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Help and F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)

This little page make some remind about my site. First of all, I must say that I am not an "official". I am only a Rugrats fan who want to share what I like with other fans...

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Now, the F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q : I want a Rugrats gift ! Can you send me one ???
A : As I told you above : I am not an official site, I can't send gift to everyone...

Q : How can I send you a contribution ?
A : I you draw something send it by mail : superyo@multimania.com. Other contributions (music, games...) must be sent by mail too but if the file is big (more than 1 Mo) mail me before...

Q : How can I copy a DVD ?
A : You're one the wrong site ! The Divx Codec is only used for trailers. I can't help you because I don't even know how to do it...

Q : A page or a picture of your site didn't work !
A : Write me and tell me precisely where is the problem...

Q : Where there isn't any episode to download ?
A : Because I can't store them...

Q : I only got the sound / the picture of your trailer !
A : If it's QuickTime, install version 4 (or +), if it's Divx install the Divx Codec (www.divx.com)

Q : I can't hear the music on the main page !
A : You have to install the latest Real Player completely (or install it again)

Q : I have send a mail but I didn't get an answer !
A : I receive lots of mails... let me some time ! If your mail is about a DVD copy, you won't get any answer...

Q : The schedule are false !
A : Most of the time the schedule are not officials but are my personal opinion...

Q : How many people work on this site ?
A : A lot ! :-) First of all, me Super Yo (the big boss), Antonio who help me on some part and find me news. At the beginning of my site, Angelica translate my site in Spanish. That was the French team... let's see the English one. Scott who help me with some translations and on the characters part, Jessie who also help me with some translation... and all the people who sent news or contributions :-)

Q : Make a link to my site !
A : If your site doesn't have anything to do with the Rugrats, I won't make any link to your site...

Q : How can I write to Nickelondeon ?
A : Impossible... I don't know their e-mail...

Q : How can I write to Kalsky Csupo ?
A : webmaster@klakycsupo.com (in English)

Q : How can I write to France 3 ?
A : jeunesse@france3.fr (in French)

Q : Will you do the "Rugrats in Paris" transcript like for the 1st movie and "All growed up"
A : Yes ! I'll do it at the beginning of 2002 !

Q : Will their be other transcript ?
A : No...