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What ?
What are those "???" in the next update date ??? Quick answer : I'll update my Rugrats site less frequently. I have a lot less free time and my new All Grown Up site take me a lot of time. Will there be update again ? The answer is yes... When ? I don't know. Will I still answer mails ? Yes... just be patient... once a week... like before ;-) Can you help with my site ? No. Just wait :-) If you want to know the latest news, please go to NickDisk board or subscribe to the newsletter.


New : a self ad banner ! :-D
I put a self ad banner for my sites :-) It changed from time to time according to a sharp algorithm :-)


Bye, bye compteur.com...
Compteur.com who managed my site's stats for a long time got a huge problem these days causing a total reset... This is enough ! My stats are now managed by me using a self made program. Good news for you : less ads on my sites !!!




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My site / Rugrats news

06/06 News What's happened since the last update ?
08/28 Rugrats mailing list Rugrats news in your mail !
  Awards All awards my site won...
  Thanks Thanks :-)
11/03 Help Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.) about my site

The Rugrats

07/17 The characters Their family trees
01/31 Episode list, summary & pictures Classified by season, there is more than 500 episodes pictures !
12/31 The Rugrats history Main events in the series.

The Rugrats movies

09/11 The Rugrats Movie The film in pictures ! Dialogue and comments included !
07/05 Rugrats in Paris The second Rugrats movie !
04/24 The third Rugrats movie ! Another Rugrats movie ? Click and you'll get the answer !


07/05 The Rugrats at 10 All about the Rugrats birthday !
10/12 Angelica and Suzie school daze The Rugrats spinoff !

Miscellaneous Rugrats

12/20 Rugrats' fan art / fic You have the talent... click here !
10/26 Rugrats stuff Lots of Rugrats things here !
04/10 Video games Part about the Rugrats video games
05/08 Music ! The Rugrats' Songs !
02/02 The animals Everything on every animals
05/22 Stu's inventions A place reserved for great inventions !


05/03 Games Quiz...
06/05 The mistakes... Little careless mistakes from the artists !
12/31 E-cards Win and swap virtual cards


05/18 Communicate Communicate with other Rugrats fans !
06/06 Links to other Rugrats sites The competitors !
08/30 My banners To make a link to my site !
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