Here's a part of the people I thanks. There are many more but too much to be all written here ! Alex (for the beautiful drawing she send me !) ; Antonio (for all the information he gave me about the Rugrats) ; Bénédicte (for correcting some orthographic fault, the photos and scans of the Rugrats objects) ; Carine  ; Daniel ; Gilles ; Zakaria (for the drawing of Tommy and the new banner) ; Nicolas (various helps - including beta-testing !) ; Quentin (pictures and information about the Rugrats in Paris) ; Sébastien ; Steve (various information and advices) ; Nickelodeon (for this marvelous cartoon) ; France 3 Jeunesse (for airing it and some information) and of course you for visiting my site ! All other people who are not listed here but help me on my site are written in the part they help !

I also thanks all of you who send me mail to encourage me or giving me information or advices, everyone who subscribe to my Rugrats newsletter and of course, all of you who use our Rugrats board :-)