The Reptar Wagon



I'll never thought someone can make this... and I was wrong ! A genius American who he's not named Stu have made the Rugrats Reptar Wagon !

You don't believe me ? So look at that :

This great inventor have build this Reptar Wagon nearly like the original : the differences are in the equipment.

This car, equipped with a 5hp motor, can move at 15 Mph.

It is also equipped with a battery which power the light and... a car radio !

The inventor of this little jewel have participate many parade and he won the first price this Christmas !


Technical data

Long :  

7 feet

Width :  

4 feet

Height :  

4.5 feet

Power :  

5 horse power

Max. speed. :  

15 mph

If you want more information, you can write to the inventor at this mail :