie" Grand'pa Lou meet Lulu...

These episodes was fisrt broadcasted on "Nick" in three 30 min parts in November the 7th,8th and 10th. The first French broadcast take place in Canada on "Canal Famille" in November the 15th. In France it was aired Wednesday, February the 14th.

Here are the first exclusives pictures from the first season 10 episode !!!

On two of these pictures, I have notice a drawing difference between the previous season : Phil didn't have ear lobs no more ! Now, the series have "getting back" (a little) to the original drawing.



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Thanks Sébastien