The Rugrats mistakes

Well yes ! Nobody's perfect ! They are some mistakes in Nickelodeon's cartoon. It's often little details that the drawers haven't see but if you are very attentive, you can see them !


Of course, I don't do this part to  pour criticize their work (I'm in no position to, I can absolutely not draw), I do this for the "fun"...


I propose you 2 parts :

The series' mistakes

The Rugrats movie, the mistakes

They are other mistakes in the series ! So, do like the twins ! Go look for them ! If you find a new one... write me !


Rules !

Here are some rules you should read about mistakes I accept and other I don't accept.

I don't accept :

  • Mistakes about speeches
  • Mistakes about reality check

I accept :

  • Mistakes about objects that disappear from a scene to another
  • Mistakes about colors that change from a scene to another

Please, when you send me a mistake, tell me when it occurs ! (at the beginning, at the end...) Thanks !

Warning : if you send me a mistake, be VERY patient before you could see it on my site !!!