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Address Content Characters list
Chuckie's fan Webring
Rugrats movies
Rugrats comic strips
Download :
  • Music
  • Game-Boy Rugrats games
  • Desktop theme
  • Visual Basic program Characters presentation with pictures
Summaries of the movies and of some episodes
Video games
Derivate objects Photo album
Characters description
Pictures from the movie
File about "L'histoire d'une fée, c'est..." Characters description
Rugrats at 10 (soon)
Movies (soon)


The other Rugrats sites

Address Content Forum
Video from an episode
Picture gallery Movie's summary
Quiz + game
Pictures Characters descriptions
All grown up...


French Rugrats sites with only one part about Rugrats

Address Content Characters' descriptions
Rugrats' club Character's description
Pictures Rugrats and movies presentation.


English sites

Address Content Nickelodeon's official site
Lots of thing about
Nickelodeon's cartoon Characters
The people who made the Rugrats
Episode's list (very detailed !)
Rugrats around the world
Rugrats books
Fan contributions (pics and stories)
Rugrats movies (old and new !)
Various Rugrats products
Lots of infos about Nickelodeon,
Klasky & Csupo
Plus other things that I didn't mention ! Character's descriptions with pictures
Movies and some episodes summaries Rugrats news
Pictures (soon)
Cinema Characters descriptions
Movie part
Coloring book
Episode guide... etc. ! Pictures (soon)
Angelica's voice
Angelica's episode's list Faq
Movies (old and new)
Pictures (soon) A site about Nickelodeon and its series...
I'd like to list all the stuff on this site, but it will be too long so go check it by yourself :-) ! Forum
Character (soon) Characters description
The movies
Lots of games
+ other things... A site dedicated to Nickelodeon with a Rugrats part

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IRC channel to download Rugrats episodes (or other Nickelodeon cartoon) in English ! Pictures
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